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laughing benefits

The laughter as a form of expression of joy or happiness, show its effects externally rights, and is part of human behavior regulated by the brain, and helps to laugh at clarifying the intentions of the individual, and increased social interaction and share it with others; it is a reference to the human accept the positive interaction between him and the others . The laughter sometimes be contagious phenomenon, namely that someone might laugh stimulates the laughter of others around him.

what are the benefits of laughter !? :

Protect the heart:
It shows that laughing protects the heart indirectly, and because the mental stress caused an imbalance of the lining that protects the blood vessels, and that affected the lining of it resulting in some of the reactions that cause the accumulation of cholesterol on the wall of the coronary arteries, leading eventually to a crisis in the heart, and when a person laughs from his heart secretes cortisol (a hormone that is secreted when a person is under the influence of pressure) are few; so when the human being in the case of pressure and begins to exercise laugh; it reduces the secretion of the body to the hormone cortisol levels, as the body strengthens through secretion antibodies that fight the infection, which prevents hardening of the arteries, and then human infection angina or heart attacks.

Increased activity in the morning and sleep in the evening:
Among researchers that laughter is equal to him a hundred times the effect of exercise on the wheel for 15 minutes; Laughter works on the respiratory system and the diaphragm driver, and the abdomen, and the muscles of the face, legs and back.

And it proved to be suffering from spinal pain, and can not sleep soundly, if they have a laugh for ten minutes can sleep about two hours connected without pain.

Increase the efficiency of the immune system:

Defiance of pressure from the efficiency of the immune system, and works a sense of humor to raise the body's ability to fight infection by secreting antibodies, also promotes the presence of immune cells; When laugh that normal cells that destroy tumors and viruses increase, and frequently the secretion of the body of proteins that fight disease
Reactive arthritis Reiter's syndrome

Reactive arthritis, also known as Reiter's syndrome, is a type of arthritis that occurs as a reaction to the presence of infection (bacterial infection) somewhere in the body and most of the infections that cause the disease arise in the genital urinary tract - the bladder, urethra, penis or vagina - it is spread through sexual contact, a form of the disease called urogenital Reiter's syndrome. Other diseases that can cause reactive arthritis include gastrointestinal infections caused by eating contaminated food or dealing with contaminated materials, called Reiter's syndrome, digestive, intestinal or Reiter's syndrome.

Who gets Reiter's syndrome?
Reactive arthritis affects young people between the ages of 20 and 40. Often.

What causes reactive arthritis?
Reactive Arthritis occurs, or Reiter's syndrome usually after infection caused by bacteria, such as chlamydia (sexually transmitted diseases) or Salmonella (a bacteria that can contaminate food). It is important to note that reactive arthritis disease itself is not contagious, but the bacteria that causes it is contagious dramatically.) And about 80 percent of people who develop the disease have a particular genetic marker genes called HLA-B27.

What are the symptoms of reactive arthritis?
Reactive arthritis may cause the classic symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, such as joint swelling, redness and pain, as well as the symptoms of urinary tract infection and conjunctivitis (eye inflammation) and in the following table the most common reactive arthritis, which may occur all or some of the symptoms together

 Rating Scale symptoms of Reiter's syndrome
Arthritis symptoms
Joint pain and inflammation that affects more often the knees, feet and ankles
Tendonitis, which is based on bone (enthesopathy), which may cause pain in the heel or the Palace and the thickness of the fingers
Tottenham heel, a bony growths in the heel can cause chronic pain
Spondylitis (inflammation of the spine)
Sacroiliac joint inflammation (arthritis, lower back)
Symptoms of UTI men:
Increase urine production
A burning sensation during urination
Discharge from the penis
1.althab cervix
2.althab urethra, causing a burning sensation during urination
3.althab fallopian tube (trumpet)
4.althab vulva and vagina

