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The fashion design is the substrate in any change happening on clothing, even our search in this world, we find that the sea even a branch in the depths, we find Israr We got to know them and gas trying to decode symbols and our rules, and this in mind we have recovered this research as a model simplified role model and derives researchers Subsequent ideas, has dealt with this research in the door of the first research plan and Part II eating three chapters represents a theoretical framework of the research in the first quarter of previous studies of the material fashion design while the second chapter dealt to About Design and fashion designer and his qualities and steps of the coin, and the third quarter we talked about the most important tools and materials Serving Art Drawing and coloring fashion design, also touched on in Part III, including from the first quarter and the second most important results is a component of the framework for Applied Research Chapter I contains the steps to draw fashion design in terms of selection mannequin and design drawing upon the impact of the movement that contribute to highlight the beauty of design and components of the outfit and its impact on the overall shape of the design and its relationship attire with male components outfit, The second chapter consisted steps coloring of some raw materials of different designs painted and detailed explanation of the stages of coloring all severity and these raw materials (ore leopard skin and severity of chiffon and severity of chamois and raw wooded wood and the use of color in coloring and severity of severe random fur fur drop-down hit-and-severity Hat severity of lace and severity jeans) Part IV It contains recommendations and references and Annex. 



 Women are half of society and an important part of it, it is an object sensor with transparency critical to gave Creator stockpile tremendous amount of emotions and flexor sincere, including a significant amount of warmth and tenderness, so it became a woman in modern times targeted Gduha and Ruahha in movement and سكونها are in composition, such as painting exquisite beauty remains always looking for everything that makes a very elegant appearance and creativity because love sparkle when women's innate desire to obtain the admiration of others and allow them some sort of excellence to satisfy their instincts showmanship. 

Every science and art of rules and principles based on them to reach the desired Kmalk the art of fashion design, which aims to remove the outfit as successful acceptable, using the divisions and ratios, especially in the work of mannequin necessary and associated design process, as it can through the mannequin any graphic design and show the form required both forward or backward in its various forms and fine specificity and multiple movements to highlight the beauty of the outfit. 

The design work essential for every human being, desire in the system is a feature of human Osasih, most of what the rights of the business but includes a degree of design, exemplified in the manner in which wearing its clothes and regulated by the home or is it his food or coordinate its ideas, فتلبية needs human needs in his life of public and private products material or gloss and emotional expression of those things is vital, and established the importance of the design of this component essential humanity that meet the human needs of public and private, where I consider the design of our current system is a basic human and one of the foundations of art for our contemporary, and extended to include architecture design, furniture and textiles, ceramics and media of all kinds to other products that we need in our lives 

Design is not a fee for the line shape, but it is much more than that, he needs to translate these elements to the clothes fit with the objects and the tastes and traditions of society, and as such, should be a designer gifted has the ability to things is vital, and established the importance of the design of this component necessary humanitarian that meet the human needs of public and private, where I consider the design of our current system is a basic human and one of the foundations of art for our contemporary, and extended the design to include architecture, furniture, textiles, ceramics and media of all kinds to other products that we need in our lives. 

The process of fashion design is not easy nor random, but it is the art of practical application is based on the foundations of the scientific theories must be the designer be mastered to draw a design so that puts his designs from the real to serve the purposes of a society that is designed for him also designed an all-new in the production of creative work creatively transforms experiences humanitarian any gustatorius art and effectiveness of the match which will provide time designs 

(Research problem) 

The process of studying fashion design at the College of Home Economics included two complementary two side cognitive science (theory) and the skill practical (applied) and note the researchers problem students in the application of the cognitive Mehari, ie, during the practical application of the material fashion design, where توجهن students problem for drawing and testing proper design and use of tools and materials and their impact on design, the one who had to be put style proposal is built on the basis of scientific fit the skills and abilities of female students in the Department of Clothing and Textiles and Department of Housing and home management as well as the skills and capabilities of gourmet special cases existing colleges with hearing disabilities. 

Hence, the research problem formulated in the following questions .... 

(1) What is the suggested method to study fashion design approach applied? 

(2) Are there qualities distinguish from other fashion designer? 

(3) What are the tools and raw materials used by fashion designer in his designs? 

(4) What are the things that depends upon the success of fashion design? 

(Research objectives) 

This research aims at the following: 

(1) identify several different methods and modern fashion design process and cognitive side effect and his skill in the application. 

(2) using the application and hiring senses available and the various tools and raw materials in the process of fashion design. 

(3) To provide special cases display manner to draw fashion design process to facilitate the process of absorbing Pace. 

(4) creating a modern and graphic designs illustrated draw a diagram showing how to draw and how to paint and the use of different materials properly. 

(Importance of research) 

With start-ups in the field of fashion design stages are important scientific knowledge and practical application spoke of her experiences help them to develop their skills and capabilities in the fashion design fee to be able to produce innovative designs. 

Lies the importance of research in the following: 

(1) students aware of the importance aspect in the development of cognitive skills and the use of different means and methods and effective fashion in the design process. 

(2) This research demonstrates the importance of the study of cognitive and continuous arrangement, which help to artistic creativity and innovative capacity development and footwork. 

(3) educate the students the most important and the best tools and materials necessary to the process of drawing fashion design. 

(4) helps students to understand the nature of the (mannequin) that draws the designs until it coordinates its highlight advantages and hide flaws, giving him an ornament and gravity. 



(1) designed to provide the principles and foundations of the design and development of cognitive side configured to integrate with the human experience in both directions intellectual and practical. 

(2) Clarification of the most important tools and materials, raw materials, and how to use them in the field of fashion design. 

(3) the possibility of work (CD) helps students with special needs, especially when drawing and coloring fashion designs. 

(4) the possibility of recording steps and sketch the design to mislead and coloring some fashion designs. 

(Search Tools) 

That dealt with a variety of different means helps Ali Ziad information and easily accessible, application and we can accomplish this research and good sound manner and means used ... 

(2) video camera filming Computer Agency and to show the steps and method of drawing fashion design. 

(3) Draw diagrams illustrate methods of drawing and coloring fashion design and includes images for different Manekanat. 

(4) Photos illustrating forms (fashion design and supplements include sleeve Alokowal-الجونلات belts individual fragments cornices penny the and haircuts and Aldrabihat the sinuses). 

(5) Photos of tools and materials, drawing and coloring in the field of fashion design. 

(6) samples of raw materials that can be used in the fashion design sketch. 

(Research Methodology) 

The approach taken in this research descriptive approach procedural method is based on fact or apparent study also actually exist, and cares as an accurate description, and then plan all of this illustrates the problem.) 

Search Terms: 

1 Art:) Arts ( 

Art: the human is directed from the world to the world of fantasy to happen in the sense of self-admiration, or beauty and impact is considered necessary for humankind. 

And knows that art is the fruits of the imagination, taste and skill has been related to acquired skill and art is really is all business Ask for more beauty reflecting very utilitarian. 

2 Fashion Design) Fashion Design) 

Design: is to choose a set of fonts or Alohkoal, or colors or objects organized or formed in a matter of satisfaction. 

It is intended visual design innovation or production of fun and beautiful things that the whole process of planning form. 

And create it in a way that is not satisfactory from the only functional, but bring pleasure to the self, and that satisfy the human need utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing at the same time 

Fashion outfit: the body and theorist 0 dress and uniforms: a special or unique design when becomes commonplace said that fashion, which is the predominant design widespread use in a specific period of time. 


