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Put your touch to your home

Put your touch to your home
Viewing art and aesthetics all new in the world of interior design and decoration .
He notes that the art of living Saudi Arabia is no longer simply enclose the interior spaces luxuriously brands Almstlh of shows furnishings world , but there is a clear tendency towards the production of places that meet the needs of residents and mimic their personalities , and answer their attachment to clear schools decoration classic , not waive her privacy , in the cover of luxury. Pat and she likes to talk about the pattern is expressed more and more about the occupants of these houses , away from converted into shows for furniture !
Nor upright journey in the world of interior design and decoration , without identifying the lines of the prevailing fashion , furniture and " accessories " , as well as the commandments of experts ...

So be nice makeup Follow these steps

We have had you the first part of the subject of right and wrong in a make-up even know the assets of make-up application . Today , here's the second part of the subject, Vtabaa details .
- Error: a cream base , even in the daytime .
Health : from a cream base error in the daytime , because it gives the appearance of the mask. Also exposed to the sun shows differences skin. So it is better to use BB cream in the daytime , it is much lighter than the cream base .
- Error: put eyeliner pencil is fixed on oily skin
Health : different types of skin between oily and dry and regular ; each of which has its own kohl pencils . If you have dry skin , especially in the area of ​​the eyelids , it is better for you to Kohl cream or gel . As for oily skin is better , which is hard against the water and dries quickly . As they have the normal skin of many kinds , including hard or cream .
- Error : Draw eyebrow larger than its normal size and drawn in black .

Health : Draw brow art , one of the most prominent partitions , which attract many. If your brow broad , there is a heavy Tsmh like artificially , but drew national brows with a brush instead of pen or brush specifically ; Vvrchah eyebrows disperse color significantly and consistently , The Pen and Brush Selection Faihtajman to light in the hand and a little color . If the color of your hair dark brown to black italic , Vlaunay dark brown , then black color suggests . If the color of your hair , opening , Vasm eyebrows light brown italics to dark brown color .
- Error: mark the beginning of the eyebrow .
Health : chalking brushing with a bit of color to appear natural rather than artificial form .

- Error: shade under the eyebrow at any time.
Health : shading under the eyebrow does not fit , but at night time ; Some of the shadows acquires twinkles . If I wanted to widen your eyes in the day, some of the Vdaa Concealer that you put under your eyes , in the outer corner of the eyebrow .
- Error: Hide Sharp lip powder on the face or Concealer .
Health : disarming mustache better than hide it , because the light of the sun or lighting Sazarh , a national hearing on laser or wax to remove it.

Beautiful eyes

There is a lot of eye drops medical use to get rid of the signs of fatigue and stress , which may harm you if used consistently , because the negative effects in the long run .
" Madam Net" put your hands between some natural recipes that give satisfactory results and fast.
For Eyes gleaming crystal :
Mix a tablespoon of apple juice with a spoon of carrot juice and two tablespoons of rose water , then mix Mix well , and Bring piece of cloth , then Agmséa mix and wipe your eyes or Astkhaddmiha Kkmadat eye .

You can also use an eye solution , a component of a teaspoon of natural salt added to a liter of water . Put the solution in a drop Astkhaddmah sterile eye drops .
Advised rinsing the eye lashes Balvazlen before going to sleep , and during sleep Valvazlen seep into the inside of the eye and Ardobaa that were dry and giving it a freshness and becomes glossy and shiny.
There are varieties of foods that benefit the eye , such as eating dates, almonds and peanut butter in abundance , as well as all types of leafy greens , such as lettuce, watercress , parsley , they are all rich in vitamins beneficial to the beauty and freshness of the eye.
He explained that there are specialists types of vitamins beneficial to the eye , such as vitamin « b » found in nuts , tomatoes, and beans , it is very necessary for your eyes . If you are a women who sit for long hours in front of a computer screen , So try on a lot of vitamin « b » .

Shopping helps to stimulate the mind and body

In a recent study , showing that shopping for health benefits is important as contributing to overcome the grief and anxiety felt by the human , because of the pressures of work and life.
When buying new purposes , one feels happy 3 times more than a person who does not shop around.
Researchers have noted that it is rare for anyone to feel sad while shopping .
And demonstrated many of the previous statistics that about half of Americans go shopping , even improve their mental state .
By doing so, confirmed the study, published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing, treatment shopped that could affect improvement in mood , noting that 28 % of people shoppers go to shopping with the aim of shopping itself , while shopping 62 % of people , the desire to reach a sense of fun .
Does this study will be a prelude to another study proving that women are happier than men , thanks to their part on shopping more than men .

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