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Steps art home decor

 Steps art home decor


Decorative aware of the rules and the underlying assets, and there are some basics that must know to reach for the best home decor 

The importance of the color wheel and how to deal with them to search for consistent colors 

Interest in color is a healthy phenomenon, and the person who loves and follows coordinating colors in his home and office and practical surroundings or of life in general, is undoubtedly a man carries a lot of interest, culture and organization. 

And attention to color a natural reflection of the high culture manifested in the interest of taste that reflect the nature of the human psyche. 
A lot of people deal dealing with colors, but some of them deal with the impression myself without experience in reading or knowledge Bmaheh the colors and psychological implications. Some of them do not realize what are the basic colors or secondary colors, or contrasting colors thus proving counter or what colors are integrated and solidarity, and so on. 
We wish to devote one of us is part short of his time to know what colors and their meanings psychological help him on the choice of colors and matching the other colors and what are the colors that should not interfere with each other because they are, as they say will be نشازا, this metaphor indicates that the two colors is complementary or not Akunan and a single unit. There are two main lines to search for color degrees or more capable of full harmony with our tastes: 
Mixed colors: 
This choice requires boldness and courage of color, including: 

1 - complementary colors: choose two colors opposite sides in a circle colors كالأخضر and red, and other colors can be added to these two colors Using مزجهما a different proportions. 

2 - colors complement Mnctrh: Here, we choose a color as a basis for the draft and then the two colors adjacent to the complementary color, for example, choose the color red Kosasa colors adjacent to the complementary color (green) 

3 - harmony trio: a very bold style color requires courage more than before, which do draw an equilateral triangle inside the circle to indicate the corners on the project, such as colors (green, orange and violet). 
Hierarchical colors (gradient): 
But this path does not require color boldness and courage, as can be dealt with in all parts of the tabernacle, and commensurate with all age groups and mood, including: 
1 - adjacent colors: here we start by choosing one color as a basis for the draft and then the two colors adjacent him bluish كالأخضر and bluish violet base if our choice is blue and this method gives pleasant vacuum chromatically one 
2 - unilateral Color: The project is based on one color and graded colors derived close to him, and that its interaction when you mix the colors neutral (white, gray, black) with him. 

Important notes: 
A - can deal with the first section options (different colors) when you do not have the courage to deal with the original colors of the department and by increasing the evacuation project colors, add white until it reaches the level colorimetric courage. 
B - is advisable to have a dominant colors of the project on the void spaces especially the most obvious colors. 
C - the when improve sluggishly colors of the pyramid in the path of the colors you can add a complementary color inside the vacuum, but by a few so as to activate the vacuum colors. 
Unity and proportionality 
For a successful interior design must employ certain concepts, including: 
According to the definition of "unity" in the design, it means that all parts of the room (design, furniture, outline color and pattern in the tissue and cover the walls) are formatted to make impact تناغمي fun aesthetically pleasing, works effectively and is consistent comfortably with the rest of the house, objects varied in the Room should look like in one house together. 

For "unity" does not mean that all the colors and pattern will be similar or strongly consistent, or that all pieces of furniture should be of the same time or Model, but means that the public holds the vacuum sense of continuity. 
For example: the rooms that need to come together visually need to "unity", some common points that carry the eye smoothly from one area to another area, the walls can be coated in the same color and floors can be a taxi in the same kind of material, and the windows can be covers the same treatment. 
Scale and proportionality: 
In the world of design and scale proportionality Mtaleghan of each other strongly. 
Generally measure is an indication of the size of objects, especially if they are related to each other or to persons or emptiness that is occupied. 
The proportionality is an expression of a comparison between the relationship of part or parts with a total 
(((Balance))) 1 
Symmetrical balance: 

It is very easy, but it does not inspire imagination and innovation. And it is the balance that makes the space is divided into two equal parts, completely identical and there was an error and placebo passes to give this impression. This type of design double-edged sword because it either gives a result attractive and comfortable or as a result be a comfortable place for a period of time very simple and quickly feel the user of this place bored for lack of what is breaking the routine order of furnishings or paintings or other units used. 
2 - asymmetric balance: 
The so-called balance of active and features that it allows the use of pieces of different sizes and weights in the room one, as it suggests widening, and is the balance attractive because it works to create a balance in the place without monotony or boredom, this kind of equilibrium depends primarily on weight visual piece. And the visual weight of the piece depends on several factors: the color, texture, size, material made from them. 
And often in color balance ... When you use a strong warm color (red, orange, yellow) balanced with small amounts use a cool color (blue, green, purple) in large quantity. 
And affect the quality and texture widget on how to put in place Valqta with a smooth surface has a weight optical less than the pieces with rough surface, the type of material used is one of the fundamental factors Vmoad transparent as glass weighing optical very few when compared to wood, for example, and raw materials such as silk and satin weighing Optical less than wool, linen and place a large chair and satin wood balanced visually with a sleek glass table. 
3 - irradiated balance: 
At least widely used, this depends on the type Arrange the pieces on one point it is possible to be this point just an imaginary center and this is what we see a lot in the wide doorways and put chairs around the dining table round. 
The balance in the design makes the place more attractive if we go back بذاكرتنا back and tried to retrieve the number of times we entered them to homes or public places did not feel the relieved we did not find a sense of an answer or explanation Most probably, the reason is the lack of balance in the place and how many people arrange the pieces at home without resorting to automatically design planning before and this shows that the tendency to search for types of balance is a part of human nature, because feeling comfortable requires a sense of visual balance. 
((((Color wheel))) 
Most of us already know the wheel (wheel) colors during the phases of the study to check their كالأصفر colors, green and red, etc. 
But usually does not suit us that pure colors in our homes, but we prefer what we see in magazines and markets of gradient colors and mixed with some of the most elegant, so some believe that the Department of colors are useless when the application and they just study 

