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How do you choose your shoes 

The shoe constant companion each and every one of us no matter how different chapters and whatever the occasion must be Antal this piece, which can not in any way Alhawwal indispensable, and since we are on the verge of changing the pattern of the shoe approaching a new chapter here are some ideas and tips to take care of this piece precious and maintain them for nothing, but to avoid a kaleidoscope significant health 
May spend a long time without feeling the same shoe, which may expose the foot of sweating and this is my favorite place for bacteria, amid ideal: sweat dust and darkness ææææææ 
How to take care vary depending on the kind of shoe material and model Vahveh summer is different from winter boots 
We will see with some of the most important ways to keep your feet in the shoes comfortable Nzivian 

First, the most important tips that you should follow: 

1. Instead of your shoes all the time, does not cloak the same shoe more than two consecutive days. 

2. You need shoes for ventilation after use but were not so wet to dry sweat that sucked down the boot of the feet. 

3. Take off your shoes after being placed in a wooden corset immediately to keep the surface taut and beautiful shape, order not formed folds and bends on its surface that makes it seem out of date quickly obsolete. 

4. If you do not have a wooden corset or so Put a group of securities worn after Tkoerha and fill out your shoes. These papers also helps in the absorption of excess moisture thing if the shoe damp or wet. 

5. Avoid exposing your shoes water for a long time, because it hurts shoes. 

6. If you find your shoes to water leaking from all sides, know that it is necessary to dry properly. 
Avoid drying wet shoes near any heat source, whatever the reasons. 

Are drying shoe and leather goods all in an atmosphere of normal room temperature, Beware of direct heat on leather goods from any source of heat to the skin to lose it Aonth and Taraute forever. 

7. After drying your shoes properly, you can safely Anmaalh 

It also must obtain several private clean shoes consist of a group, especially brushes and chamois leather and other shoe by type of information is usually on the cover of the brush 
As well as varnishes for each type of shoe polishes, especially for something less skin can get polished without color can be used for all colors and there are special materials of different ores 

This kit for the remaining roads by type of shoe 
Leather shoes 

No better than leather shoes for the feet, it allows them to breathe. 

Keep soft and supple shoes that always painted with paint appropriate for him to skin and feeds Aathqq. 

Reservation shoes in the cupboard allotted provider of ventilation holes are appointed by each member of the family has its own rack. 

If you do not use some of the shoes constantly stuffed with paper so newspapers can maintain its shape. 

Cleans the shoes of dust and mud stuck by Powell before the first dry and difficult to clean. 

For shoes made of natural leather or industrial painted every color or gloss varnish fitting shoes and leaves him five minutes and then shine with a piece of wool. 

For shoes made of crocodile leather or snakeskin paint well with alcohol to remove stains from Mabha Balonish then paint or polished shoes with transparent Note that the cleaning will be in the direction of peels and then leave a few minutes and shine with a piece of wool. 

For shoes made of chamois still rough brush the dust by then cleaned with a damp sponge a little water and then left to dry. 

Footwear chamois 

Avoid keeping your shoes in place chamois high humidity, Ahfezaha in well ventilated places so keep their shape attractive. 

And you have to Tbaadi chamois things with pungent smell. This kind of leather absorbs odors. 

If your shoes from natural chamois, it's best to Tgsleyha manually using the media dedicated to it. To remove stains, use a soft cloth. 

Also the patron should use moisturizer for leather chamois regularly, until the skin is not exposed to cracking 

Sport shoes: 
You can wash them in the washing machine on a low temperature after a well-furnished and remove the dirt, including that of course was made of cloth or any severity are washable and are dried in the air for at least two days with a sprinkle some powder dry inside when this will absorb sweat well 

And advice is golden 
You can sprinkle bicarbonate of soda inside the shoe in the night to kill bacteria 
Sprinkle baby powder to dry the sweat 
And as well as some musk finely ground 
And finally can use alum finely crushed 

This is about cleaning As for the storage methods you should consider the space available to you and choose what suits you best 