(Previous studies) 

Previous studies 

1 - Study Najat Mohammed Salem Bawazeer (1407) entitled: Study methods of the art of fashion design and its importance in the selection of women's clothing, Master This study aims to identify the scientific methods proper to choose clothes that fit the nature of a woman's body Saudi Arabia, which will highlight the beauty of the body and hide flaws as far as possible, by buying clothes appropriate for the body in terms of color and material and design in addition to reaching the methods proper to practice the art of fashion design in order to create designs fit the customs and traditions of Saudi society and are بالحشمة and taste, have proved researcher method theoretical and applied Among the most important findings the researcher as follows: 

1 - The existence of a positive relationship between a good choice and the emergence of the aesthetics of the body. 

2 - taking into account the accuracy of the design sketch by mannequin ratios helps in the successful design output in the form required. 

3 - Get design elements and examine each element separately with the link between elements within the new organization so that it does not pull one from the other and gives a complete picture art and design of this study will be used to learn the principles and elements of design with a good design choice for women 

2 - Study Aziza Abdullah Ahmad Mustafa (1975), entitled: The relationship between the design and decoration of innovative additives for textiles and employed in fashion design cotton women's contemporary, Master The research aims to find out the relationship between design and decoration added to fashion and ask for it to examine the relationship between the body parts in part and some then the relationship between him and the design lines and the relationship between design uniforms and rules of Title Fine and the possibility of design lines and finishes to hide imperfections body and the importance of decoration and what can be applied from the aesthetic value and through this study was able researcher of a study to develop the design of uniforms in the modern era and therefore an analysis of some of the costumes with decorations added In modern times and subjected to the elements of previous design study at the end of research, the researcher studied robes Egyptian Xie has its roots deep with a view to develop and prepare some designs inspired him as an application of the results of the study dealing with this subject and learned from this study to know the kinds of motifs past and present, and their relationship to design. 

3 - Study: d / Zeinab Abdel Hafiz Farghali. A / Naima flood God Ahmed Farghaly (2002 AD), entitled / effectiveness of the use of computers in the development of basic drawing skills in fashion design. 

The most important objectives of the research: 

Determine the impact of the computer to develop drawing skills to have and whether there are statistically significant differences for some variables CNC. 


The most important results of the search: 

That the decision of fashion design current does not earn the student skill in teaching drawing the basic guidelines and that's what like Note perform the same search and for computers effectively in the growth of skill drawing lines basic fashion design as there are statistically significant differences to the designs of students studies on the computer and on the students studies curriculum current The direction of the students towards the use of computers in teaching basic skill to draw lines for fashion design has been positive and that for this search great importance to know the capabilities of computers in teaching fashion design, which helps the researcher in the use of this advanced technology. 

4 - Study: Nadia Mahmoud Mohamed Khalil (1982) entitled: study the impact of supplements on fashion decorations in the Islamic era (Master). 

The most important objectives of the research: 

This research aims to study ornamental supplements in the Islamic era (the Abbasid and Fatimid) and the influences that made her distinctive nature and extent of their impact on the clothes in the modern era 

Among the most important findings of the researcher: 

1 - supplements ornamental art is as old as human existence and become a source of richness Almsama supplements in the modern era. 

2 - Innovation researcher for modern designs for decoration adapted from a civilization, history and learned from this study to distinguish between supplements and decorations in the Islamic era, especially in the Fatimid era. 

5 - Study - d / Najwa Hussein Hijazi (5 to 6 May 1998), entitled Study aesthetics applications Kufic script as a source of inspiration for contemporary fashion designer is the research presented to the Fifth Scientific Conference of the domestic economy, 5-6 May 1998 at Helwan University College of Home Economics. 

The results were as follows: 

1 - The Kufic script after one of the most important historical sources that can be inspired by them for fashion designer lines and plant decoration in the formation of new and contemporary so it's through Fine capabilities and aesthetic character line of the composition can be formulated in the form of contemporary women's fashion fit. 

2 - need the attention of specialists in the field of fashion design using Kufi letter in your form preparation plant composition of the design instead of using Crafts only Kzachrfah and I've been taking advantage of Kufic script uses a source of inspiration in fashion design. 

3 - recruitment letters and words updated the Kufi Kzachrfah line within the configuration and the formulation of new unfamiliar. 

4 - revival of the ancient heritage in add decorative Alablakat on contemporary women's clothing and Mkmladtha 

5 - attention to the establishment of fashion shows includes innovative models of fashion designs that fit men and women. 

6 - To encourage researchers and scholars in the field of fashion design to uncover the treasures and aesthetics of Arabic fonts and lay the foundations for the scientific and technical reformatted a contemporary manner. 




Design concept 

Fashion design principles 

Fashion Designer 

Fashion designer recipes 

The work of fashion designer 

Six steps in the work of fashion designer 

Sources that influence fashion design 


Design: (Designing) 

The design is one of the areas of activity, as it is impossible for any lovely costume Appear design and estimate what is used in the implementation of the principles and foundations and rules used to achieve the desired goal through the creativity of the designer product or chosen and those motives primitive instinct aesthetic inherent in us is the same as that paid artist designer to arrange his thoughts and the sense and organization to create a uniform form of fashion in accordance with a specific plan. 

Design Concept: 

Means the formal design innovation or production of manufactured nice things is that the whole process of planning the form of something and create a way that is satisfactory from the only functional but bring pleasure to the soul and satisfy the human need utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing at the same time .. (Turkish - EL SHAFEI - 2000 - p 16) 

Good design basis for each work of art of all time, it is the shape innovative achieves its purpose in the sense that he has been organizing its parts بخامات any occasion that the materials may best be used in fashion design in glamor and charm of an attractive and vibrant amazing imposed on imagination and ambition to gain fame, and eventually If the overall shape has been his performance in the economy and agility, we can say that the design of the good kind (Shawki - 2001 - p 11) .. 

Fashion design is not easy work but it is a complicated work because the clear difference between the imagined and fees and the lines between what it takes from the constant change in fashion and fashion houses and factories .. (Shafei Turkish - 2000 m - p 16) 

Fashion design principles: (Dress designing rudiment) 

The process of fashion design is closely linked to the purpose for which to play and this was imperative for the fashion designer to come designed from the reality of the times in which they live, taking into account the values ​​and traditions of environmental support in the community, expressing his mind ripe for innovation and creativity, in addition to that he has to refine his talent to study the principles basic design, which include: 

1. Types of design .. 

2. Design elements .. 

3. The technical underpinnings of design .. 

First: the types of design .. 

There are two types of design: 

Structural design is included structural lines that appear on the body shape you want to create uniform suits him, appears important in choosing the order of lines, shapes, colors and fabric as appropriate and using them to serve human body, Vihaddd the so body shape and body garment .. 

The decorative design what is only the development of the structural design for the purpose Add more effective recipe to him, and which are in the form of cost or decoration added, which is closely related to the structural lines of Uniform .. 

Subject art design of some of the elements and the basic rules and these elements are called elements flex their highly customization and configuration and significance of any work of art consists elements (lines - shapes - colors - raw) .. (Turkish - Shafei -200 m - p 46) 

When building any design it is necessary to think of all the component of his unit so that it can fit inside the unit with the rest of the elements is not exception from each other, but there must be coherence and consistency between elements within the design until we reach the technical picture is desired, because beauty of each component depends on the link between him and the other elements until we get to the technical innovation, and this consistency between items legally emphasizes place specific criteria, would be acceptable for the public taste .. In order to make us feel the beauty of the design, we deciphered and understood its meaning and feel the beauty of his artistic must keep in mind the technical elements in the formation of a unified .. 