Symptoms kind
Red eyes
Painful and irritated eyes
Blurry vision
Inflammation of the mucous membrane that covers the eyeball and eyelid (conjunctiva)
Inner eye inflammation (uveitis)

Treatment for reactive arthritis:
Is determined treat reactive arthritis by a physician based on:

Your age, overall health, and medical history
Over the evolution of the situation
The ability to withstand the specific medications, procedures and treatments
Expectations for the course of the case
Patient preference. Reactive Arthritis
Treatment usually includes antibiotics to treat the disease, which causes symptoms of reactive arthritis and may also include the treatment:

NSAIDs Algersteroiadah.
Cortisone to reduce inflammation.
Immunosuppressive drugs, such as methotrexate to suppress inflammation.
Comfort to reduce pain and inflammation.
Exercise to strengthen muscles and improve movement after healing.
Ways that relieve the pressures of life as a mother you

Being a mother, it means you're always busy throughout the day, so it's natural to feel nervous mothers and pressure.

We have five simple tips so that we can relax and de-stress, you deserve it!

Deep breathing and meditation:
The great thing about deep breathing and meditation is that it can do wonders for your mind and your body, and you can practice anywhere, anytime! You have to do first thing in the morning, before you go to sleep, or while waiting for your kids in the car, try to incorporate these habits in your daily lifestyle, you will feel the difference!

Simply Close your eyes and begin to breathe slowly and deeply using the abdomen. Try breathing five times, and exhale the same Trivh.amkink teach your children to do this with you to relax!

Take advantage of your time:
If you are always busy, you do not worry, you can still use some simple tricks to create a vacuum for your time. Think of something you enjoy doing, such as reading, writing, listening to music or even sewing. You add these hobbies into your daily life. So, next time if you're waiting for your child's role in the doctor's office, you take your favorite book, and start reading. This helps to pass the fastest time, and will make you feel that you have done to exploit the time.

Most mothers complain that their children do not leave them enough time to exercise, but the good news is that you can teach them exercise with you! It can be as simple as going to the sport jogging together, or even play some music and dance around the house. This will make you feel you're the best, and it will also help your child to start playing sports at an early age!

wake up early:
Try waking up before your children to 15 minutes, you will feel the difference. You can use this time to relax and eat a cup of coffee, or you can practice any hobby you do like, or you can even use this time to prepare breakfast and clothing.

Do not try to be the complete and Tdqqy detail:
The most important thing you must Tokhve in mind is that you're a human being. A lot of mothers Tdan a lot of pressure on themselves if the dinner was a little late, or if the house is full salary. Tell yourself that everything is fine and that you are doing your best! Concentrate on enjoying every moment with your family. Then you'll be happier.
How to cure hemorrhoids fast with 10 domestic routes and with a magical effect

Considered hemorrhoids painful problems that it strikes and haunt our lives this common problem occurs in the veins at the anus and rectum that become swollen and inflamed and contributes to the occurrence number of factors such as gravity, family history, constipation, and a low-fiber diet, heavy lifting, obesity, allergies food, lack of physical activity, pregnancy, sit or stand for long periods of hemorrhoids are basically two types - internal or external. So that they are internal hemorrhoids develop inside the rectum external hemorrhoids are located directly under the skin around the anus.
Some common symptoms of hemorrhoids are blood clots or lumps around the anus, bleeding during bowel movements, and irritation near the anal area, and the desire to go to the bathroom even when there is no stool. If left unchecked and untreated for too long, the hemorrhoids also lead to complications such as chronic blood loss, tissue death and cancer of the colon and rectum or even anus. Fortunately, it is very easy to treat hemorrhoids and relieve symptoms with simple ways and using natural ingredients.

Here are the top home remedies for hemorrhoids:

1. ice (snow):
In the treatment of patients in homes the first tips that are recommended ice. Ice will help to constriction of blood vessels, reduce swelling and help relieve pain instantaneously.
Put an ice bag or a piece of ice Mabh partially wrapped in a cloth directly on the affected area for 10 minutes. To do so several times a day until symptoms subside and the pain caused by hemorrhoids.
You can even use a small package of frozen vegetables such as peas or corn Wolf this package in a towel and then placed in the affected area. Do it for 20 minutes at a time, three times a day.