If you have many places in the house you can buy cabinets fit with your home decor 

The stars shine

The stars shine 

The impressive clothes and accessories Alphentg Vintage (old) is just like many of nostalgia to the days when music, cinema and the old days, and the lifestyle of the old days. This fashion has become hotter, having adopted many of the stars of women who relied Alboho sixtieth or style Hollywood glamor Lent and fifties and also fun and wit seventy method. Sally Hawkins has surprised the audience Pfstan Evening Vantage back to the sixties, and was a radiant tread the red carpet at a party distribution Golden Globes Awards Bbzltha which was acquired from one of the shops Alphentg. And actress Emma Thompson has done the same thing, appeared in the same concert Pfstan Vantage in black and gold. The actress Emilia Fox has been preceded in this orientation and reared in the Bafta awards ceremony British Pfstan pink short, reminds us of the magic of Hollywood icons in the fifties, and then returned to appear in the same concert Pfstan Evening vantage long back to the seventies. It can also stop at the star Dita Von Teese, which sided with the clothes Alphentg sixtieth style rock 'n' roll. The star Sarah Jessica Parker are the most love in this fashion, having appeared in more than views, chose one dress in silk inscribed Vantage back to the seventies, as collected in between the views of other vantage Evening dress golden color jacket with black stripes contemporary; This is in addition to adopt many of the views of Alkajul that rely on clothes and accessories Alphentg. 
We offer you a range of clothing Alphentg also appeared with players on different occasions .. What do you think of this fashion? Do you find yourself in a hue? 

Commandments in confusion 
• You can get clothes Alphentg of clothes Cupboard mothers and grandmothers, and there are also private markets this type of clothing in many world capitals such as London and Paris. 
• Do not Talpsi Alphentg clothes and accessories from head to toe, otherwise you are someone who is going to masquerade. 
• Do not take things quite seriously, nor Tatmda views of Alphentg Mchaouirk at all, but I deal with this fashion in the spirit of fun and wit. 
• Do not Talpsi clothes Alphentg very old and unacceptable, such as the Septuagint disco clothes that would look like an oddity at the present time, but go towards lines of rationality. 
• can change slightly in Alphentg clothes to wear them before, such as lifting the huge shoulder pads or change the buttons and so on. 
• Gather between Alphentg and modern views of one. 

Put your touch to your home

Put your touch to your home
Viewing art and aesthetics all new in the world of interior design and decoration .
He notes that the art of living Saudi Arabia is no longer simply enclose the interior spaces luxuriously brands Almstlh of shows furnishings world , but there is a clear tendency towards the production of places that meet the needs of residents and mimic their personalities , and answer their attachment to clear schools decoration classic , not waive her privacy , in the cover of luxury. Pat and she likes to talk about the pattern is expressed more and more about the occupants of these houses , away from converted into shows for furniture !
Nor upright journey in the world of interior design and decoration , without identifying the lines of the prevailing fashion , furniture and " accessories " , as well as the commandments of experts ...

So be nice makeup Follow these steps

We have had you the first part of the subject of right and wrong in a make-up even know the assets of make-up application . Today , here's the second part of the subject, Vtabaa details .
- Error: a cream base , even in the daytime .
Health : from a cream base error in the daytime , because it gives the appearance of the mask. Also exposed to the sun shows differences skin. So it is better to use BB cream in the daytime , it is much lighter than the cream base .
- Error: put eyeliner pencil is fixed on oily skin
Health : different types of skin between oily and dry and regular ; each of which has its own kohl pencils . If you have dry skin , especially in the area of ​​the eyelids , it is better for you to Kohl cream or gel . As for oily skin is better , which is hard against the water and dries quickly . As they have the normal skin of many kinds , including hard or cream .
- Error : Draw eyebrow larger than its normal size and drawn in black .