Theory of colors: 
But in fact this belief is wrong because the color wheel of the most important means and influence in the world of decoration if he knew how to use it, the fact that the colors associated with the natural way and thoughtful at the same time and associated with some great, some of the knowledge and patience, you can use colors elegantly and wonderful work of blending them and applied in places were not satisfied with her day previous to change its image completely. 
It is important to simplify the color wheel to understand them well, at the wheel 12 colors color and you can see every color in the form of light, medium and dark means that the total color nuances 36 color but at first glance appears to us the 12 color and in their pure state only, and to get to know this colors and types and how they formed and accumulated must identify the divisions: 
1 - primary colors: are red, yellow, blue 

Is the foundation, which consists of all the other colors by mixing them or some of them at different rates. 
2 - secondary colors: the orange, green and violet 
And its mediating the distance between the primary colors on the color wheel, and consists of blending primary colors 

Yellow + red = orange 
Blue + yellow = green 
Red + Blue = Purple (Purple) 
3 - moderation colors: and is the result of a combination of a primary color and adjacent secondary color in the color wheel. 
Red (initial) + Purple (secondary) = reddish purple 

There are 6 intermediate colors in the color wheel, namely: 
Greenish-yellow, greenish-blue, bluish violet, reddish purple, orange, reddish, yellowish-orange 
May wonder and ask yourself such as brown color from where you are? 
Often consists of degrees of dark brown and high intensity colors warm reddish Kalprtqala the yellowish-orange. 
Primary colors, secondary, and moderation in its pure form are clear-cut and is the source of all colors and مزيجها that we see every day (more colors that we find also consists of one or more neutral colors black, white and gray non-existent in the color wheel) 
For example, we find that orange pure is the source of some of the colors located around Kalkhuch and gourd and turmeric, and in this way and is the link between the colors you want to use with the colors in the wheel have stepped the first step in the use of the color wheel in the development of the color palette of your own . 

Definition and design أساسياته 

The design is the configuration process and innovation, any collection of elements of the environment and put them in a particular configuration to give him something function or meaning and some differentiate between configuration and design configuration that is part of the design process because the design intervene when human thought and personal experiences. 

The definition of interior design: 

- Is to create a place to do their jobs with minimal effort and this includes floors, walls, ceilings and fixtures, and knew that he (the art or vacuum processing space and all its dimensions in a way take advantage of all the elements of aesthetic design will help to work inside the building). 

- It is a planning and innovation based on certain architectural data and the output of this planning into existence and then implemented in all places and spaces Whatever the purpose and nature of use by using different materials and colors appropriate at the appropriate cost. 

- Is to address the development of appropriate solutions for specific enough difficulties in the field of movement in space and ease of use of what it consists of furniture and equipment and make this space comfortable and quiet and unique in all conditions and standards and methods of aesthetic pleasure and joy. 

- Is a broad perception and awareness of the infinite for all things architectural details and a private internal and raw materials and what they are and how to use a knowledge of exclusive furniture and assay distribution in the inner emptiness by purpose and color and how to use them and selected in place, as well as matters of coordination that are required such as lighting, distribution and flowers, coordination and بالإكسسوارات multiple other for vacuum According to the job. 

Chromatography system 

Although there is no specific combination to use with each color in a certain way, but over the years some of the basic colorimetric systems have evolved. 
Basic color systems: 
1 - the monochromatic (single color) 
This type is the simplest types of color systems in terms of understanding and it depends on the different degrees of the same color. However, if the interest Palmlms and engraving, generally monochromatic system may be needed to make it more dynamic by adding degrees of bright color belongs to another part of the color wheel. 

- The interconnected system (views / opp) 
System interconnected chromatography uses colors close to each other or adjacent on the color wheel: 
Red - the color of the flame - and orange 
Blue - greenish-blue - and green 
Lime (yellow-green) - Yellow - Mandarin (yellowish orange) 
And systems are tactful and many details. 
3 - disparate or contradictory system 
Disparate systems colorimetric confuse colors opposite on the color wheel: 
Red + green or blue 
Yellow + blue or purple (purple) 
And these systems have a significant impact chromaticity and you should pay attention to maintaining the balance with the observation that the spaces equal to the contrasting colors contradict each other rather than enhance the impact of each other. 

White Syed colors at home 

White, the color that symbolizes purity and purity, chastity and cleanliness and clarity, which is the dominant color or rampant in everything related to human life, Most houses dominated by white, men and some women's clothing predominantly white color, as well as children's clothing. Favorite cars of all kinds, including what will be painted white, and a lot of home furnishings predominantly white color along with kitchenware and bedrooms 

White and more comfortable for the same colors, not evidenced by its adoption as the primary color with regard to patients such as colors of the walls of hospitals and Clothing doctors and nurses and bed linen and clothes and curtains patients rooms and medical devices. 
The white color inside the house it will be overwhelming - like it or not - because it is the common factor between the colors in furniture, clothing and spare utensils used in cooking and dining room. 
Hence, the white color is used in every home, but how it can be employed white color in some locations, and what are the colors that can be taken into account when selected in line with the nature of the color white. 
In the reception room guests and the general councils should preferably be painted white walls, interferes with the 'green light', while furniture are the selection board or sofas of Dingle white color or restaurant with some faint light colors (red - blue - green ...). 
The curtain walls are selected from the genus fabric sofas or the Council itself but Bchger or a slightly different design, white or black restaurant بالذهبي or (vaccinated accurate). 
In the dining room should preferably be the walls and ceiling of white restaurant with some Alcadrihat with inscriptions gypsum light, and are dropped illumination light it to show signs of engraving gypsum remarkably, while the dining room dining chairs, it is nice to have a white restaurant lines golden or black or brown, canvas curtains of light satin white with المزدان some small flowers or footnotes ornate pastel colors. 

