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Style and fashion

Style and fashion

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Almitalak colors overwhelm the elegance of the "Street Style"
Affect the views of the "Street Style" dramatically in fashion trends , fashion weeks they stroll Sbaqon always to wear what designers offer the viewing platforms , has Vtaatna in this period tyranny Almitalak glossy colors on the views of Elegant ladies in the streets.
Give these colors a modern twist to Atalaltk , and are easy to coordinate the views of different colors manifold, where it can coordinate trousers Silver trendy in the Lok practical with Top -colored autumnal beautiful , but you want to start simple to wear colors Almitalak attractive Fabdi acquisition of piece accessory represented in the bag or shoes to bestow a special character to Atalaltk .
We advise you not Thbar yourself Almitalak expected Calfda colors and gold , it is time for the experimental colors shiny bright colors and fashionable.
4 forms a wonderful evening for makeup
Caldantil skin soft , and the shadows between light and strong , with a focus on highlighting the eyes, cheeks , lips are dewy either drawn accurately but non-specific ...
The idea of ​​coordination : a fourth -Zayat Wehbe
Lens: Charbel Bou Mansour
Makeup : Paula Rizk of Faces
Almsthoudrt used all available in stores Fax
 Makeup Qldn starlets Marilyn Monroe!
Known actress Marilyn Monroe and the extraordinary beauty that characterized the classic Hollywood glamor .
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When we mention the name of Marilyn Monroe , think straight platinum blond hair and red lips on the trademarks Alvariqtan which they characterize this actress .
Therefore , we offer you 10 Holyoodiat Qldn starlets Marilyn Monroe , and Decide for yourself Oihn embodied Marilyn optimally.
Madonna honored the singer famous for the moment Monroe Avatar of the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes when they sang the song 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend ( any jewelry are friendly favorite girl . " Thus, when filming the video for the song ' Material Girl '( the girl material) in 1985 decided wearing a beautiful floral dress , and put lipstick red enamel , as well as a decade of diamonds.
Angelina Jolie : You can insert the mysterious and beautiful actress Angelina Jolie on the list of beauties who Qldn Monroe . In 2002 , Julie decided to dye her hair platinum blond for her role in the film Life or Something Like It any life or similar . Julie reminded us of the views of the actress in the film , which brighten the star in the fifties , especially that Julie decided to use lipstick red color .
Michelle Williams : In 2011, Williams represented the role of Monroe in the film My Week With Marilyn " Week With Marilyn ." Thus, Williams was forced to dye her hair platinum blond and gained some weight . In addition, Williams acknowledged that she learned to represent both sides of Marilyn , any character that was exhibited to the public and women the truth inside. What a star dedicated to the tradition of Marilyn Monroe .
Lindsay Lohan : always acknowledged the young actress Lindsay Lohan as one fan Pmarlen Monroe , placing it on the list of stars of who Qldn Monroe . In 2008 , held a photo session with Bert Steam to remind the public hearing hosted by the imaging famous photographer with Monroe .
Lady Gaga : It is essential to include Lady Gaga in this list, because the great singer , in one Taladtha , recounted her hair and imbued platinum blond and put black eyeliner , on the way Monroe .
Paris Hilton : In 2010 , Paris Hilton came up as we mentioned inevitably Pmarlen Monroe at the launch of her perfume Tease. In fact, they look like they are wearing no clothes Halloween costume inspired by the beautiful blonde .
Gwen Stefani : Certainly that Gwen Stefani is one of the stars of women who have succeeded in the tradition of Marilyn Monroe, the most appropriate manner . In fact, it reminds us of her hair platinum blond and lips Ahamrawan Pmarlen in its heyday .
Scarlett Johansson : In one of the commercials involving young actress Scarlett Johansson to promote the perfume Dolce & Gabbana chose actress views reminded us greatly Pmarlen Monroe . The salute to her choice because it seemed a great beauty .
Anna Nicole Smith : You can not ignore the Anna Nicole Smith on the list of the ten stars of Marilyn Monroe who Qldn optimally. Look at the Declaration of Guess Jeans in the nineties and you will see how devoted itself to the example can be . But, unfortunately , equally willing to receive the two women were killed .
Kate Upton : Kate Upton aback at her image on the cover of Vanity Fair's celebration of its anniversary percent as it appeared in skimpy satin . What an actress knew how to imitate Marilyn Monroe .
6 Ways to be a makeup bag is fully prepared for the winter
If you want to follow the advice of specialists world to be rich makeup bag cosmetic tools that lets you fully prepared for the winter , before You will have a list of tips and steps that you follow , and these tips are as follows:
1 . The process of getting rid of all the old cosmetics in the makeup bag is the first and most important step towards beauty . According to the words of beauty experts , the active substances they contain skincare , Kalchrimat and serum , lose strength after about a year of use; , and more importantly, that the element of protection from UV rays found in most skin care creams weaken the least impact with the passage of time, which makes your skin a far cry from the protection provided by you of these lotions.
2 . Give yourself a rich moisturizing creams , as experts point out that the skin needs hydration to more than three times a day with high humidity and drought. If not do it , the skin will be extracted moisturizing stock in the internal layers , which will make your skin pale , dry and free of sunshine that you need it . So advise " Madam Net" to get a good cream , and fits your skin , to be the glow of your skin daily .
3 . Peel the skin gently , it was exposed to some clogged pores , after using creams to prevent the sun's rays , which works to combat harmful UV rays in the winter . So experts advise you to peel your skin gently , with the help of fresh fruit , and the mask will be a component of papaya or strawberry insufficient to peel your skin gently , but pleasant on the skin , before going to sleep .
4 . Seek the help of pal CC Cream instead of the foundation ; In the winter you do not need layers of foundation to hide the grain and freckles , because the creams control color and called Pkremat the CC is able to improve skin tone and standardization completely , without ever having to overloading skin Pkremat basically heavy .
5 . Enjoy Oud ; Kalozhar because smells light and citrus lose their appeal in the winter , the lack of it fits in with this atmosphere . Therefore, experts advise every woman to get a bottle of perfume smell of oud and musk and amber , to get the popular Zakia fit chapter.
6 . Others shape your nails ; Valozafar traditional long painted in bright colors may be stylish , but its time is over and over, and now is the time paint your nails dark colors , the Browns , red and black and oily , with a change to the shape of your nails short form 
5 Tips for Women of Mike Ryan
For you , do you accept the advice ? ?
Whether the answer is yes or no , certainly if you know that the advice provided to you from someone who is an expert with the situation will be different.
And because " Madam Net" looking for all that matters women , especially young women , it transports you to the following tips expert Hair World - Dubai-based and interpreter for the health and vitality of the hair in the Arab countries - Mike Ryan in the field of hair care and how to get the hair soft and smooth :
1 . The beginning , says Ryan: " The trick first to get hair smooth is Shampoo ," and explain it , saying : "Any friction between the hair may cause damaged directly, so the use of balsamic cream demobilization hair on an ongoing basis will prevent hair damage ."
2 . He adds : "The most important of the errors committed by the girl against the excessive use of hair products and hair care tools that protect much even lead to dry hair , causing a split in the hair fiber and damage ."
3 . For Balanced Care is advised three things , namely: the use of spray to protect hair from the heat , and maintain the use of balsam , and do a warm bath oil for hair on a weekly basis .
4 . And new in the field of cosmetics , Ryan refers to it aspires to produce more natural cosmetics that help girls who suffer from the problem of hair curly hair even receive softer and smooth .
5 . Ryan also confirms that professional hair cutting techniques may help get hair smooth , if the hair was cut in an orderly fashion , it is possible in this case to reduce the appearance of curly , in addition to classes that light it may reflect more of the figure salary for hair .