Line: (Line) 

The lines, shape, color and texture are the variables of the language and technical basis of expression of each of uniform. 

First - lines: (Lines) 

The lines of the most important elements are all in design, they are playing a key role in changing fashions, which specifies and had clothes any period of time before entering into any details of another minute, فالخط is more important and beneficial in the configuration it has the function of magic and a clear innovator in Xi is not him there before, it determines the shape and design direction of the cloth and the exact details of the design (such as decorations, cuts, folds, wrinkles) .. (Bawazir - 1998 m - p 100) 

Knew John Dewey lines as the borders of the things they describe the shape of the body, and identify and relate with each other to give direction and movement, and divide large spaces into small spaces, and reflect the characteristics and properties of things, and give different effects, it helps to feel some effects imaginative and deceive the sight in the same design, head down the right and left eye, and from the top to the bottom of the qualitative length or minors or increasing or decreasing the supply .. 

(Bawazir - 1998 m - p 100) .. 

The line is the secret of the success of the design is the advantages of innovative fashion to the composition of the lines interconnected and harmonious, and the designer's innovative venture on white paper bearing a number of signs become symbols of the form and instructions for spaces specifically for the space is therefore an innovative designs, and the fonts are the fundamental basis for any design and play a key role in it .. 

Types of lines: 

Line is a means simple, as he more variables complicated, because it does much of the work, it may be an ocean to a specific area or a form or a tool for identifying and sometimes the line and ضعيا also helps to create a sense of honesty toward nature كالخطوط deep that gives us shadows in the design .. 

The basis of design (straight lines, curved lines lines widening, fonts symmetric and asymmetric) and each type gives the effect is different in design and stop this influence the way raise these lines, direction and movement which in turn give different effects when viewed, as they make eye moving together according to this different directions .. 

And is found in abundance in the clothes with simple designs in narrow الجونلات in effects that tend to integrity in its lines, but this kind of lines three directions .. 

- The vertical direction .. Expressed longitudinal lines, a movement starts from the top down in order to give the desired length also reflect the integrity .. Show vertical lines in the designs in Refrain longitudinal and story Alborncis and haircuts and fragments longitudinal and Altmkinat and costs embroidery on haircuts longitudinal and fabrics striped lengthwise), and design lines longitudinal his artistic value for the design lines other because of its significant power movement when moving shapes up and gives the effect of a sense lengthwise of the body short, fat and Nhafetha may indicate high spirits and sense of pride and dignity .. Look Figure (1) 

- The horizontal direction .. Known lines cross, a movement starting from left to right and vice versa, and show the horizontal lines in the designs (lines slots neck that in the form of Sabrina or square, and in the pockets as well as fabrics striped accident and haircuts and fragments spin-off) and dare to wear these lines personal longitudinal and thin because it gives the impact of a sense of a decrease and increase longitude (obesity) and horizontal lines reflect the comfort and tranquility .. Look (Figure 2) 

- Leaning direction .. Stops its impact on the degree of Milan-line and the method used can give a sense that the body fatter or less obesity and diagonal lines increase the value of design and shown more luxurious, as they appear on the designs in line Refrain slash (hit-and-Asais) and on the lines of slots neck that takes the form ( 7) and striped fabrics with diagonal stripes .. Look at Figure 3. 

These lines are always lines of movement, the most weight and value, because they give shape design decorated, and we see clearly in the direction of ripples lines that give the movement different effects making the eye move them in different directions, and this kind of lines can cure defects body, and used by designers in optical illusion and tricks if reduce the magnitude of body or Maichebh the so .. 

It lines that tend to curvature and rotation, and can be obtained by using fabrics thick or fortified with giving widening, works some pennies and fragments, making them tend to bend as can be seen also in light fabrics at work (Albulozon), has been used these lines in abundance in the clothes French In the eighteenth century, it was all on the line is a unit tends to widen the line bending and all lines come together to give the overall shape and widening external line .. 

It lines that give each of which have different effects in the design, so the closer the design lines of the strength of women became a form of dress is a natural and appropriate them, you can see the character known as short stature, buxom, has appeared to be in her dress new shorter than the length of normal, due to the fact that longitudinal or vertical lines that suggest lengthwise as well as occasional lines suggest broad as the curved lines they give a sense of fullness. 

The movements of lines: (Moving lines) 

The order of vertical or horizontal lines or oblique, whether straight or curved line or ample produce distinctive linear motion against or antagonism or moving or expanding .. 

(Antibiosis) antagonism 

Gives influential interview two opposite or contradictory, if found a horizontal line at the end of the upper part of the design work contrast with the vertical line .. Look at Figure (4) 

Interview (Analogous) 

It gives influential and visible do repetitions feedback .. 

Jump .. (Transition) 

Is the line that connects flexibly between the two lines between the corners .. 

Radiation .. (Radiance) 

Is the transmission lines from a particular focus in design gives great form, and focuses attention in this part of the design appears and has the lines of a particular place to give breadth and form radioactive lines indicate the ability and importance and intensity, activity and proliferation .. 

As that slashes if helical they need to balance Bmkabltha lines vertical or oblique, while the number of lines and the distance between them give different effects in terms of increasing length, width, and whenever given effect to increase height or width, depending on status line and the degree of Malana .. (Turkish - EL SHAFEI - 2000 - p 50) 

Regulate the movement of the lines and rhythm: 

Take regulate the movement of lines is an important tool in the hands of designers, it is through them and arranged earns designer Ptsamemath art and beauty and creates various effects, it has been the practice that governs the public on the success of the designer by his ability to show the sensations and feeling Balaikaih beauty, rhythm is used primary in each lovely costume where we feel and we feel rhythm and movement in the Code of fonts, Valmsamm such as artist and music usually Mayda in mind that there will be an idea or a line of cushions in the designs give all his attention, and focuses upon the help of some other lines that are less degree in importance, and help the beholder and attract attention to Miattiyh body design .. Look at Figure (5) 

Second / shapes: (Shapes) 

The shape of the most important elements of the design because it describes the external shape of the clothes and sets body .. 

Figure / is the exoskeleton of something or a line that defines the body and sometimes known as the Authority .. 

(Turkish - EL SHAFEI - 2000 - p 51) 

It is the first impression of the design, and determine the outer shape is determined by the characteristics and qualities of landscape, and the impression is good to have every part of the design is appropriate form related to the year .. 

Male designers that they are designing a better way when contend shape attributes and deported attention from its shortcomings, and since the classical era of Sculpture Greek, the human form harmonious has become the rule as the most natural formations beautiful, and that lines of uniform emphasizes natural beauty if stuck body lines near enough to show تكويناته formalism, it became clear During the history of fashion that figure had made a significant improvement when cared natural divisions of the body, and show the outer shape of the Uniform must be the designer with this configuration organizations leading creativity. (Bawazir - 1998 m - p 112) 

Figure function: (Shape job) 

The format is the central problem important in the design or any art last The figure in the fonts, colors and materials, and designed innovative is the one who thinks of exterior-General of the design gives women look unique not get used to it before; because women love the change taking place behind the all-new, and is the designer The more successful designs with originality and Jeddah women Taataudha not the latest designer .. 