Make the color of your home poems 

Special colors her secret radioactive and its impact in the self often said that the red color proof of love and yellow means intelligence, jealousy, calm and serenity white and ... and ... 
In the world of design, colors were used to suggest appropriate in interior decoration .. Everyone inclinations for certain color often find yourself and you Choose your clothes Tttaghin for repeat color exists in abundance in your wardrobe .. 

Linking Looney accuracy choose: Easy omission Joomla suitable for colors being attractive and beautiful but they need to accuracy and skill in composition and selection, فالألوان President: - red, blue, yellow, green, white, black, and which derive thousands of colors ... I do not Theloma yourself Dear ترددك sometimes when do you choose the color of the walls in your home the process is not easy and you need to accuracy and consistency in connectivity solutions, but always found a little thought and deliberation 

Spotlight on Colors: put your clean lines to coordinate chromatography, possessed the courage and let your choice decisive and clear when Tko n room is small size you choose light colors because they suggest a wide space and furnishings impact on the level of size, multiplicity of colors in the room pressing the place if you choose light colors and similar with some Pacific-colored accessories. 

Colors for the treatment of depression: 
Europeans houses has been designed in terms of colors and furnishings for the treatment of owners of psychiatric cases have suffered a lot. 
A model has been designed for the treatment of depression {disease, which is called disease of modern times} I use pink presence frank and increased tire with white الملوح syphilis to focus on a color basis, and the ceiling has color tire itself to achieve a sense of spacious The floor structure is made of natural wood suggest Stability and stability. The barrier green and yellow table the important role of a sense of joy them an alternative to flowers in this space. Has been the link between color spaces hand-woven carpet the same color degrees. Some may wonder about the need to red color on the chair and the other black planned within this ABG. In fact, the color of the contradictions role in the induction of psychological feelings and target them here not feel bored and desire to live and work actively appetite. 

Did you try to use pastel tones 

Frequented many people in choosing colors bedrooms (linens, curtains and wall accessories and furniture in general), and most people settle on white or diabetes ... Because it is a beautiful color and a symbol of clarity and purity and cleanliness ... 
And those who want to change the white and feared risk change for fear of falling into inappropriate colors .... 
Suggest it pastel tones of different colors, whether I use each color alone or mix two colors or more .. 

The beauty of the place not Balgali or precious and but spaces taste and wonderful artistic touches that designed and decorated harmonically colors between the walls and the contents of the furniture and decorations are different ....
What is more beautiful than to come back from the rigors of working days to the house where art and beauty that relaxes yourself from the design and color and decor released Osarerk and calms your nerves, which positively affect your behavior with your family and with others to come back the next day to your business each activity and vital ...... 

The Department of pastel colors are the same circle but in varying colors very light colors ie it is treated exactly the same way when choosing harmonious colors. 
It colors like colors of nature, we find that it colors the sky and the sun at dawn and sunset colors and arc compassion and colors of many plants, fruits and flowers as well as the colors of butterflies and birds .... So give a sense of relaxation and calm and relaxed and like you are in the lap of nature exactly .... 
And are light colors which give a sense of breadth place رحابته and colors are quiet but more warmth and vitality of the color white. 
Will tried them used in your home .....??? But remember to choose the accessory colors suitable for the stark colors or phosphorescent break in front of the quiet pastel colors or break is in front of the stark colors and phosphorous Vtdakhal the these colors will give you a cacophony of sight ... 

(((Each problem solving))) 

The study of architectural design well before implementation is required in order to avoid falling into the errors but if you face problems in the design of your home after the implementation Vtacdoa that most of them can be solved or at least improved, take a look at your home or your room and made the decision touches useful effective within the limits of the fiscal budget, will to deliver results are amazing and so by choosing the right decoration and for example: 

Narrow room: There are several ways to address them 
1 - Remove the doors and open the vacuum to another vacuum as the wall outlet events to stretch to the lounge room space, for example. 
2 - paint the walls in light colors luminous light فالألوان gives a spacious feeling, unlike the dull colors that suggest tight space. 
3 - Open the windows wide and long and installation of plants and pools if they are so that they look fake like Temtlkin the garden through the window and it adds more light to the room where suggests large and relaxes the eye. 
4 - Develop Paintings carry in themselves deeper and placebo or drawing on the wall three-dimensional charge. 
5 - Use to cut light-colored furniture and low visual weight as glass and mirrors. 
6 - Use of antiques and a few accessories and small in size and avoid large pieces 
7 - Dealing natural lighting, industrial and well studied. 
8 - Use mirrors. 

(((If you do not trust your taste ...... and he made the Creator guide))) 

Those who do not find the same confidence needed for feet on the color of an appropriate fit and decorative pieces of furniture and the rest of the contents of the vacuum will not find a mentor to him use it better than making the Creator Almighty, and to turn to nature and God's creatures for looking at how to install their colors to come up with models fantastic of interrelated colors, harmonious, and we review here are examples for this: 
Example 1: 
Colors include a cluster of grapes 
Can distinguish colors in it and restrict degrees of violet, blue and brown a few 

((((Some of the ideas of experts decoration))) 

May Many people believe that getting a successful decor requires knowledge and taste and money ... so some may prefer to use someone who specializes in decor or use books to learn more about the basics of decking, 
However, it should not overlook the fact that experience and see and experience factors are also essential, especially in the world of decoration and this information and concise سطرها rules you experienced owners can give satisfactory results when applied .... 

Colors: the colors a strong influence on our behavior and our moods situation, so the choice of a certain color will depend upon the extent you feel comfortable with him, but it may be to determine the percentage the colors used Maysbb the puzzled many so I prefer to be distributed so that the colors: 
Running the main color (60%) of the area of ​​the room 
Secondary color (30%) of the area of ​​the room 
The third color is usually helps to highlight the two previous colors have been selected and are advised to operate (10%) of space. 

Taking into account that the light-colored suit rooms are small and narrow, which makes it seem more spacious, and low ceilings make them more advanced, and on the contrary, dark colors are used in large rooms, high ceilings. 