Health : Draw brow art , one of the most prominent partitions , which attract many. If your brow broad , there is a heavy Tsmh like artificially , but drew national brows with a brush instead of pen or brush specifically ; Vvrchah eyebrows disperse color significantly and consistently , The Pen and Brush Selection Faihtajman to light in the hand and a little color . If the color of your hair dark brown to black italic , Vlaunay dark brown , then black color suggests . If the color of your hair , opening , Vasm eyebrows light brown italics to dark brown color .
- Error: mark the beginning of the eyebrow .
Health : chalking brushing with a bit of color to appear natural rather than artificial form .

- Error: shade under the eyebrow at any time.
Health : shading under the eyebrow does not fit , but at night time ; Some of the shadows acquires twinkles . If I wanted to widen your eyes in the day, some of the Vdaa Concealer that you put under your eyes , in the outer corner of the eyebrow .
- Error: Hide Sharp lip powder on the face or Concealer .
Health : disarming mustache better than hide it , because the light of the sun or lighting Sazarh , a national hearing on laser or wax to remove it.

Beautiful eyes

There is a lot of eye drops medical use to get rid of the signs of fatigue and stress , which may harm you if used consistently , because the negative effects in the long run .
" Madam Net" put your hands between some natural recipes that give satisfactory results and fast.
For Eyes gleaming crystal :
Mix a tablespoon of apple juice with a spoon of carrot juice and two tablespoons of rose water , then mix Mix well , and Bring piece of cloth , then Agmséa mix and wipe your eyes or Astkhaddmiha Kkmadat eye .

You can also use an eye solution , a component of a teaspoon of natural salt added to a liter of water . Put the solution in a drop Astkhaddmah sterile eye drops .
Advised rinsing the eye lashes Balvazlen before going to sleep , and during sleep Valvazlen seep into the inside of the eye and Ardobaa that were dry and giving it a freshness and becomes glossy and shiny.
There are varieties of foods that benefit the eye , such as eating dates, almonds and peanut butter in abundance , as well as all types of leafy greens , such as lettuce, watercress , parsley , they are all rich in vitamins beneficial to the beauty and freshness of the eye.
He explained that there are specialists types of vitamins beneficial to the eye , such as vitamin « b » found in nuts , tomatoes, and beans , it is very necessary for your eyes . If you are a women who sit for long hours in front of a computer screen , So try on a lot of vitamin « b » .

Shopping helps to stimulate the mind and body

In a recent study , showing that shopping for health benefits is important as contributing to overcome the grief and anxiety felt by the human , because of the pressures of work and life.
When buying new purposes , one feels happy 3 times more than a person who does not shop around.
Researchers have noted that it is rare for anyone to feel sad while shopping .
And demonstrated many of the previous statistics that about half of Americans go shopping , even improve their mental state .
By doing so, confirmed the study, published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing, treatment shopped that could affect improvement in mood , noting that 28 % of people shoppers go to shopping with the aim of shopping itself , while shopping 62 % of people , the desire to reach a sense of fun .
Does this study will be a prelude to another study proving that women are happier than men , thanks to their part on shopping more than men .

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Convergence between spouses

The reasons for the couple stopped the practice of intimacy

Considered cohabitation intimacy of a marriage, the main pillars ; But not every one realize what he wishes . There are reasons lead to the suspension of the couple making love , they differ between men and women . Sometimes, many do not have the other partner responsible for it , but the problem is private and individual . There may be reasons for a joint between the two partners .
Brazilian study competent marital and family affairs , said that sexual desire in men and women may be less, and that there are reasons behind it , what are they?
First - pessimism and sadness ongoing

Can be a pessimistic person by nature ; But is does not affect the marital relationship . This depends on the nature of each person , there are those who can differentiate between things and there are those who confuse everything. But there are others who are getting pessimistic or grief after the marriage for reasons of personal and family problems and the problems of work and so forth .
Grief and pessimism manifested in several Kaltab psychological symptoms of depression and fatigue permanently . These symptoms may worsen and negatively affect sexual performance or even stop the practice of cohabitation intimate .
Secondly - the brawls continued
When frequent fights between the couple , the libido up to lower its borders , especially if accompanied by insults fights . Sometimes the husband or wife uses sex as a punishment for another . , And this is common among some couples , it can also lead to decreased libido and may reach intimate cohabitation to an end.
Thirdly - taking certain medications