The overall shape is the shape or external lines to innovate by Uniform designer so that change shapes always depending on the new fashion trends .. (Bawazir - 1998 m - p 112) 

The designer puts in his mind before starting the exterior design drawing or uniforms Authority has focused on giving design (Figure rectum - tubular Figure - Figure bell - shaped drum), or focuses on giving-shaped design (TSX) .. Look (Figure 6) 

(Turkish - EL SHAFEI - 2000 - 56) 

Figure psychology: 


External shape affects the soul and gives different effects ranging from comfort and discomfort for viewers and through the external shape of the design can be configured to a preliminary idea of ​​the employer and the psychological forms of clothing is divided into three forms: 

1 - Figure frequent (Recurring shape) 

And called on the clothes conjoined body perfectly executed, such as clothing fabrics are rubber 

Therefore These apparel repeated or take the body and shape repeated to Aaouha comfortable for onlookers and gives influential Balaptmal and disgust .. 

2 - Figure differential (Unlike shape) 

The clothes that are called external lines move away from the body lines and through variation for clothing lines and body unable designer of designs operating mode to hide some of the physical features of unwanted and consistently highlighted contrasting figure suggests vigor and vitality and gives a comfortable feeling .. 

3 - Figure mobile (Moving shape) 

And called on the clothes that stray lines for foreign body lines in some areas and stick in the other regions any moves the external shape of the clothes between the body parts without sticks and mobile form suggests luxury and femininity and the body appears more beautiful and charm .. 

(Turkish - EL SHAFEI - 2000 - p 58) 

Third / Color: (Color) 

Occupies colors important position in all aspects of our business, فالألوان its role and its place in medicine, religion, art and philosophy throughout the ages has increased the attention of experts and scholars of nature and self-color these days more than ever, they took use them as the doctor uses drugs having proved their physiological uncertain the human body to cure some diseases also used blue and green in operating rooms to help speed surgical anesthesia before the operation and use red on rapid heartbeat .. (Bawazir - 1998 m - p 116) 

And the colors of an active role in the field of fashion and fashion some colors attract attention without the other, while others have the ability to highlight aspects of beauty or hide the flaws through deception considering appears Authority fatter or thinner than the truth, and colors can be identified on the character her employer .. (Turkish - Shafei - 2000 m - p 58) 

Color definition: 

هوذلك physiological effect (ie, private functions of the members of the body) resulting from the retina, whether the result of Article colored pigmented or colored light, it is the sense of permission and has no existence outside the nervous system of living .. Shawki - 2001 - p.22) 

It is intended color when the painter and illustrator and worker dyeing material used on an object to gain a new color distinctive, while defined by Newton as the impact of physiology resulting from the reflection of light on the retina, and when the fall of light rays above the object, they behave as one of three ways, namely: 

- Fully reflected .. 

- Totally sucks .. 

- Part of it is reflected and absorbed by the other .. 

Show objects that absorb each مايقع of rays are shown in black .. 

(Turkish - EL SHAFEI - 2000 - p 62) .. 

Color properties: (Idiosyncrasy color) 

Scans color form a glance and deepen the analysis, we find that the color is determined by the three properties or attributes, namely: 

But color: (Hue) 

It means the origin of color, which is the character that distinguish and differentiate them between color and another which we call His names of any translated qualities, we say this color (purple - blue - green - yellow - orange - red - magenta) and we can change in but color (original color) mixes another color, for example, when mixing red, another yellow material they produce material and this is called orange in color but change .. 

Color value: (Value) 

Is the degree that characterize any color which we mean that the color is light or dark, or in other words we can through color to differentiate between the color dark red and bright red color if Mzjnah black or white, in the case of watercolors If you add water to the color so doing, change of its value and it is not but he (originally) ..

If we imagine the difference that ندركه between color partial surface colored red is situated half in the shade and located the other half in the light spite of that the origin of the color has not changed, but it is certain to see a big difference in the degree of luminance color between the reality in the shade and the other reality in the light. . 

Is the property or the capacity in which indicates the purity of the color of any degree of saturation and color saturation associated extent of purity of an increase of the amount of mixing neutral colors (white - black - Grayscale) .. 

Lack of color saturation: 

There are three conditions for the lack of color saturation and each independent expression: 

1 - Lack of saturation mixing out as much of the white color in this case that the color is said to have opened bringing the light or pale or pale .. 

2 - Lack of saturation to the mixing of the origin of much of black color in this case is said that the origin of the color may or canopies become darker or dark .. 

3 - Lack of saturation mixing out of color as much as gray color is said to have single or عودل or become darker or darker .. (Shawki - 2001 - 23) 

Colors affect the self-talk sensations resulting emotions and vibrations 

Comfortable reassuring joyous or sad depressing turbulent, and stop the general psychological effects on the nacelle, value and color intensity in addition to some other factors such as: 

1. Transparency or darkness .. 

2. Objects surrounding him .. 

3. Shape .. 

4. The purpose use .. 

5. Sense .. 

Coupling color to some beliefs .. 

Sections of the psychological impact of colors: 

1 - direct effects: it is what we have to show something or a configuration-year-old look fun, sadness or lightness or gravity as it can also make us feel cold color Sgunth .. 

2 - indirect effects: They vary depending on the person, due source of emotional linkages and impressions substantive and non-substantive automatically from color effect .. 

The following are some of the effects of different colors: 

1 - warm colors (hot): They are red, yellow, orange, give effect near the front and know the color, and give a wide area and influence of this effect varies depending on the intensity of color and taken advantage of this phenomenon to show the larger or less .. 

2 - pastel colors (cold): a green, blue and purple, and give influential بالتباعد and know the background color, and taken advantage of this phenomenon in the work of decoration, photography, fashion also taken advantage of this phenomenon in reducing body fat .. (Turkish - EL SHAFEI - 2000 - p 64) 

Compatibility in colors: (L'harmonie) 

It means harmony and consistency in colors, Valtkoan chromatography may bring harmony and consensus if it affects their self-eye effect Well mutually, and prepare mildew is the one who makes us prefer a consensus on the other, each of us has a preference for consensus being consistent with the environment and inclinations and personal views and temperament, and it is not easy to subdue the compatibility of the laws fixed .. 

The simplest set of color compatible is consisting of but one color theme next to white or black or gray, and should take into account compatibility dress color with the color of the eyes and skin, hair and design lines as well as with the color of freckles and accessories These are all the units interconnected if disturbed them part of the impact of the entity overall elegance individual, and not a result of compatibility choose only the colors, but the process of organizing these colors arranged have a significant impact in accepting or aversion .. 

(Bawazir - 1998 m - p 120) .. 

Variation in the colors: (Le contrast) 

Color contrast means inconsistency, فالألوان the Bthorha occur variation causes a change in the 

Visual perception, and perhaps shows it more beautiful and valuable and perhaps vice versa, if the variance in increased advertising display modes .. 

If we take the two non-adjacent colors from the Department of colors we can call it distinct because they are by nature far apart, and if Geornahma it clear that there is no uniformity between them, but both appear severe dazzling look .. 

Proved Charles Port on the theory تتام colors in his lecture in the scientific community French in Paris year 1812 are summarized this theory that white light contains three primary colors are: red, blue, yellow and every color of these colors complement the color of colors derived green, orange, violet .. 

1. Fallon complements the color blue, which is composed of orange, yellow, red and blue himself for excludes installation orange .. 

2. The yellow color violet color that complements composed of red, blue and violet do not enter in the installation of violet .. 

3. The red color green color that complements composed of blue, yellow and red do not enter in the installation of green .. 

If I stared for half a minute in red cloth installed your eyes without moving, then turned your eyes suddenly to the surface of the white saw Luna Blue Mkhaddra color is complementary, because the group nerves eye that receives red Nabt and stayed two groups other two powerful as they were, and that starch what is known as b complementary colors and integrated .. 