2. Aloe vera (aloe vera gel):
Aloe Vera is one of the best natural ingredients to treat hemorrhoids because it has anti-inflammatory properties and help reduce the irritation of hemorrhoids. Aloe vera can also be used both for internal and external hemorrhoids.
For the treatment of external hemorrhoids, put a little aloe vera gel in the anus area and begin to slowly massage This simple treatment relieves pain and soothe the burning sensation.
For the treatment of internal hemorrhoids cut aloe vera in the form of strips make sure to cut off parts of the fork-like plant. Put slices in a bowl and freeze. Aloe Vera put icy cold in the hemorrhoids to ease the pain area, burning and itching sensation.

3. Lemon juice:
Lemon juice contains many nutrients that can reduce the pain of hemorrhoids by strengthening capillaries and blood vessel walls.
Saturate cotton balls with fresh lemon juice and put it on the affected area. Initially there will be some sense of light pricking or burning, but after a few will not hide the pain gradually.
Instead, put half a lemon in a glass of hot milk and drink it. Do this every three hours for best results.
Blending half a teaspoon each of lemon juice, ginger juice and mint juice and honey together and use it once a day.

4. Almond oil:
Almond oil, known characteristics rain and absorbed deep tissue is mainly used to treat external hemorrhoids.
Cotton balls immersed in pure almond oil and placed on the affected area. It moisturizes and reduces inflammation, and will ease the sense of burning and itching around the anus. To do so several times a day.

5. Olive oil:
Olive oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, and is used primarily for the treatment of external hemorrhoids. It will help to increase the elasticity of blood vessels, which in turn will help reduce inflammation and shrink swollen blood vessels in the size of the anal canal.
Use one tablespoon of olive oil per day. It will help to reduce the inflammation and the presence of monounsaturated fat improves the function of the excretory system.
Crush juice from some plum leaves and add it to olive oil and put this mixture on the affected area hemorrhoids and will give you relief from pain and swelling.

6. Whole grains:
Start eating whole grain products if you are suffering from hemorrhoids. Whole grain products contain a good amount of fiber, which is highly effective in relieving the symptoms of hemorrhoids and prevent bleeding.
These nutrients help to clean the digestive tract, preventing constipation and allow the colon to work more efficiently. Fiber-rich foods can soften stool and increase its size, which helps reduce stress during bowel movements.
Some of the best whole-grain products are oats, barley, corn, brown rice, and buckwheat.

7. Honey Witch (Witch Hazel):
His medicine properties and help relieve the discomforts associated with tumors where it can help astringent to shrink inflamed blood vessels and relieve pain, itching and swelling.
Moistening Qatanna of honey in a charming and place it on the affected area of ​​hemorrhoids. To do so at least three times a day.
Instead, you can buy the therapy pads that contain witch honey. This moist platforms can be used instead of or with toilet paper. This is a good way to protect the anus of irritability and microorganisms.

8. Apple cider vinegar:
Due to the astringent properties of apple cider vinegar, it helps shrink swollen blood vessels and gives relief from the swelling and irritation of both internal and external hemorrhoids. Make sure you use vinegar filtered and non-pasteurized to achieve faster results.
In the case of external hemorrhoids, gently press the sunken cotton balls in apple cider vinegar on the inflamed area. Initially there will be a sense of tingling, but soon you will relieve the itching and irritation. To do so several times a day so as to diminish the swelling.
In the case of internal hemorrhoids, adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water and drink it at least twice a day. You can add honey to make the taste better.

