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New York Fashion

New York Fashion 

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪New York Fashion‬‏

With the end of Fashion Week in Toronto on the occasion of the conclusion of the spring 2014 exhibition season, and it's time we look back at all the trends that have emerged. As far as the runway determines the pace of what comes to the top of the spring 2014 trends and street plays a major role, as is the current fashion show relatable give us a breakdown of how to wear what is the next hot season. Prints taken at the top of our list of two trends in spring 2014 during that with the quality of the drawing and those that are affected by global cultures. In Hermes, printed inspired by Rousseau - florals water lily on luxurious fabrics, while in Diane von Furstenberg, dresses, skirts flew depicts the African wild. As for time travel fashionable, and prepare to keep homesick young people in the 1990s, which did not stop to get reincarnated season after season. Designers such as Rodarte, Balmain and Jason Wu to the invention of the necessities in the contract again. To help you have daydreams of long sunny days of spring we've compiled the final exhibition of the spring summit 2014 trends as dictated by the runways and our favorite star along the lines of the streets in New York, London, Milan, Paris and Toronto! Do not hesitate to let this be your guide for the development of the budget and create closet space should be for a piece of next season. 

Fall may be upon us, but with a special spring 2014 to provide a never-ending inspiration in the beauty department, we can only react to what comes next season. 

Although it seems like we've seen countless stunning beauty seems over the past couple of weeks, still instilled beauty behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week fresh in our minds. How can we forget the Prabal Gurung 's Ladurée macaroons inspired lips and Alexander Wang' s crude after glowing beauty that strutted down the runway? For us beauty junkies, there's no doubt that we are willing to try some of the spring of 2014 now seems. And who better than to share their favorite shots from the runways of the plate beauty? 

With back to back cover shows the four international cities, it's easy to blink and miss some of the best looks of the spring 2014 runways. This is why we take a deep dive and offers you a step by step look at some of the best moments of beauty, complete with tips and tricks to master at home. So grab your makeup bag, and sit in front of the mirror and read. 

See Rodarte Spring 2014 

Rodarte's Spring collection in 2014, the sisters Mulleavy reflected on the past. Was inspired by a collection of common childhood in Los Angeles and was decorated models in the looks fit for any wild child of the '80s. Makeup artist James Kaliardos, and work with national agricultural research systems, creating a look that played on the aesthetic drawing Hollywood circa 1980. He sculpts the features of the models' with a matte bronzers and make their eyes pop with a sharp black and white cat eye shape. It look totally wearable for spring and easy even for beginners to do makeup. 

New York Fashion Week has officially ended with the highest levels of performances by Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs finished the week off on a memorandum of elegant. But before everyone flies off to the other side of the Atlantic, let's take a look at one post in the finest New York street style, and captured by our photographer Stefania Yarhi. 

Yesterday with the weather still relatively warm, and many of the ladies took advantage of a full and bared some skin in the last day of NYFW. Perhaps influenced by the looks on the runways minimum, we have a beautiful Russian favorite Miroslava Duma - which did not fail in the aorta - disappoint in two-tone sleeveless calf length dress. Fashion Leandra Medine also exposed her legs in a pair of high-waist pants and high-heeled Oxford Balenciaga, but it was Anna dello Russo (of course!), Which drew the attention of everyone in a small white dress and a pair of pumps Celine neon yellow furry. Was also killed with accessories and one amazing blonde, who strutted the streets like a business in a dress laced pure black and "Cole" necklace Lanvin - lust worthy. 

Ready to say Welcome in New York ...... 

Colored fingernails in New York Fashion Week were right in tune with the '90 style minimalism we saw on the Spring 2014 runways. Cher in, color is the trend seems to be winding down nail art. Bare and polished nails from last spring are still going strong in 2014, with designers like Altuzarra, Alexander Wang and Jeremy Ling opt for shades of pale pink, lavender or pastel beige instead of groggy and neon brights. 

With back to back cover shows the four international cities, it's easy to blink and miss some of the best looks of the spring 2014 runways. This is why we take a deep dive and offers you a step by step look at some of the best moments of beauty, complete with tips and tricks to master at home. So grab your makeup bag, and sit in front of the mirror and read. 

Dior was supposed 's spring 2014 runway, set under a canopy of foliage bright, to portray a beautiful garden after strange. Although the collection hit the Rav Simon appeared a procession of Nunes, vibrant floral patterns and shimmering brocade, and the makeup was arguably the most aspects of eye-catching of the show. Makeup artist Pat McGrath has created variations on the theme of gold brocade. The most dramatic look her trio consists of golden and pastel blue eyes topped by a gilded eyebrows. Believe it or not, with a few amendments to this over-the-top look is very wearable. We will show you how to re-issue any fuss from this girl look golden. 

See Gucci Spring 2014 
When Gucci sent models down the runway at its spring exhibition in 2014 in a combination of warm jewel tones, makeup artist Pat McGrath answered the call with a smoky eye in shades of similar metal. Was inspired by a series of unexpected cocktail of sports apparel Lux swirling illustrations of Modern Art artist Erté. This was followed by a bright basketball shorts and black mesh shirts embroidered chiffon gowns by makeup look quite remarkably complete - the big difference in looks beautiful. 

See Rodarte Spring 2014 
Rodarte's Spring collection in 2014, the sisters Mulleavy reflected on the past. Was inspired by a collection of common childhood in Los Angeles and was decorated models in the looks fit for any wild child of the '80s. Makeup artist James Kaliardos, and work with national agricultural research systems, creating a look that played on the aesthetic drawing Hollywood circa 1980. He sculpts the features of the models' with a matte bronzers and make their eyes pop with a sharp black and white cat eye shape. It look totally wearable for spring and easy even for beginners to do makeup. 

The beauty of your hair 

There are hundreds of different ways to style your hair in updo, but when it comes to a new look in the summer, and a simple method contained in this updo how anyone who is sure to become your go to the next. Bob Fu part, on the part of the trend pattern braided updo and this has it all. 

The talent behind this updo is easy Moroccanoil Artistic Director Antonio Corral Calero. We met in the Quartz Crystal Spa at Trump International Hotel Toronto to talk about his work at New York Fashion Week and summer hair trends. When it comes to looking polished to a formal summer event, whether a wedding, party or work history and especially you spend less time fussing with your hair, the better. Thanks to this updo how-to, you'll be able to make your hair look red carpet ready in less than five minutes. All you need is some hair spray, comb, and basic skills braiding very small number of pins. 

As the weather turns warmer temperatures and muggy make us want to spend less time playing with Bloodryears heat and tools as possible, it is not surprising that the summer is synonymous with even let your hair do its own thing. Curls loose, natural textures and patterns inspired by the beach are all popular during the summer months, but for those of us with straight hair needed a little bit of extra effort. Even before putting away the curling iron, read on. Because if there was one new technique summer style you'll want to know, how to get wavy hair. 