The raw material of the important factors affecting the building design is a source of inspiration for the designer 

And from which they can develop a set of innovative designs, and the fabric has an important role in the design as it helps to highlight the aspects of beauty and hide some unwanted areas like the fonts, colors and shapes, and the success of the design and acceptance of consumers him on the severity of the fabric of the way they spinned and the degree of Ansdalha and weight and color and finishes containing what these elements of a clear impact on the overall appearance of the Uniform .. 

فاختلاف fabrics has a direct impact on the design and model, and one type of fabric does not fit all models, soft Vaalghemash the convenience model differs from that which fits duffel, and needs to be transparent cloth design differs from the design of thick cloth, and so on .. For example, soft texture fabrics are perfectly suited in implementation in terms Alderbahat help in the show are pretty attractive due to Ansdalha, but it اتناسب the design of a practical nature are given a bad influence if you use him .. 

Fashion designer (Designer): 

The fashion designer artist specialist in his field, he has the experience to developments in fashion history as characterized by a sense of artistic delicate and good taste and social culture and has the ability to sense the needs of the community in terms of Almbusah and expressed and translated in the design of fashion, Valozia express personal way مظهرية which is complementary to the theory of the designer in life and his style of dealing and mental state and this is available to the designer all the requirements of modern man of taste and beauty and agree with the spirit of the modern age in which he lives, along with social values ​​and lifestyle, Valmsamm permeates the lives of people associated with his presence always industry uniforms and dresses because it is hard to Fashion designer innovative artist leads her acting career and technical assets in which technological bases, keen intellect and puts innovative presentation serves functionally .. (Bawazir - 1998 m - p 18) 

The design process is based on the designer's ability to innovate because it exploits its culture and imaginative abilities and skill in the production of the work is characterized by modernity and achieve the purpose or function for which it was put .. 

The design process does not take place in the framework of a single person but often include both social process of: 

1. Designer artist .. 

2. Asked him to design work .. 

3. Working accomplished .. 

4. Who يقتنيه .. 

And each of them impact in the design and production process, it is important to have a free designer in the innovation process and be in direct contact with the product of the work of art and guide him to succeed designed .. (Turkish - EL SHAFEI - 2000 - p 16) ... 

Fashion designer recipes: (Designer kind) 

1 - to possess the innovative capability in the sense put new ideas out of the window cognitive known whether the information of the individual or of the information surrounding the person's innovative is the one who has the ability to extract the largest possible number of diverse ideas of one idea, and generally it takes to process innovative three aspects: 

1. A high degree of fluency expressive and intellectual .. 

2. A high degree of sense of the problem .. 

3. A high degree of originality and novelty .. 

2 - that is characterized by sense and artistic taste that is characterized by the ability to recognize relationships of lines, colors and severity and assembled in a coordinated manner within the shape or configuration of the cross at the end of aesthetic value is high, and the ability to artistic taste is a kind of behavior helps the individual to a good choice of configurations numerous and depend to: 

- A sense of beauty / an individual's response to stimuli aesthetic and artistic .. 

- Aesthetic government / and intended extent cope with the individual accepted technical standards .. 

- Aesthetic preference / which is about the aesthetic direction of the individual, which compels him to accept or reject the artwork or aversion to it .. 

3 - to enjoy a high degree of intelligence in the sense that is has the ability to recognize and adapt to the environment surrounding it, intelligence is considered the largest common denominator among all mental processes to varying degrees, and is closely linked to the creative process .. 

4 - to have a scientific background on the types of materials used in the design of picks them Maitlam with key raw materials and design .. 

5 - To be aware of and knowledgeable enough evolution of fashions through the ages and the reasons that helped turnout style without the other, as well as the relationship between the model, between social factors and technological, cultural and other, and recognize the philosophy designers renowned veterans and savoring their artwork and executed, and so he can gain from the experience others and make his way in the field of design and reflected his personality and his style .. 

6 - to have to have a knowledge of the function of the human body so that it can work on forming material on this body in the form of designs so that ايعيق uniform movement of the individual, as she says (Chanel) that a person must feel free and leave without restrictions within the Mullah wear it even judged on design success .. 

7 - to have the ability to predict the wishes and requirements of the masses in the future in the sense that translates in the form of modern designs to the time in which these clothes will come before the season and looking in advance consumption of raw materials and freckles, this is known as the proper time .. 

8 - to take into account events for which the design mode in order to achieve its function and purpose. 

9 - to know how to deal with the design elements of line and color and severity within the configuration in the coherence and consistency of so to Aichz the one from the other arises integration and unity and thus reflected on the image and the final shape of the design .. 

10 - to recognize the community who designs him and the factors influencing the social, cultural, economic and technological until the design appropriate for the age and society, clothes are are only a reflection of the civilization of peoples disclose what fails him writers and historians, so it was imperative for the designer to co-exist with the community who designs him so designs succeed .. 

11 - that groomed himself for a period of training and المران because it is likely to remain the talents of individual potential not appear only training, and so we find that the training was of the main reasons to find designers excellent managed in periods of training to understand the fonts, colors and shapes, and touch the raw materials that appear as accused to find a modern innovations and the high level ..

The work of fashion designer: (Designer job) 

The fashion designer is the role of the nucleus in the production of clothing, but perhaps the best and successful way to illustrate Maigom by fashion designer, a project of the industry projects and distribute dresses, which is a designer lounge fashion displays and provides up-to-innovations, and represents the designer and director of the production department and director of the sales department three most important heads of departments in the area of ​​the project and the distribution of clothing industry, and should be a fashion designer to collaborate with virtually all managers of other departments, where all sections related directly or indirectly to the plan of action .. (Bawazir - 2000 m - p 24) .. 

Six steps in the work of fashion designer: 

The role of the designer in addition to the role of executive creative director department, and expected him to be responsible for the total design room staff and require responsibility Item selection and supervision of the decorated processes, as well as when it is sent to the market chooses models that are identical to the image Maylhm his mind .. 

The work of chief designer of course be its responsibility of what to offer to the chapters of the formations and the new models, and were probably the best way to provide a picture of fashion designer in his tracks facilitated the process of creating clothes from the outset as a series of thoughts in his mind to the process industry, where up piece of clothing to the client is able to buy them. 


The six steps in the work of fashion designer are: 

The first step phase of innovation and creativity .. 

The second step phase of the experiment and model development .. 

The third step method selection phase .. 

The fourth step model development stage .. 

The fifth step the production stage ... 

The sixth step distribution phase ... 

Sources that affect the fashion design: 

Looking costumers constantly looking for new sources of inspiration, and these sources may be of historical or cultural, national, or as popular as they are inspired by nature or inspired by some of the important events such as wars and what caused them indicators of economic or military clothing or clothing sailors or clothing workers or clothing single artists or a clergy or one of the important figures .. 

May be distinctive customs and traditions of a people, as well as the policies pursued by some of the country's source of sources that affect the ideas and innovations of designers .. 

The areas of modern architecture and the discoveries and inventions of modern and trips to outer space and technological progress in all areas of life, particularly of the most important sources that gave way to the designers for creativity and innovation to create concepts and new ideas to the world of fashion .. (Turkish - Shafei - 2000 - p 19). 


Appropriate tools and materials in fashion design 

Methods of care to maintain the tools, materials and raw materials 

Tools and materials: 

The beginner in the field of fashion design in need of a lot of detail the art of drawing, fashion design, including identifying the tools and the proper materials and how to use them and use them in this area, so you must buy the best drawing tools to help design uniforms properly, and not tools excellent drawing is that will make you the best designer. But the good creative designer and skilled can be designed on any piece of paper and any pen, and is considered good drawing tools to help and encourage the drawing, design and fun to use. (Kiwan, - d. T. - p 7). 