A typical Aeltsiq way may be one of the easiest ways but they are not the most beauty and excellence, but avoid the stereotype does not necessarily mean that the chaos in the house, so try to find a fulcrum serve as the center of the room is the furniture around Kalmedfoh the format for example, or television, and Be sure also to include room objects of different heights and lengths but in a balanced and comfortable to the eye and soul 

We'll start by talking about all parts of Pensions and begin to talk about: 

Entrance and reception room 
This place which reflects the ترحيبك of Divk and Xramk him every piece there should say to your guest Hello and welcome your 
Entrance to the house 

Our religion called us to establish the rights of visitors, and urged us to honoring and assets of good reception and hospitality that's what he used our Muslim and thankfully 
What do you think the home owner who receives guests and welcomes them ... 
Wage will not pay him only once when you use it the first time!!! 
And I do not mind him from working 24 hours continuous night Bnhar??? 
And all of the income of the home told him Welcome in ways that may indescribable tongue!!! 
What do you think this offer is not attractive????? 
Do you know who is???? 
It (((((((the entrance to the house))))))) there are basic points must be observed at the entrances to our homes: 
1 - Do not be taken into account that part of our plans architectural if taken into account and there is adequate space and Cafe to manufacture and be the face of the guest while entering housing is also a study of lighting and ceilings and floors and other structural elements for use in adding touches of other beauty and Hassan on the corner of the reception. 
2 - to examine our thoughts reception style furniture and imagine that space of the house to make sure the appropriate safety idea and applied in practice. 
3 - options can be opened while doing furnishing this space as much as alternative options within the market Furniture & Trzha, subject to their suitability for space and the main idea. 
4 - that the principle of open any renewal to be a housewife able to switch housing transfer airspace cut from one angle to another to make something of renewal on the nooks and corners place. 
Based on the above we will be able to create thousands of ideas for this part of the house 

Eastern ideas to the entrance to the house 
Often gives entrance to the house first impression for the rest of the housing so interest in him and Bmnzerh is required and may be famous for Arab since foot generosity and hospitality. 
And selection of decorative Arabic style eastern entrance good express Xramk for your guest and these are some ideas: 

East entrance 

Thanks to the door was of a model east and it is often marquetry copper and outstanding بزخارفه the rich Eastern. 
- Develop curtain with inscriptions and oriental colors or carved wood cabinet eastern style. 
- Before arrange tractor or pottery of different sizes with Islamic inscriptions. 
- Next to scattered cushions placed beautifully. 
- Two oriental style wooden table and arrange them for Oriental Perfume Burner and glass perfume bottles. 
- The dim lighting can be and often is a lantern of copper east of style. 

The popular style of the Arabian Peninsula 
Nation without heritage, a nation without history, 
Turathiat in homes and beauty and pride 
Thus reduced this to say many of the concepts that define the importance of the cultural heritage of any nation. And recalled the past and found it a good stock of tangible and intangible values, it would be a good starting point to prove the existence of an ancient Kmad based on the facts of the mission. 
And no matter how human development in all spheres of life, it remains tight for those roots which grew and grew up in its territory, because if the tree is cut away from its roots is dead,,, 
Heritage experts and decorative: today and we trace the lines of fashion and the latest designers produced and excreted mental experts decor and interior design, 
Became absurd reasonable!!! ... Furniture strange ... Stark lighting ... phosphorous colors 
But beautiful who delights breasts is adopted by some jealous heritage and are keen to be part of the heritage for the interior decor touches 
How familiar house boy and never longing for first home 
فالحنين the heritage of the house gave designers the opportunity to inspire and employed in the heritage areas and added to the popular vocabulary of modern design for home, and if the this reenactment heritage and the spirit of missions existed returned to life and she became the most beautiful of all innovations .. 
In the local heritage and aesthetic dimensions of flavor psychological known only from interacting with them. 
These days noticed and are calling for the pride that heritage has become an integral part of home decor and become pieces of heritage are found in every nook and corner of the house so that some people put in their homes cornerstone special heritage collect it all has to do with heritage of pieces to symbolize Hayat Previous grandparents,,, 
And usually these pieces are not used, but its importance lies in the value of heritage, and became its presence in a special corner gives more privacy and exclusivity became corner heritage in the home of independent personal linking children their past and remember parents Bmorthhm and gives the visitor the impression beautifully Morthna civilization and how it constitutes an initial interest and inexhaustible source of pottery. 
Method of distribution: 
Heritage in the corner of the house is usually: 
* In one of the corners. 
* Good lighting illuminated. 
* Metallized painted white "or Beige" with Brown 
* Inspired motifs in the walls of plant symbols to walls of mud Kalmthelthat and circles and folk motifs. 
* Hang on the walls of some heritage Kambassrh the pieces widgets carrier and some of the old guns or cut arms manual كالسيوف and daggers. 
* Floor coverings can cut off an old carpet and put cushions and chairs heritage distributed at the corners to give the visitor the opportunity to enjoy sitting and coexistence with heritage. 
* Pads on the floor by a small heritage pieces distributed by use or by any other look, it is important to be distributed harmonious taste and suggests cutting does not lose its importance or historical heritage. 
* Can be suspended in the ceiling lanterns for lighting. 
* The use of wooden doors and windows heritage excellence Bnicochha the People's Fine 
And pieces that are frequently found in the corners of heritage: 
* Coffee Corner and contains Alkmaar, auctioneer, jugs, cans, cups, Blower, tweezers, etc. 
* Corner tools, adornments and women Includes women's clothes and her jewelry, wooden boxes and candidates and Almekhalh .... etc. 
The most important of all the pieces is a way of harmonious and distributed processing if one wishes Corner heritage can consult a specialists in Turathiat of or interior designer to get out the distinctive form of the corner .. 
Indian style 
This model is characterized by daring to mix colors walls painted orange with some reddish golden color touches that as possible work Balastenssl or color red, yellow Alotfi, or green, purple, and preferably if the paint in a manner tending to aging. 
Be in two colors and curtains Indian sari cloth placed next to each other and even if someone بطبعات small gold be the best color is red and yellow mellowed and preferably if attached to the curtain on a black iron rod .. 
Accessory is among the wood and cloth Kalqta that hang on the walls .. silver, copper and any everything tends to east and decorated with beads, sequins and beads colored wristbands can be used used by women in the decoration how?? 
On the table in the middle of the room by a piece of cloth placed force Kmfirh the bedspread holding hands is linear and enters one of those bracelets and then placed on the table so that the part that remains on the table bracelets and the other party on the floor sags flow ... 

