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The dormitory room challenge Berra in terms of design, and greater challenge in terms of the mother's ability to persuade, any persuade her daughters to sleep in the common room and spend most of their time in terms with each other, and that some of the sisters is that it does not achieve their privacy, in the opinion of some that the common room is the private lives of girls and Osrarhn, and differences of opinion will be reviewed by reason of "Madam Net", the mother should make every effort in order to be suitable for the sisters shared a room in different age and educational levels.

With and against
Complain about a college student, from the common room where they live with her sister who Tsgrha eight years, says: This room is designed my family I did not think that anyone will join me, but the arrival of a new sister make room on an equal footing with us, is a mess by virtue of her young age, and annoying and demanding, and Tattabrna her mother, and as long as she sleeps in my room does not depend on applications, and wake me from sleep to drink or to go to the bathroom.

Three daughters and three rooms
Lives of three sisters, each one in its own, maintained by all the love and love, they are in addition to being a bedroom room is a reading room and computer use and hobbies, but this does not preclude also says the eldest daughter "Mona full" to be one room of them are place to meet that night a chance to talk Whisperer and Almchaksat laughing and sharing with each other.

Proposals for the bedroom shared
Tips for the mother: The Decoration of the work in the common room depends on the tastes or age girls, can develop a bed of iron curtains beautiful color and add a classic furniture, because teen girls spend most of their time in the bedroom, where playing and studying and dreaming about the future of a magician, experts agree that the choice of colors in the girls' room is the foundation first and then the rest of the ideas flowing automatically.
Bed Type: ORDER bed in the dormitory room depends on the number of beds and the size of the room, where the room was smaller, it requires a smaller or bunk bed family size, so as to provide some space for the study or play, and is not required to arrange a parallel family to each other, but can be arranged in different angles to create some special areas and corners of the study and play.

Bedroom co-benefits
Seeing specialists that the benefits shared bedrooms and adolescents especially as they cultivate a lock of cooperation and gain negotiating skills of the place and privacy, as they learn sisters principle of give and take and compromise in their fate, and reduces the degree of fear, isolation and a sense of restlessness during the night, and teach them the art of participation and respect for the property of others, and earn treasures of memories and anecdotes that Enqlnha for future generations.

Bedroom common defects
On the other hand, believes that the specialists of the common defects between bedrooms and mismatch girls cause problems, although one of them can be arranged and other chaos, love, and work chatter to reduce the absorption of the study, and to ensure that affect late achieve the beauty of their skin.

Jokes in the common rooms for girls
• British girl proceeded to muzzle the mouth of her little sister that does not stop the chatter throughout the night, and did not stop this action only after I grew up and became a small feeling of responsibility.
• French girl threw her sister from the third floor in the middle of the night after they were fed up with them, because they shared her room does not stop dancing all night long.

International Women's Day - happy day

International Women's Day 

In celebration of International Women's Day issue of L'Occitane L'Occitane soap whole year, especially in solidarity with women. This soap made from shea butter from Burkina Faso. 
Help to moisturize and soften and protect the skin as it gently cleanses. Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world, which occupies ranked 183 out of 187. 
Women in Burkina Faso play a major role in economic and social life of their country. 

After marriage 

Pass many families cool in the relationship between husband and wife, and up to start the first to feel a sense of boredom from his partner, and this shall be a wife to take care of the smallest details, and take notice of the signs that may suggest that the gap between them and her partner began to widen. 

1 - remaining silent and not to talk with her. 
2 - Do not pay tribute to accomplish anything. 
3 - frequent criticism of what you do. 
4 - enlarged to its mistakes. 
5 - the desire to sit in the longest possible period of time when her family. 
6 - go out a lot with his friends, and not wanting to stay at home. 
7 - watching TV or playing electronic games at home and forget it for his wife. 
8 - not wanting to increase or decrease the Musrovha. 
9 - not to be seen in abundance. 
10 - seen as a kind of inferiority. 
11 - things change above when sexual desire only. 
12 - signs of boredom and depression in the pair. 
13 - has no desire to respond to any contact from them. 
1 - hating husband to morality or physical characteristics of a wife, which surprised some of the men at the perception of legitimacy beautifully for the wife, but after marriage appears hidden, show the things you do not expect the pair; because he made his decision from the shape of the face only, many of the girls may Abin certain matters Some recipes do not display same ethical or moral, talk catastrophe, divorce or spousal patience with the presence of hatred and boredom; Because some men come to his heart, the girl does not want to release. 