The one who must be a fashion designer with experience the types of tools that are used in fashion design, where each instrument of potential special tools. (Shawqi 2001 m, p 20). 

Appropriate tools and materials in fashion design 

1. Pencils (coal): 

, 8, 9), and is drawing pen (HB) is best if retained senior tooth. Could draw fine lines, but with the use of less pressure and that makes it easier to process control, and be useful to integrate degrees of shade each other and felt used for this purpose, but if multiplied so it will look like drawing appearance Mopar. 

The drawing pencil drawing of the greatest methods in multi-talent show is suitable for any fee beginning of the selection lines high to shadows degrees uses the petition. 

(Mahdi - d. T. - p 13). 

2. Eraser: 

You must choose a good kind of eraser, because harsh eraser cause harm to the image drawn pencil, of bad paper also does not help the eraser on the performance and function, Vimzk or eroded so should buy soft eraser good no matter how dearly for it. 

There are two types of good eraser. Some of which is made of a plastic material disintegrate during use. Some of which is made in the form of a paste, and see the form (10), can be adapted to your fingers in any form, including the Russification (Land) flour to remove accurate touches see Fig. (11) can also be used to show areas open any (lighting design) on paper White expresses the most spots in the picture painted lighting. (Kiwan, - 2001 AD - pp. 17, 18). 

2. Knife Sharpener: 

Sharpener useful but it is not easy to control, they break Pen Pencil Troysha has (Breha) to the appropriate point Look (Figure 12). The literal knife is more useful for the painter the designer, Vakulm the Liberian knife reveals a longer distance from bullet pen compared with those they wears Balmbrah. It is intended knife (scalpel). (Kiwan - 2,188.32-yard box - pp. 18, 19). 

4. Madekh (Allabad): 

Madekh or felt is a roll of paper or scrub skin drawing Okulma of standardized color or تدريجه. Look (Figure 13). (Kiwan, - 2001 m - p 19) 

5. Installer: 

Resin is added to the fees completed pencils Oulfhm the Otabchor Oalhim to guard against contamination. Sold installed in vessels libraries, or spray bottles used their aerobic Balbkhakhh content. Look (Figure 14). 

Installer ensures stability of the duties performed. Each type of special fees Sticky Fees carbonaceous need to Sticky heavy, and pencil fee need to Sticky mild. (Kiwan, - 2000 m - p 19-20) 

6. Brushes: 

Probably confused the designer to choose multiple brushes and size measurements and various other forms of materials. Not be inclined to buy cheap brush price quoted demonstrates the quality and specifications. If the brush is expensive and good lasts much longer and thus the winner and Savin Look shape (15). 

The cheaper types of brushes are made of artificial hair thick or ox or camel hair and have a specific use, such as mixing colors. 

The brush is made of better sable hair brushes, they have a great ability to hold paint, and maintains its long form, as and retain بوضعيتها when be wet, and brush must be guaranteed and does not involve any perverted or stray hair from the rest of the IPL. Look shape (16) 

(Haosion - Thompson - 1994, pp. 22-23). 

Brush shape and measure: 

For brushes specific forms (known as rounded) or tip the shape box and although there are a number of brushes with special shapes for certain fees (such as drawing in color oily), but there are brushes ranges measured retained from 0000 to 14, be made of sable hair It is appropriate in a public drawing Look (Figure 17).

(Hiwison - Thompson - 1994 - pp. 23-24) 

7. Albaltah: 

Is a plastic plate or polished wood by the artist mixes colors. Look at the form (18), which are available in the market in different ways, and each kind of color plate of its own, and with that Albalth nice and helpful, the Sahnna of porcelain or a plate of Almasonat (wood) or metal suffice, but for the colors of water used in fashion design and need to بالته of plastic or glass. (Kiwan, - 2000 m - p 18) 

8. Colored pencils: 

Available colored pencils in libraries balloon many names of different business, and most famously, Derwent Derwent, Eagle Eagle, Faber Faber, Conteh Conte, and Stadler Staedtler Look at the form (19), and give these pens color effects wholesale, but raised on paper can not be removed. Except colored pencils Venus Venus, which can erased Palmmhah. 

(Kiwan, - 2001 m - p 17) 

9. Paper: 

In the basics of fashion design يغدوا an important paper like the colors and brushes. Valorq reacts with the colors and leads to satisfactory technical results. The starters are supposed to test the many varieties of paper. Valmsammon mostly chose the paper cast their acceptance. (Kiwan, - d t - p 47) 

In libraries varieties are endless paper drawing, see Figure (20) What concerns us leaves a good paper and that are commensurate with the purpose for which we seek, Fwerk drawing which uses pencil may not fit the colors of water, and use typically Paper Canson Canson a page granular soft pencil drawing it and use Barstewol Bristol paper for drawing it brushing. 

The choice between glossy paper and paper granulated back in most cases, the technology used and the effects they wish painter designer to receive it, Valorq polished not fit for drawing it pens pastels because the softness of pastel colors are not compatible smoothness of paper and paper rough texture that is used to draw water, because for uncoated paper does not give us the technical impact that we want, while coarse paper and give us satisfactory results. (Kiwan, - 2000 - pp. 15-17). 

10. Colors: 

There is no reason to adhere to one type of colors in the painting or the same way, but each type of colors requires Adohta slightly different from the others, and do all the colors of powder color called dye, and mixed with other material to cohere with each other, and different type this article by Type and colors that give it a special feature. 

- There are four kinds of colors, namely: 

1 - Oily colors: 

Colors are made from pigment mixed with oil, which is sticky and not dry quickly, it is difficult to use in coloring within the fashion design school. But the oily colors advantages in terms of its ability to correct errors and switch some forms easily because they slow the drought, and able to work a variety of large fees greater than any other type. Look (Figure 21). 

It is very suitable to draw fine details as well as the work of a broad swathes of colors, and characterized by the possibility of their use on the motherboard or dense a thin transparent Bmshat. (Department of Translation, Authorship - d. T. - p 5) 

2 - watercolors: 

Water colors are available in libraries in different forms, including pastes preserved in metal or plastic pipes, such as round tablets in the matrix of rectangular tin cans, including square templates are sold individually or in a group in special cans. (Kiwan, 2000, p 17) 

Watercolor consists of pigment mixed with gum, which supplies water when you use, and different colors as oily liquid, and must be used in a very precise areas on the plate, as they dry quickly, which makes it difficult to correct mistakes, look form (22). And can be used in many ways, but I prefer to use the panel to draw relatively small, and easy to use in fashion design in school, because the tools that you need less and lighter than oil paints Tools They are light and compact. 

(Department of Translation, Authorship - d. T. - p 6) 

3 - Colors Algoashih: 

Like colors Algoashih the watercolors are made up of gum mixed with dye, in addition to a white dye to become أكمد of non-transparent, which is on many different forms of, midst the powder, and it is in the form of paint, and both types of types Algoashi. See Figure (23). 

It dries quickly, but you can correct errors, add coloring errors, can also be used in the form of intensive Kaloloan oily or too thin Kaloloan water, but if used intensively it will be capable of cracking and peeling in the painting and prefers to use for beginners. (Department of Translation, Authorship d. T. p. 6). 

4 - Acrylic colors: 

Is a newly developed colors, it is made of pigment mixed with a chemical, and is characterized by these colors provide a large series of different colors more than others from various other types, see Figure (24). And coloring can be directly, or in addition to water, a quick-dry him who it is difficult to mix with colors or draw a shape other alternative. 

