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Sophistication in our daily lives

Sophistication in our daily lives


Etiquette presence in university lectures 

Etiquette is not only the manifestations, but also because the behaviors of science and respect its value, so the halls of science, whether in universities or schools or training centers must have a privacy Here are some rules that you should pay attention to it and observed during our presence where: 
• Ensuring access to class on time or before the time of the lecture. If you are forced to the absence of it to your teacher told early on. 
• When you enter the hall, you must take into account non-rivalry with others. 
• young people are not required to wait for girls to enter science halls or get free places, because everybody here is equal, the base is "Ladies First" place public and social life. 
• Sit in the empty place not keen to sit next to your friends, and if the place was not allowed, and you and your friends can to Tnksmoa to more than Vtgls set each group in the right place. 
• Make sure Ahoudark the all the necessary materials such as pens, books required, and notebooks. 
• Be sure to close your cell phone or turn it into silent mode before entering the auditorium, so as not to cause a distraction professors or fellow students who are keen to receive the flag. 
• Be pleasant and positive behavior grade. Problems properly addressed, preferably outside the lecture halls. 
• Participate in the lesson and interact with the professor or lecturer is good, but be sure to ask permission before putting your query and say only after he gives you permission. 
• Make sure that your question in the context of the lesson that has been explained, though you have any special inquiry, went to the professor after the end of the lesson or lecture and ask a query on it. 
• Do not overlook your questions, because the rest of the colleagues they would like to participate as well. 
• When answering questions, please do not interrupt another student or professor, simply take your turn. 
• The purpose of the existence of chairs in the classroom is to sit down, there is no transformation for pads. 
• The same applies to the aim of tables and their presence in the classroom is for writing and reading, there is no transformation for couches or beds. 
• Remember that it is not allowed to eat or drink at the computer tables. 

The art of social networking: taste not to ask in the privacy of others: 

My girlfriend told me she and over nearly ten years they meet from time to time a former colleague, she had worked with him in an institution before moving to another job, the more you meet recognizes him and ask him about the conditions and the conditions of his wife and children. Each time it is with gentleness assured it of good for their situation. A while ago, and by chance I learned my girlfriend that no sons to her former colleague and that he and his wife spent a long and bitter years in the medical trip did not come to fruition. 

The great embarrassment that I felt my girlfriend is only the feeling of strolling between us and the only title to rush to speak and prejudge the phenomena of things, how the lady is full body may have heard the necessary question: Are you pregnant?? It denies shy of excess weight and embarrassing note. 

Some people have a curiosity and interest in intruding on the lives of others to learn their secrets, has led this desire to ask questions sometimes embarrassing or confusing to the other, in order to learn more about their privacy or view to Aharajhm of purpose in the same Jacob ... Or embarrassing question may come simply to speed up the release without thinking. In any case to answer embarrassing questions in itself is embarrassing and sexy for the inconvenience, because he may enter in the privacy of the individual or what we call secrets. 

To any person not entitled to interfere in other things, that the etiquette urges respect for the freedom of others and away from snooping and embarrass the other. This embarrassing questions vary depending on the situations and people. Here the most embarrassing questions that taste not ask, but that let others Eeroonha you comfort. 

Taste not to ask: "How much of your salary?" 

Taste not to ask the man who is unemployed especially in front of others: "You Lessa it encounters filled?" 

Of poor taste not to ask if you die cousins ​​or neighbors: "Do you want money?" Give even without question. 

Taste not to ask the girl a bit large for a tooth: "You are not for the because what Tzojta is?" 

Taste not to ask a woman who can not have children: "You because children ماعندك? Drawback you or him?" 

Taste not to ask women about the reasons for her divorce. 

Taste not to ask the orphan: "How did your father or your mother died?" 

Taste not to ask parents: "How did your son died?" 

In some Arab societies taste not to ask the man about his sisters or his wife (except in cases of illness or the like). 