Show us how to get wavy hair Moroccanoil Artistic Director Antonio Corral Calero. I met with Antonio in Quartz Crystal Spa at Trump International Hotel Toronto to talk about summer hair trends, and his work was recently at Fashion Week in New York during the spring season in 2013 that inspired this look curly hair. Without doubt the biggest pattern for this summer is loose, broken wave. 

Wedding photographer and makeup artist, Dallas Curow 

Wedding photographer and makeup artist, Dallas Curow knows a thing or two about looking good in front of the camera and that is why we asked her to share her best beauty tips on how to shoot, too. Whether you are attending a wedding or other big event, you'll want to use these tricks the next time you know you will be in the spotlight! 

Wedding season is almost in full swing, and even if you're not heading down the aisle yourself, chances are high that many of the camera will be pointed your way. Means: If there is ever a day you want to know how to shoot well, and the wedding day to someone what it is. Aside from choosing a flattering outfit and practice your smile, the best way to ensure you shoot well through your makeup. But this does not mean you need to resort to a professional makeup artist to accomplish this task. With a few tricks and changes to daily life beauty routine, you can be sure that you look stunning as the pictures as you do in person. Follow the steps below and get ready to smile for the camera! 

 Hair is a fun one. Considering that it is a cover for our summer issue, made the only logical to take inspiration from Lana Del Rey for a tutorial hair. While it's often spotted styling her hair in waves loose part or deep side (both of which we just happen to get lessons so is: waves here, side-by-part here) fondness Lana Del Rey's '50s in and '60s means it unambiguously puffed more than once. Video for "National Anthem" is all about Lana Del Rey puffy and wears her hair up for a lot of her summer festival tour in 2012. 

While thinking about trying to add a few inches to the size of your hair may seem overwhelming, puffy is easier to master than you may think. If you can tease your hair, you can do puffy. Was created this tutorial puffy hair in conjunction with the hairdresser, a Toronto-based Margot Keith, who knows a thing or two about adding huge amounts of volume to offset the sleekest and heads of hair. It is made also learn how to do bouffant fully guaranteed. Read our full step-by-step tutorial hair.

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Shine with beautiful coats this winter

Shine with beautiful coats this winter

In this cold weather , show the need for each woman to the appropriate coat to shine in winter Atalaladtha , has featured an impressive array of coats on global platforms offers for autumn and winter 2013 , we chose from including 30 elegant coat in this topic .
Coats is the official of the most prominent trends this season , such as those that appeared on the viewing platform Dsquared ², and Christian Dior, and Lanvin, as we saw a number of coats large-size , which made ​​some of the fur luxurious display booths Loewe, and Chanel, and Emilio Pucci, and others .
Dating people that neutral colors are best suited for the winter, but that did not stand in the way of prints and bright colors on some winter coats , as nicely appeared on a number of global platforms offers .
View us the most beautiful coats this season , and choose which what suits Atalaltk .

Almitalak colors overwhelm the elegance of the "Street Style"

ffect the views of the "Street Style" significantly fashion trends ,  is fashion weeks they always  to wear what designers offer stands , has been Vtaatna in this period, the tyranny of glossy Almitalak colors views women you listening in the streets.
Give these colors a modern touch to Atalaltk , and are easy to coordinate the views of different multiple colors , which can be formatted trousers Silver trendy in the Lok my work with Top -colored autumnal beautiful , but you want to start simple to wear colors Almitalak attractive Fabdi acquisition piece accessory represented in the bag or shoes to bestow special character on Atalaltk .
We recommend not to yourself Thbar the colors Almitalak expected Calfda and golden, it is time to experimental shiny colors with bright colors and fashionable.
View photos , including what inspired autumn commensurate with Atalaltk of this season.

Fashion Fall and Winter 2012-2013

" Raucous Staana of color ," This is what we have been pleased by the curators on the global fashion weeks that advertise through the offerings of the most prominent fashion trends of the new season .
But this noise is different in meaning between the city and other cities fashion , the New York City is not complete only  who flock to attend the presentations that were not gone unnoticed by Hollywood magic this season .
The hustle and bustle of London Villabi like its , weather this city that breathes discover talent in fashion field of design Vtsqlha and send it to the rest of the international fashion houses .
With the bustle of the city of Milan , the capital of north Italian , Vmtam the qualities of sobriety and realism and the process of being made ​​for women to wear the clothes in order not watching them.
It remains Parisian bustle associated with the integrated elegance in fashion and accessories from bags and shoes emerged remarkably in most presentations.
And what 's new this season rebounds Turkish Fashion Week which took place in Istanbul, the Islamic Fashion Week , which took place in London in order to satisfy all tastes ...
Followers in this special catalog Bmodh autumn and winter all want to know about fashion and accessories of the new season and know the latest jewelry and watches launched by the world 's most important role .
The exclusive interviews With the American designer Donna Karen , which announced on our pages intelligently admiration for Arab women in their style and taste . The designer Michael Kors Vnasianh the Arab women were not to fall prey to overly trendy clothes .... This Arab women, gathered in this supplement your fashion sense , everything you need to draw lines of elegance in the new season .

Are  components for the youth of the skin from Guerlain

Chose " Guerlain " Guerlain exceptional view these two components , which form the astral skincare resistance to aging of the " Abay Royal " ABEILLE ROYALE and mediates these components Apetkarin Jdhiraan distinguished by originality and technical expertise. Two Mahtervtan steps to resist the signs of aging with the concepts and forms and unique effects . Msthoudran skin care Mrgoban the hard, high capacity and non Two specific .
Promote youth treatment for one month : Linking the emperors of China this component is the ability to promote youth as a super- rare precious material produced by the working bees . Also, royal jelly aims to be the exclusive food for the queen bee during her life. It's a real treasure in the hive of bees and contains nutrients such as sugar and fatty acids and essential amino acids , proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Research Center reveals " Gerland " Guerlain Today for protective capability * Special honey to enhance the royal treatment and resistance to loss of skin elasticity and elegance .
Royal honey showed exclusive " Guerlain " Guerlain Exclusive Royal Jelly ability to fight the impact of toxic molecules derived from the oxidation of lipids *. The protective effect , it is clear: the royal jelly is an excellent component to protect  from attacks raised by oxidative stress .
Promote youth treatment for one month : the skin in order to extend the essence of the exclusive properties of royal jelly purest forms, produced " Girl " Guerlain skin care treatment can not match the integration of innovation and performance only stunning composition .
Preserves the precious royal jelly , which is produced in the hive completely protected from external elements on its food as it is. Well, resorted to " Guerlain " Guerlain a way distinct packaging to preserve the ability of royal jelly to resist the signs of aging . This method , which include the production of plastic beads and one after the other managed to isolate the royal jelly in transparent membrane and extremely thin and control Bjrath and its quality and freshness even prepare treatment . Then, put the center of royal jelly -like granules " golden caviar " in the heart of the real disc-shaped cell beeswax triangular ribs and waits blended with complementary feeding and care embodied the active cream .

