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Fashion today

Fashion today

Waiting for the world in general, and who possess the and fonder world of fashion, especially, fashion weeks to discover the last cries of this world and find out the latest steps drawn by the leading role of fashion designers.

Since we are on the eve of the autumn-winter season 2011-2012, we toured the various fashion shows, to offer you the most shouts Fall and Winter Fashion 2011-2012, and we'll show you the latest trends in two batches, that the report should follow later.

1 - man woman: It seems that men's fashion is back to enter the world of ladies, where he made many of the role of fashion Kmosquino, Chanel and Sonia Rakial, Men's fashion designs of formal suits, men's trousers and even a private men's accessories men's hat.

2 - strong colors: despite the fact that the winter season is characterized by warm colors, but different fashion this winter, as adopted many of the fashion houses on the strong colors of red, yellow, blue and violet.

3 - fashion idol Fetish: Fashion is a bit strange but it seems popular this winter, as adopted by many fashion houses Customs Jacobs and Louis Vuitton.

4 - elegance forties: After that overwhelmed the sixties and seventies fashion for the summer season, here is the role of fashion Cgucci, Miu Miu and John Galliano's resort to the elegance of forties in their designs Kmodh the the winter.

5 - long skirts: The Fashion long dresses or الماكسي remain popular this winter, half of them الماكسي skirts that for a period absent from the fashion world, and now is back with Carolina Herrera, Chloe, Moschino and others.

6 - Muthanna cloth patterned Pleats and Frills: It's Fashion leave a Romensaa character appearance has been adopted by both the House Oscar De La Renta, Valentino and Christian Dior.

7 - baggy dresses: It is not strange to make baggy clothes in the winter season, especially baggy blouse adopted by both the House Missoni, Etro, Michael Kors and Hermes.

8 - Coat: design keeps the most prominent and most importantly in the winter season, has been offered the role of fashion coats in different ways, among them military coat Versace Albooncho and Poncho from Hermes.

Information, Important, clothing, fashion

((Fashion)), according to its makers is what should be committed to the total from one season to another and to abide بخطوطه

Changed ((Fashion)) Baastmrar as can costumers say black color refined and features

Bcyake while other colors are less values ​​in the black last season, seems suddenly Luna boring no life

It is regarded as a fashion with white, purple, green and other fonts may also be of

Fashion in one seasons Vtkon and alone in the arena is very unusual in the last season and looks

Roses more vibrant as the short skirts may be out of fashion in Then comes the long skirts

To be replaced in the next season

In conclusion we can say that we need to give us innovative ideas costumers have Ataktr

ببالنا begin with reference to whatever he invented the designers of the ideas advanced (popular) fashion

cupy the first place in the world of teenagers

Information, Important, clothing, fashion:
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Important information about clothing and fashion

Choose clothes is not an easy things, but is subject to several factors, including the properties of natural or industrial clothing and suitability for the purpose for which it Tstameliha and must take into account many things, including ::

Body Shape

There are a variety of forms and different from countless objects including :::

* Short skinny *

These women suffer from excess palace they are trying to show her body much longer it is necessary to use longitudinal lines to give intimation lengthwise

They should stay away from the following:
Clothing that is made up of two pieces different in color.
Details excess or increased costs.
Accessory huge and broad Ataiwalhwalakowal.
الجونلات with multiple fragments or Alklosh or jacket broad because it
Helps in the division length making the body appear shorter than reality.

They must wear:
Haircuts long Kalprances.
Altajurat one color because it gives intimation lengthwise
Alakowal high.
Thick fabrics.
Brightly colored clothing.

* Short filled *

This woman must take into account what it shows more taller and more slender

And thus stay away from:
Clothing that is made up of two pieces different in color.
Dresses or wide الجونلات the or Alklosh.
Long-haired drop-down.
Details obvious or increasing costs.
Jacket wide.
Thick fabrics.
Fabrics with large patterns.
Striped fabrics accidental.
Decoration of the many overlapping and colors.

It should also be wearing:
Haircuts long Kalprances.
Altajurat of one color.
Costs and embroidery horizontally
Accessories and bags medium length.
Longitudinally striped fabrics with wide stripes.

Long * skinny *

This woman is trying to keep النظرعن length, then it is necessary to focus
Alyasthaddam outline for reducing the severity of length.

So should stay away from:
Longitudinal lines because it increases show length over the crisis.
Development costs is linear.
Striped fabrics Ptkulaimat petition.
Use high Alakowal on the neck.
Use open the front clothes.
Use models Rabncis.

It should also be wearing:

Clothes with horizontal scrapbook.
Clothes with large pockets.
Altealta models define the midfield.
Models that contain styles in midfield.
Broad belts and colored abuse.
Fabrics الامعة and crystalline.
Striped fabrics offer.
Altkulaimat petition.
Alakowal broad and colorful accessories.
A color difference between the partially clothed.

Long * filled *

Should avoid:
Horizontal lines such as dining in the middle.
Clothing conjoined body.
Light-colored or bright.
Shiny fabrics as they reflect light are given the pervasive influence and an increase in body size.
Patterned fabrics with large graphics or striped with broad stripes.
Broad belts.
Alakowal huge and big pockets and big accessories.
الجونلات Alklosh and fragments.

They that acquire مايناسبها such as:
Clothing that is characterized by longitudinal Baksat it reduces the body's normal size.
Light colors and quiet.
Soft and elastic fabrics.
Clothing decorative motifs is clear and striped longitudinally high-stripes.
Accessories and fine embroidery is blatant.
Costs on the linear format.

* Frail average length *

Should avoid:
Conjoined clothing on the body.
Thick fabrics.
Clothing with large openings.
Jawnalat with long haircuts.

And must wear:
Haircuts on the chest in order to increase the feeling of fullness.
Alaharpat long around the neck.
* Full of average height *

This body must be accompanied by deviate from:
Very tight dresses.
Alakowal high
Small accessories and small-sized bags.
Fabrics with large fees.
Costs and large cornices and large pockets.
Tobacco curved lines give a sense of fullness.

As matching:
Somewhat longitudinal clothing with sleeves.
Clothing that is made up of two pieces.
Light colors.
Alakowal high and wide openings

Clothing invention Humanist

:Clothing is an idea invented by man since eternity and developed

Since the beginning of creation was first human thought in workmanship and development is the clothing, clothes are, which was in the form of leaves are the first thing Lester man by himself when he fell Adam peace be upon him from heaven, and over time established the urgent need to care for clothes and industry in the best form suitable for human ; to cover his genitalia first, and save the composition constitution and its second from the effects of weather and disease prevention, and early ideas of primitive in work clothes and passing through several stages in the garment industry developed human many forms of clothing over the years human history initiated skins of animals, and foliage; and longer forms of clothing Current that we see, and also varied raw materials used in the clothing industry.
Fashion and evolution
In the present age is no longer clothes only reflects the human need to cover his shame and Oukaath from the effects of weather, both cold or heat, but became a garment made in the context of many forms of fashion reflect the culture of the community and the local environment for the wearer and also for personal and Preference rights, and thus became the fashion look expressive for human culture, and the culture community and numerous forms and patterns in several pictures, greet see many fashion forms of clothing in the same society as well as fashion keep pace with the trends and aspirations of the cultural characteristic of every era and every period of time on the unit and differentiated and diversified those forms and fashions, and not only that, but became There is also a national fashion for all the people, fashion characteristic of each function and Clothing specializes in every profession.
Fashion studies and vocational future
The multiplicity of fashion styles and multiple types of raw materials used in their manufacture, appeared مايعرف phenomenon of fashion and appeared next to garment factories regular, companies or also known as houses of fashion, and come back the emergence of the phenomenon of fashion to the late Middle Ages, where due out the word to the Latin word "Modus", which means "the way" and then evolved into the word in French society to the word "Façon" and entered into English "Fashion" and the fashion house specializing in manufacturing fashion also designed along the lines of a certain all fits what made him, and the era in which designed for uniforms, and became houses of fashion and design spread naturally, adopted also garment factories idea is no longer the industry is limited to designs clothes normal or application of the ideas of design usual in fashion but has become use Bmsammin specialists in this area, and caused factories with special sections in fashion and fashion design; With a growing sense of fashion is no longer taken care of just a phenomenon of luxury in the industry fashion but has become fashion design المسايرة Fashion cornerstone of the industry and have become fashion houses and garment factories use Bakheregeyn qualified and competent in this field, and also became interested in universities in most countries of the world in fashion as a field study designed universities abroad decisions tuition in fashion to suit the needs of the industry in this area and rehabilitation Khregeyn competent and Emtemknyan people with high capacity to compete in the labor market and add improvements and innovative ideas new in the industry, and therefore prefer fashion house companies and international fashion designers and specialists fashion Khregeyn foreign universities because of the possibilities that are available to them during the study, therefore, expected that the student studies in the field of Design and Fashion on the following topics:
Different concepts of fashion design and the basic elements in the design.
Fashion design for factories, fashion design shows.
Integration techniques and the use of colors and coordination
New ideas in design and universal design
Study CNC design, and software used in the design, such as Photoshop and others.
Specialized skills in dealing with fabrics and customized raw materials and types and their uses in industry.
Study ways fashion show and mannequin fee.
Usually in most universities abroad, students are required graduation project my work at the end of the study, both at the undergraduate or in graduate courses, as well as the graduates have approved extensive professional and unlimited فمصمم fashion Ulkipo and qualified well find many career opportunities both in the country under consideration, or in his country; Vbiot fashion and fashion companies specialized become scattered widely in the world; may work in sections design plants clothing, or work exhibitor or modeling, also can work as a designer in the fashion house and Alotheletat as well as the ability to work independently as a fashion designer via computer automated.