Of taste but the visitors ask: "Do you want something to drink or food?" Equal ضيافتك without even the question I asked you so might deprive him, knowing that the way ask her utmost importance, for example, the following question: "Ptcherb something?" Different from: "Is your coffee sugar or no sugar?" The first question seems like a question of "lifting beams" while the last question appears interested Guest and hospitality, but you leave him freedom of choice. 

Taste not to ask the dealer or shop owner: "How much you earn in the particular stomach?" This يظهرك the appearance envier. 

Taste not to ask who is infected with an incurable: "Did not improve your condition after?" 
Of taste not to ask anyone, especially the ladies: "How old are you?" 
Taste not to ask: "How much is this?" 

But do we answer such kind of questions? The etiquette advises us a succinct answer either or tactfully evasion for answer a question you do not want to answer it. But more importantly, not to be dragged to anger that has generated critical and improve output Taaberna tactful manner, and Here's an example: 

Someone may ask you about your age, here is possible to evade the answer by saying: 

A - large enough to judge things. 
B - over 21 years of age, for example, without specifying. 
C - a very large male age: with laughter and silence. 

Or you may ask about the price of a certain thing, and the answer is: 

A - I do not remember the price. 
B - demonstrated that you are trying to remember the price, but you can not. 
C - reply that "everything is expensive now living has become expensive ... Let's not talk money until no quorum frustration" and then change the subject. 

It is noteworthy that the constructive dialogue and conversation primary key to our communication and social practice, and this is what everyone has his etiquette classes in assets and ethics of the conversation. 

Each position Q & A 
Dear Madame Peace, 

I went to lunch with some co-workers, but I did not hungry, Vtnolt a part of the dish, so I asked the waiter subcontract the rest to take him with me, and so happened. However, my colleagues did not stop provoke me to anger and we are whenever we visit a restaurant what يتهكمون on my evil!! Does request to take leftovers is wrong or right?? 
Dear Rana, 

It looks as if your colleagues at work have found a Salwa Bigaztk new, affectionately nicknamed it seems ... Greetings to you. We can not absolutely rule on the health of taking the rest of the food, where several things must be taken into consideration, including: 

Invited are not entitled to request to take food waste, only entitled to his calling, in other words, the right thing for those who pay the bill eat. As for respect Balolaúm that pays all invited the price and meal, in which case you are entitled to just take the rest of your food and you are entitled to request access to food debris present, unless they are offered to you. 
In total advised to stay away from this thing that you've dealt with most of the dish, leaving little better than to take it. Well advised to refrain from it in the official banquets and luncheons working lunch or dinner. 

• Please smiled when Elqaúkm to greet, sincere Valthih always coupled with the smile. 

• Do not look at the month of know that it is the advancement in the early morning, or when a person looks like drowsiness and fatigue. 

• When any door (office, an elevator, a plane ...) an advantage to get out first, and always an advantage in going out for the nearest door. 

• Do not say no at the beginning of express معارضتك to the opinion, but never in the affirmative then mention the offending think. 

• There is a difference between business etiquette and social etiquette. In business etiquette for men and women are equal Unlike social etiquette, as calculated precedence for women. 

• laughter has a psychological benefit large and healthy, but if you're outside the home or in a public place do not laugh out loud. 

• No man will leave his seat for women except in the following cases: If a large elderly women, pregnant or carrying a child or weak or if the structure was carrying something heavy.

