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نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Poverty‬‏

Poverty is rampant in the body of the bug world, malignant disease and end up killing, kills and hits the poor and homeless every human being on the face of the earth. Despite all estimates and indicators and solutions that have been developed through expert poverty is still widespread, despite what the world enjoyed the bounties of spread from north to south and from east to west.

The causes of poverty
That poverty is the result of unequal opportunities, and to differentiate between people in rights and duties; for example, there are people who have more rights in exchange for more commitments, poverty is also a result of the geographical racism, human and racism; the sense that there is a region in the country is distinguished from the other in the care of and services Enjoy it, and another province does not have any interest in the service, which is also not commensurate with the importance of the region and size.

The reason for the imbalance between the regions to the authorities, which holds the government was only interested in staying in power; they lose a sense of the other, as if the head of state gives (injection Bing) to Akhaddrha losing a sense of the other, and tend education in the Arab world today to self and selfishness; they raised the lack of a sense of the other, but they and their children, and consider the remaining insects or objects of God Almighty chosen to serve them, and the longer (right Excellence) is our main concern.

Feel free many phrases on the lips of some people who were of the world, and I'm elegance, I am educated with knowledge; and this is a delusion, but some call it self-confidence, and this misconception because the ferry owner lost the sense of the other, do not know anything but himself and his interests, and the breeding of non-Islamic. Many are demanding the Arab sense of human animals !! How can feel their sense of a lost brother man.

I learned to work and do thou attend whole marriage, not this phrase frequency !! It is not important to you, but it is important that the children selves works; they only trustworthy !!, so they Vakedon of sense, and who has a sense of the other important learning religion and law and knowledge, not fit for the administration of justice, and achieve the goals of the nation in the administration of justice; because the Justice basis of governance, and in the Arab world underdevelopment is the basis of the judgment. Are you, O ruler live in an ivory tower? And shut yourself from others like the rest of the men responsible governance and the judiciary, ministers, and do not want to feel a sense of the people, but only in theory? !!.
As shown above, the real reason for the sweep of world poverty, in Prices are increasing, and jobs in the faded, and all this is due to the lack of application by the officials; they poet who sings Bhabibth without realizing that he killed her and unjustly neglected !!

What is the solution?

Maybe you can not solve this problem, or do not wish to be resolved to establish a balance between the classes in society, and to kill poverty. Honestly said if poverty was a man who would have killed him; we are not against the rich, but we build statues to them and to their memory, but their concern for the poor it in their favor, and they fight this poverty, and not be the goal of power and the rich that unequal, and that the spread of poverty and chaos, concern for the poor and humanitarian and moral duty to everyone.


نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪depression‬‏Depression

 Depression is very different from grief; Grief is a natural feeling suffered by any person in his life, and depression; it is psychological condition adversely affect the daily human activities.

Usually be depressed when a greater proportion of women than men, and do a lot of depression in young people more than the young and the elderly.

Symptoms of depression
Depression leads to a sense of sadness and gloom.
Depression leads to a lack of desire to do anything.
Depression leads to loss of desire in worldly pleasures.
Depression leads to introversion and isolation and the large number of negative thinking.
Depression leads to pessimism and look at things black lens.
Depression leads to feelings of guilt and self-blame and remorse.
Depression leads to a lack of physical and sexual activity.
Depression leads to lack of sleep or the tendency to sleep and rest.
Depression leads to a lack of appetite or overeating.

The causes of depression
Genetic and biological factors: This happens when one lives in a family with hereditary depression as a result of a lack of nerve conducting materials in the center of the brain, which in turn is responsible for mood and emotions, thinking and behavior.
Educational factor: This factor is one of the most dangerous factors of depression; because it conveys depression indirectly by watching children for their parents; they will take you to a certain styles and patterns, such as pessimism, depression, abuse conjecture, and anaphylaxis.
The conditions of life: It is not possible that life takes place on a stable ship without a harrowing life; Kovah Aziz, or having marital and family problems, loss of employment, and the deterioration of health, financial problems, and not to marry, and retirement is planned.
Personal disorders: figures from more susceptible to depression, obsessive personal owners know that rigidly inflexible, hysterical and personalities dominated by emotions and mood swings.
Organic diseases: such as the use of anti-pressure, stomach ulcers and other Parkinson's disease.