Candles also accessory that characterize Indian style preferably selected colors of red, gold and yellow .. And placed on the wrought iron factory black to fit the curtain rod. 
Accessory is also very simple and beautiful pile that stuck out from the side curtains made of burlap or strands of silk yarn and other red and yellow colors .... etc. 
But how do we use it?? Curtains?? Of course not 

Simply attach it on the wall longitudinally any pile to be down .. And possible hang it so that it appears PANEL tip from the bottom or two paintings small and can also be placed Kxssoar of the table or on the edge of the couch 

It sofas basis is chosen in dark colors suggest foot and preferably if it's wooden legs balloon oblique natural or black .. 
And ground can be covered by cutting oriental carpets .. 
British taste the traditional aesthetics includes several which maintains the nobility of the materials used, and implementation techniques. 
Vanakec drilling Bedding is a handy way, that reflect the splendor of classic style and nobility of its design made of solid oak and mahogany wood .. 
The paint is also added touches him the most influential and lies in the arts and aging vaccination Brkaqat of gold. 

You can choose the sofa golden color freedman and the rest of the sofas in oil or red burgundy or mix the three colors together ... or choose the color Albaznjani the oblique with golden yellow .. preferably velvet fabrics or heavy to denote luxury. 
The advantage this character Bzhma the room to cut many furniture and accessories which is what they collect from their tours around the world and be coordinated and harmonious with each other. And also precious الأباجورات. 

Accessories are often paintings with paintings of flowers Frames luxury of freedman golden, and added a square and rectangular cushions made of velvet chairs. 

Preferably use of lighting hidden and الأباجورات and the lighting hanging over the paintings is not required to be strong room lighting .. 
Curtains also be of thick fabrics or velvet and be longer than the earth a little extent. 
How to create a glimpse east? 
One of the designers says: "configure session Eastern or entrance or corner of the house brings us back to the good times, you may need only one piece only gives us what we want, even if the house was a classically decorated or Modern ... 
One piece permission .... Start with a trip to the Middle splendor 
How to create a glimpse Oriental in your house? 
Here are these tips ... 

Use dark colors Oriental inspiration, such as red and green upholstery and curtains and paints. 
- The use of accessories and fabrics with Arabic motifs of gems gold colors ... 
- Rediscover heritage research in Alnhacean shops for example .. Things are not over-used, such as doors and old mashrabiyya trays and glass pitchers and employ them differently. 
- Choose some Eastern motifs that can be replicated either painted trays, either on the pieces of furniture and either on the way Alastenssl walls. 
- The lines of the nicest ideas for inscription on the lighting covers, placemats, or paintings to afford the spirit distinct from the rest of the Arab civilizations .. 
- Not only the Arab east, but there are Turkish, Iranian, Indian, and who can pick them and mix them together. 

We note that it is more in line with the design accessories are copper and eastern fabrics Almatqh that can be hung on walls or furnished in a random manner or tables of meetings ... 
And can put some aromatic herbs after coordinated formats beautiful and arranged in the corners of the room or on the tables. 
And occupies paintings that carry the old photos of mosques or markets old great location between East accessory ... And accessories, which may be available to the many of us are silver ornaments which coordinates in the plates and hang on the wall or dispersed in a consistent manner on the table. 

Yes perfume a key feature in the opposite spirit decor .. especially here in the decoration eastern and strengthen the spirit antique decor and give the house lived a larger suggests foot, so we use perfume traditional classic كالبخور and mixes Eastern and some bags ready-made and bottled leaves flowers dry and mix spices, which are placed in dishes فتنتشر smell in Room .. as well as Alfoahat, and lanterns that use with aromatic oils and candles. 
Wall colors: 
Dark colors can be used in the wall and degrees of orange or beige or white with some dim lighting that earns the appearance of aging .. 
And can dye the wall in a manner horizontal lines broad Ballaunayn brown and beige .. taken from the facades of mosques Mamluk It is essentially a pigmentation Ballaunayn white, red, but with the agents of change and the environment turn to brown and beige .. To give the wall of this attribute of aging fat brown and beige .. This idea preferably be applied to one wall in a room or two adjacent walls to form a central point attract seen. 
Chinese style 
Characterize the people of the Far East are equally matched in terms of decoration relied on natural materials such as wood, bamboo and textiles such as silk and they added to their skill privileged Voattha hand touches the special advantage for others. 

Asian civilization of colors and symbols of deeper meanings of our perception and show the colors of nature significantly during diabetes, we find colors white, yellow, and green grass and red القاني and dark black. 

Furniture: Asian furniture usually made of wood and luxury types of it are made of rosewood, red, and generally show small pieces of furniture and low-rise close to the surface of the earth, and it appears in the seats and tables, as characterized by excavation work on wood carvings as head of the dragon and a lotus flower and these symbols in their implications civilization known and Tnagd pieces of furniture fabrics of cotton, linen and silk batik manner Decree or بزخارفها known 

Pieces of furniture that stands out significantly in the Asian-style barriers (Albartishn) and is usually a simple shape and consists of a framework of bamboo carries inside it a piece of handmade rice paper inscriptions and symbols of Asian or fees and the nature of the Chinese palaces. 
And famous this model also Balkhozaún of the wood and is characterized by its external form solid rectangle with some symbols carved and divided the internal distinctive and apparent during glass doors, القاعدات the wooden pieces that stand out dramatically in this model and used to carry a private antiques Vases famous porcelain. 