Etiquette and elegance of the man's actions: 
You sir, you're my husband or darling, you're my brother or my friend, colleague, you or I have. The act duly is elegance and taste, good behavior and respect, assets are the ethics of treatment with the other guy and me I am woman, your partner in this world, your partner in maintaining the traditions and values, the harmony between human beings that you are a mother or a sister, daughter or wife or Habiba. All that is asked of me I women is required of you dear man. 
Many are the men who think that dealing Hassan with the other, a man or a woman, is the humiliation and weakness in personal or diminution in manhood. 
The duly good conduct any "etiquette" creates a kind of harmony and intimacy and improves the process of human understanding. 
Your behavior towards women dear man is Disarmament الأمضى which makes you win admiration and love her if she does well used 
Underlying base respect every human behavior, especially the disposal of men toward women, makes women appreciate and respect and be more then a kind of loyalty to him. 
When not utter words affects the dignity and suggesting that they are lower than the value and level. 
That leaves them free to act without being constrained by or treat her كخاتم in his finger. 
Good treatment is not enough recognizing the existence of love and respect, but should be Etjlaa a way to act as if remembers her birthday or discourage their appearance, and يمتدحها on a good work comes to him and encouraged. To resort to constructive criticism. 
Be generous, and be fair and equitable with it. 
Fitness habits are canonical and pamper thank him man. 
A man stands to shake hands with women. 
Before it enters into any place after it opens the door unless it was intended restaurant, Vespgaha a then opens her door. 
In the restaurant food is served for first ladies. 
Everywhere helps to take off and wear her coat. 
When invited to meet anywhere, it must accompanied front of the house and give it back to him, and then dismounts from the car deposited. 
Pay them anywhere in inviting him. 
No man offers women red roses were not his fiancee or his wife. 
Do not guide her an expensive gift, unduly so. 
Image of the man 
True manhood is to be a man has a strong personality, bold, honest, generous and fair. 
His disposal 
That is respectful of all the people who are its level or higher or lower status. 
Knows how to fill the position and imposes itself dignity and respect. 
Expresses his opinions boldly without imposed screaming and strength. Accept dialogue. 
Do not set himself the master of the situation in all circumstances and give the same preference in everything. 
That he was not considered the finest of the other money is also considered the most important thing in existence. 
Should not be talk gossip empty or misplaced. 
Not raise commissioning between him and the people who do not with which their close relationship. 
Not cast with jokes that lacks taste and decency even if he considers funny. 
Not to neglect the exterior under the pretext of getting used to the other. 
To attractive ŘáĘß some touches 
Wristwatch selected to come flour elegant sports or classic. 
Glasses play an important role in drawing ŘáĘß. 
Jewelry sufficiency little ones, exaggerated harm to the appearance of the man. 
Accessories can be a substitute for jewelry. She gives the impression of elegance: the sleeve buttons, pocket watch chain, loop pin, a condition that is not overpriced. 
Provided that the fragrance appropriate for the nature of the skin. 
Beard give the man's face and distinctive views of privacy clause taken care of and always trimmed and draw tenderly surroundings. 
Haman shoes and socks on the degree of elegance man So فالنظافة and the arrangement and color consistency recipes should be available in them. 
Clothes Almhendma not enough to be fashion, but her story should be quite an appropriate aperture of the body, and extremely ironed hygiene. 
Wearing necktie is not important, but selected, the same fabric as luxury, no impurities in which she tied length. 
Etiquette to provide food on the table: 

To meet food is a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends and family, do you think about Madam invite your family and friends for breakfast in your home? 
If you follow the etiquette catering, an etiquette and rules to prepare and arrange dining table and served to guests by the correct sequence and properly, which gives a positive impression and beautiful about you: 
Authorities: The first dish you offer on the table is a dish of power, in addition to being one of the basics of etiquette Catering is also healthy behavior, and must be put in a special dish of the power of each individual, and if the salad made a great, you can put it in the middle of the table and to his spoon great for providing everyone poured favored by quantity. 
Chowder: The second type, which must be submitted on the table is the soup, because the dish soup dish is light and handy and works to create the stomach to receive food better after a period of fasting long, after giving guests enough time to eat authorities submitted must be submitted soups, and if the soup made light preferably accompanied by toasted bread cut into its side. 
The main course: to prepare the main dish for guests must consider the following things: 
- That the dish contains carbohydrates and meat. 

- It is preferable that each person must have your main layer. 

- The main dish after salads, soups, and must be submitted on the table hot.
Completion of the food: it was wrong too remove food dishes immediately after her free from the food, it will cause embarrassment for people who have not finished eating their food yet, it is best to wait until the end of all of the food and they leave the table and then you can start to clean up the table and remove the dishes. 

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