Types of depression
Natural narrow: feelings of depression in humans have a specific reason for a minutes or hours, and this type does not require medical intervention, and does not affect human life.
Normal sadness: a feeling depressed person is going on at the loss of a particular person, disappear within days or weeks, do not require medical intervention.
Adjustment disorder: This type of depression is caused by a specific event occurs, the injured, leading to the changing nature of life, and will continue this kind for several days and weeks and requires medication or psychological therapy sessions.
Severe depression: the most dangerous types of depression; it will be a companion to the mania, extends for several weeks or more, and lead to a malfunction, affects the mind, such as hearing voices and persecutory ideas, and may lead to suicide. This type is also called bipolar affective disorder.

Treating Depression
Drug therapy is considered safe for the patient with depression does not lead to addiction, and the patient can take anti-depressants, which lasts six months, although improved, so as to keep him in a good mood. These drugs are divided into groups:
Polycyclic (Heterocyclic AD)
Retrieval SSRI (SSRIS)
Retrieval of serotonin and norepinephrine inhibitors (NSRIS)
Mono amine inhibitors or Oksudaiz (MAOI / RIMA)
Massage electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

Aims to improve the ability of intellectual, social, and behavioral to the patient, and is divided into several types:
Cognitive therapy: a treatment based on misconceptions replace the patient's depression, more positive ones.
Behavioral therapy: converts depressive behaviors to other more positive.
Psychotherapy schools: school such as analytical and rational, and others.

Alternative medicine therapy
It uses the aromatherapy as: jasmine, bergamot, lavender, roses, chamomile is also considered one of the most important essential oils that help relieve depression and calm the nerves. Can take advantage of what said by placing a few drops of oil in the bathroom or on the cloth napkin and inhaling the smell.

In some cases of depression go away without any medical help or permanent treatment, but there are some who suffer from the effects of depression throughout their lives, which requires undergoing psychological sessions to ask for healing.


نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪depression‬‏Dogs

The dog animal back to the species of mammals, especially Alkalpaat who is also from poultry and meat that the animal has been domesticated by 14,000 to a year of 150,000, and is often the dog was described as a kind of useful animals and described the dog as an animal in and called ((best friend for humans)) and relative to the high estimated that there has so that it is able to remember the owner even if missed him for a long time.

And there are a variety of dogs and many different strains of a foul in gear and has many features that distinguish it from every other property type:
1. Hound
2. Fields dog
3. Herding dog
4. guard dog
6-Guide dog
7-dog slides, a type of dog used to drag vehicles that are going to move on the ice.

Owning a dog is positive, one of the things interesting and useful to family members of all, however, there are kinds of dogs can be dangerous and should be cautious in dealing with them, and may be non-breeding, or use of, or need specific training to deal with it, they are in serious nature and violent.

Here we mention the best types of dogs:
1_ Dalmatian dog
This type of dog back to the Indian origin of the Balkans, and this type is characterized by a series of great strength and intelligence and is the first place where it has spread to the continent of Asia, Europe and Africa, has been used by human kind of dogs in war and hunting.

2_ Boxer dog
This type of German origin and is characterized in that plump, a medium-sized and has short hair and no it was Imetzan they are very powerful, and one bite of this dog may be enough to kill larger prey.

3_ dog Canary Prisa this type originated in Africa and the Canary Islands this type is also called Canary dog ​​has been discovered in the Canary Islands in Spain, although the most important advantages are many muscles in his body.