Make Up For Ever boutique opens in Istanbul

Established Make Up For Ever and Vepa Group technically exclusive event in Turkey on the occasion of the official opening of for the new Boteckha in Istiklal Street in Istanbul , consisting of 6 floors.
Inspired by a passion for Dany Sanz , innovative Make Up For Ever and her passion for art and education, highlighted this extraordinary celebration of the professional side of the Abrard sign painted on objects Body Paint stunned hundreds of attendees , including press and VIP in Turkey and celebrities.
Astmralahtphal on the second day where the tape was cut presence of Kurdish Nicolas , president and CEO of Make Up For Ever and  Ozatrhan , head of a group of companies Vepa.
Glamorous Lebanese singer Maya Diab was the guest of honor at the ceremony , which was attended by hundreds of fans Make Up For Ever

What is Explicit hairstyle ?

Witness Explicit hairstyle in great demand at the moment , do you want to recognize these close - up hairstyle ?
In this hairstyle short hair fresh and stable on the head , and take a V - shaped hairstyle , and the story tilted to the side .
To renew , you can use to be dried hair disheveled appearance with styling limbs outward away from the head .

Curl discharged but royally

We overlooked this season mannequins with many new hairdos and fashions , but most of them were plexus hairstyle striking , Vtsrihh Curl as Royal added greater vitality and sophistication on mannequins views .
Some braids are considered easy to apply, but others seem like a difficult application , but it is definitely worth a try , braids new this fall deserve to try.

Do you miss to make up smog ?

 The most important steps for professional rapid these panoramic exhausting the family :
1 - Mix more than one color of shadows with grades warm , so you get a simple and complex views and complex at the same time .
2 - Add a layer of eye shadow with black color , and begin mixes with rest lightly shadows .
3 - the official eyes of the Inner Balaj , Put several layers of dark black mascara anti-water .
* Get the smoky eye shadow box popular and highly Enjoy views of gravity .

Take care of your hair the way Star Jessica Alba

Due to weather factors , and the effects of unhealthy foods that 're , difficult for you to get healthy hair . In addition to the foregoing, turning the everyday concerns of women , whether it is a working woman , a student , or even a housewife, between them and do protein properly for hair care .
But Hollywood star Jessica Alba was able to achieve a difficult equation ; as though it is the mother of two children , and a global star at the same time , able to consistently appearing healthy and stylish hair . They do not do a lot of hair products , but it appears most of the time with her hair rich natural health and vitality .
You steps Alba , after each bath , to maintain permanent hair health and vitality :
1. After bathing , Leave your hair Vda outdoors, even dry naturally . This step of the most important steps to keep the hair from drying out. If you hurry, You can do  by a hair dryer, but on the middle class , while avoiding Keep dried on one spot of hair for more than a few seconds.
2. Valuation not immediately combed your hair is wet , but wait a bit until almost dry , then Dress Pettmhith .
3. And when combing , avoid the use of plastic brush that sends the static electricity on your hair , and Astabi them with a plastic comb wide tooth so as not to hurt your scalp .
4. Feed your hair creams and natural moisturizers . If you want to use some of the products chemical , Kalgel or stabilizers poetry , Vtjunba and placed on the scalp directly, so you do not clog the pores of the head and slow down the process of growth and healing hair, and contented himself by putting on the parties.
5. Not  on chemical products on a daily basis , although the star Alba need to use a lot of these products , because of the nature of their work, but in the early days of photography take into account the free appearing with her ​​natural brown hair .
6. Although it is a mother of two , but they are keen on getting enough sleep every day, and attached to this , saying : "The hair heavily influenced by stress , and when I neglected my hair to get enough sleep he was exposed to many problems , from the most important of drought and rainfall . "

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Style and fashion

Style and fashion

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Forms of elegance and fashion‬‏


