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The evolution of fashion and change

The evolution of fashion and change
Marketing is more than just advertising and selling. It is a complex process adapted to each product, idea or service approx. For example, when you go to the local market to search for a banana or fresh fish, you enter the market area. The fish seller the Morning بصيده market and presents options for its customers fresh fish or dried fish in different shapes and types, he marketed his goods with the specified value and with the price set to a specific group of customers to meet their demands and needs. If one does not buy dried fish, it can take a decision only offer fresh fish instead of dried fish, which does not want its customers. This is a simple example of the concept of marketing in action.

And the famous street markets in London
London is considered, the beating heart of Britain, one of the best and finest in the fashionable shopping capitals of Europe and the world. It attracts millions annually from various regions of the world, including visitors from the Middle East, where they come to spend their holidays and enjoy upscale shopping opportunities provided to them by this charming city.

Famous London باسواقها and luxury stores and high-end Super Stores Super Stores such as Harrods and Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Debenhams and John Lewis, and others. Broad long list is endless. The advantage to suit all tastes and prices to suit everyone. In addition to the Super Stores there are smaller stores that sell goods highly in quality and competitive prices.

Shopping in London fun and entertaining and a great opportunity to buy a rare and beautiful goods for Ahbab and friends in the homeland. And London markets compete with all other global markets in quality and cheap sales, and London is always the forerunner of all that is new in the world of shopping It is a city steeped in trade and a long history of bringing goods from all over the world, making the markets strategies developed to satisfy the buyer in various ways

Start with the most important and the most famous street for Tswoq:
Oxford Street Oxford Street
The longest Street Tswoouk in Europe
The shops are all distinctive in Aloksford
And impossible to walk around at all of these stores in one day and plentiful. Accordingly, you'll find yourself compelled to take a break from time to time. Perhaps in one of the restaurants or cafes. Especially in the narrow streets branching from Oxford Street. Such as pizza shops, restaurants and Arabic etc.. Like the famous Accessories restaurant in the center of Oxford Street, and probably will have to return the next day to supplement your shopping tour

Open shops and Oxford Street shops days Monday to Saturday from nine in the morning to five and a half, and some of them to six in the evening. Except on Thursday, where these shops open late, from nine in the morning to eight in the evening and some of them to eighth in the evening. Followed in this tradition shops and stores streets. Such as the famous Regent Street, and Carnby Street, Naopond the Street, Oldbund the Street. Each of these side streets branching out from the streets of other no less than others because they contain very wonderful items in quality to the owners taste.

The most important complexes in Aloksford Street
The Selfridges Shops
Click this bar to view the full image.
From high-end complexes in London
Shopping fun:
For many people, shopping does not mean just a way to get what you want. But it is a hobby and a fun style to chat with friends and practice a little sport and learn about the world. When it comes to travel abroad, shopping is a wonderful methods to practice English and learn about local culture and products. If the shopping of the things that you enjoy, we must study the material presented on this page to learn English vocabulary for shopping. Do you go out shopping a lot? Do you spend most of the time in the watch exhibits sale or you are looking for something special altogether? What is the most preferred fashion?
Is a set of activities carried out by individuals and organizations in order to facilitate and speed up transactions and exchanges in the market in the context of the environment and market conditions.
The marketing focuses on the needs of customers through integrated marketing efforts produce good sign and good customer needs to satisfy these requirements, and are achieving the goals of the institution through customer satisfaction.
The process of selling part of the marketing efforts, but they focus on the product of goods or services, through the efforts of the sales and promotion, and organizational goals are achieved through sales volume.
Marketing is more than just advertising and selling. It is a complex process adapted to each product, idea or service approx. For example, when you go to the local market to search for a banana or fresh fish, you enter the market area. The fish seller the Morning بصيده market and presents options for its customers fresh fish or dried fish in different shapes and types, he marketed his goods with the specified value and with the price set to a specific group of customers to meet their demands and needs. If one does not buy dried fish, it can take a decision only offer fresh fish instead of dried fish, which does not want its customers. This is a simple example of the concept of marketing in action.