The study showed that there are many medications negatively affect sexual performance and the continuation of ingested may spend on sexual desire , especially the guy who may not be able to reach his genitals to the extent required for the cohabiting intimate . It is more medicines which have an effect on sexual performance are sedatives and hypnotics .
Fourth - the loss of gravity between spouses
Brazilian study said that after years of marriage , there is a case of lose attraction to the other body does not feel sexual desire , and in this case it is necessary to the existence of openness between the couple before they lead to loss of libido completely.
Fifth - the desire of some men in masturbation
The study confirmed that there are some men , who want to masturbate Ktherb practice of intimate cohabitation . This is one of the common conditions so that the euphoria felt by some men in masturbation be greater than the exercise of trance intimate cohabitation because the man unleash his imagination when he practiced sexual masturbation . With the continuation of that may not be able to access the state of excitement required for the exercise of intimate intercourse with the wife .
VI - the shame of sex
The study pointed out that there are men from the fear of failure in the case of access to sexual arousal or does not like the shape of women's intimate members , because of shame , therefore, his mind does not help him to reach the desired state for the exercise of intimacy. This situation has been exacerbated to some extent the fear of sex. The study confirmed that this case left untreated may destroy the sex life of the couple.

Seventh - hormonal problems
The study showed that the lack of certain hormones , may be a reason for the lack of sexual desire , lack of access to the state required for the cohabiting intimate , and comes on top of that the man 's lack of hormone Altististiron , which is vital to increase his sexual desire . And left it without treatment leads to the absence of cohabitation in the intimate marital relationship .
VIII - the boredom of the other
The study said that the presence of the couple together for many years to lead to boredom if the routine of their lives without any renewal . This boredom may turn into a major cause of low libido and hence the absence of sexual activity between them .
IX - feeling the pain of sexual
The study confirmed that this situation exists in abundance in women because of the defect may be an easy treatment; But that may be exacerbated and the cause of women escape from cohabitation intimate if not detected the cause of the pain she felt . The study added that the lack of sexual experience is one of the reasons for cohabitation false intimacy of the relationship , especially on the part of the man .
X. - women having a large number of boys
The woman having a large number of children , may affect her sexual desire . It has been proven scientifically that because of the changes , which occur in women after the birth of each case .

5 elements of a successful intimate relationship

Many couples fall into the mistake of allowing boredom to enter wedlock , and this is something which it described as the study of Brazilian competent social affairs and marital that leads to the transformation of intimacy to a mere duty to my marriage , and also leads to infidelity and divorce more often .
The study added that the couple's search for ways to break the cycle of intimacy routine , and for that identified five key elements to it , what are they?
First - not building many expectations about intimate cohabitation :
The construction of a lot of expectations about the intimate cohabitation makes it look heavy and tired ; they lose an element of spontaneity . It has been proven that spontaneous intimacy is more fun than sex , which adopted it to make it full of expectations overburdened.
Secondly - mutual respect :
The study showed that mutual respect in intimate relationship is one of the strong foundations for its success . On this side there are many men do not respect women's femininity , and treat her like a thing of the things that they can control them as they please . The study confirmed that women lose their sexual desire very easily when you feel that the partner does not respect her femininity .
Thirdly - mutual trust :

Intimate relationship based on mutual trust, eliminate all psychological barriers for women and men alike. The study said that women do not feel any sexual desire toward the man who does not trust it.
Fourth - Stay away from rough through the exercise of intimacy :
The study pointed out that there are men engaged in intercourse intimate violently , believing that it indicates their manhood . But studies and statistics confirm that 95 % of women do like sex is not associated with violence or roughness .
Fifthly - hot conversations before and during intercourse intimate :
The hot talk about sex , before and during intercourse intimate , also of the important elements for success. She added that women love to hear the words of praise of her beauty and intimacy during intercourse ; because it increases their self-confidence .