Almitalak colors overwhelm the elegance of the "Street Style"
Affect the views of the "Street Style" dramatically in fashion trends , fashion weeks they stroll Sbaqon always to wear what designers offer the viewing platforms , has Vtaatna in this period tyranny Almitalak glossy colors on the views of Elegant ladies in the streets.
Give these colors a modern twist to Atalaltk , and are easy to coordinate the views of different colors manifold, where it can coordinate trousers Silver trendy in the Lok practical with Top -colored autumnal beautiful , but you want to start simple to wear colors Almitalak attractive Fabdi acquisition of piece accessory represented in the bag or shoes to bestow a special character to Atalaltk .
We advise you not Thbar yourself Almitalak expected Calfda colors and gold , it is time for the experimental colors shiny bright colors and fashionable.
4 forms a wonderful evening for makeup
Caldantil skin soft , and the shadows between light and strong , with a focus on highlighting the eyes, cheeks , lips are dewy either drawn accurately but non-specific ...
The idea of ​​coordination : a fourth -Zayat Wehbe
Lens: Charbel Bou Mansour
Makeup : Paula Rizk of Faces
Almsthoudrt used all available in stores Fax
 Makeup Qldn starlets Marilyn Monroe!
Known actress Marilyn Monroe and the extraordinary beauty that characterized the classic Hollywood glamor .
May like : Discover the best types of mascara to eyelashes Kalndjemat
When we mention the name of Marilyn Monroe , think straight platinum blond hair and red lips on the trademarks Alvariqtan which they characterize this actress .
Therefore , we offer you 10 Holyoodiat Qldn starlets Marilyn Monroe , and Decide for yourself Oihn embodied Marilyn optimally.
Madonna honored the singer famous for the moment Monroe Avatar of the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes when they sang the song 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend ( any jewelry are friendly favorite girl . " Thus, when filming the video for the song ' Material Girl '( the girl material) in 1985 decided wearing a beautiful floral dress , and put lipstick red enamel , as well as a decade of diamonds.
Angelina Jolie : You can insert the mysterious and beautiful actress Angelina Jolie on the list of beauties who Qldn Monroe . In 2002 , Julie decided to dye her hair platinum blond for her role in the film Life or Something Like It any life or similar . Julie reminded us of the views of the actress in the film , which brighten the star in the fifties , especially that Julie decided to use lipstick red color .
Michelle Williams : In 2011, Williams represented the role of Monroe in the film My Week With Marilyn " Week With Marilyn ." Thus, Williams was forced to dye her hair platinum blond and gained some weight . In addition, Williams acknowledged that she learned to represent both sides of Marilyn , any character that was exhibited to the public and women the truth inside. What a star dedicated to the tradition of Marilyn Monroe .
Lindsay Lohan : always acknowledged the young actress Lindsay Lohan as one fan Pmarlen Monroe , placing it on the list of stars of who Qldn Monroe . In 2008 , held a photo session with Bert Steam to remind the public hearing hosted by the imaging famous photographer with Monroe .
Lady Gaga : It is essential to include Lady Gaga in this list, because the great singer , in one Taladtha , recounted her hair and imbued platinum blond and put black eyeliner , on the way Monroe .
Paris Hilton : In 2010 , Paris Hilton came up as we mentioned inevitably Pmarlen Monroe at the launch of her perfume Tease. In fact, they look like they are wearing no clothes Halloween costume inspired by the beautiful blonde .
Gwen Stefani : Certainly that Gwen Stefani is one of the stars of women who have succeeded in the tradition of Marilyn Monroe, the most appropriate manner . In fact, it reminds us of her hair platinum blond and lips Ahamrawan Pmarlen in its heyday .
Scarlett Johansson : In one of the commercials involving young actress Scarlett Johansson to promote the perfume Dolce & Gabbana chose actress views reminded us greatly Pmarlen Monroe . The salute to her choice because it seemed a great beauty .
Anna Nicole Smith : You can not ignore the Anna Nicole Smith on the list of the ten stars of Marilyn Monroe who Qldn optimally. Look at the Declaration of Guess Jeans in the nineties and you will see how devoted itself to the example can be . But, unfortunately , equally willing to receive the two women were killed .
Kate Upton : Kate Upton aback at her image on the cover of Vanity Fair's celebration of its anniversary percent as it appeared in skimpy satin . What an actress knew how to imitate Marilyn Monroe .
6 Ways to be a makeup bag is fully prepared for the winter
If you want to follow the advice of specialists world to be rich makeup bag cosmetic tools that lets you fully prepared for the winter , before You will have a list of tips and steps that you follow , and these tips are as follows:
1 . The process of getting rid of all the old cosmetics in the makeup bag is the first and most important step towards beauty . According to the words of beauty experts , the active substances they contain skincare , Kalchrimat and serum , lose strength after about a year of use; , and more importantly, that the element of protection from UV rays found in most skin care creams weaken the least impact with the passage of time, which makes your skin a far cry from the protection provided by you of these lotions.
2 . Give yourself a rich moisturizing creams , as experts point out that the skin needs hydration to more than three times a day with high humidity and drought. If not do it , the skin will be extracted moisturizing stock in the internal layers , which will make your skin pale , dry and free of sunshine that you need it . So advise " Madam Net" to get a good cream , and fits your skin , to be the glow of your skin daily .
3 . Peel the skin gently , it was exposed to some clogged pores , after using creams to prevent the sun's rays , which works to combat harmful UV rays in the winter . So experts advise you to peel your skin gently , with the help of fresh fruit , and the mask will be a component of papaya or strawberry insufficient to peel your skin gently , but pleasant on the skin , before going to sleep .
4 . Seek the help of pal CC Cream instead of the foundation ; In the winter you do not need layers of foundation to hide the grain and freckles , because the creams control color and called Pkremat the CC is able to improve skin tone and standardization completely , without ever having to overloading skin Pkremat basically heavy .
5 . Enjoy Oud ; Kalozhar because smells light and citrus lose their appeal in the winter , the lack of it fits in with this atmosphere . Therefore, experts advise every woman to get a bottle of perfume smell of oud and musk and amber , to get the popular Zakia fit chapter.
6 . Others shape your nails ; Valozafar traditional long painted in bright colors may be stylish , but its time is over and over, and now is the time paint your nails dark colors , the Browns , red and black and oily , with a change to the shape of your nails short form 
5 Tips for Women of Mike Ryan
For you , do you accept the advice ? ?
Whether the answer is yes or no , certainly if you know that the advice provided to you from someone who is an expert with the situation will be different.
And because " Madam Net" looking for all that matters women , especially young women , it transports you to the following tips expert Hair World - Dubai-based and interpreter for the health and vitality of the hair in the Arab countries - Mike Ryan in the field of hair care and how to get the hair soft and smooth :
1 . The beginning , says Ryan: " The trick first to get hair smooth is Shampoo ," and explain it , saying : "Any friction between the hair may cause damaged directly, so the use of balsamic cream demobilization hair on an ongoing basis will prevent hair damage ."
2 . He adds : "The most important of the errors committed by the girl against the excessive use of hair products and hair care tools that protect much even lead to dry hair , causing a split in the hair fiber and damage ."
3 . For Balanced Care is advised three things , namely: the use of spray to protect hair from the heat , and maintain the use of balsam , and do a warm bath oil for hair on a weekly basis .
4 . And new in the field of cosmetics , Ryan refers to it aspires to produce more natural cosmetics that help girls who suffer from the problem of hair curly hair even receive softer and smooth .
5 . Ryan also confirms that professional hair cutting techniques may help get hair smooth , if the hair was cut in an orderly fashion , it is possible in this case to reduce the appearance of curly , in addition to classes that light it may reflect more of the figure salary for hair .