Study fashion

Study fashion
On one occasion while watching the TV I heard Coco Chanel (a fashion designer French) says that the arts Fashion for اتتعلق only clothing, Vmodh and good-looking can be in everything around us, if you agree with the opinion Chanel So you also admire the art of fashion, and perhaps also be ready to study in this area, and to obtain a bachelor's degree in fashion and textiles school class is appropriate for you. Let us know more on this field of study.
What bachelor's degree in fashion?
Bachelor's degree in fashion is to learn fashion design and learn the techniques of the textile industry, Students preparing scientific knowledge and creative skills in design, theories and applications related to fashion and fashion, students learn how to develop a fashion creative and aesthetic appreciation in the world of international fashion variable, thus فالدراسة combine theoretical study to produce designs original ideas distinct and even study the process in places of production and, in general, the course covers topics such as design theories, history, design techniques, decking, textiles, fibers, photography, printing, and management techniques, textiles, and public relations.
Career opportunities
Fashion Designer: Designer fashion and function which features designer application design Ntriaat, and aesthetic touches on the clothes.
Designer Textiles: art work includes designs and models for clothing.
Purchases official: is the person responsible for carrying out purchases and has informed on the latest fashion in the world of fashion.
Photographer: is the function of art, where the photographer put Visualize to clarify the intended meaning of a design idea.
Or coordinated fashion designer: Who is the one person who selects clothes for editorial purposes, competent in magazines, TV shows, comic videos, concerts, or is responsible for the overall appearance of Fame.
The field of fashion design really cool, it's grown a sense of aesthetic and technical talent in humans, and finally Here are some academic programs to study fashion abroad.
Study of fashion in Britain
Study of fashion in Australia
Study of fashion in the Netherlands

Fashion Charm

After greeting ..

Fashion waves come and go quickly, it's really hard to know whether you are today's fashion or not. May buy a dress I saw in a magazine last month, but how to know whether it is still on fashion!

When you think women are usually in fashion, considering whether they are in line with fashion, or wearing the latest fashion. But this is a very narrow definition of fashion. Why not تزيدي of information about the word fashion, even quite know whether you are on fashion.

When we hear the word fashion, imagine immediately dressed lady modern, very modern, from the last famous fashion show. This is a real, high-end and trendy clothes are manufactured fashion, and make any fashionable lady immediately.

But every woman her opinion your fashion sense, and it seems that women who take care of fashion know fashion designers and designs very well, especially the latest fashion colors, and the latest cuts, styles and patterns, even shoes and accessories. But you you be fashionable, it means that know more than just the acquisition of high fashion clothes and accessories.

So you be fashionable, you must have your mind and your style and your definition of the word fashion, you must know yourself, and your body shape, and the appropriate decisions for a distinct personality and fashionable. In short, you are on fashion, does not mean to wear the latest fashion lines, at least that's not all there is.

This may seem like a big challenge, which is as well. For you Your fashion, you have to be confident of yourself. Should Taatkdma away from the pages of magazines.

The next time you go out for shopping, a national eating a cup of coffee in a quiet place and Watch your women around you. You'll notice that there are some women العصريات, but
They do not wear what you offer clothing stores. In fact, these daring women, because they chose Simply Clothes Tanasbehn. The selection of clothes that suit you, and reflect the beauty points you have, it makes you undoubtedly retired woman on fashion.

For you Your fashion, you have to be comfortable, natural, and wonderful in your clothes. You do not need to wear shoes if it is not comfortable. Not because the authors last farewell make-up lines if you do not suit you. The lady that know what suits them and look bright and beautiful in everything you wear is a fashionable lady on fashion. On the whole this woman know what your choice of fashion, you add Kmacl the uniform.

Human need for clothing

Human need for clothing 
The first clothes for functions ANSA since the beginning of the creation that keeps the body against weathering and that تستره, what then? 
When God created Adam and Eve lived in Paradise Khaddahma the devil, and encouraged them to disobey their Lord, and eating from the tree of knowledge, and here only realized Adam and Eve they were naked, and the foliage is the first thing Lester by human his genitalia, then expelled God from heaven to earth where they Webster أجسادهما of what he found him on the ground. 
Hence, the two essential Clothes: shelter is Lester sexual relations, especially after the realization, and the second is to protect the human body through the skins of animals, and became this concept applies to all human beings, no matter what time or place or culture, man modern can not never be naked, they must be wearing a uniform or something, and in some ancient societies was a symbol of loops back to the pure nature or purity. 
Different concepts: 
And the evolution of time and evolved with the forms and types of clothing, there became sleepwear for wars or for business or for hunting or for sport. The man remained develops and innovates and discovers kinds of fabrics, and his clothes ores extracted from leather, agricultural materials or metal, etc.. 
As used clothing also for the prevention of diseases, in the seventeenth century, integrating doctors some clothes and special protective released some aromatic herbs in order to hide the severity of the disease, and this method is highly effective at the time, as were some of the clothes are used for the prevention of "evil spirits" to the belief of human old that the exposed areas of the body such as the face, hands and legs be كالإسفنج that absorbs the evils and affect it, so use rights on many forms of luxurious fabrics embroidered with precious stones Caldantil embroidered and others, to work roundels luxury around the neck or bracelets sleeves, or as frameworks for جونلات so as to prevent the human body from life and evil forces. 
The man also used clothes and ornaments as a kind of natural protection for the body, for example, animal fur has not been used for decoration only, but to give the power of the animal and دفئه on his fur. In the country's east, were old wrapped the child newborn in a shirt and his father, to give him strength and valor, while in China, the children were dressed sometimes forms to the heads of tigers and rabbits with eyes that are shaped stones colored so as to prevent the child in general. The Indians of South America were wearing masks and painted so as to intimidate their enemies, and to protect themselves from evil spirits. 
Since foot and yet, differed Mqais beauty and radically changed, what was desirable in the past Maybe it is not so, and vice versa. Each has a private a Mqais period of time for beauty, and, of course, is reflected in the fashion clothing and way of wearing them. For example, in Roman times, the ladies يضغطن their breasts with a large cloth because chests filled with were not from Mqais beauty then, but in the Middle Ages, there appeared "Alchorsé" It is a piece of clothing pulls the body and press it and lift the breasts and give the body appearance together and round, and has evolved items of clothing that make up the body according to the requirements of the times. 
In England, in the early eighteenth century spread uniforms the Riding Coat "Riding d'" or clothes horse riding, and spread worn by some young people at that time become so characteristic of that era, and the evolution of its name until it became "Ridnjut" After a while, this has become the official uniform of fashion, in the beginning of the twentieth century until completely disappeared, and today is a museum of fashion uniform. 
As for the "T-shirt" outfit lumbar talk he may also a story starting from the second half of the nineteenth century, it was the form of the "T-Shirt" is different from the "T-Shirt" current lumbar texture, and used by Americans working in the United States Navy, and then go use it to students of private universities and the universities of California, Los Angeles, and that was in the twenties, then became the "T-shirt" in the thirties plays a commercial where that prints the Declaration of film or the name of the camp .. Etc., have contributed to the Second World War in the spread of the "T-shirt" which was worn by U.S. military personnel, فأنتج profusely, commonly used in the United States and the United Kingdom, thanks to the films of the "Rock 'n' Roll" that have sprung up in that period also became the "T Shirt "a symbol of Sheba. 
Art and Madness: 
Grew a sense of fashion through the ages different evolution of the use of the word "fashion" from the late Middle Ages, the word Allatytah Modus it means "the way" In the year 1393, the word "fashion" means in French Facon or way too and this is a word that has evolved into Fashion English, In the same year, she appeared the word to mean "the way the. Yeh interesting بالملبس", and in 1549 became a fashion means to become a fashion which developed in Mlbisk, starting from the year 1340 to the year 1350, split the form of clothes into two parts, clothing graduate and clothes Lower, The man in that period was wearing a two-piece, a piece of kenaf up to the top of the thighs and short jacket lined in order to protect his body, while the ladies so be wearing two pieces, Johnlh long "and كورساج" any part loft above Jawnlh, whether for men or women, they were all wearing T-shirt internally obscure clothing from the body. 
At the end of the sixteenth century the days of King Louis XIV occupied clothes in France has an important place, and became the uniform French special importance and form the characteristic, and that in the period preceding the French Revolution, where the ladies wear Jawnlh wide المنفوشة pressure on the waist, while Alchorsag or the upper part was pressed on the chest and shows his looks, The men were dressed in short jackets resemble luxurious "generational" current and short pants glued to the body and below Long syrup. 
At the end of the eighteenth century became the "fashion" industry, especially after the industrial revolution and its impact overriding the walks of life in Europe, spread across industry fabrics and cotton, especially in northern Europe and in Switzerland and England, after the clothes were made in homes and demand within a very narrow, and after spinning and weaving spread changed the picture completely, becoming fashion "industry" and "trade" also resulted in the emergence of new professions as a career الترزي and Alkuae and a fashion designer and vendor. 
With the beginning of year 1780, spread shops selling clothes and increased spread throughout the nineteenth century, and thus flourished Press fashion which is based on promoting it. With all the developments under the dress is the king of fashion and style to any lady As for men has evolved outfit men from Bloomer short-ROM on the body to normal pants trendy, even appeared Full Suit for men beginning in 1860 made of cloth and one often made up of three pieces, jacket, pants, vest or "generational" masculine outfit retained its shape yet. 
The houses of haute couture that emerged in Europe was its founder is "Charles Frederick Dorot" It was your stylist for Fashion Queen "Eugenie" and was made himself the cloth and cut it, even gained international fame in the world of fashion and fashion, and that was early in this century. And followed suit top fashion designers in the world such as "Dior" and "Balmain" and others, then spread the garment industry, and became stylists Global devise costumes own in this area and recovered thus the press, which promotes and fashion and appeared magazines task such as "Vogue" and "th" and "Marie Claire" and others. The system developed international fashion houses, is no longer confined to designing and selling clothes, but extended to designing and creating accessories, and supplements decorations and "الإيشاربات" and "sock" shoes, and thousands of other products, until it became those homes Ambraturayat independent business alone. 
Language and symbols: 
Tell me what to wear less you who you are! This argument famous can add to it, we can also know the identity of the outfit and social status, age and culture also, for every country uniforms different expresses its culture and its history, but now no longer each country's uniform customary in the same picture that was in the past The world today has become constant, For example, replace the Japanese kimono jeans sometimes deposed Ms. Indian her sari embroidered Indian sufficed to wear on special occasions. 
In the past it was for each age uniform different distinctive Now the children or young people become costumes are very different from the fashion adult, and became a total wearing "casual ware" or clothing morning Statistics in some of the country dressed men and women uniform, but it is rejected in the Middle since each. Uniform for the different roles of men for women. 
The fashion clothing is as full of language symbols, it tells the story of human history from the beginning until now. In addition to the outfit that distinguishes the social status of its owner, it also demonstrates his job. 
In a time before women were dressed jades certain Tmiizen, as it was for the kings also distinctive costumes. Valza Royal is a testament to the power and control. The fabrics were favored by the kings of France, for example, is a silk brocade embroidered flowers or fees are some signs celestial terrestrial كالكرة. The emperors of China, were prefer yellow and white. 
Not longer ruling uniform today the same importance, which was in ancient times, ruler, like who governs them, also designed uniforms or the Uniform a uniform your performance of duty Kozia soldiers, flight attendants or traffic police .. Etc.. 
Modernity and rebellion: 
As for the months in our uniforms any jeans, he may funny story, was invented in the nineteenth century at the hands of the U.S. Levi Strauss has produced this kind of trousers specifically to withstand arduous working conditions for those looking for gold and cowboys! Cowboys jeans has evolved to become the uniform practice of Sheba. And spread all over the world between the years 1950 and 1960. 
With the spread of formula and workers after the industrial revolution spread of certain types of fashion consistent with the movement of work "Kallath" blue. In China led the revolution led by "Mao Zedong" to unify the costume Chinese all became consists of a jacket and trousers to ونهما blue and wore this outfit all Chinese men and women, old men and children, but it began to fade since China began its policy of openness to the world in recent years. 
In our modern societies used fashion as a way to express their rebellion against tradition and society have appeared, for example, a year after 1968 hippies groups in Europe. After several years there has emerged a groups Aljanks who have had a strong presence in the nineties and exotic discern their clothes and their actions strangest thing. 
It remains the concept of elegance is filled rights concern in every time and place, and remain true elegance in simplicity and the ability of human well-chosen outfit that fit in.. 



نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Marketing‬‏

Not marketing something specialty schools science trade alone, and it touches every life of every human being, each of us is a member of the community movement Marketing, Vcra sale and to see commercials on TV g in newspapers, posters streets is an example of that, and all of us visiting stores many deal with it and compares prices at other prices, and deals with different vendors, and buy some goods other local and foreign, business and the exercise of these human plays an important role in the marketing system, and then knew nothing about this system. 
In spite of the exercise of rights to certain marketing actions and participation in the marketing system, it may not realize it, and may not understand the meaning of the word and do not place marketing and its importance in his life, and how to manage marketing activities. 
No longer a problem today's world factory to produce the product, but the problem has become, "How can this be able to factory marketed" 
He did not succeed in marketing definitely closed its doors, and the problem is productive in the past, but now survive in the market is mainly based on the study of the needs of the consumer and provided him with the required specifications and in the right time and place and at a price that is estimated to bear. 

Chapter One: what marketing 
First: the origins and evolution of the concept of marketing 
The traditional concept of marketing: 
Marketing is a set of activities aimed at facilitating human exchanges, has put "Kotler Cotler" This concept, which is still the most common, and this concept includes the following: 
- The marketing of human activity, unlike other activities such as consumption and production. 
- The marketing aimed at facilitating the exchange process, both were exchange for a single transaction, or to make different exchanges. 
- The exchange is not limited only to the goods and it includes services as well, and may be the initiative in the exchange process by the buyer when it come down to the markets looking for a commodity, as it may be by the seller which has come down to the markets, looking for buyers for his goods; and on this, the exchange requires : 
• the parties wish each other in an exchange. 
• Both sides have things of value from the perspective of the other party. 
• Each of the two parties unable to make contact and deliver what it has. 
Stages of the evolution of the concept of marketing: 
The current sense marketing relatively modern upbringing, emphasizes both "Robert King and Jeroen Meckarta" that the administration in the economic institutions did not know the concept of marketing, but in the fifties, where he was the perception before that is the concept of selling, and sees "Robert King" that the concept of Marketing has evolved over the following three phases: 
1 - routing production phase (1900-1930): 
And where was the problem of production is the focus of concern of management in the organization, and not the definition of production faces any difficulty because the market were not saturated, and so it was the focus at this stage saturation quantification of needs, and that the issues of quality or quality of production was the initiative of the architects of production, and characterized this stage after the intervention salesmen in the production issues and limiting their job to convince the consumer that what is produced to satisfy your need. 
2 - the stage direction for Sale (1930-1950): 
Where production increased at high rates thanks to the introduction of scientific management methods in the projects and its economy characterize production great, and then there was a need for a distribution system is able to discharge this production, and increased attention to the function of sales, but the philosophy of sales has not changed grew the use of advertising, and appeared marketing research to provide Enterprise Manager marketing information needed to rationalize their decisions regarding production, storage and distribution, etc.. 
3 - stage direction concept catalog (from 1950 to today): 
And the adopted management in the enterprise productivity a new philosophy in production concept "is easier to manufacture what he loves the consumer to buy from trying to sell what he loves the product to make," and has characterized this stage as fast as in the creation of products new to keep pace with rapidly changing consumer tastes, and increased the intensity of competition In order to attract consumers and gain their satisfaction. And has helped the development of this concept many factors, technological, economic and social. 
The modern concept of marketing: 
Administrative work on strategic planning for the project and directed efforts and controls used in non-profit programs of the organization, and satisfy the needs of consumers, which includes work to unite all the organization's activities (including production, finance and sales) in a unified system. 
This concept is based on the eight elements: 
1 - appreciation and understanding of the Center's strategic role in the consumer relates to the survival of the company and its growth and stability. 
2 - Administration conscious awareness of the impact of decisions taken in a specific section on the other sections and the overall balance of the company's system with surrounding systems. 
3 - management attention to creating products that are designed in light of the specific role is to contribute to solving the problems of certain purchasing power among consumers. 
4 - management attention to the effects of the introduction of new products on the Company's profit in the present and the future, and aware of the positive results that would result from the scientific planning for new products, in terms of earnings growth and ensure stability. 
5 - general appreciation of the role of marketing research, and research units from other facts outside the traditional scope of that research. 
6 - the work of all departments of the organization through a network of targets, in the sense of a permanent effort in all sectors of the company geared toward specific targets on the company level, and sections be understood and accepted by managers at various levels. 
7 - formal planning long-and short-term objectives of the project plans, strategies and results in a specific coordinated effort in the functional sectors of the company. 
8 - the creation or expansion of the cancellation and the reorganization of the company's departments as warranted in the light of the mobilization and utilization and total control on the device for the company towards solving the problems of selected consumer. 
And requires assessment of the modern concept of marketing the availability of several basic requirements are: 
A - be oriented marketing is the basic philosophy of the project. 
B - to design the organizational structure of the facility in accordance with this concept. 
C - Planning Organizer. 
D - planning and product development. 
E - marketing research. 
And - emphasize the importance of advertising and promotion. 
N - Pricing 
H - distribution outlets. 
I - to act on the basis that the consumer is Mr.. 
It also can be given to other definitions, among them this definition of marketing: 
The most widely accepted definitions is that provided by the American Marketing Association, which states: "Marketing is the implementation of the various activities of the project, which aims to direct the flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumer or user." 
And economic know BARTELS marketing that the process of economic, social and cultural aim to meet the needs of consumers for products and services are acceptable and affordable. 
And has been the American General Electric Company first called to take the concept of marketing in the modern sense in 1956, and since that time large companies applied this concept rather than the concept of the sale, which was to have prevailed. 

