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King of the ocean blue whale

King of the ocean blue whale

Whales largest creatures in the sea are considered, one of the Iidah animals, like all her other aquatic animals are many types, and in this article we will talk about some of these species.

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Called the Killer Whale (Alawrkh)

The majority of people call Balawrkh, a non-lethal whale as some people claim, Valhot killer is watery mammal, the largest species of dolphins in size. Featuring whales (Alawrka) Blaunaya black back, white on the lower parts of the abdomen and sides, near the eyes and parts, and this is a whale of pets aquatic animals, but they are predators if you feel threatened,
And adopt these whales in the basic diet for smaller fish by volume, and some marine mammals such as seals, and even some of the other whales! It also attacks the polar bears. Whale Alawrka is the king of the seas with distinction, he heads the marine food pyramid; there is no animal never feeds it, and is more like a Bziab sea from where the killings strategy, which is more like lions sea; as the female lead fishing, and spreads in most of the world's oceans, and is frequently seen in the Strait Gibraltar and the beaches of Morocco.

Blue Whale

It is the largest species of whales at all, one of the whales useless tooth type; it does not chew his food, but swallowing and digest in the stomach and then out of the remaining waste from the output slot, and is characterized by the whale-colored skin, blue italics to Aldkinh (like gray), and be Menkta number of points which are slightly lighter than the original color, the owner of the largest size of an object Omar neighborhood in the earth, past and present, which is the highest tone of voice of an organism, and comes from this kind of whales are deep and resonant voices, have low vibrations spread to distant water distances, allowing them to communicate with each other across hundreds of miles.

A blue whale length between 20 meters to 33 meters, but for its weight is between 90 tons and 180 tons, and the head of the whale alone constitutes a quarter of the length of his body, his body a long tapering toward the tail, and this whale giant is characterized by severe a cool head, and modesty and shame; it swims water quickly surface ranging from 20 kilometers per hour to 50 kilometers per hour, live in large or small groups, and the average life expectancy of its members between 30 and 80 years, and a female blue whale is larger than the male, which help her to carry and care for their young .

Female blue whale pregnancy begins from the age of 5 to 10 years, and put every two or three births and only one, and then the long gestation period of 10 to 12 months. And suckle born blue whale from his mother more than fifty gallons of milk per day, and weight is increasing at a rate of ten pounds per hour, and in the first weeks of his birth, and at birth up along the (small) blue whale to seven meters, and weighed up to 2 tons , and after years of age length becomes almost 18 meters, and the mother continues to breastfeed between 7 to 8 months maximum.

The so-called whale tsunami or Humpback whale, a Baleen whale leaping species of whales, short body, large head, and Zaanafth relatively small dorsal, and Vlgueta guilt resemble helicopters. Featuring dark black, turquoise, and its length ranges from 12 to 16 meters, and often give birth to a female (twins) in the belly of one. And a length at puberty to 51 feet, and is a length of Zaanafth the equivalent of one-third or one quarter of the total length of the whole body, and weight is about 36,000 kg, and there on the skin of his hair, and the numbers of parasites, and there inside the mouth plates of bones Hotah up to 270 400 bowl, and on each side of the mouth, also known as the humpback whale (male) ability to issue distinctive and diverse voices.

Also, the blue whale is the largest in size among living organisms on Earth, and may reach tongues weight only to about the weight of an elephant, as the weight may reach the heart of the blue whale weight of the car.
Information and facts about the blue whale:
1. surprising that surround this huge creature feeds on some of the smaller organisms called (shrimplike), was one whale feeds on large amounts to 3.6000 kg per day of marine animal "shrimplike".
2. The blue whale depends on access to food, by diving to a depth of up to 500 m.
3. whale's mouth contain ciliated plates containing filaments working to help to filter plankton from the water, the main source of their food. As there is a gathering of like Balharp bristles at the end of each plate ciliated inside the mouth. And each time the whale opens his mouth to eat swallows amounted to 5,000 kg of water and plankton, the whale who shall pay the water out while maintaining plankton through capillaries and platelets ciliated then Belagaha through his tongue hoarder.
4. Although the blue whale exist at great depths to catch, but he and whole mammals he must rise to the water surface to breathe, and when the process of exhaling pushes the water in the form of a cloud of steam that rises vertically due to pressure, and reaches a height of 9 meters.
5. Blue whales swim sometimes in small groups, but it is common to become alone in the form of pairs associated with each.
6. Despite the large size of these whales, but they become gracefully and speeds of up to 8 km per hour and could reach a top speed of over 30 km per hour.
7. Although we can not hear the whale sounds, but it is one of the more animals on earth banging, they communicate with each other through a series of pulses with a low frequency, these voices include moan and spasms, and believed that the whales as what existed in the circumstances good can hear some of the distances of up to 1600 km.
8. Scientists believe that the use of these sounds in order to not only communicate, but thought that the advantage of the large whales on the hearing ability of movement mediated by ultrasound frequencies in the dark depths of the ocean.
9. With the large size of these whales, they fall prey to attacks by sharks and whales predators, are also subjected to injuries and death each year as a result of the large ships effect.

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