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Learn the best ways to train dogs

What is the proper time to train dogs? :
You can train a dog immediately after five months and beyond that age to be able to accommodate the complex training lessons, he is so old to be eligible for the mentally and physically received various lessons

Of what it should be noted that the dog breeders those lessons immediately after it has successfully trained his dog some basic exercises Statistics

How can you make the dogs sit on the bench ?:
This training is to teach the dog to sit steady and without a series on Mqdh so that his body and head in the perpendicular to the ground situation and face the front of the eyes look at the stability of the Imam and the highest level of training to install Training Series and Alkhanaqh starts and then walking the first dog in random directions until it becomes quiet and friendly response to Stomrh him then suddenly standing coach and utter your word training this matter with the pronunciation of the dog name with this term, as the trainer by pressing the left hand on the back of the dog appeared even sitting on the floor Bmqdh, then comfortably right hand pushing back on the chest of the dog in order to prove this situation, and when the dog succeed to take the correct position should be on the coach to show him Ktaara of pleasure and Adaabh

Repeat this movement more than once during the training period that the dog gets used to the word associated with it to take the situation
How can you make the dogs slept firmly on the ground?:
 He is teaching the dog to take Alodah where his head up and the front legs extended forward and back in a full relax and have in front with a building on the stool and the entire abdomen on the floor

To train the dog so you have to hold the dog chain with the left hand and then made him sit on the stool, then will draw a little chain with a tendency towards the dog from the front with a lift right palm like Stdharbh then Pronounce it that you choose for this training sharp voice forces with draw string to the bottom of the hand At the same moment the left Move to stop the dog's head hand

Once you have these steps you'll find it to bend forward, then you have to strain to help him with the left hand front legs forward to sleeping in this position and then leave it so after about two minutes and then called him to come to you and repeat these steps to succeed so

How can you make your dog come to you once you call it ?:
This Althrip of the most important exercises, where you that succeeded it, the dog will leave any work done and come to you when they hear his name, and success coach in this Althrip is the first measure and the larger the skill because it was able to make his dog gives up anything occupied to come and comply with the orders of coach

This type of exercises begin using the string and without it until the dog learns this well the important lesson, and it is worth mentioning that even the coach to succeed in this task by the dog in the beginning back bonus when you comply with the orders, with the need not to be subjected to punishment if they Khalvha

When direct this training tried to be at first inside the park and using a long chain so that at least in length from two meters, used in the first word and then stand in the face of dog perfectly chain in the left hand and then called on the dog's word and at the same moment will draw the series with the left hand and point out it by hand the right to appeal any movement

In the beginning it will fail the dog, but after repeated training to many times the dog will be able to carry out the training successfully by using longer strings at a time until it reaches the length of the string to about ten meters Every time when the dog up in front of you this appeal utter the word which you have chosen Repeat this several training times that succeed do so without the use of his chain

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