The difference between the concepts of sales and marketing: 
The difference can be shown in the following points: 
1 - Career perception: 
The concept of selling on the idea of ​​finding ways and methods that can be institution of drainage products accumulated to it, while the concept of marketing the idea of ​​finding ways to avoid the institution phenomenon of accumulation products, here it is selling the concept of a therapeutic, while marketing is considered the concept of precaution. 
2 - Find Profit: 
The ability to make a profit better quantitative measures in place to judge the success or failure of economic institutions, and then is to make a profit common element between sales and marketing, but the difference between them lies in how, while realized profit in the concept of selling through increasing the volume of Sales, marketing seeks to make a profit through the satisfaction of the consumer, which ensures the continuity or the loyalty of the commodity and consumer willingness to pay for it. 
3 - Location of the institution's activities: 
The traditional concept of sales which limits its role to discharge production, makes the selling activity following production activity and stops him narrow and wider, and the modern concept of marketing, including the promise of marketing research, design research and the study of consumer behavior and transport and storage processes make marketing activity precedes Activity production and followed as well. 
4 - Focus: 
Based interest in selling techniques customer's payment for the replacement of his money, including the insured goods, while the focus of the marketing strategies developed based on the finding as it desires consumer goods and services, and the sale focuses on the needs of the seller reverse marketing, which focuses on the needs of the consumer , and finally, the main busy institution under the concept of selling is the commodity needs to convert to cash, while busy primary marketing lies in consumer satisfaction, not only by Item provided by him, but also to the accompanying services. 
5 - Integration and individually efforts: 
Associated with the concept of selling phase freed enterprise functionality, and the rule of the idea of ​​primacy of the production function to the rest of the different functions in the organization, and the concept of marketing, it falls within the foreseeable complementary to the activities of the institution different from funding the production and supply, and that is all the activities of the institution in the same level of importance for achieving objectives. 
Finally, the concept of selling has been associated in the inception and evolution of the conduct of the physical product, but it includes marketing reveal what the consumer wants goods and services, and work to meet the satisfaction of the consumer. 
Second: marketing goals: 
Intended objectives of marketing the final results desired by the institution in achieved through the activity of the marketing department, there is a consensus among economists and managers that the institution economic differences nature three strategic objectives involved in achieving the various activities of the institutions, and these goals are: profit, growth, survival. 
-I profit target: 
At the forefront of the objectives of Economic Corporation and then they are trying to maximize their profits, but the freedom of establishment, in fact bitter specific in this area, as there are restrictions preclude the possibility of making a profit greatest Ktserfat competitors and government controls over prices, and legislation, tax, and as well as it becomes the institution should seek to make a profit optimally and this profit achievable and that guarantees income acceptable (higher than the interest rate in the financial market) to shareholders in Capital Corporation, also provide the institution with a surplus Negotiable Investment and which achieves its growth target required in the long term, how verification and marketing function so much profit?? 
I-1-marketing role in achieving profit: 
Some business and management to make a profit is the responsibility of the marketing department is a misconception because the outcome of concerted efforts of various departments and units of the institution, [Profit = Revenue - Cost], فالتكلفة consists of many elements produced from the activities of all sections of the institution, and therefore the role of Marketing is to achieve profitable volume of sales (by creating new marketing opportunities, search for profitable market sectors, encourage the search for new items, etc..) 
I-2-relationship profit profitability Foundation: 
The absolute value of the profit does not give Surat real for-profit institution, Achieving annual profit of $ 10 million may be considered index success for a small institution كورشة carpentry, for example, while a step towards bankruptcy for a large organization as the production of cars, for example, but is considered profit a true reflection of the profit institution must not be attributed to all of its assets, and is the so-called [the rate of return on capital = net profit / total assets, which measures the amount of profit resulting from each dinars of investment, if the interest rate prevailing in the financial market is 8% the amount of profit that the institution achieved even said to be working on acceptable terms of profitability is the one that makes the rate of return on investment greater than (> 8%). 
I-3-marketing role in increasing the rate of return on investment: 
Shows the role of marketing in increasing the rate of return on investment by improving both the rate of profit and turnover rate, considering that: 
[Turnover rate on investment = net profit / mg of assets] 
= Net Profit / Sales [x] sales / mg of assets] 
Turnover on the investment profit rate = x turnover rate 
Where it is the institution that focuses on sales and cost of sales together, because it allows them to achieve the increase in the rate of profit in two ways: 
- Either to increase sales to a greater extent than the cost. 
- Or reduce the cost to a greater extent than sales. 
And even marketing management can contribute effectively to increase the rate of return on investment, it is necessary to be familiar with all the elements contributing to the composition and taken into account. 
The rate of profit = net profit / sales 
Rate of return on investment 
Turnover = sales / mg assets 
So that: 
The rate of profit = net profit / sales = sales - operating costs / sales 
= [Sales - (cost of goods sold, cost of sales + administrative costs)] / Sales 

Ⅱ - growth target: 
Marketing contributes to achieve the goal of growth through expansion by increasing the volume of sales that comes up the company's share of the market size or the invasion of new markets, and the most important growth drivers: 
Ⅱ -1 - increased demand for production: 
Where the Foundation is working to expand its productive base, any increase in the number of sections and units and is the so-called internal growth. 
Ⅱ -2 - increase the intensity of competition: 
Leading the company to make new investments and the consequent increase in fixed cost. 
Ⅲ - the goal of survival: 
The survival of the institution and the continuation of its activity in the market a prime target involved in doing all departments and units of the institution, and the marketing activity play a vital role to achieve, and to be marketing management that recognizes this fact and convinced them, and then, it enables them to contribute effectively in achieving the continuity of the organization through doing the following posts: 
Ⅲ -1 - constantly search new marketing opportunities: 
Whether to increase the space occupied by the institution in the existing market or invade new markets or shift to Daat marketing more profitable. 
Ⅲ -2 - the need to organize and develop marketing information systems: 
Any collection and treatment system and identify the information form, which allows it to provide the senior management in the enterprise market information in a timely manner, so you can make good decisions in all areas of activity. 

Chapter II: the general framework of marketing: 
First: Marketing Management Regulatory 
Ⅰ - the structural organization of the function: 
And intended to develop an organizational structure to it, and it divided into several sections and interests, and define the responsibilities and functions of each, and as well as determine the qualifications of the people who perform these functions and responsibilities, as you should know the nature of marketing activity, it is more art than science, But this does not mean that it is not based on scientific rules, but these rules are not sufficient to solve the problem of sales due to the fact that most of these problems stem from the actions of individuals which are not always to behaviors logical subject of scientific explanation. 
Was influenced by a certain someone announcement about a product, and accepts to buy it and at the same time is not affected by another person, institution may resort to price reduction to increase sales Vtfaji the بانخفاضها This reverse economic laws. 
Ⅰ -1 - the importance of the marketing department: 
Occupies the marketing department a prominent place in the organizational structure of the institution economic, and due to their need increasing to undertake studies and market analysis, and knowledge of reactions of customers and competitors ... and growing interest in the management of marketing the larger the organization, and increased production, and expanded its market, and has overseen some of their own institutions to regulate and control the sales or distribution process is assigned to specialized institutions, and choose between two methods depends on several factors, including: the ability of the Corporation's financial, organizational capacity and production volume, variety, and the size of the number of customers ... and so on. And can highlight the importance of marketing through the following criteria: 
- Percentage distribution costs: In spite of the difficulty of accurately estimating distribution costs, but many studies have shown that they do not in most cases less than 25% of the sales price when consumption, and this percentage may reach in some cases to 100% and more of the sales price When production. 
- The volume of employment: We have increased the proportion of workers in the field of distribution increased significantly, which has doubled the number of unemployed in the area twice in the production and. M. A, while the number doubled in the distribution 12 times during the same period. 
- The difficulty of reducing the costs of distribution: has resulted in the expansion of the use of automated production methods to reduce production costs in half, and in some industries to one-third, while distribution costs have not fallen by the same percentage. 

Ⅰ -2 - Factors to be taken into account in the organization of the marketing department: 
Marketing management system differs from one institution to another according to several factors, including: 
1 - nature of the institution: 
In the case of whether productive or commercial guardian may be able to do without the marketing department attribution of product marketing for specialized bodies while marketing management is for a commercial hub of activity. 
2 - the size of the enterprise: 
IFC may not need small independent management of marketing, and only collects several activities or functions in one department or one interest. 
3 - The size and diversity of production of goods which they deal and as well as the types of institution to industrial goods and consumer goods. 
4 - the size and the number of markets in which they are distributed enterprise produced local, regional, or external. 
5 - marketing policies: credit as policies, pricing and delivery. 
Ⅱ - Marketing Management Relations other departments: 
The effective cooperation between the departments of the company, is one of the key factors in its success, and the following statement of the nature of the relations which must be linked to the marketing department of the most important departments in the enterprise: 
Ⅱ -1 - Production Management: 
If the management function of production is the production of what is needed and requested by the consumer, the task of determining required by the consumer rests with the management of the institution that they must be informed in a timely manner the management of production, even programmed or modify production processes consistent and desires of the consumer in the product, and then the need for a permanent correlation between the two departments, different and a way to link them from one institution to another, in small enterprises be a direct relationship between them, while arise in large enterprise private offices mission linkage between the various departments of the institution. 
Ⅱ -2 - Purchasing Department: 
Often prefer this administration in large enterprise productivity and be a close correlation between them, they are responsible for buying all production requirements, but for the business enterprise procurement management occupies a place in the enterprise production management productivity, so it is a close correlation between them. 