Asians famous for hand skill and high art featured and appeared so obvious through the accessories used, we find dementia of China (porcelain) made famous in the collection around the world many shapes and sizes and decorated with carvings of the distinctive and wonderful symbol of Chinese civilization. 
Wooden boxes show exquisite hand-made prominently also add some paintings and paper-made pendants that uniqueness on the wall and bear between symbols likes and Chinese rule or graphics represent their culture and nature. 

And can not overlook the importance of silk pillows Kxssoar important in an atmosphere shrouded voice purl side of the waterfall as small as the Chinese carpets key piece in this decoration irreplaceable بفخامتها famous and high quality everywhere. 
The Chinese carpets key piece in this decoration can not be dispensed with and have known this carpet بفخامته and elegance and high quality everywhere. 

Usually dim lighting and comfortable of the most popular means of lighting in Chinese-style paper lanterns and wooden frame may be as a base or a paper lantern hanging circular shape in the ceiling. 
Caution: Photos and outs of life may abound in this model and the alarm was so legally inviolable and may not be used in the homes of Muslims ..... 
Moroccan style] 
As a result of the diversity of civilizations in Morocco, friction and امتزاجها Islamic and Roman civilization and barbarism and punish the British colonial French, Portuguese, and it made her a unique combination and if the impact of the Islamic civilization is the strongest and the most prominent and is reflected in the decor Moroccan clearly. 
It appears in the Moroccan decor diversity and contrast in colors derived from Morocco environment of rich its soil Koloan colors, rocks and trees and colorful flowers of different and diverse, we find a beautiful contrast between Color Za'farani and reddish-brown with a mix of green grass, for example. 

Living Lounge 
It's pool room so family members must be practical, comfortable and safe and able to withstand the various activities 
Supposed to plan well before buying a couch and need for and appropriateness of the size of the room, and recommended that it is the experience of sitting on them in the exhibition before buying them to ensure quality and to make sure that cushions and sofas and padding comfortable and prefer sofas heavy being characterized بصناعتها materials firmer give longer life to use. 
Known that uses the couch in the living room have to rest so you must be characterized by durability, comfort and widening, and The reception rooms Vtnasabha the couch more formal and beautiful, while the sofa bedroom is smaller and does not exceed the being an integral Xssuara of room. 

Choose size: are taking into account the coherence and consistency between the couch and the room in terms of size, shape, color and quality, as well as with the rest of the furniture, so it's important to take Sizes space Sthlha by the couch before going out to buy them. 
If a large couch and we wish to look smaller can add her some pillows, but if it is small, it is useful to avoid these accessories. 
Choose the style: 
When you buy any piece of furniture it is important to take into account the style of your home when selected. 

Contemporary-looking couch armchairs feature a square-shaped arms and high up on the rules, and their shape is simple and unpretentious that it is suitable for apartments for the fact that the space is usually limited. 
- In the classical style sofa features a thick base of pillows rich Bhacutea also characterized armchairs wrapped in a circular motion with number of Alkhaddadiat distributed by and large overall size and is a great choice for large rooms. 
Choice of colors: 
Warm colors such as red, orange, yellow suit cold countries they lend a sense of بالحميمة and heat the cold colors such as blue, purple, green, they suggest calm and recovery and fit countries sunny and warm, light colors are suitable in small rooms, and spacious rooms freedom of movement and design larger and choose patterns and colors and wide and add accessories, cushions and other than the beauty of the sofas. 
Important points to choose living room furniture 
Until the twentieth century were not recognized on the living rooms and presence in the house, such as bedrooms, dining and councils and other ... but today considered the living room is the main room in the house and that it meets the family ... So you should enjoy all the features of relaxation and comfort ... 

Privacy enjoyed by this room allows you to put all the special touches that suits you and meets the requirements of your family without restrictions or limitations ... These requirements ensure the existence of a number of devices such as TV, video and phone ... Where you keep the option by placing them in wooden cupboards so that they do not appear only in times of devices used or choose glass cabinets allocated to them and that give the place elegance without hardware to hide from sight. 
And to add more vitality to the place you can focus on the distribution of green plants in the corners of the room and also the distribution of natural light that reaches through the windows am and artificial light at night to be توجيههما appropriately not reflected on the TV screen and help at the same time good vision and reading and relaxing 
Notes to the most beautiful living rooms 
It's complex living room the family used to watch TV and may be used to read or to sit for a talk and perhaps exchange for tea and coffee, 
So must bear in mind that the colors and materials that we use in living rooms: 
- The type of furniture used in the lounge and seats used it is important to be comfortable to fit the role of the hall platform and is relaxing for several hours in a family atmosphere intimate and preferably combines the aesthetic and practical by virtue of their use on a daily basis and from a large number of people and therefore exposure most of the other rooms of the house to the consequences of continued use, especially if there are children .... It is important to have everything around them safe away from danger so that away from them what risks Kalqta the fear breakable (such as glass and pottery) sharps (كزوايا some pieces of furniture) electricity sources ..... etc. 
- For lighting a large role in determining the decor appropriate example, if the room with large windows That allows the lighting to enter the space greater than would suggest broad and gives a view of beautiful brushes, but if the windows were small would be room is dark somewhat so you must take into account the color consistency strongly, and Then we use light colors for walls and floors If the lighting strong فالمجال the open for the use of light-colored or dark. 
- Colors if the room is open to the rest of the house prefers choose neutral colors to most surfaces كالجدران and flooring The curtain fabrics, upholstery advised of species with simple lines and unofficial Valoqmhh lacy and intricate design is practical and does not fit the rooms used by children and on a daily basis. 
- The change in the level of the lounge one of decorative ways good and as well as the development or separator wall decor half height so that they can put two totally different types of furniture in the lounge ... can any hall is divided into several wings .. Casthaddamha Family session in one hand and put a dining table on the other side of the hall with a spacious corridors to accommodate perpetual motion. 