5 Benefits of aesthetic turmeric powder
Turmeric powder material is considered healthy and aesthetic , according to what we offer you five of the uses and method of preparation ; Vharba signs of aging by turmeric powder :
One of the most prominent uses of turmeric is to fight aging . Our suggestion to you that Tlji him across the following recipe . 're Heating the water and flour or flour , then Tmzejehma with each other , until you have a paste consistently. If you wish , you can use yogurt instead of milk or water . After that , apply this paste on your skin and your body , and let him dry , then Just wax lukewarm water . In this way , Sttseny you the opportunity to peel your body smoothly.
To treat pimples :
Turmeric will help to alleviate the appearance of scarring and inflammation of the skin , also helps in the control of fatty secretions . If Makecra TCO of turmeric thanks to the following recipe . Mix turmeric powder and drops of lemon juice and a bit of water , until you have a paste . Apply the paste on the affected area for 15 minutes . In the end, gently rub the mixture , by water .
To alleviate the cracks :
We encourage you to use turmeric to relieve stretch marks on the body and appearance . Mix the seeds , turmeric powder, a little milk , water and yogurt . Apply the mixture to the desired area . Dlkiha for five minutes . After that , remove the mixture by tepid water . Repeat this movement a day for two weeks , and you'll get great results .
Avoid dandruff and hair loss :
If you suffer from the problem of dandruff and itching in the head , we recommend using the seeds , turmeric powder . Some studies show the benefits of turmeric in the rejuvenation to the scalp .
To address the heel of the foot cracked :
We recommend the amount of mixing one teaspoon of coconut oil with a tablespoon of turmeric . Then Put the mixture on cracked heels , for 10 minutes before showering .
Colors " Jonathan Sanders " knows no bounds
Although the designer Scottish Jonathan Saunders Jonathan Saunders began his career with Fashion man late , but that the plan for men this was soon met with great success his family in order to get a prize talent promising British Fashion man in 2012. Perhaps the most important characteristic of his designs Hohma blending harmony between the patterns and colors that adorn pants , jackets , shirts, coats and even shoes , he paints each piece Nakech own and carried out manually, and here came the privacy enjoyed by its work. As for his group, which provided for the man in this season they are like Admama colorful wild flowers sunken in color, not color foreclosed on man in this season , and even the color of fuchsia and hired the designer in the views of Kajol along with burnt orange , green and brown wooden Turabi and blue water with various inscriptions such as zakat and Zach planned and dotted squares and Embossing . Has raised his designs for this season the slogan " simple and practical " and focused on the polo shirts, shorts , jackets and tight pants and sweaters knitted coats and shoes with military colors also appeared small details such as zippers, hoods and metal embellishments . He artist Tlat luminous inspired lines of the artist's works Icelandic " Olafur Eliasson ," which usually presents contemporary works conversing with light and enter the designer in this group ores new never dealt with such as wool Albuqlah mohair and some natural raw materials that Toaha in the small details The unusual decorations .
Here's an aspect of this group sunken colors and patterns.
What to wear in order to receive the new functionality ?
There is no doubt that the day of the interview for the applicant to function is a special day and worrying too. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind , when you receive notice of the date of attendance , is the specific question : Will I be convincing ? Will would get the job ? Of course , if every student wants to work to make best of what he has , and that is superior to others, and to the satisfaction of the offset . It could be argued that the clothes and dress style and color selection and consistency of the first striking and draws a first impression in the mind of the employer.
From here , we offer some of the commandments that had to be called to work on the selection of dresses and accessories appropriate :
• The first thing you have to do is wear clothes that show your kid to the job advertised and also towards the company , regardless of the type and nature of the work , because what she is wearing in the interview does not necessarily have an outfit that is required by the job.
• confusion fitting bring you a lot of functionality, because the interviewer will be his first thought about you during the first minute .
• interviewer does not wait for you to wear clothes and lavish luxury , because he realizes that the budget is simple, by virtue of your search for work. But he is expected to be clean and tidy clothes and unkempt .
• Wear a suit consisting of a jacket and pants , the same color , so that seems to look more serious and sedate . And away from the sports jacket as much as possible . Try to choose a suit with a simple, classic lines , and avoid unfamiliar fashion rage and loud . The colors , the most suitable one dark blue , gray, charcoal and dark olive -brown , with black seems appropriate for official functions of more relevance to an interview request function; do not mind choice for those who wish it.
• closed the jacket buttons when you enter the room . You can open it after it sits , but do not forget to Tagaflha , again , after the rise .
• If it is hot , you can wear a white shirt or a light color , with tie . Stay away completely from the T-shirt with short sleeves , especially if you put the tie .
• Choose the best long tie up to the area of ​​the belt, with a single color or striped colors quiet , with carvings or soft , no more than three colors .
• The shoe is the most important accessories in your style , it attracts consideration and paints an impression of the extent of your interest in your appearance and style in confusion. Select a color or black boots brown classic , and sure to be a bright and clean and free of defects. Pay attention to the heel and the shoe , which should not be obsolete .
This is what gave New York Fashion Week for the man
Many of our conversation in the recent period for New York Fashion Week fashion ready-made spring and summer of 2014 , and despite the fact that this event is totally dedicated to women's fashion , but some designers have decided to present some of the menswear collections displayed within .
In the group "Marc by Marc Jacobs" presented an impressive array of designer fashion inspired by the nineties of the last century we've seen them a number of allowance and men's shirts decorated with prints brilliant, as was the shiny fabrics Almitalak present in this group with the tyranny of black and white on them.

In the show "Y-3" of the designer Yohji Yamamoto has been Theme youth is the master of the show, where we saw a fantastic range of sports fashion that defined by the designer , and we drew the gradient on T-shirts and jackets.
We collected for you in the most beautiful pictures above his New York Fashion Week from Men's Fashion for Summer 2014 .

الجمعة، 25 أكتوبر 2013

Rose You

Rose You

Image result for woman floure

Rose You There are several events and world events through which shines Najmat glamor on the red carpet, we opted for a range of views of Hollywood beauties inspired them what you like and pick a magnificent view and distinctive. 

Diamond glamor and stardom, Stars Talguen in diamonds being one of them .... 

Women known for and penchant jewels, and they are attracted to the acquisition of precious ones, where sparkling jewelery charming touch to bring more elegance and beauty on women's views and attractiveness. 
Najmat has mastered wearing jewelry, precious and breathtaking recently in حفلاتهم, and their meetings, and technical programs to mix with diamond glitter gloss stardom and complete attractive and distinctive Atalalathen charm 

Otala Kalmlkat on the night of your wedding 

Varies most hairstyles world this season between the plexus and cake and Henaon elegant, and there are many girls prefer hairstyle queens and السلطانات in Atalalthen day زفافهن Despite his boldness and after the appearance of traditional, this panoramic rely on decoration and accessories for big and precious stones set in the form of a crown on hair which may be brought or منسدلا a crown decorated small or large depending on taste of the bride, it's a beautiful hairstyle break tradition and reflect Hairstyles past era in a modern way, where shines bride Boxsoar the outstanding increases elegance overlooking. 
 Crown fits all age groups for the bride, but all depends on the features of hairstyle bride and the shape of the dress, her hair color and nature. 

Evening dresses for Fall Winter 2013 - 2014 

As usual, do not spend the season of the fashion seasons only and offers international fashion designers finest and most beautiful evening dresses designs. 

For the autumn winter 2013-2014 season launched a new composition and wonderful evening dresses in Rome, within the Italian Fashion Week. 

Yellow color 

Yellow color of the sun and the joy and optimism, brighter brings unmatched views of the worn, has starred many of the artists in yellow radioactive in Hvlathen and backs. It seemed their beauty to brilliant أخاذا in Atalalathm this wonderful color. 
We collected you pictures of starlets in yellow, from the sun Najmat them in your opinion? 

 Jennifer Lopez shines on the white carpet 

Dissolved global star Jennifer Lopez as a guest of honor at the Human Rights Campaign in 2013, starred Jennifer Lopez on white Pfstan carpet of silk velvet dark red and doubtful hill, marked the high dress Biqath the studded. 

Title femininity in fashion Paul Smith for the spring and summer of 2014 .. 

Featuring Paul Smith fashion collection for the spring and summer of 2014 feminine and absolute elegance through shoulders Almtahedlh and broad belts and shirts open. And panel colors ranging from yellow and white colors suggest the spring and summer, refreshing, light and thin fabrics to reflect أنوثتك. Model enters the jacket with one button, a key element in the Group designs, while the pants are characterized by the high بالخصر gives you a remarkably feminine look. 

Collection Fall-Winter 2013 \ 2014 for leather creations of Wagner 

Inspired by the island of breathtaking and romantic, burdened by nature sing, came inspiration lineup Aigner new season of autumn and winter creations skin, where the beauty of the country who do not know the chaos, architectural styles and unique beauty of unspoiled nature, he led the house, located in Munich, Germany, to make images of natural scenery and rich bright features, flowing through exquisite designs do you mean by the new line-up. 