9. Black tea bags:
The presence of tannic acid in tea is a kind of natural astringents that will help reduce the swelling and pain associated with hemorrhoids.
Moisturizing black tea bags in hot water and remove it from the water and let it cool down a bit, then place the wet tea bag on the veins bulging warm for 10 minutes. Do it two or three times a day.
Instead, you can use the cold bags for five to 10 minutes.

10. drinking water:
When you suffer from hemorrhoids, either internal or external, you must increase the amount of water that you drink try to drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day. Adequate water intake helps to cleanse the internal organs and moisturize your entire body. It is also easy bowel movements and keeps softer stool, and reduce stress. When you do not drink enough water and other fluids, the body cleaning process will be slow and there could be a build-up in the intestines of the waste. The end result is to be hard stools, which makes the problem worse hemorrhoids.

Tips for those who suffer from hemorrhoids:

 Improve the cleanliness of the bathroom and make it less likely to form external hemorrhoids. For example, use napkins or towels after entering the toilet and these wipes are available in most grocery stores and can remain in the bathroom.
 If you suffer from bouts of painful hemorrhoids without feeling better at all the work on the frequency on the bathroom several times a day, for ten minutes at a time. Also, you may get some relief by putting cold compresses on the affected area.
 An ice pack on the area of ​​hemorrhoids is an easy solution. Ice pack can help reduce the pain of hemorrhoids so placed directly on the hemorrhoids.
 Hemorrhoids often cause overgrowth in the intestinal muscles. Therefore it is important for you to stay aware of the daily stress if you suffer from recurrent hemorrhoids.
 You may get hemorrhoids because of the heavy lifting. If you suffer from hemorrhoids all the time should be looking for a way to reduce the lift anything heavy.
 To ease the pain of hemorrhoids, and you are suffering from obesity, especially the presence of excess weight in the abdomen increases the pressure in the veins. You can reduce this pressure by losing weight and a high-fiber diet and avoid taking laxatives to lose weight.
 Taking the supplements of fiber every day, especially if you do not consume a lot of fruits and vegetables and to ensure that drinking 64 ounces of water a day.
 You should drink plenty of water every day. This helps to avoid the pain and the comfort of hemorrhoids. Water is a wonderful treat for constipation, lack of drinking water is a common reason for hemorrhoids. It can also help you to comprehensively cleared by the body in an attempt to drink 10 cups of water each day.
 Avoid spicy foods or caffeine, this type of foods can cause intestinal irritation and aggravation of hemorrhoids. Moreover, these foods may be working to increase local inflammation, causing pain even You can not sit or use the toilet.
 Do not rely on laxatives, these laxatives can help with constipation related cases so as to facilitate bowel movement, but it can not cure the problem of hemorrhoids themselves.
 If you suffer from hemorrhoids, one good way to get some rest when you sit down is to use a pillow in the form of a donut. It has been designed down to give a more comfortable while having to sit down with hemorrhoids.
 Run a lukewarm bath and sit in it with knees in the corner. Water about hemorrhoids help to relieve pain and inflammation and warm water helps the blood to reach the hemorrhoids, and will work to get rid of the swelling and pain.
Skip stretch marks in pregnancy

An example I've discovered since two small I was pregnant. Many of my friends from the women who became pregnant before they said to me that there pulling signs appear on the skin during pregnancy in certain areas of the body - such as the abdomen, breasts, thighs area. Is there anything I can do to avoid these signs?

Labels that appear on the skin are a result of stretch marks during pregnancy. In the beginning these signs tend color to red, but after a few months become white and thin. These signs is normal during pregnancy, but there are other factors involved, such as heredity factor. Do not worry too much might not occur to you.

But it is important to know that there are these signs appear as a result of rapid fullness that occurs in certain parts of the body. So try as much as you avoid unnecessary weight gain and food. Also of the fourth month, use a day cream of your kind protection of these signs contains vitamin "E" (or moisturizer for the skin means) and on the abdominal area, thighs, and breasts to increase skin elasticity and Taraute. This will help the body agrees with the increase occurring which reduces the occurrence of these signs.
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