Hall design calls for light to enter 
Alsalhha the heart of the housing and represent the most important parts of the house because often we meet and spend the most times Mkotna in the house as it is in many houses is first place نقابله when entering the house the family lounge or living room, so it's important to be located on the most beautiful corner of the housing if overlooking the main home park or the pool, and the design of the windows in the halls must take into account the space that allows the largest possible view while preserving as much as possible the necessary privacy ... 
And one of the most important things to take into account when designing lounges is to give her privacy without identified seamless walls .... 
The trend now is careful to give the family feeling of spacious lounge, and a powerful means is to open the roof of the hall towards the family role of the top ... 
And attention to the ceiling decoration means different Kalqubb or gypsum decorations or lighting and so on ... 
It remains shape design windows hall, which overlooks the back garden or pool a significant factor in judging the beauty of the hall and splendor where preferably in windows lounges to be extended to the top as much as possible so as to allow an area of ​​broad vision and to be below the level of the floor gym almost any that be on the whole area of ​​the wall ... 
So it looks like sitting in the lounge to the lounge area and the lounge behind the windows one area. ... 
As to the form of blinds used a big impact on the appearance of the hall, no matter what type of style, shape, or curtains used ... 

Internal peace in the lounge 
Is usually peace المتربع the center of the house and needs to be space and care more beauty to put the overdraft in the courtyard of the house ..... so it should be noted, inter alia: 
- Design peace floor (thresholds) to choose the quality of line and Joe surrounding the place, as well as degrees of color Whatever رخاما or others. 
- Attention to design the first three grades of peace and expanding the display as much as possible for the first threshold and the gradient until it reaches the other grades. 
- Attention barrier peace (guardrail) and to be a piece of concrete beauty, adds to the lounge a bit of creativity, art, whatever the type of material used (wood - nickel - copper - iron - elegant furnishings ....) and often be the most beautiful of the railing if they are applying wrapped as if he opens his arms to Ahtadank. 
- Often be peace limits are solid walls so would prefer to deal with it on the basis that they real background to the aesthetics of peace and put it in his aesthetic perceptions. 
- Can take advantage of the vacuum in the bottom of the ladder put pieces lend it the spare beauty of the furniture or garden shade plants interspersed with hidden lighting or a small waterfall water or included for storage or even a small kitchen for presentation and other ideas ..... 

Hall apartment splendor of not less than hall of the villa 
Also in your apartment you can enjoy the elegant hall not less splendor of the villa lounge ..... 
But how??? 
- If you can not open the roof of the upper hall of the role you can lounge roof cladding cut surrounded by mirrors Gypsy stylish décor give you a similar feeling ...
Or simply use foul lighter colors for the roof and directed lighting up to give the sense of divergence ceiling. 
- If you miss the beauty and elegance of handrails in the hall apartment for lack of stairs you can compensate for this by using barriers (Albartishn) in one of the corners of the gym because they are usually made from the same material making handrails such as wood, metal or other ... and choose the inscriptions approach to the fender and to confirm the suggestion prefers to use large carvings barriers convergence inscriptions handrails in size and spacing 
- When there is a balcony of the apartment you can use the adjacent wall has put large windows extended over an area of ​​the wall and put the heater there also ...... in a manner no less beautiful and elegant villa .. but may be characterized by the proximity of the remaining home services around you and the atmosphere of closeness and rally around some. 
And the narrow hall living solutions may benefit greatly in the apartment: 
When you think that a specific vacuum the living room and a small space, and want to get on to suggest sizeable area you by using the following methods: 
- Open roof up or italic. 
- Natural lighting. 
- Large mirrors. 
- Pastel colors and a replica of the roof and walls. 
- With a smooth surface floors with. 
- Use furniture with small size 

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History of Architecture

- Architecture:

Architecture is the art and science of construction and design of buildings to cover your human material needs ( such as housing , for example ) or moral , using construction materials and methods suitable .
The architecture extends to different areas of the aspects of knowledge and human sciences , such as mathematics, science and technology , history , psychology , politics, philosophy , social sciences and art , as overall . Has also mastered other cultural aspects of such music and astronomy .
And architecture related document areas of design of cities and urban planning, and furnishing of civil and interior design , what is required of the architect in the design phase visualize complete and detailed for the project and linked to nature and the traditions and customs in the region, and to find a suitable formula of design translate people's needs users to place later.

Exterior view Alkolseyoum Italy
May Architecture means the following:
Urban Design .
Urban planning .
Architects of the environment .
Theories of Architecture .

- The concept and philosophy :

The architectural artist and philosopher primarily , it is supposed to be adopted in any design concepts and elements related to the idea of the desired project. This requires a culture wide and wider imagination . For this, we find architecture itself expanded to include several different areas of the aspects of knowledge and human sciences , such as mathematics, science and technology , history, psychology , politics , philosophy and science social and of course art as comprehensive . , And must also knowledge of aspects of cultural and knowledge of other looks far from the area, such as music and astronomy. This is for the requirements and the concept of architecture , and the areas of work available are open are extremely wide , setting off from the design of cities and urban planning out and up to the design of smaller table houses and decorative pieces and furniture. What is required of the architect in the design phase visualize complete and detailed for the project and linked to nature and the traditions and customs in the region , the architect is required to find a suitable formula of design users translate the needs of the people of the place later.