Ⅱ -3 - Financial Management: 
Due to the need of sales to capital urgently, it is imperative for policy sales followed by the marketing department regarding the granting of credit and setting prices that are consistent with the financial situation of the institution, there is no conceivable, for example, the marketing department to conclude contracts for the sale at the expense of order at the time complaining about the institution scarcity of liquidity. 
Ⅱ -4 - Export Management: 
The different trade conditions Interior Foreign resulted in most of the major institutions that aspire to conquer foreign markets to separate the marketing department for the management of export, which is concerned with the first in the promotion and distribution of products at the level of the internal market, while concerned with the second in the creation of appropriate conditions for the invasion of enterprise products to foreign markets , and stops the separation of the two departments over the interesting institution foreign markets, and the amount and frequency export operations carried out may be the export operations of specialty marketing departments in the enterprise, small and in this case must be the sales manager has extensive experience in all conditions of internal and external trade. 
Ⅲ - the scientific basis for the organization and management of marketing: 
A - the traditional form: 

B - the modern form: 
The aim of this structure is to connect individuals, resources and activities at the facility in the unified entity oriented to satisfy consumer needs while achieving an adequate return, which requires the presence of Director of Marketing at the top of the hierarchy so that it can participate in making key decisions and affect the policies and plans established . 
These forms in addition to the form of pro presented Kotler and according to the degree of control the marketing concept on both of them. 

Marketing company: 
Where this figure shows that the marketing department alone is the basic tool, and that all other functions are in marketing, and integrates with him and for his service employs. There are other factors that must be taken into account in the design of the organizational structure of the Department of Marketing: 

A - by type of item sold: where each commodity specialty interest in the case of multiple goods producer. 
B - according to the type of clients and customers process: 

C - by geographical regions: m. East, central, west, and south. 
D - according to Jobs: 
Marketing Management 

Marketing research department sales, transportation and freight sorting and packing adjustment services 

The second topic: the study of Goods 
Study looks goods marketing perspective two issues, the first relating to the classification of goods to groups involved in marketing their properties, and the second related to knowledge of the life cycle of the product, and the end of all this knowledge of the properties of each commodity and marketing as well as in every stage of their life cycle even managed to be taken into consideration in policy-making for the effective marketing of goods. 
Ⅰ - the classification of goods: 
Classified by the way they bought Item (who bought, how and where, the quantities purchased and the number of times the purchase and the factors that affect the choice), as well as the nature of the item. And generally can be classified to: 
Ⅰ -1 - FMCG: 
And are purchased by the final consumer to satisfy his needs, and are classified into three main categories: 
A - soft goods category: it is purchased by the consumer from the nearest shops quickly and without marketing or advance planning, and is divided into commodities module, which is characterized by a high rate of repeat purchase. 
B - category items marketing: it is which make consumer and time or effort in the comparison between the varieties available including by selected or purchased, and is characterized by high unit price and either follow them desire a private consumer considers to be of great importance. 
C - Goods class: It means when some new goods that need to be large promotional efforts to create a general request it, and when some are catering to the wishes of a limited number of consumers. 
Ⅰ -2 - industrial goods: 
Is purchased for use in the production of other goods and are divided into: 
A - goods that enter directly in the product such as raw materials and semi-finished materials. 
B - goods that do not fall directly into the final product and in turn are divided into two categories: 
B.1 - capital goods: it is that Thtlk in the production cycle is one كالآلات and equipment. 
B.2 - operational goods: such as fuel, oil and lubricants. 
Marketing characteristics of industrial goods: 
• motivated Rashadh purchase, where buyers take into account Kdrnha to reduce production costs reverse psychological considerations involved in determining the decision to buy consumer goods. 
• Direct Purchase: sold directly from the producer to the consumer. 
• weakness recurrence rate of purchase. 
• concentration and the concentration of the market, where stationed in industrial areas. 
• Swaps Almaamla, where you buy from the producer who buys them in turn. 
• derived demand, where the demand for them is subject to the demand for consumer goods that interfere with the production. 
• The possibility of lease, where it can be leased rather than sold. 
Ⅱ - Item life cycle: 
Each product's life cycle consists of specific phases with different market conditions and begin the life of any commodity from the time they are submitted to the market, but before that transition that require innovation studies include three steps: 

1 - the creation of new ideas, goods (found) where the R & D department. 
2 - Examination of goods possible (selected) 
3 - Evaluation of selected commodities through: 
3-1 - entrance to the break-even point: where the company is trying to determine the amount of sales that begin with them in achieving profits, Vtakhtar those that enable them to reach a point equivalent to the lowest amount of sales. 
3-2 - the entrance to the current value: and where the company calculates the total production cost item over all of their life cycle, as well as the expense of income from the sales of the entire session and choose the product that achieved the biggest difference. 
Ⅱ -1 - life stages Goods: 
A - the stage of submission: 
And is characterized by weak sales volume, lack of POS, sufficient product to provide a single model or a small number of models Item lack of clarity segments of the market at this stage, the focus in the campaign advertising the commodity character Induction any definition of the consumer by, pursuing one of the two policies Sareeten either policy of low price or the high price policy. 
B - the growth stage: 
And where consumers may be know on the item and increased spread in the market and are characterized by: 
- Improvements on the item in order to avoid the weaknesses discovered in the rendering stage. 
- The entry of new producers as well as Item production and thus increase competition. 
- Transition institution from induction publicity to publicity competitive. 
- The growth of the sales volume will be at increasing rates. 
- Find a new distribution outlets to occupy the largest part of the market. 
C - maturity: 
Starting from the time that it becomes a sales increase at a decreasing rate, and considered this is the longest stage in the life cycle of the product and are characterized by: 
- Increase the intensity of competition and market saturation (width> request) 
- The high cost of marketing and low prices to the nature of the reminder. 
- Often some institutions are trying to develop some aspects of the item to determine the life cycle. 

D - the stage of decline or extinction: 
Begins when the lawless sales growth rate and thus the sales volume tends to decrease significantly and continuously, and this phase are generally characterized by: 
- Reduce or cancel the promotion budget substantially to reverberate weakness in this stage. 
- Adopting a low price policy as a major means to reduce the severe decline in sales volume. 
- Withdrawal of the institution and POS markets with limited effectiveness to reduce marketing expenses. 


After we listed the various marketing concepts used and well used in the field of marketing, we can say that activity kinesthetic and creative and full of highly competitive, and is an important part of the daily life of every one of us whatever age and education and income, and his job, but not limited activity catalog workers in the enterprise marketing management, but everyone involved in these activities, they receive and practice it and deal with it. 
And we can say that we live in the era of marketing, it makes the economy, and the economy makes policy, and policy identifies features a picture of this era and its future.
 Following the announcement on the consumer 
Knows Edward Hrio of that culture is what remains of the man when he forgets everything [1]. Without a doubt, the picture is blessed with the ability to infiltrate and stay long in the memory, one of us has forgotten a book read twenty years ago, but it certainly will not forget the scene visually, or images, particularly those with a high dose of engorgement and surprising gravity. 

Has resulted in rich communication for a new language is understood by everyone, a language image Ntdolha to prepare for the moment rigid in نتبادلها time with others, or moving moment we are living together and affected Bahaaatha. It is through the picture, now we call the moment of our childhood, and moments of joy and sorrow in our lives and sharing, and because the image occupies the essence of the moment and make it permanent, we see it again and again. It is now we can across the image, documenting not only the past, and even present, فأضحت the witness's King and blogger world crashes, and even life that it Nksoha. The picture became a movement of our thoughts and our lives many ways, including goods that we consume and our lifestyles. 

In fact, that human knowledge generally woven from varying representations in the mass expressions and implications, and that the march of knowledge has always been associated with increased affluence imaginative and visual heritage along the history. Remember here the argument Aristotle: (thinking that is impossible without pictures), the picture has always been an inflammatory in concerns philosophical, and input inevitable to answer a question essence, which means the thing, as evidenced survival of things in the continuation and survival, and the remains of which are disclosed in (idea) as reflected what everything from sex [2]. 

In our time, has become is part of the marketing system of modern-controlled media, making it a picture endorsement mentally products sensual. Draw that picture was Square confrontation between competing companies, and therefore it is being used by larger competitors and the price of advertising in which the numbers fairy can not be paid, but major companies was this part of the imposition of their products to the consumer through such means ad inherent in human beings. There is now considerable kinds of images growing every day with the development of means of knowledge, including eye brings us closer to civilization, and purely technical terms, the global village, preached by Marshall McLuhan, is a picture industry. 

In this paper, we try to fathom the impact of television on consumers and their behavior, an issue that has become as important what must be his focus due to the large correlation incident among the public and among the largest television and media outlets have an impact on viewers 

I'm going to divide research into four chapters I take the following: 
In the first chapter, entitled advertising, which consolidate the concepts of the Declaration and its characteristics and functions and its various stages in an effort to get to know it and approach it makes complete the look with specific concepts and bring us closer to a scientific identification tool influencing consumer behavior 

In the second chapter titled television advertising as a means shed a light on the advantages and disadvantages of television advertising as a means 

In the third chapter, entitled the role of advertising in television marketing in which he addressed several points, namely, the factors that influence the choice of media advertising and choose the means of Ad and the relationship of other means of communication, public relations, sales promotion and sales promotion 

In the fourth and final chapter named consumer advertising and address the relationship between the consumer and advertising and consumer behavior, advertising and variables that affect consumer behavior and the relationship between consumer advertising and consumer behavior change 

- Research problem 
Affect advertising on the patterns of behavior of consumers, it provides them with information about various products, and is important to study this effect in identifying the desires of consumers of goods and services subject of advertising or choose the means appropriate ad to convey the message advertising and there are signs of interest in the activity advertising television in the Saudi environment represented by the the emergence of publications and companies and institutions, advertising and advertising agencies and media attention Arabia recently announced television, but the industrial enterprises of Saudi Arabia does not take advertising attention it receives advertising in the global environment and non-local, although the declaration helps in the process of transfer and sale of products between the factory and the consumer is larger and helps and supports the process and effectiveness of the marketing mix components in operational processes (marketing efforts). 