2 - Do not take care of a wife by her husband and his home, and discovered that it spoiled a lot and not want to serve, and frequent requests from him without implementation, while frequent requests for material things. 
3 - the discovery that his wife is the same pair erratic and they are impressed with the young people who appear in the medal channels or markets. 

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نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Education‬‏

Educational administration
Called on the times in which we live today era administration, because the administration is the foundation stone for the construction of any society to offer, which is behind all the success achieved by any activity, or discovery or service, and management is that explain the mysteries of progress or failure of any society. Successful administration is seeking to avoid waste, chaos, and confusion, and working with all the effort and energy efficient use of human and material resources, to achieve the goals of the administration published.

Administration occupies a prominent place in the life of human societies, and because of its own immense benefits to the community, it is through the management is evolving society and keep pace with the times variables, administration is mobilizing the energies and capabilities, capacity and urge them to creativity and innovation, especially since the times in which we live has become a era of revolution of knowledge, and the revolution technology and communications revolution, and can not be dealt with only through effective management.

There are various administrative functions and processes, to include, planning, organization, coordination, monitoring and evaluation, and guidance. Planning is the basis of other processes, it is the process of organizational compatibility, far from improvisation, and spontaneity, as define the objectives, and the steps to get to achieve the desired objectives highly coordinated and in light of the potential, and planning work on the time-saving effort, and make a change and development required, as it ensures that reduce errors .

Educational administration as a branch of the administration branches have become a necessity and an urgent need in contemporary society, administration sound, effective and safe is an essential condition of the good education, which is working to raise the level of performance, and help business success and mastery, and raises the morale of the employees of the institution, and increase their productivity, and unite their efforts in order to achieve the desired educational goals.

Administrative functions and is considered the basic components of the administrative process in its various dimensions and levels, the primary purpose of the administration is to achieve certain goals through the implementation of the business through other individuals, and management is responsible for achieving the best results through less human effort.

As was planning a basic functions of administrative process has been increasing importance of educational planning day after day because it represents the most important areas of national planning, it is the development of human resources through the move and refine and drafting capabilities, skills and knowledge and trends in human resources in the aspects of practical and scientific, technical and behavioral-based that man is the foundation of economic and social progress, and educational planning work on the reorganization of education ideology and philosophy to adjust the track, and raise their response to cope with the comprehensive and integrated development.

The importance of educational planning in that the first basic function that precedes all educational processes and functions, and the base is a basic planning and logic, as he described the way for Landmark and the exact path of the educational work. Tool that helps to bridge the gap between reality and is expected, and between the present and the future in a scientific manner. Planning also achieves not fall into the error or deviation from the set objectives, and helps to reduce the cost and effort, and to reduce the proportion of waste in resources and services. The planning work to develop goals by priority and importance in terms of the arrangement and precedence for implementation.

And the achievement of educational planning goals can only be Ptzafar efforts and cooperation of many devices and a lot of bodies, especially if planning on a national level. This is because the organization is planning multiple efforts that are intended to achieve a particular goal, and jointly implemented by officials concerned in multiple views at different levels

It became a way orderly process and continuing being planned whereby inventory of resources available material and human, financial, and assess the needs of the community in the light of these resources, and then determine how to exploit so as to achieve the desired goals in the shortest time and at the lowest cost and minimal loss, not planning a trend static satisfy the current situation and trying to It is a dynamic reform aims to change the image that is formed by the community and its features.

There is no brighter tomorrow without planning, and there is no better plan for the future, and the success of the plan depends on the extent of the involvement of people in the developed and in the criticism and in their implementation, and the difference between a successful plan and other troubled a people's participation both in the preparation or implementation. Planning and conduct prompt includes the concept of growth meant no automatic or natural growth, which allows natural changes or developments which depends on conditioning system according to these changes or natural developments.
Management is very important in our lives where he was on the times we live in now, the era of the administration, as the administration pillar everything from the state, institution or even a family, when there is no administration and particularly successful there will be chaos and problems in addition to the disorder, and the successful management of measured on what has been invested from properly through the administrative work and what is the return on that of Aijaat whether these pros improvement certain quality or workflow regularly or even achieving material gains, and the successful management in general are described and illustrate the effective and proper use in the effort and energy of material resources and human available.

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