Riva group for this season 

As usual with a group every season we overlook Riva designs meet the taste of the modern woman seeking sophistication, elegance and simplicity at the same time. In her collection for autumn and winter 2013/2014 excelled in designs where Riva took care of the smallest details, which came to complement the beauty and charm of the panoramic. 
Autumn and winter range for the year 2013/2014, which was filmed in "Ki Dusan" in the French capital Paris, came on four parts variety to suit all tastes. 
Lineups First Unique Collection fit women bold striking with the view where the colorful harmony that seamlessly blended gold on the floor to reflect the elegance and promoted more women. 
The second selection Grays where characterized by black and gray colors with simple editions to fit women process and fabrics were used diverse as Alsatn and fur and wool. The third group is characterized by modern Graphic boldness and elegance have been used black and white color in addition to many of bold prints which dominated the fashion for this year. 
While recent selection process burgundy is a vital mainly depends on the color Annabi witnessed corridors offers in the fashion capitals of the world in this new season. 

Moe Shour daring dresses and warmth in the winter of 2014 

Glowing colors, bold styles, add a أرستقراطيا character a distinctive dresses, around Moe Shour designed the paintings tell the tale charm in a Once Upon a dress provided by the elegant lady seasonal autumn-winter 2013-2014. 
This kit comes after a series of successes achieved by the designer since his return from London to Beirut, and carried out a technical vision to look his wife, bold and elegant. And adopted on Alawrgenza fabrics that give smaller elegant designs, in addition to fabrics tulle and lace. 
And appeared fabrics renewed and distinct styles mermaid that highlight the beauty of women and femininity, as well as the adoption of the story of the "amp", which highlights the waist high, in addition to the Balorena ", a short dress with" Jawbone ". Pulled boldness in designs, the bold colors and fireworks, such as strong Red Blood Red, emerald green color, and color Albulash and black. 

Pure magic in the group, appeared in the wedding dress one, emerged colors gradient of white, ivory, seemed short of the front, long in the back, and mixed with the fabric of the "Gber" and French lace panel charming, the more glamorous stones Crystal circular, as well as decorated with flowers obtrusive than the "Gber". 

Emmy Awards 2012: dresses blue shine on the red carpet 

Seems to be turned into a red carpet in blue Emmy Awards ceremony this year; where starred many Najmat Designs International wonderful blue color varying different design months of Arab and international designers! 

Of the most important of stole the show on the night of Emmy was a fashion model and an introduction program design famous Project Rnoaa (Project Runway) that our return always Taladtha distinctive, Vlmat on the red carpet this year Pfstan blue-colored foam sea of ​​Alexander Vuthier did not show it never being a mother of four boys and on the edge of the fourth to be held! 

Julianne Hough also wore a dress wonderful sea foam-colored by Lebanese designer Georges Hobeika, and was accompanied by red carpet presenter for this year and broadcaster American Idol (American Idol) Ryan Seacrest. 

One of the finest dresses on the red carpet starred Australian actress Nicole Kidman, who accompanied her husband Keith Urban Pfstan, white and blue designed by Antonio Berardi. 

Sofia Vergara champion sitcom family of modern (Modern Family) was the center of attention at the ceremony sixty-fourth Awards Emmy, where she appeared Khoria sea Pfstan Blue Metallic creativity of Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad, was chosen most beautiful dress in the ceremony by many critics of fashion. 

Hayden Pantiar the dress in black, dark blue and gold of Markiza group was distinct and different from the others, and inspired by Indian fashion, but what put it in a circle criticism is that it was not suitable for a 23-year-old girl, but is the most appropriate for a woman Older. 

We saw the dark blue is also the star Michelle Dockery, who attended the Emmy a blue satin dress night won the admiration of many. 

The Zooey Deschanel comedy series champion New Girl (New Girl), فبدت the Kalomirh fleeing stories Pfstanha children light blue design designed Lebanon Reem cloudy. 

Did not stop blue here, but actresses and singers and announcers and Models others wore dresses designs are different in all degrees of blue on a carpet Emmy red, and of them; Archie Panjabi, Jane Levy, Lara Spencer, Jennifer Istfidelt, Maria Minons, Bates Brandt, Edie Falco and others of icons fashion. 

Design Shine Van Cleef & Arpels charming 

No stranger to the house, "Van Cleef & Arpels" Van Cleef & Arpels to embody the dreams of women lover of luxury and glamor. This flag has always Shratna rich designs that reflect its long history in the world of design jewelry and watches. In the latest collections for this year, summed up, "Van Cleef & Arpels" All the distances that take us to the world of beauty and dreamy views. In the jewelry set "Burley" Perlee, made of yellow gold and diamond Buraq, the house was able to satisfy the taste of every woman looking for a simple views and luxurious at the same time. Designs are soft and clear by, adorned with gold circles which Khabibat seemed charming and pearls that gave the pieces a touch of femininity. In a "Magic Alhambra" Magic Alhambra Dar felt that coming into the Garden to reap beauty of flowers placed in front of you in molds of rich gold, the result was a set of pieces that reflect the amenities of women and her paper. 
And share designs in hours, "Van Cleef & Arpels," where emerged two sets "Charmz of the" Charms and "Alhambra فانتدج" Alhambra Vintage at the forefront of this year's designs, which accurately characterized their industry and high professionalism. 
Here are the most prominent groups Dar "Van Cleef & Arpels" Van Cleef & Arpels of watches and jewelry. Choose those most suited to your taste and achieve your desire luxurious views. 

Haifa Wehbe new source to design your nails! 

We overlook the star Haifa Wehbe every day beautiful and attractive images stand out from which beauty, and compliance with global fashion, through the adoption of appropriate make-up and wear fashion, in turn reflected on the way we design nails. 

For this, the last of the star design on Instagram photographed during the episode "Talk of the Town" on the MTV screen with associates Mona Abu Hamza, where Haifa her nails are designed in black and white, and put chanel logo on two fingers. 
The same applies to every occasion show where the star, bearing her nails before the image we see in concert; Every time we see a bold and distinctive and clear selected to design her nails. 
On this basis, View Photos Haifa nails, and choose for yourself design of Emezk.

Of which overtook in elegance race this week? 

Surprise us every day Najmat attractive views of the red carpet or in a daily views during Tjohin in the streets, has been Vtaatna in this week 25 of the most beautiful views of Hollywood. 
I met many Najmat Saher ceremony held in Los Angeles recently, where Talguen the great views, it has emerged the star Charlize Theron breathtaking views as usual a gorgeous black dress signed by the fashion house's famous "Alexander McQueen", while her colleague, Amy Adams chose a beautiful blue dress designed by Lebanese Elie Saab creator, while Gwen Stefani has looked bright during carry Pfstan the beautiful silvery from Salvatore Ferragamo. 
As the falsehood in the views of Najmat this week Mutirhen on diversification in colors, where she appeared actress Carey Mulligan Pfstan yellow short and chose actress Kate Winslet dress wonderful red, while the beautiful Olivia Munn has emerged Pfstan colored bright green in the last Atalaladtha on the red carpet. 