And organizations Saudi Arabia today are operating in a more competitive environment than ever before after it was operating in an environment less somehow in competitiveness due to cheap goods from East Asia, the quality is not good and at lower prices than domestic prices, has prompted this change some factories to do trying to work ads, but these attempts remain small, simple and sophisticated. 

And inexperience institutions, factories and Saudi companies in the Declaration of their campaigns did not appear well and did not have a major impact on the movement of goods because of their campaigns not based on a scientific basis and a sound approach. 

The Declaration fruitful require the provision of a database on the market and conduct research aimed related consumer behavior, but the, the high costs of this mission, plus advertising costs will be in vain if were not Item advertised more quality than other commodities its competitors and in the market with it, and may see institutions Arabia that Consumer Saudi more interested in products world so it does not turn interesting ads for local products and possibly the work of a study on consumer interest Saudi Arabia with such global products in the Saudi market and rival of alternative products Arabia need a larger study to understand the issue and determine the effects and nominally better. 

From the above it is clear that the research problem lies in the presence of a trace of television ads published in local broadcast channels and non-local effect on the purchasing behavior of the consumer Saudi local market. Interestingly, the topic is how the Saudi consumer response to the ads are not designed primarily for addressing therefore did not take into account local culture and environment for him or personal characteristics. 

The importance of research 
The importance of research stemmed from the following considerations: 
1 - I did not find only in search of the field and one in libraries Arabia looking at this issue, and this does not mean there is no other research may not know about anything, but Accordingly, this research is of particular importance because of the research of early first dealing with this subject in the market Saudi Arabia even though other research found they are rare or very few. 
2 - Find contribution may reach him by results in the development of a database kernel or enriching it in the case of other research on consumer behavior and influenced by television advertising 

Research objectives 
According to the formulation of a problem Search this exploratory in nature (Exploratory Research) will seek to achieve the following objectives: 
1 - stand on the Saudi consumer interest in television ads published in local non-broadcast channels. 
2 - Evaluation of the role of television ads in the local channels as an important source of information useful for goods from the consumer's point of view. 
3 - To determine the effect of the television Declaration of non-local broadcast channels in the Saudi consumer guide to making purchase decisions. 
Stand on the vulnerability of Saudi consumer television ads published in local non-broadcast channels according to personal characteristics. 

Find questions 
Search attempts to answer the following questions: 
- Is it really cares about the consumer Saudi television ads published in local search channels? 
- Is TV ads are actually an important source of information from the consumer's point of view? 
- To what extent the effect of non-local channels on the Saudi consumer 

- Previous studies: 
Searched for previous studies related to this topic did not find only a field study one specialized on the impact of advertising on consumer behavior in Saudi Arabia, but there are many studies of Arab and foreign, which addressed the issue of the impact of advertising on consumer behavior have varied in the way of discussion of the effects of advertising message, including: 
Study improve Mansour (200): The researcher in the study analyzed the relationship between advertising television and consumer behavior in the north of Jordan, and included in the study (440) citizen randomly selected, and data were collected by questionnaire The researcher reached in his study that the percentage of viewers ads Allevzewenih (84.1% ) of the study sample, whether permanently or occasionally, and there is a relationship between increased exposure to advertising and positive consumer behavior, in the sense that the higher the level of education of individuals increased belief that the role of advertising in increasing consumption. 

Study Abdul Aziz Abdul Sattar (2000): The researcher studying the effect of advertising Television International (globalized) on the social and cultural aspects of Saudi Arabia, were the objectives of this study on the cultural content of the Declaration International in three Arabic channels, and identify the nature of the flow of advertising the international market Saudi Arabia in terms of its objectives and its size in addition to measuring exposure if to announce the international phenomenon of concrete in the advertising media which exposed the Saudi citizen, and by more than ads Aloutnay (56%) compared to (44%), and television is the most important means of the International Declaration on more than just the promotion of certain products foreign, it is a new consumer patterns and different society. 

William and study Les - Changi Chang (2000): The purchasing behavior lesson for the Americans and the Chinese living in North America when they buy cars. This study focused on the cultural differences between Americans and Chinese in North America. The study included all of the Florida and Oklahoma and the Canadian province of Vancouver. I have been using the corresponding direct phone calls to collect data. The study found that both the Americans and the Chinese rely on their expertise in determining which brand they want to buy, and for the search for information before buying, shows the difference between the Americans and the Chinese, Chinese are not doing research and extensive information compared to the Americans, and the trends of the Chinese towards the declaration supportive and positive compared to the Americans, but both the Chinese and the Americans saw that television advertising and especially it an effective marketing tool. Overall, the study concluded that the similarities in consumer purchasing behavior between the Chinese and the Americans were clear. 

- Study Niraj Dawar (1997): This study carried out by Dawar (Professor of International Marketing) at the University of Ontario, Canada, and studied the impact of nationality and culture on marketing, and in studying the Dawar tested two assumptions opposing forces, Valvredah The first is the possibility of using the program catalog to attract the attention of the types of consumers in various around the world, while the second hypothesis is the culture of the country should be taken as a fundamental variable. The study included about 800 people from 39 different countries, the study found that skipping state borders do not necessarily followed by differences in consumer behavior, the borders of the state may be irrelevant to many of the marketing decisions. It is also in all the sample, regardless of the culture of the country, the brand was the strongest influence on purchasing decisions, followed by the price and the physical appearance and reputation of the seller, and presented the study data clearly that individual differences have an effect much stronger on the consumer behavior of cultural influences. 

- Methodology used in the research: 
Include the following: field study: 
سأهتم in this study the practical side and through the collection of data through questionnaires dedicated to the study on a selected sample of consumers and the means used by me (I'm a student) in this study is the questionnaire 

The theoretical study: 
This study aimed to cover the theoretical framework on the subject of research and study related to these concepts through what has been written about marketing and the impact of the advertising. 

The limits and scope of the search: 
1 - limited sample of the research on consumers in the city of Dammam 
2 - confined limits of search products and consumer goods quick turnover easily accessible, as the private goods may not be much affected by the announcement, especially television and a private Local him, and it relies such goods in the process turn-around and sell them on the efforts of personal and intensify sales and presence of goods markets and availability 
3 - the search was limited to television advertising for several reasons: 
- Featuring television advertising potential picture and sound and influence more viewers and consumers, and this effect may extend its influence search becomes a competitor for television which almost is more advertising means influential consumers, and the TV is not subject to those ads constraints faced by the advertising media such as newspapers and magazines 
- Has advertising by television View high for viewers to television stations rate ranging between 53% to 63% and the hours seen in Saudi society is very high. 

Society and the research sample: 
Due to the limited possibilities and lack of time required for such research work in depth and the level of the largest and most in Saudi society, the research has been limited to persons aged 19 years and over in Dammam, and the quality of ads, a consumer product announcements quick turnover easily accessible. 

Sample size: 
The estimated population of Dammam by one million people, according to 2007 Census and the growth rate is 3.6, and I'm going to using proportional stratified sample propionate stratified sampling and based on Chrijesse schedule & Morgan, as the size of a single sample 400. 

Chapter I: Research Methodology 

We used in research methodology and theoretical approach the field, but for the curriculum theory has cared framework theoretical-General of the search has been defined declaration by a large number of writers and institutions and carried those definitions different dimensions, and will be in this part exposure to definitions only serve to put research topic. 

Knew Kotler Philip Kotler Phili the announcement that the appearance of any personal contact is, to display and promote ideas, goods, or services by the well known and at his expense. Jones is known ad John Philip the Jones John Philip fruitful Ad fruitful as he sees the consumer before making the purchase of a brand and affect the process on the consumer's choice for that mark. 

The effects of mind caused by advertising on consumer behavior in nature are cumulative, which helps to enhance the readiness to act, and directing the behavior of consumers towards adopting and buy the product or service advertised, it is very important to know the stages through which the consumer before making a purchase decision, because it reflects the stages mental readiness to accept the advertising message, and an alert and a tendency to buy the product or service advertised or not. 

Efforts have been made great QB researchers to learn and to clarify the way by which the process of showing the consumer to the content of marketing communications, and the model is Strong (strong) of the most important models showing response Consumer Marketing Communications, and suggests this form that the adoption of a consumer to buy and convince him through advertising or personal selling through four stages, namely: attention, interest, desire, and action. 
The message ad affecting must attract consumer attention and raised, and arise in which the desire for the acquisition of goods or services advertised, and then urging him to making a purchase, the consumer usually passes stages of behavior before, during and after your purchase decision, a so-called stages of the purchase or procurement process (Buying process) (Kotler & Armstrong, 2002) and these phases are: feeling the need, and the search for information, and the behavior of trade-offs, and the purchase decision, feeling that after the purchase. 