Basic marketing concepts
I've been the definition of marketing in more ways than one as defined by the British Association for Business Administration that define and identify customers' needs and satisfy these needs, generating a profit on the facility or company. . And she said the British Association is the physical aspect and profit in the marketing process ...
The definition of the philosopher catalog marketing spiritual father ((Professor Philip Kotler PhilipKotler))
He knows marketing that human activity is designed to satisfy the needs and demands of humanity through interactive processes. This definition is what I find myself inclined to him because he discusses marketing in a holistic manner and up to demand basic marketing and his desire

Which consists of marketing activity
Of the four basic elements identified by the "Jerome McCarty" professor and consultant prizes and owner who invited marketing tools for a successful policy 4P's

Marketing tools for a successful policy 4P'S

- Product Product:
I mean it will offer the same market, especially the product and packaging and collection services obtained by the buyer when you buy the product.
- Distribution Ooualemkan Place:
Arrangements that work to make the product available to the buyer and his arrival to the target market.
- Promotion Promotion:
Means communication activities such as advertising, sales promotion and direct mail and enlightenment ads and temptation or a reminder about the target market are the product and its benefits.
- Price price:
Means the price of the product in addition to other fees for delivery and authorization .... etc. "and we will clarify these four elements in detail later"
Then came the giant marketing Kotler and added two other key elements, namely:
- Policies Politics:
A country that Thzermn cigarette advertising, companies will be less cigarette producers sales and ATTRIBUTON.
- Public opinion
Public Opinion: American societies were at one time seen as a glance beef is grainy and thus the companies bovine meat producers that you pay the excess funds in order to change the image of his product in front of public opinion.
You should note that the elements of the marketing mix is ​​not limited to these six elements, but also that every leader in the science of marketing has added a new element to this group among them:
- To Arzatfedo put another element to the mix catalog is the element of "Speed ​​Pace", which is an important element in marketing what is the benefit of a product was produced with high quality and was promoted and the price was appropriate, but the product is needed today we receive after a week no doubt that this negatively affects the process marketing
- The Gooden has added four other elements, which was the most important "element of trading," says Godin / / optimal only way for the development of your projects is to help your customers to tell others ordered your product \ \ "Prepare the arena and then cleared the way"
The marketing activity to identify the category of target customers. Study their characteristics and their behavior and habits of life and purchasing power. Identify their needs and desires and aspirations. Directing efforts established towards the production of goods and services that satisfy these desires, quantity and time, and the appropriate quality of this target segment of customers. Guide the organization's efforts to inform this category availability of goods through the promotion and advertising. Directing the efforts of salesmen (Sales Men) towards the use of appropriate methods for each of the product and the client. Directing the efforts of established some ways measure Arzaouabril. Directing the efforts of established about ways to increase the satisfaction of employees in order to retain and add new customers. Directing efforts towards the establishment of an appropriate pricing policy consistent with existing laws in the market environment and with the market share and the impact of competitors in the market. Success requires to win the satisfaction of consumers, customers and meet their needs and desires and make a profit, growth and continue for any organization to take into account those variables that can be controlled Kmsouk, which is also called the elements of the marketing mix,
And that can be controlled in the quest to satisfy the needs and desires of consumers in the markets referred to in short as 4 P'S:
(Product Product, and Price Price, Promotion Promotion, distribution or place Place)
• Product Product: It is one of the most important components of the marketing mix and reflects the good or service produced by the company to achieve the needs and desires of customers, in addition to everything related to the product, whether the product or service, it also includes to determine the name of the item and the brand, which must be accepted, easy to remember, and the color is desirable and a good size and shape, and should be considered to be the product specifications and quality acceptable to the consumer and to ensure good and many other decisions that must be taken care of. All decisions relating to the design and components and Item colors and so-called commodity mix.
• Price Price: not enough to produce good products achieve the wishes of the customer required, but the price should be set for return acceptable to the consumer, price quoted ÇáŰÇáí may alienate the consumer of the commodity thus tries to find alternative goods with low prices, as the price that may lead to little backfire should the companies and organizations studying pricing policies careful consideration in order to reach an acceptable price for each of the company and the consumer. As a general rule can not sell for less than the cost price which represents the lowest possible prices in the market except in special cases and can not sell at a lower price than competitors, the highest price for their goods in the market. And called on all decisions relating to access to the right price (mix Altsaira). One of the ways that can be followed in determining the price: cost-based pricing, and pricing based on demand, and competition-based pricing, and pricing on the basis of the consumer.
• distribution or place Place: It means the whereabouts of the goods or in other words, where can the consumer to find the product, including all distribution channels that contribute to the delivery of the product to the final consumer, usually companies have several options, including direct distribution without intermediaries of the company and its customers, distribution indirect sense the presence of intermediaries, and any of these policies, it must organizations and companies attention to this aspect dependent so the nature of the goods and the nature of the market, it must study the market and take companies the right decision for the provision of their goods in it, and all the decisions concerning the provision of goods in the right place for the consumer launch by (spatial mix).