But you can mix it with the center of chemical particular, Phippti from the drying process, which can then be use oily Kaloloan and cost by the cost of watercolors. (Department of Translation, Authorship - d. T. - p 7). 

5 - pastel colors (wax) 

Is a kind of earthy colors mixed with the resin material which dripped from most trees when cut, and the word is a collection of word pastel paste, types of oil pastels, wax pastels, and pastel Look Cretaceous (Figure 25). 

The pastel pencils oily wax easier than the latter easier than chalk where each has its own way and its possibilities, some stabilizers are used to these colors on body Sebreh, which is especially pastel colors. And you can paint on any special paper or fabric painting and be the most beautiful result with velvet cloth with black or gray color. 

(Net site forum for you). 

Manufactured in varying pastel three: soft soft, semi-stiff semi-hard and hard and harsh in two forms, first rods stidcs, and second pens pencils, there are two pastels, one mixed with glue and other mixed with oil see Figure (). 

(Tewan 2000, p 9). 

6. Water and water containers: 

Best to use distilled water because it is pure and affects specific colors, and the use of topical harsh and constant hard coup to put the water in, but not glassware to be able to control the situation of water easily Look (Figure), try to keep the vessels in the same place in order to Ananaj to lose focus When the brush dipped in water. (Thompson Haosion 1994, p 25) Look at the form (26). 

7. Clean cloth: 

Sometimes requires that the brush is always clean, so you must put a large piece of cloth, preferably cotton because of its ability to absorption, or a piece of blotting (such as tissue paper), to the process of drying and cleaning brush coloring, see (Figure 27). (Hamid 1988, p.15). 

8. Different materials: 

Determine the nature of the materials and methods used in the construction of the shape the designer, the more knowledge of fashion designer widened widened to know the potential of raw material and processing methods, and lead to an increase in his imagination and his ability to creation, and raw on the quality-controlled forms that produce them. Look at the form (28). 

Because each severity of its borders and its possibilities and aspects of its palaces natural., Article gleaming differ from cut crystal to cut fabric, design requires uniform quality of the designer to recognize the raw materials different, which can be exploited by the minute to innovate in the context of raw material used for designing costume creator. 

Valkhamat general source of endless inspiration for fashion designer delicate and innovative, they suggest the colors of raw materials and values ​​and surface characteristics of other designer lead to innovations, many in the design, and of raw materials restrictions imposed on the designer one according to the different shape and size and type of material, and also are chosen material that is subject to the function to be performed by in fashion design, for example, if the costume design uses a fashion designer evening ores shiny fabric or pieces of crystal beads formed by inside the design to give the outfit evening clothes. Look Figure (29) (Shawki 2001 19 20). 

Different materials benefited from fashion designer at the design sketch 

Methods of care to maintain the tools, materials and raw materials. 

1. Make sure that the colors are all tightly covered, lest it dry. 

2. Do not use the brush in oil shale coloring if they will use again in Coloring Algoashi. 

3. Clean the brush with warm water and soap after the completion of the process coloring Palmaúa and put them in a bowl so that شعيراتها facing up, see Figure (30). If you will use 

In a short period, and put them in a box or bag if you will use long after. 

4. Scrape colors المزاجة (Alpalih) and then Dlkha the cat and cleaned with a cloth try not to leave colors المزاجة more than eight hours. (Department of authoring and translation d. T. p 16.24). 

5. Dry brush on a cloth and then wash with soap and water, and then touch your finger to hair back to its original form. Look at Figure 

(31). (Kiwan d. T. p. 67). 

6. If you acquire and colors used by the cans often put in the corner of the enclosure a small piece of moist sponge to prevent it from drying out, but if your colors were juicers make sure they are airtight. 

7. The correct way to the color output of the tube, is pressing the tip down, not from the waist. 

8. After the completion of the coloring process eating a piece of cloth made of cotton and wipe out the necks of pipes to remove the effects of colors it, and it is necessary to remove the colors for roofs pipes to identify easily the names of colors and numbers when you start the training again, (Kiwan 2000 95) 

9. Put all the tools and materials in a bag or box Suitable for safekeeping. 

10. Different raw mode explosive small Ouallb and placed with the tools and materials in a bag or box collects. 

(Steps fashion design sketch) 

Uniform components and their impact on the overall shape of the design and its relationship attire (slots the neck - Alokowal the - cornices sleeves and bracelets and slots Arm - الجونلات - accessory pockets in fashion design) 

Steps draw fashion design 

A - choose the model (mannequin) and paint on paper Alcanson: 

1 - When you begin the work of fashion design should be noted the final form of the situations of the mannequin and choose the right mannequin for the design to be drawn. Look at the form (32) so that the Novice Bashv the basic structure of the Mannequin and transferred on Alcanson paper by printing by transparent pencil. (Bawazir - 1998 m - p 69) 


B - Drawing outfit on the mannequin and the impact of the movement to highlight the beauty of the design: 

After the transfer of the final form of Mannequin on Alcanson paper pencil draws a design on the mannequin with the observation that takes into account the designer half forward line of Mannequin because it is considered as a guide to get the right balance of design and layout design from different angles. Look at the form of (33) (Bawazir - 1998 m - p 69) 




Need when you place any design to bear in mind the main objective of the design is that these designs can be implemented, and the designer can introduce some change on the model of the perfect shape and material, as required by the process of creating appropriate design for Mannequin training and experimentation and المران constant that is up to the level Technical decent (Turkish - EL SHAFEI - 2000, p 28) 

And drawing when fashion designer is a definition and a means of personal expression of self-critical as the the swings between إنفعاله designer pension reality and imagination steady innovation and creativity. 

Uniform components and their impact on the overall shape of the design and its relationship attire: - 

Design Notes: - 

The purpose of clarifying the design is to improve the ideas and get them so that is somewhat similar to the handwriting is clear is nice, and the designer work group designs in notebook design its own, Bmlameh characteristic of a crisis in the designs of different (such as sleeves and Alokowal and pockets and covers pockets and fasteners, belts ... and seamstresses ... and others. 

It can also work Varieties designs and many to complete his collection, because of the great benefit as a reference for ideas. The work of the notes in the notebook design of the explanations important significant impact on the success of the design, as the book design essential and necessary for every fashion designer, and design students to retain their jobs initial reference to them during their work, and the designer to be an expert forms the basic uniform that draws hands free or from work-related graphs. (Bawazir - 1998 m - p 161) 

Uniform components and drawings: - 

Consists uniforms of several parts which are complementary, and the most important of the bottom (جونلات or trousers) and upper (كورساج and sleeves and أكوال) also composed Alchorsag slots neck different shapes and Almrdat whether long or accidental, and pennies or styles working to adjust the outfit on the body. 

Usually completed building design using sleeves and Alokowal and cornices, which are adding aspects of aesthetic through cohesion and harmony, proportionality and consistency between the parts of the design using repetition and repetition of the idea of ​​home uniforms, different foundations followed in drawing components outfit depending on the segment devoted to him as the movement of the body every part of parts of the body are different from the other part, and so designed to highlight the idea of ​​uniforms he has to recognize the different forms of each part of the outfit, and how to draw the lines that illustrate the idea in fabric type and degree of Anssadolh, fonts textile used in its implementation and that must be taken into account when mowing and add how to draw the lines that express the exact details of the dress code. 