And announced a key role in guiding the purchasing behavior as the purchasing behavior is the primary goal of advertising, marketing communications, advertising is a mix elements advertising catalog (MCM), and shows the influence of advertising in every stage of the purchasing and procurement processes mentioned earlier, Declaration works in the first phase on raising needs, where you can declare that pays consumers to think about buying products did not think the consumer to buy before, in the second stage provides advertising information about the product, and in the third phase the declaration to identify the characteristics of products that enable known by the consumer was not a phenomenon For him, that he can not recognizing senses naked direct, can also announced in the fourth and final phase influence the buying decision of the consumers (the initiator, and the influential and the buyer, and the user) which represents an indirect impact on the consumer at the stage of making a purchase. 

In the fifth phase thereby acting Declaration television to alleviate the feeling alienated between the consumer and the product that he bought the so-called cognitive dissonance, in case it occurs in order to feel the client or consumer satisfaction with the products and the purchase decision, if the ad showing other properties are not visible or sensible for the consumer, or give the product a moral value supported by the decision of purchase, all generations declaration here is the alleviation of feeling on the same consumer and often resorted announcement to highlight the negative qualities of alternative products and his competition in the market and focus on the positive qualities of the products that the consumer purchased without showing the mark commercial products that attacked the competition. 

And practical framework, we have used statistical analysis of data the study field, and is considered the Declaration one of the areas of applied major marketing research, and requires impact assessment advertising full knowledge of the effects and the results be advertised able to 'Haddatha consumers are standards related to exposure to Advertising recognize advertising and communication advertising is the most standards closely Research the advertising impact on their purchasing behavior. This research is based on an evaluation of consumers Onsfhm the impact of advertising television on their behavior SPV, and despite the fact that this method of measuring the impact of advertising can be a nature cumulative unless it meets Bgdhar research, because it is not interested in assessing ad campaign certain (Labour 1997). Standards and does not rely on the amount of advertising impact is generated by advertising sales, but also extend to what could be caused by the announcement of communication and persuasive raised to the consumer, and it is assumed that in the end lead to co-opt and direct purchasing behavior. The current research is based in assessing the impact of advertising on the following standards: 
- Awareness of the scale. And measures the degree of individual attention to advertise and focus on the ideas presented in the advertising message. 
- The knowledge scale. And measuring the ability of advertising to provide consumers with the necessary information about goods. 
- A measure of attention. And measures the level of consumer interest enshrined in the content of the advertising message, which reflects the extent of the consumer to understand and absorb the Declaration. 
- The desire to scale. It can identify the behavior expected from the consumer side in the direction of his purchase 
- Scale act (behavior). The behavioral response measures clear that has استمالتها from before the announcement. These standards give the combined impact of advertising on consumer purchasing behavior and in every stage of the response of the advertising material. 
The questionnaire has been adopted as a tool to collect research data, a tool used in most of the research announcement. Has passed the form of a questionnaire designed in several stages, until it reached its final form that was used in the field study. 
The process of tabulation and analysis of the data obtained from questionnaires suitable for analysis by converting the metadata to the quantitative data, and it encodes the answers and unloaded manually in the tables you have set up for this, and then entered into a computer program package Statistical Social Sciences (SPSS) and use them Several statistical methods such as frequencies, percentages and averages calculations to make sure there are some relationships and determine the type and severity, if any, between some of the variables. 
Chapter II: Declaration 
- The first topic: the definition of advertising, its characteristics and functions, objectives and scope 
The term declaration could hold key stakeholders. The first meaning of the Declaration includes the meaning concept broadband advertising (which is the overall concept of the ad)., A so-called declaration macro (macro advertising) and refers here to the industry ad entire sector or advertising entire The second meaning contains a declaration as a function of the job or activity of marketing activities any origin. It is in this sense means the means and information to members of the community through the means of communication (which is advertising its partial) sense. 
There are several definitions of the announcement are offering some of which are as follows: 1 - Advertising is the art of definition: According to this definition is determined by the primary purpose of the Declaration in the definition of what is advertised about using art in the practice of advertising design, and other output. 
2 - advertising is persuasive means of communication directed to a large audience and this definition focuses on the main purpose of the Declaration is to convince the public, including to be announced also that advertising is not used to connect to a specific number of individuals but large numbers of which are difficult to contact them personally. 
3 - advertising is the means used to deliver the message realizable. Mention this definition the sales function of the announcement, which represents one Hqiha addition to personal selling, which represents the other side. 
4 - Advertising is a way to connect the mass information for the purpose during the buyers of the commodity advertised and thus maximize profits. 
It is clear from this definition as follows: - 
1 - The declaration is a means of communication with the public. 
2 - The purpose of advertising is to convince the public. 
3 - The ultimate goal of the exercise is to achieve the objectives of the Declaration of the Organization .5 - as well as the announcement was defined as the process of communication aimed at influencing from the seller to the buyer on a personal basis, where disclose the advertiser about his character or which is contacted 
4 - and public means of communication. 
This definition focuses on: - 
1 - that advertising is a means non-personal communication .2 - that the goal of advertising does not shorten the definition but also to persuasion and influence the advertiser to them and urge them to buy the advertised product .6 - The Committee on the definitions of the American Marketing Association knew declaration that (effort is personal which pays them for ideas, goods or services and promoted by a particular person). 
2 - The Declaration also knew also that various aspects of the activity that leads to tighten or broadcast advertising messages or audio-visual to the public for the purpose of urging him to purchase goods or services or the acceptance of good ideas about people and facilities as advertised. 
4 - I have known the British Association for the announcement as a means for the definition of a commodity or service for the purpose of sale or purchase. 
5 - The Society presented practitioners announcement of the British Association for the advertising agencies definition of another, namely: "Advertising is the message realizable most convincing or targeted to the client most likely either the product or service at a cost of at least." 6 - and through all tariffs previous exposure declaration, we here know Declaration of researchers view as follows: - 
That advertising is a way for the definition of a commodity or service for the purpose of selling or purchasing or idea or opinion for the purpose of gaining acceptance and support for the product or service to be marketed. - Properties Announcement: - 
Evidenced by the display the previous tariff main characteristics of the Declaration and which are as follows: - 
1 - The Declaration and the way non-personal communication audiences large and not a particular individual as it is in personal selling when you use the salesmen in the promotion of the product 2 - The declaration may be for a good or service or idea or origin or a specific person .3 - that the purpose of the Declaration is the definition of declared him بالشئ Multi advertising and attract his attention and persuade him to do and try to influence the trends toward him and then his behavior resulting from this trend. 
3 - Declaration contains the advertiser pay for executing hand to declare any paid it. 
4 - The stated figure should appear in the ad. - The objectives of the Declaration: - 
Since the modern concept of marketing focused on achieving satisfy consumer desires and satisfaction rather than on making a profit, the access to the policy of ad sound and clear more than just the desire to maximize profit or maximize sales. Were being achieved profit-maximizing sales less with the economies of the best in the market wide vehicle may increase the total sales for the total producers in the time which the organization aims to maintain its market share. The increasing market share of the organization to the degree you earn a monopolistic situation and ad here take another goal is to maintain the purchasing habits of consumers. 
From the above it appears that we have four objectives of the Declaration: -1 - the goal of maximizing sales. 
2 - the goal of profit maximization. 
3 - the goal of maintaining the health market, both for the purpose of maintaining the volume of production in the organization at its appropriate level or maintain market share or prevent the entry of new competitors. 
4 - the goal of opening new markets both sell to new segments in the market or to enter into new productive areas or for export. 
- Jobs advertising: - 
- Most writers agree that the Declaration and specific functions are as follows: -1 - attract the attention of the recipient. 
2 - aroused the attention of the recipient. 
3 - the creation or development of the desire of the receiver towards local Item advertised 4 - to persuade the recipient to buy the advertised item or service or accept the ideas contained in the Declaration. 
5 - instruct the recipient to a place that he can buy Item him, service Astenda, or direct to the Gathering of certain actions. 
There are other cases used the Declaration to achieve other purposes, such as: 1 - that the declaration part of a campaign of public relations aimed at developing better information about the organization and its activities and achieve greater acceptance in society .2 - be advertising in order to disseminate information, for example, if the government was in the process of issuing new legislation or to take certain actions aimed at informing citizens. 