• Promotion Promotion: promotional activity is defined as a marketing communications activity, which aims to inform, persuade or remind individuals to accept or re-purchase or recommendation or using a product or service, or idea, or even an institution. The promotional mix elements can be identified:
• Declaration Advertising: is any form of providing ideas, goods, or non-personal services, paid and declared by a specific and known. The main purpose of the Declaration may be the fact is the sale of a product, but even this is done should be done in several steps: • Identify the market or target market segments (ie determine the public). • Identify your advertising goals you want to reach. • Develop advertising budget. • Design advertising message taking into account the realizable temptations and attractions that stimulate every sector. • Choose the appropriate ad medium. • Develop the timetable for publishing the ads. It is the means used in advertising: newspapers - television - radio - magazines - Foreign media advertising posters and banners - mobile advertising - direct mail - advertising at points of purchase - online advertising - advertising via e-mail.
• personal selling Personal Selling: a verbal process through a personal conversation with a potential buyer or more in order to complete the sale.
• Activity publicity and Publishing Publicity: It is any form of providing ideas, goods or services, non-personal, and unpaid. Publishing is one of the best methods that create a good impression about the products and organization among the readers, listeners and viewers of the media, it helps to deliver the organization's mission widely and create confidence in them. Perhaps the most important characteristic of publishing other promotional mix elements that it is unpaid and therefore does not entail the organization of any rights for the shape of the letter and its contents and an area (or time) and published site and how to remove them. The message is output here in the image of honest news of interest to a large number of public means of publication.
• stimulate sales Sales Promotion: defined as activity or material that is used as a direct incentive to buy, or try a product or service that can be directed to both consumers and intermediaries and sellers. That is, it all means and activities used by the facility to encourage customers to increase their purchases of its products, other than the sales efforts personal and non-personal, during a certain period of time. Sales promotion is used as a driving force to increase sales, and increase customer demand to buy products of the organization.
• Public Relations Public Relation: an activity which handles relationship and communication organization بجمهورها different, and this includes the public both consumers and suppliers, shareholders, and employees of the company and the government and the majority of citizens in general and the process aims to connect using this activity to the creation or strengthening of the positive trend towards the organization.
• Cover Package One of the factors influencing the selection promotional mix right as follows: 1 - Size promotion budget, which is affected by income of the organization and its revenues 2 - stage where there is a product in its life cycle - the nature of competition and comparison of their expenses to promote 3 - The type of consumer - 4 - nature of the product and others.
The need for marketing strategies alternative emergency: are often the marketing environment in which it operates Organization for unusual events so become her predictions that you made no sense, therefore, must develop contingency plans and alternative strategies in order to adapt to these environmental changes expected in a more logical and rational, and prevent confusion and delays in making the right decision in response to emergency events.
• Prepare work programs to be after the above conversion marketing strategy to specific business group managed to reach marketing objectives guaranteed work program catalog, which clearly answers the questions why? It? And when?, According to this entrance entrusted with the responsibility of each element of the marketing strategy for a specific individual, it is possible to take the form of work program which determines the schedule of work (why?) And will be implemented? And the timing of the implementation of the business (when?) Columns Vchgl dates of implementation while running marketing activities and business classes, and in the first table shows the first start dates, review and end of each work.
• preparing the budget easier to identify objectives, strategies and programs of action the task of preparing the marketing budget needed to complete the work contained marketing program schedule. And targeted marketing budget mainly to show the planned profit and loss, in the revenue side shows the estimated number of units sold and the average net price, while the expenditure side shows the cost of production, distribution and marketing material separately. And shows the difference between the two sides the total profit or loss. And you should pay attention to the need to determine the cost of each function of marketing functions, and the extent of the need for each item of cost and profit realized from the sale of each product .. But the distinction must be the preparation of the budget thing, and to develop a marketing plan something else, there is no true replacement of the marketing plan in the budget, otherwise all our goal is to become just the economy in costs and improve cash flow planning for the organization. It should always remember that the marketing strategy suggests what can be done while the budget determines the cost of doing business. Control over the implementation of the
Marketing plans:
Marketing associated with the oversight process is closely linked to the planning and implementation of marketing, what is required is to do follow-up and evaluation of the work that has been implemented and marketing objectives that have been achieved, and take the necessary corrective actions to address deviations resulting from deficiencies in the coordination

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