Fashion Week offerings directly to the red carpet 

Ended up talking about Fashion Week for the spring season and the summer of 2014 after he enjoyed the follow-up to the most beautiful presentations. 
We need to wait for several months that those costumes are available in the markets, but Najmat who received special treatment from the designers, Vtalguen, after display Simple periods. 
 In this topic, we collected for you Photos Najmat who were the first to reach their hands to fashion spring and summer of 2014, View images and Tell us Oihn the most beautiful in your opinion? 
1 - Selena Gomez was the first fashion of wearing a "Versace" for the spring and summer of 2014, where a black short dress starred primarily during the show at Fashion Week. 

3 - Blake Lively chose a beautiful black suit of "Gucci". 
4 - Kiernan Shipka Block appeared suitable for old "Delpozo" at the awards ceremony "EMMY" during the period in which they are held offers international fashion weeks. 
5 - Jessica Paré kidnapped a beautiful fashion, "Oscar de la Renta" to shine in the awards ceremony "EMMY" as well as the. 
6 - we wondered, would be the first of fashion wears "Marchesa", came the answer from actress Kerry Washington, who wore a house designs for the spring and summer of 2014. 
7 - from the stars of "EMMYs" who Talguen the latest fashion, actress Julianne Hough was a sleek and silky dress from Jenny Packham, and got him a prominent place in the list of the most beautiful views of the ceremony. 
8 - Allison Williams changed some features of the Ralph Lauren dress and shone it on the red carpet. 
9 - J.Mendel put the elegant touches of a spring and summer of 2014 on the views of the star Kate Mara. 
10 - Laura Dern starred a gorgeous dress signed by designer Naeem Kahn. 
11 - Solange Knowles attended the Show "Noon By Noor" مصممتين's Searenetin Noor Rashid Al Khalifa and Haya Mohammed Al Khalifa, and bounced a Tsamimama days after the presentation. 
12 - Hailee Steinfeld got breathtaking views Pfstan of "Prabal Gurung" 

14 - Emma Watson wore a soft white dress from a "J. Mendel" new recently. 
15 - Kate Bosworth chose a beautiful suit "Thakoon". 
16 - Cara Delevingne was the first fashion of wearing "Saint Laurent" days after the presentation in a Parisian fashion week celebrations. 
17 - Rihanna got a jacket that grabbed the attention of the audience in the presentation of "Alexander Wang" for the spring and summer of 2014, just two days after presentation. 

19 - the bar was famous In Naomi Campbell's first fashion of wearing Roberto Cavalli Group in Dubai recently, has preferred to increase the length of the dress from what was presented during Fashion Week. 

Expert tips for safe winter stars on your skin 

With the beginning of the cold winter days, you might think the ladies that there is nothing more fun than getting a hot bath to relax and calm, but are you sure that this bath will be fun for your skin, too? 
Start describing the global Star Beauty expert Nichola Joss hot water bath as the worst thing you can the lady has to offer to her skin in the winter, you might strip the skin of all moisture barriers located by the use of a hot bath, even if once in a week. 
Advises every lady, saying: "We must تجعلي peeling skin from systems care of your body routine, if you peel your skin twice a week by peeled normal for the skin or a commercial product, you will not Tkona need a hot bath at all, Vtqhir skin would be enough to remove dead cells in the skin, and the renewal of blood circulation in the body. " 
And emphasizes Joss on the importance of moisturizing skin immediately upon completion of peeling skin, immediately upon completion of bathing as well, and adds: "After the completion of showers you will have 3 minutes to moisturize your skin by clogging the pores of the skin again, so choose a decent appropriate to the quality of your skin and the percentage of dry, and Treat the entire body Immediately after bathing, until the skin moist and non-porous. " 
In the end, advises Joss every lady to stay away from tight clothing and woolen fabrics thick, Vaankakea direct skin for long periods in the winter may cause dry skin, so Replace these clothes clothing cotton comfortable, and which do not cause skin irritation and dry, and bitch about soap cleanser and sterile, which may increase dry your hands and Thqgahma without you feel so. 

That's what made New York Fashion Week for men 

Many of our conversation in the recent period for New York Fashion Week Ready fashion spring and summer of 2014, and despite the fact that this event fully dedicated to women's fashion, but some designers have decided to provide some menswear within groups displayed. 
In the group "Marc by Marc Jacobs" presented an impressive array of designer fashion inspired by the nineties of the last century we saw, including a number of wildcard and men's shirts decorated with exquisite prints, fabrics were also Almitalak shiny present in this group with the tyranny of black and white on them. 

In the view of "Y-3" of the designer Yohji Yamamoto was Youth Skin is the master of the show, where we saw an impressive array of sports fashion designer known by, have a falsehood gradient on T-shirts and jackets. 
We collected for you in the above pictures beautiful his New York Fashion Week Men's Fashion for Summer 2014. 

Etiquette wife 

As if we were in the school, and ask us our teacher: Ahatrh that ...? And to access the end of the school year, where outgrow Ahatrh. 
I ask and I'm not a parameter and not because I am an etiquette expert, ask 
These particulars, but they only peculiarities إأني find wives of her friends reveal the secrets of her home and her marriage, or unfortunately boast of its power over her husband, greatly influenced, sad فأعود and ask: 
1 - of wives can turn the wrath of her husband to Scott or satisfaction? 
2 - Do not store their own wives word uttered her husband is in a state of anger? 
3 - wives and after many years show admiration for her husband like a first encounter with a letter attached to a gift he loves lattice? Despite all tired of years. 
Not one? 
Sure there .. Yet so Kleilat. 
Let's start with the first, may come your husband from his dear tired, or got the position with his teammates, Aarfait, you know Issa when he be angry, and pull his anger indirectly, and the pair needs Tdleilk here as if it were your child «Tredanh» He is angry, and remember that your spouse and not your enemy, put this in your mind, he wants the best as his wife, and the best daughter to your family, and the best mother of your children, and the best wife son to his mother, put in your mind and your heart always love and respect you, this is your husband Rafiq Green, your partner. The pair not only for your services, this is the right and duty of every Muslim, but there are things that Ntanasaha because most of our actions are our passion, your mind Vgma here before your heart, and you will find calm after that you Biskotk imposed will find what يسرك. 
- The fact that تخزني what is angry, many couples do not mean and then regret, and it is not necessary apologies to you or that Tlha him and Tzkrene every day of what is angry, the man does not like to apologize words, oral, most of the men their actions forgive them, and whenever a man strong and compassionate owned the heart of his wife more, Keep Madam to love you as if you love lady first and last name. 
Fled romance because Ancgalatk mother may Tenseek those romantic, but you Thtegenha, there Tlha on your spouse to express his love for you, Bzkaúk can you be تعيدي your life as if it were the beginning and Tjaddeda love, wife smart not maintain the love her husband, but is working to develop love between them. 
Man expresses his deeds, and you are your feelings and your beautiful, SEND to him as if you were before, and جددي this tender love. I know that you love him and are expecting it, and has the most beautiful feet likes of gifts. 
Remind you a simple story, couple of their physical easy 
At every holiday and often non-occasions to buy a wife to her husband what the likes of perfume or clothing or a mobile device and laptop precious and watch brand there is nothing left, approached the holiday wedding anniversary is thinking, there is nothing left no Tahedh him, and taught her children to provide what he loves and father also occasionally , what I gave him? At the beginning of their engagement was their forms of physical simple was in store for them in his pocket with a simple gift her whenever Otaha to her family's house visited by something he loves, Tissues colorful writes them blue ink «I love you» scented بعطره simple saying: «تذكريني always Keep Batra», presented to him pack perfume old, he was loved with a group of napkins colorful, inscribed with blue ink, saying to him: «I did not Onsk because I very much love you», I mean here being smart and Azraei always love in the heart of your husband, being with him in his grief and joy and Odjah and happiness, do not be it, It remains our Islamic religion and good taste of the transaction. 
TAS dear Habiba husband. 