And types of advertising will be explained in detail as follows: - 
1 - Geographical scope: advertising and divided according to geographical scope covered by the advertising message to a regional Declaration and national and international declaration. 
Regional Declaration: - that covers a limited geographical area or part of the city depends on the use of local advertisements. 
International Declaration: - Is that covers more than one country and used in the export and direct to consumers in different countries and depends on the means sought declarations different in these countries. Declaration National: - that covers the state as a whole depends on the use of public means for the dissemination of advertising such as newspapers and national radio stations and TV channels which covers the international sent as a whole. 
2 - Type directed his public declaration 
Divided declaration according to the type of audience directed his declaration to declare a consumer particular consumer and a special declaration by the buyer of industrial and special declaration brokers. - Advertising consumer: - is advertised to the final consumer for particular good or service for tariff characteristics and advantages and urged him to buy and use. - A special declaration buyer industrial: - a declaration addressed to industrial buyers to find information about products and policies of the organization and urged them to act in a certain way. 
- A declaration of mediators: - a declaration addressed to the middlemen or distributors or agents to communicate information about the products and the organization's policies and urged them to deal in products of the organization. 
3 - motives that declaration aims to raise: - divided Declaration by motives to a special announcement to raise the initial motives and a special declaration to raise motivation secondary and special declaration raise motives handle. - Declaration of the primary motivations: - is aimed at urging consumers to purchase and use of a particular product apart from different brands before him. - Announcement motives secondary: - is aimed at urging consumers to buy a particular brand without the other. 
- A declaration of fomenting motivated deal: - Is that aims to publicize the organization and the formation of positive trends towards it, prompting others to deal with and loyalty to her and their products. 4 goal of advertising: advertising and divided according to target him to declare an educational and heuristic Declaration and competitive and Reminder. 
- Advertising Tutorial: - that aims to define the final consumer or buyer industrial product and its properties and methods of use, maintenance and areas of use. - Advertising Guidelines: - Is that aims to define the final consumer or buyer industrial places that sold the commodity and selling prices. - Advertising competitive: - that aims to highlight the characteristics Item for goods competition induce final consumer or buyer of the industrial preference for other goods and to prefer dealing with a shop given without stores competition. - Advertising reminder: - is designed to remind the final consumer or buyer industrial commodity characteristics and advantages competition for goods and places of sale and methods of use .... etc.. 
The different methods used in advertising to ads means print and advertising means broadcast ads visual aids and audio. Ads print, are those that are published in newspapers / magazines / banners and posters / catalogs and brochures / advertisements mailed. Ads means audio-represented in ads radio / advertising vehicles using loudspeakers. 
Ads visual aids and audio-represented in TV commercials / ads film / video ads.

- The second topic: the early stages of the product advertising 
Passing the product, whether goods or service through three stages Billboards featuring each with specific properties and associated life cycle or marketing stages through which this product has identified this ad stages are as follows: - 
1 - stage Alarataad of any stage of the product to enter the market for the first time and the goal of advertising is concentrated in creating demand for the product, by emphasizing what can Ichbah of the needs of the consumers. 
2 - stage of the competition a stage at which it enters the product competition marketing with a group of similar products competition, which achieve the same gratification and concentrated target advertising in focus and emphasis on the aspects of excellence and monopoly in the product compared to other 3 - stage to recall and retain the goodwill and prestige marketing reached by Product a phase up to the product after it achieves a passing grade marginal in terms of knowledge of consumers it and demand it aims announcement at this stage to keep the prestige competitiveness and fame achieved by the product and increase its share of the market. There are several things must be taken into account, namely: - 
A - no limits comma between each other stage because they interfere with each other in the field of scientific application. 
B - it is possible to go through some phases products at the same time which is controlled by the degree to which consumers perceived the product and its benefits and how إشباعه to their needs and competitive strength in the market. 
C - does not mean access to the stage to recall the end of advertising efforts but also pave the way for the start of a new role for the same stages of the project in order to increase the share of the market. - The third topic: the advantages and disadvantages of television advertising 
There is no doubt, be a source of strength is lies in the fact that a text visible open on languages ​​as a whole, and it is rich as far as allowing readings multiple .. The occupation's energy visual paved the way to penetrate the imagination year, and thus busy mental, down to the dominance of المخبوء awareness, ie crossing the message المندسة in 's to the subconscious box, including making the picture a secret mission beyond sight to insight .. Vanhlal limits is referred to pump knowledge overcrowded package semantics, and gestures, and expressions that do not belong to a mere dimension of aesthetic ones, there is a message that is not visible leaks outside the official boundaries of the image, contribute to having a constellation conceptual reflected on the overall المناشط cultural and cognitive responsibility for making awareness. Semantic Valmkhozon of the image makes it a high-impact communication tool emotional and cognitive development, but to refer it to broker an extended talk show, updated abundant in meanings and connotations and a heavy presence in the cultural landscape and everyday knowledge. 

Image, and unlike other means of cultural communication, dropped the age factor, they are to understand and read albeit at varying levels, from all age groups, child or young or manhood, it affects them all to varying degrees. There is no doubt that the image of Mohammed al-Dura, a martyr falls in the lap of his father, the letter was understood by all age levels, and was enough to change the course of the Palestinian struggle, and the bombing of public outrage across the Arab and Islamic .. And the image of the barge which explode Israeli missile from the Lebanese resistance near the shores of Beirut could alter the course of the war, and the psychological situation in the Arab street. And the image of the Qana massacre was enough to cause cracking in the international alliance with the Jewish state in its aggression against Lebanon in July August 2006. The same is measured on the products and its image among consumers. 

Predictor of the foregoing that's become persuasive power activist, have been strengthened, to a greater extent, to be associated with sound for a meal incomplete information elements. Valtguenih did not make the modern image omnipresent, but also turned the concepts, it has become anyone could live in the shadow of the communication revolution that يغنم batches of images with related art forms and cultural complex and expressive. Long been replaced by the routine for drawing and coloring the triumph of the camera that has captured, for example, the representation of fashion completely. And serial novel, which was originally dying in the interwar period lose their place in the era of television series that displays on the screen. And film resolution, which allowed the field is much greater for individual creative talent after the collapse of the production of the studio system in Hollywood, with the cinema audience directed towards houses to watch TV and video then ... [3] 
No doubt, and fairer to say, that's helped to facilitate the absorption of students for complex scientific theories, and that the presence of the image in applied and theoretical sciences, medical and engineering and even the humanities helped make scientific material easy to digest mentally. Has occupied an important place in the curriculum of school education, at the expense of the written text space, which is dependent on the aid provided is complete and function of education. Analyzes Eric Hobsbawm so as text (it is read books for serious, except professional purposes, educational or purposes other similar, they were very few. Though the educational revolution has increased the numbers in absolute terms, the readability fell in States with comprehensive education theory, where the printing stopped to be the main gateway to the world beyond the contact between the mouth and ear. In the wake of the fifties is no longer even children educated classes in the rich world of the West accept voluntarily to read as their fathers had done) [4]. 
Enjoy TV advertising as a way to combine sound and picture together, which increases the chances of attracting the attention of viewers to advertise and find some kind of direct contact between them and the advertiser and increase the likelihood influenced by advertising. It also has advertising as a means to spread as the TV is available in most households which represents the way the fans and then the possibility of their largest possible audience for the ad. The other advantage that as multiple advertising which means television programs to suit different interests of the masses more than a chance to see the masses of the TV and then the possibility of direct advertising message to the target audience when radio program that attracts attention. 
It also has the advantage as advertising that has the ability to attract the attention of viewers, because the vast majority of viewers find joy in watching TV and pay attention to the displays. 
And maligned on the use of television advertising as a means: 
By image, it is possible to use all the senses (smell, hearing, sight and touch) .. It's dropped the neutral role of the recipient, and hoped it another task to become interactive, it no longer is a recording of the moment visible somewhere, exceeding its technical function and entered in the drafting process of mind and the game of truth and falsity. The picture and are able to highlight the product, but also valid for use in order to hide many facts, while practiced really Ddia. As long as the most important part of the picture is delivered, they, Western كمنجز because of advanced technology and long experience, intervention in the game, stereotyping and profiling modeling in its media, political, cultural and economic development. If the bet on the systems of economic transformation without انكسارها under a barrage images flowing and the media in general, namely, any of those systems that provide us with immunity vulnerability of harmful products harmful, about the human sources of nature's most useful to him, the concerns of recent focus either on strengthening those of economic or Tvskhiha systems, given the sources and producers and affiliations, including making advertising acceptable or outcast. 

To visualize the misleading nature of the image, ritual remember what Edward Said calls (religions TV), but from a different angle, where the image intervene during the presidential campaigns in guiding public awareness of, verbal complicity of the U.S. presidential contenders. In the corresponding Kennedy and Nixon in the 1960 presidential election, which was won by Kennedy because before you place your make-up cameras during the meeting, appeared to viewers in the form of a decent, while rejecting Nixon, traditional, such as those new fads, seemed pale [5]. 

Bourdais argues in his book (the war's) brilliantly employment overheating of the image in order to sell products, where spin raging war between the contestants has the ability to impose the reality that he wants and deprive the opponent of participation or alter this fact, the default necessarily. No wonder, then, when the starting sources is a central goal in the agenda of the wars between competing companies. The belief that the control of the image is the first step to resolve the battle between the companies. 

These examples demonstrate that there is actively seeking to prevent really able to do image editing from the families of her captors, and that the war's dropped the principle of neutrality. This does not mean, necessarily, that the essential feature of neutrality image, things Vtgerad disrupts the possibility of interpretation and understanding. We recognize, ipso facto, that linked picture بالمقدس the manufactured Mkhiala Mendgma in the Bible. Has been associated with the products when presented also to the products of Christian, Muslim or other, boosting its position to the viewer. 

The argument Let's talk, express themselves, replace the words the words of a particular kind, in order to transform the viewer to مستنطق of the image, a participant in the dialogue silent delegate image viewed by the task expressed with words, has become an old argument and utopianism, the picture is heavily involved in guiding ideas to be delivered via the direct sensory relationship. 
Can claim, that the images flowing, uninterrupted, practiced another kind of dictatorship, where there is an opportunity for the recipient to think independently outside the area of ​​validity of the picture, including construed to deny the fact, and stay in his place. Has launched a French thinker Jean Baudrillard on the Second Gulf War (19,901,991) as a television, while مانول considered كاستي that what the public witnessed in that war is the imagined reality imposed by communication technology, where it mixes fact with reality factory Soria, from stage setting up to the military review television. 
The picture has become midwife to help viewers that يلدوا of their own thoughts, matched with vision الثاوية in the picture. 

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