- History of Architecture :

The history of architecture is divided into time periods for each particular model distinguishes it from other despite the temporal and spatial proximity between each other .
Since the beginning of the creation and man seeks to meet Ahtejth of the house so that his live , began caves ready dwellings then start Ataattor the something Vhia even arrived to use the materials surrounding environment , trees and stones until we got to where we are now and still evolving .

- Trends and schools of architecture:

Trends in architecture in the 19th century to the 20th century
Pre- Modernism 1800-1920
Stage of modernity 1890-1960
Late stage of modernity 1960-1980
Postmodern phase 1890-2000
Modern Trends 2000
Pre- modernity
New classical direction
Bio - school
School aggregate
The direction of the call for simplification
School of thought
School of Modern Art
Chicago School
School of Architecture and Construction
Stage of modernity
Bauhaus School
School career
School construction
International style
Member theory
Late stage of modernity
Sculptural architecture
School Archite grams
School Almitopoulzm
School of Art and Building Technology
Feathered School of Architecture
School construction
Postmodern stage

Modern Trends
School Cubism
School Aldistil
School future
School expressive or descriptive
School deconstruction
School synthetic
Alternative School of Architecture ( bio )

- Feng Shui :

الفينج Shui (Feng Shui) is a Chinese philosophy emerged since about 4000 years ago which is the art of harmony with the surrounding space and energy flows through the environment and reconciliation with oneself and with the surrounding nature to human beings and thus can live positively without tension .
Here are the energy generated from the furniture and the factors surrounding the man and that affect human life and health , temperament , and his relations with others and all that surrounds it.
Principle الفينج - Shui (Feng Shui) is based on the idea of emission energy , Amtsaha and depends on Alpajua ( Bagua ) a map that translates the movement and distribution of energy in nine axes of each of them symbolizes the aspect of human life.

( Nine axes )

Water = Life
Earth = relations
Thunder = grandparents
Air = luck
Energy = Health
Paradise = Friends
Lake = creativity
Mountain = wisdom
= Insight fire

- Decoration is the art of ornamentation :

Decorative Oamarh indoor Interior decoration is the art of decorating the vacuum procedure كالغرفة to be attractive and easy to use and compatible with the architecture . The goal of interior decoration is to provide some "sense " of the vacuum . The application includes wall paint, wallpaper, and other floors and ceilings , choosing furniture and fittings such as lamps, and the provision of into kinesthetic suitable as customize voids or spaces as an addition paintings, sculptures and carpets. In these studies often take place within architecture interior decorators . Although conditions Interior Decoration and Interior Design is sometimes used interchangeably between the engineer and the owner of the selection and presentation of items within the interior space , such as furniture , decorations and accessories, and room design. And interior designs , on the other hand , involves coordination and Creativity Fine formats on manipulation of the internal architecture in a vacuum.

- Use the decor in cinema :

Cares Film Institute taught decor Film Festival , one of the substances important and specialized too because of the many aspects and different and on top of these foundations , which differs from the decorative film from others is that the concept of the dominant decor is coordination and creativity shapes beautiful but the decor Film may vary from that completely , it may be decorative Film Festival in order to make an ugly scene or non -groomed , such as building a room without a good paint poor or without good lighting units .. Vmeng here decoration tools should be used as appropriate for the scenario written
Includes the Department of Landscape Architecture or beading study fashion design fashion Every character and her style and the way in choosing the colors of clothing and shape For example, a person dreary frustrating not wearing colors delightful and so on and this is what determined also in the personal profiles existing scenario as well as the vision of designer clothing and decor both landscape which is called art director , a concern dimensions and aesthetics of film and here we find engineer interested in photography and lighting dimensions and background staff and clothes and all that will appear in the image of the other dimensions
The foregoing it is clear linkage between an interior decorator and the rest of the sections of the creators of film art . The decor was one of the cornerstones of the industry serials and movies .

- Art Deco :

Is the art or decoration and adorn the blanks format (Decoration) and aims to beautify and coordination spaces different Kahadjrat and the administrative offices and the other using a variety of materials to make the best use of the items of this vacuum and employ aesthetic that fits the user . Interaction of embosser or designer decor with many natural and industrial materials such as wallpaper , paint and furniture , glass and minerals , Alavmhh and mixed with each other to eventually reach a satisfactory result.
Art of interior decoration ( decoration) is a creative approaches that have emerged in not too long and spread all over the world to embody a rare moment in the history of furniture. This art has no rules or institutional or technical philosophical , Vhrfe , this profession do not think in the development of an approach to life. They are not only engineers and architects , glass makers and designers decorations .
There is a difference between the word ornate interior designer and interior .
Interior Decorator focuses on the final touches for paints and walls , windows and furniture.
Interior designer is responsible for the architectural integration processing and internal void with the creation of the appropriate way of living of the individual through the study of human behavior .

- Interior Design :

Interior Design or Engineering Interior Design (in English : Interior Architecture or Interior Design) is the sum of the planning and design of the spaces of the Interior, which aims to harness the physical needs , spiritual and social development of the people, and that بدروها ensure the safety of the building. Interior design component of the technical aspects and planning is also interested in aspects of aesthetic and technical as well.
The planning, interior design , building construction specialists from internal engineers and designers . Enthusiasts can do the design aesthetic and technical aspects of the place because they are the elements do not cause danger to the life of the user .

* Function interior designer :

1 - analysis of the client 's needs , objectives and safety requirements .
2 - the search for knowledge of Interior Design .
3 - initial perception of the hand , aesthetic and functional and appropriate idea of the standard criteria .
4 - Develop and submit a final design proposal through appropriate means of presentation .
5 - Prepare working drawings and specifications for construction materials and details of the various materials and finishes , furniture and 6 constants - such as a bathroom and equipment and to comply with the system and scientific evidence.
7 - Cooperation with professional services and obtain professional licenses in the fields of mechanical , electrical loads 8 - requirements for approval .
9 - Preparation of tenders and contracts for the client.
10 - Review and evaluate design through implementation and after completion of the project .

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