(Turkish - EL SHAFEI - 2000, p 97) 

First: Neck slots: 

The slots neck and Mkmladtha of molecules important in clothing and ranks first in importance and difficulty of dealing with them as well as their importance in shaping the face and address some of the flaws unwanted physical. 

And neck holes but differed in terms of shape and amplitude but the design lines which depend on the compatibility between the lines and between the lines interior design as a whole. 

This has led diversity lines slots neck in terms of shape and size to cause problems during the implementation of these openings, and requires implementation need to classify these openings in groups impose the implementation of each group including the use of specific techniques, but this has been designed and classification lines slots neck into three groups: 

A - lines holes neck Statistics: 

And take shape (box or circular or oval or V-shaped or boat-shaped or polygonal shape) may be identical or non-identical and differ in terms of depth and breadth Look at the form (34) (Turkish / Shafei -2000 m, 98-99) 



Steps fee slots neck Statistics: 




B - slots neck lines-down Aldrabih. 

You can use this type in the front and back together or Vahaddahma only, and vary in the degree of depth may be simple or contain several folds Look (Figure 36) and you need those openings to the Textiles characterized Balanssadol or rubber must be put in line mid-forward on the fabric of the Lord. (Turkish / Shafi'i -2000 m -99). 

Steps fee neck drop Aldrabih: 


C - the high neck lines slots: 

A group of holes that rise from the line of slot neck basic and appear on the body like a fitness high connected line slot neck without sewing, and have multiple forms either to be tight on the neck or elevated from the back and both sides of the slot neck then takes the form of v from the front Look (Figure 38 ). (Turkish / Shafi'i -2000 m -99) 

Steps high neck fee: 

Second: Alokowal the Collars 

The Alkolh of features and task in the outfit and also feature functional as it is used sometimes for protection from the vagaries of air next to utility decorative where it can be of the fabric is contrary to the uniform, and this could be the center of attraction for the design, and the Alokowal sometimes be designed to wear with them Scarves and Ties It can open her heart to wear, locked, or combine to give an aesthetically pleasing form, and there are many types to أكوال, but there are three important and fundamental techniques for work Alokowal (Turkish / Shafi'i -2000 m-102) 

A - Alokowal the flat Flat Collars 

Are those that can vary in amplitude than the width of one inch from the neck to the shoulders as a whole, so finding also received flat on the shoulders, and do not have high part on 

Look shaped neck (40) (Bawazir - 1998 m - p 162) 

Steps draw flat الكول: 

B - Alokowal the wrapped: Coll Collars 

Are Alokowal that damage around the neck of the front and back and can not be ironed flat such as الكول shawl and other Alokowal which will take shape cabbage and then mounted on the outfit Look at the form of (42) (Bawazir - 1998 m - p 162) 

Steps draw wrapped Alkolh: 

C - high Alokowal the: Stand Collars 

It is a part of high around the neck which many types such as Chinese الكول and الكول Cmazih and when drawing this الكول sets his line half to help the success of the design. Look at the form (44) (Turkish / Shafei -2000 -102-103) 


Steps draw high Alkolh: 



Third: cornices 

The cornices one of the supplements used extensively in decorating parties women's clothing in general and slots neck in particular so as to their importance in giving a kind of renewal and gravity widget executed along with connecting parts design some, in addition to being used to conceal or minimize the disadvantages of physical unwanted. 

When both types of fee cornices different drawing must begin planning status shows balance and confirmed then placed the distinctive lines of the form of the Corniche. 

Look at the form (46). (Turkish / Shafi'i -2000 AD-108) 

Fee Corniche steps: 

Fourth: sleeves, bracelets, arm slots: 

The sleeves of the core components in the design of the outfit, which form an integral part with the rest of the other supplements, there are many kinds of sleeves in terms of the shape and type, there are three basic patterns fall beneath the sleeves, namely: (Turkish / Shafi'i -2000 AD-111) 

A quantum which separates and cuts separate from the upper half of the dress code and then install it braid and be appropriate for form of slot armpit. Look at the form (Bawazir - 1998 m - p 175) 

Steps quantum installation fee 

Is the quantum which cuts so that extends from the armpit to the neckline of the front and back, may be included lengths Quantum from short to long, and included also in terms of widening, as there are additions different can be added for you to give it effect a good outfit, such as fragments of high and fragments regular Ruffles and others. As well as different configurations for Bracelet by uniform requirement gives the clear effects of design Look at the form of (50) (Bawazir - 1998 m - p 175) 

Steps fee quantum men 

There are other types of different sleeves, such as: 

Look at the form of (a) (Bawazir - 1998 m - p -175-176) 



When drawing sleeve design must ensure that the quantum wraps completely around the arm pagan elbow "Annex" and tucks the other produced by the movement of the arm, and it takes so when you place the design of quantum, and must take into account to achieve the principles and rules in terms of proportionality and balance in the form of quantity and breadth for length or the length of bangle for you, and so the success of the design kits (Turkish / Shafei, 2000, p 111) 

Notes when making bracelets to be wrapped around the wrist accurately, and that shows the influence of soft folds and that exercise and painting of various forms of bracelets, using a few simple lines until we get the necessary effect. (Bawazir - 1998 m - r -176) 

Arm slots: - 

Varieties must be done from different arm slots to give a good result in the design using these proposed lines. (Bawazir - 1998 m - r -176) 

الجونلات: - 

Must be taken into account at the pivot line put designs جونلات, where it is when even the weight of the body on the foot of the body lines are and straight Jawnlh, the consequent lack of bows in the design lines for lack of body movement. But when the weight of the body on the right foot, it means a movement of the body, the consequent bows in the design lines to strike a balance with a movement. 

And different foundations followed in الجونلات fee depending on the direction of the line fabric used in the implementation (Straight Lord Klosh) as vary according to Modellatha and distinctive details. Look at the form () (Turkish / Shafei, 2000, p 115) 


Steps draw tight Johnlh: 

Steps draw broad Jawnlh: 


Steps fee Johnlh Bmodel Caroizih 


The pockets of the distinctive features in uniform, they have the benefit of a functional side utility decorative it as a phenomenon attractive is also a point of attraction in the design, and the designer to bear in mind when you design the shape and the size and position of the pocket and its relationship to the rest of the design, and must take into account the positions pocket by appropriate wear where like sports wear uniforms and work clothes, which must be for her to use her own terms seen activity which they will wear the outfit before starting the design Look (Figure 57). 

There are three types of sinusitis: 

A - Foreign pockets (on the surface of the outfit): 

It riding floss or بغرزة machine on the surface of the outfit. 

B - cleaved pocket: 

It can make a hole in the outfit has three forms, pocket-shaped pocket buttonhole heart from the inside pocket slotted lid. 

C - Pocket disappeared in the story: 

And get this through a combination pocket sew any story in an outfit and shows through thick seamstresses phenomenon on the face of the outfit. 

Steps drawing one of the pockets (outer pocket). 


Accessories in fashion design: - 

Is one of the supplements decorations that help show the elegance of women, and is considered Accessory of the important things in the world of fashion and design, as it represents an important part of clothing because it gives a new and unique and distinctive to uniform in addition to what adds of Luster and attractive on the face of his employer, as highlights the elegance of women and clothes and beauty and makes thermo-catching. Accessory helps outfit color harmony with the color of the skin or eyes as it changes the shape of the model and where wearing appropriate forms and changing accessories and raw materials in accordance with the prevailing fashion One of the most widespread accessories (bags ornaments of all kinds hats glasses shoes roses industrial coverings Cape gloves belts Alaharpat, neckties, socks) Look at the form () (Turkish / Shafei, 2000 - p 157, p 158) 

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