Secrets exciting for intimacy

Knowing the facts and mysteries of intimacy contribute to determining the fate of many cases of marriage. The more we know , sex has become more intimate relationship between the couple clearer and easier.

Institute of Gender Studies in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil reported a number of interesting facts and secrets , and amazing sex couples for the purpose of educating , as the sex of the important science in human life , what are these secrets ?

First - Many researchers believe that human skin - man or woman - very important in intimacy. The brain is the most powerful tools in the process.

Second - there are 10-12 % of women in the world did they reach orgasm throughout their lives intimate .

Thirdly - exercise regularly gives the relationship benefits unmatched health , they make the body secretes substances able to fight many kinds of bacteria that cause a large number of diseases .

Fourthly - equivalent HE women dissatisfied sensitive region six times happier women, who are not satisfied or feel ashamed of their shape.

Fifthly - not all conditions are satisfactory sex for women , so it has to be dialogue, understanding and change.

VI - extrusion women during orgasm is not a myth , as able extrusion amount of liquid female private , vary between a woman and another .


Intimacy .. Integrated Sports

Go many women to sports academies in order to lose their weight , and precisely remove grease and fat accumulated in a particular area of the body , Vmnhen of practicing exercises for the abdomen , and others engaged in exercises to gain waist slim , but maybe not notified to the Bahin that the practice of cohabitation intimate considered sport integrated .
Sport intimate cohabitation comprehensive

A study released by the Brazilian Association of women in the city « Sao Paulo » : The intimate cohabitation is a regular sport a comprehensive and integrated manner; Because movements include all parts of the body , and therefore help to slimming without a doubt. She brief study that couples who engage in intimate intercourse two to three times a week can forego sports academies , or rather , the women will not need to be intense and stressful exercises ; , even if you go to the sports academies .

Favorite times of cohabitation
The study showed that cohabiting intimate and effort spent by the couple lead to fatigue and fatigue , so the best time to exercise is a period of cohabitation intimate night; because the couple are making a great effort , and then finally Ertahan Akhaldan to sleep . The result is a sports cohabiting intimate effective because of the effort to relax , which is distributed to all parts of the body during sleep . The study warned of intimate cohabitation exercise early in the morning ; because it affects the performance of men and women at work, Valmxh intimate need to focus my mind large , especially by women; to reach orgasm .

Sport is important for brain
The study confirmed the Brazilian Association of Women called « Osossiasaw Das Mulirrez » that the brain like the rest of the body needs to sport ; recovery in order to be constant , and sports useful and important for the brain is reading, playing chess and practice of intimate cohabitation . These practices are working to stimulate the brain, and remove him from laziness .

Revive the entire body
Intimate cohabitation cause sweating , and this leads to open the pores and cells of the body , it is very necessary to take a bath of lukewarm water ; sweating to remove and then for women to resort to put moisturizing creams on the skin . It has been proven , that women and men alike feel breathe easily because of the openness of the pores and the expansion of cells in different parts of the body.

Improve women's skin
It is scientifically proven that the intimate cohabitation help moisturize the skin that women reach orgasm and make them whiter ; make orgasm because the brain sends signals to all parts of the body relaxes , is known to contribute to reviving the sagging skin .

No less important than yoga
The study said : The mental focus that you need is almost identical to the cohabitation intimate mental focus for my sport yoga and meditation . The study added that the goal of yoga is to achieve mental relaxation , which you need to exercise daily to achieve this goal , while contributing to the intimate cohabitation in achieving this goal if twice a week .

In conclusion, the study says that many people do not pay attention to the importance of intimate cohabitation as a sport of mind and physical at the same time , and confirmed that the couples who desire intimate cohabitation Aamarson high tend to infection lazy mental and physical . Wives also warned of the consequences of feeling remorse , guilt or after intercourse intimate ; because it will not give the desired benefits of proper exercise and healthy sex . Valmxh intimate associated with love and the desire to make the sport an integrated , comprehensive and important and should not be neglected for reasons that may not be convincing.

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