Etiquette Shopping 

Even when نتسوق standing some people يدمدم the متذمرا Petkhirh clear, refusing to stand for the role pay his account, and many of the wrong behaviors found among shoppers and sellers as well. 
Lovers even يحترمنا others we have to respect ourselves first in all our behaviors, including shopping, In Etiquette simple market and fun: 
1 - be patient, and literature and taste are not exceeded and raise the voice role. 
2 - act calmly, especially if the store was crowded, Kzhma cuts or last week or occasions كالأعياد, here preferably shop downtown Week and the morning were not linked to the work, and preferably be equipped with supplies in advance of the coming holiday avoiding markets Traffic. 
3 - In the shop if you signed a piece of clothing on the ground of taste to bring them back as they were in position, and calmly away from the confusion. 
4 - Do not pay attention left and right behind you as well, and avoid a lot of talk, especially when the 'accountant'. 
5 - Do not carry the majority of purchases for your wife, leave little or lightest afford both Raafqatk the sister or your wife or your relative. 
6 - What Alzimkm you codification so as not to go back to the market again, especially wives can you remembered something Tudenh was your husband shopper should contact him and ask him to iPod your request with the new Male kind words to your spouse, do not forget, we mean the market for shopping and buying, although we are serious we define our shopping, and we know what we need and what we want, the market is not a place to hang out. 
7 - An event of disagreement between the shopper and the seller, and topped their voices do not stand idly and hinder people and talk to them is another problem 
8 - if any lost purpose must be returned to the official shop, and is responsible for sales announced 
9 - if any salesman in a bad mood go to the last, though I had preferred to take into account the feelings, we are all human beings and maybe you circumstances resemble ظرفه. 
Shopping Cart 
God wills Aaalkm play, romp and having fun, so why not let our children impede the movement of customers playing in the shop? We are happy because we Srvnahm us something not يتسلون us, our children loved ones may annoy others, nor accept for our children that someone is following wrong style بإيذائهم. 
They upbringing, there trollies them prefer to use them on before you can post you Billthm and at your disposal and Tnbhetkm, to learn from you etiquette shopping, and also we adults do not leave our vehicles filled with purpose and stand with a friend or relative نصادفه market retrace his memories and whoop movement of shoppers, especially lanes narrow, If your vehicle collided with a vehicle someone else here to apologize preferred taste words, 'Sorry' and similar beautiful words, and do not forget our respect for sellers and asked them, too politely, and you المهذبون the lovers forever and ever. 
Finally, there is an important hygiene in all places and markets required for us and for others, because we ultimately love love Nzaftkm and arranging upscale. 

Driving etiquette 

Driving art and taste, an image reflect the personality and literature driver, we note in our society some bad behaviors while driving a car, a negligence per se, for example, we find some of them driving put his right foot on the brake and the left brought by leaning out the door, never sound of the trumpet, and chewing gum in his mouth, or tries to draw attention to the Registrar who shall raise the voice high, here I wanted to give you some manners driving a car which is desirable to apply in daily life: 

1 - in order to maintain the car care بنظافتها and furnished with elegance and sure to clean زجاجها the agent bother you while you're driving, for your safety and the safety of others. 

2 - When you stand in the reference do not hit the horn and disturb others, note that everyone is waiting like you, it is best here to put distance between your car and the car in front of you. 

3 - while you stand also does not occupy yourself that stares car from are left and right beside you, you can talk with who sits with you in the car if you can not listen to the radio. 

4 - we see the phenomenon of children and young people to come out and waving his hand outside the car windows, and this poses a threat to them, you can make your children in a manner convincingly that this behavior is wrong and carries the risk, not chasing a driver Iendk and you drive your car, تتحداه that bother you, make sure that people saw him and his behavior silly and remain you the fanciest helps you, love for your brother what you love for yourself, and always look to take into account each driver driving, may be new to driving, sick or elderly sheikh driving slowly. 

5 - that happened tension between the two and the two lead and began wrestling each other and everyone is watching, be seasoned with them, and imagine yourself as if I were you, what is your attitude. 

6 - then please, please, the right is always open when referring not close it to park your car and delay others. 

Lovers like to remind you since my childhood and my grandmother or my father when we go to any place we mean arguing with my mom at its side my father, but my mother emphasizes the grandmother that if she did not sit by her son Stzaal too much, sit my grandmother in the car along with my father, and this is not Asgrena into others, on the contrary it is a summit in literature and taste, so it is etiquette car ride here that children sit in the back making sure to put safety belt, but Sheikh elderly and the old woman Vtgls on the right side of driving the car like my grandmother, but a woman Vtgls on the seat the right of the back, «not Azaalon the harem is not every day go out with you mothers husbands», dear Make sure exactly that this etiquette will live out the rest for all. 

7 - do not suddenly decide you are driving your car to change your direction and jump leap rabbit? Prepare yourself in advance planned for it. 

8 - each boasting presenting himself which penetrates noted, but they do not realize what doing bad بتصرفهم this. 

9 - When you leave school than necessary reduce speed 

10 - When you stand in attitudes Larkin own car in a manner consistent with car parking beside you, any be paved and do not touch the door from the side, and arrives first has the right to stop his car in the closest place to stand. 


And finally moved away from the Altvhit which يولع some young people is at risk behavior. 

The larger your son Be close to it more and make it your friend, and explained to him the seriousness of influenced his friends Mufhtin and you can sit with him and show him YouTube clips related to the seriousness of this act. 

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