4_ Dog Chow Chow
This Aalnoa dogs back to the ethnic Chinese and should the man who grows them to be patient because they are aggressive dogs and need to be cautious in dealing with them as they are characterized by smoothly they provided, which covers the neck significantly and dramatically.

5_ dog Dupree Man, this type due to the continued German, it is worth mentioning that this kind of as long as we've seen in the movies detective being a dog-Pulse first degree, and that the most important characteristic of this breed of dog they are an example of the sincerity and intelligence, particularly as this fidelity is only for her boyfriend, which stems from their hatred of strangers and more areas where it is used Doberman dog is guarding the area and wars being characterized by courage and not be afraid of something good and reliable.

6_ dog Alhski Siberian This type back to the origin of Siberia has been used in ancient times to transport goods and that kind of dogs live in cold places polar and is characterized as intelligent and energetic and brave and has a strange shape so that it looks like a wolf more than it looks like a dog by his actions and character and his actions.



State of Nigeria is Africa's largest country in terms of population, with a population of more than one hundred and five and fifty million people. Nigeria is located in West Africa, Nigeria and limits the Gulf of Guinea to the south, and Benin in the west, and Niger in the north, and is bordered to the east of Chad and Cameroon. As for the Nigerian capital Abuja are, and have become well since thousand and nine hundred and ninety-one, after the capital is the city of Lagos. And Nigeria is one of the most African countries to contain the national Taddiat and religious, where there are two hundred and various nationalist fifty, and despite the fact that English is the official language of Nigeria, but it is not the most widely used due to the presence of a private or local dialect derived from an African Language characterize every other nation in the country, and the most common of these languages ​​in Nigeria, Hausa, and Yoruba, and Igbo.
Abuja city in central Nigeria is located, and may have been planning to build a modern to become the capital of the federal country, and has begun construction of Abuja in the eighties of the last century, and officially became the capital in the twelfth of December, one thousand and Nsamaúh and ninety-one, and is one of the cities relatively modern.
Planning has begun for the construction of the capital, Abuja, since for Nigeria's independence, as the Nigerian state with a pluralistic character and carry a lot of ethnic differences and religious, so it was the first goal of the construction of the new capital is to make it in a neutral venue for both parties in the state, and may The choice of location in the center of the country to signify the unity of the Nigerian nation, despite its pluralism. The previous capital Lagos has become more populous cities in the country, and was followed by a city suffering from the problems that come with the population explosion, went though Lagos crises of unemployment and rising transportation and pollution, in addition to its warm tropical moisture and overfilling.
Abuja is an important commercial center in central Nigeria, and the city is famous as the home of the traditional craft industries, such as pottery industries, and cotton tissues, and a few industries, and others. And has increased the strength of the city as a center of economic extraction of tin them since the first half of the twentieth century to the present.


نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Dogs group‬‏نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪nigeria city‬‏نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪depression‬‏
نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Hair straighteners at home easily‬‏
 The soft hair of features beautiful women so all women are trying to work on smoothing their hair. Here we'll be coming to you and the natural qualities of hair straighteners, namely: -
The recipe is: -
Ingredients: -
Five tablespoons mayonnaise
Two tablespoons cream Barashwt
Cactus tablespoons oil
Tablespoon honey
Ground cumin

Method: -

Mix these ingredients together and maintain the same ingredients until you get to the homogeneous hair cream.

Then put it on your scalp for two hours and rinse with lukewarm water.

The second recipe: -
Ingredients: -
Flower Allisan
And coconut oil

How to prepare
Flower Allisan Put in a glass of water, then add coconut oil and Algelesaran to Tthsali on shampoo.

The third recipe: -
Banana peel
Olive oil
Castor oil with mayonnaise

Method of use is
Drying banana peel and grind to a powder and then add the rest of ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture of henna either for use Vdaah on your hair for 30 minutes does not is covered with hair bag Balastic then rinse your hair well and make certain that this process once a week, and you'll get a wonderful and healthy result .

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