5 Benefits of aesthetic turmeric powder
Turmeric powder material is considered healthy and aesthetic , according to what we offer you five of the uses and method of preparation ; Vharba signs of aging by turmeric powder :
One of the most prominent uses of turmeric is to fight aging . Our suggestion to you that Tlji him across the following recipe . 're Heating the water and flour or flour , then Tmzejehma with each other , until you have a paste consistently. If you wish , you can use yogurt instead of milk or water . After that , apply this paste on your skin and your body , and let him dry , then Just wax lukewarm water . In this way , Sttseny you the opportunity to peel your body smoothly.
To treat pimples :
Turmeric will help to alleviate the appearance of scarring and inflammation of the skin , also helps in the control of fatty secretions . If Makecra TCO of turmeric thanks to the following recipe . Mix turmeric powder and drops of lemon juice and a bit of water , until you have a paste . Apply the paste on the affected area for 15 minutes . In the end, gently rub the mixture , by water .
To alleviate the cracks :
We encourage you to use turmeric to relieve stretch marks on the body and appearance . Mix the seeds , turmeric powder, a little milk , water and yogurt . Apply the mixture to the desired area . Dlkiha for five minutes . After that , remove the mixture by tepid water . Repeat this movement a day for two weeks , and you'll get great results .
Avoid dandruff and hair loss :
If you suffer from the problem of dandruff and itching in the head , we recommend using the seeds , turmeric powder . Some studies show the benefits of turmeric in the rejuvenation to the scalp .
To address the heel of the foot cracked :
We recommend the amount of mixing one teaspoon of coconut oil with a tablespoon of turmeric . Then Put the mixture on cracked heels , for 10 minutes before showering .
Colors " Jonathan Sanders " knows no bounds
Although the designer Scottish Jonathan Saunders Jonathan Saunders began his career with Fashion man late , but that the plan for men this was soon met with great success his family in order to get a prize talent promising British Fashion man in 2012. Perhaps the most important characteristic of his designs Hohma blending harmony between the patterns and colors that adorn pants , jackets , shirts, coats and even shoes , he paints each piece Nakech own and carried out manually, and here came the privacy enjoyed by its work. As for his group, which provided for the man in this season they are like Admama colorful wild flowers sunken in color, not color foreclosed on man in this season , and even the color of fuchsia and hired the designer in the views of Kajol along with burnt orange , green and brown wooden Turabi and blue water with various inscriptions such as zakat and Zach planned and dotted squares and Embossing . Has raised his designs for this season the slogan " simple and practical " and focused on the polo shirts, shorts , jackets and tight pants and sweaters knitted coats and shoes with military colors also appeared small details such as zippers, hoods and metal embellishments . He artist Tlat luminous inspired lines of the artist's works Icelandic " Olafur Eliasson ," which usually presents contemporary works conversing with light and enter the designer in this group ores new never dealt with such as wool Albuqlah mohair and some natural raw materials that Toaha in the small details The unusual decorations .
Here's an aspect of this group sunken colors and patterns.
What to wear in order to receive the new functionality ?
There is no doubt that the day of the interview for the applicant to function is a special day and worrying too. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind , when you receive notice of the date of attendance , is the specific question : Will I be convincing ? Will would get the job ? Of course , if every student wants to work to make best of what he has , and that is superior to others, and to the satisfaction of the offset . It could be argued that the clothes and dress style and color selection and consistency of the first striking and draws a first impression in the mind of the employer.
From here , we offer some of the commandments that had to be called to work on the selection of dresses and accessories appropriate :
• The first thing you have to do is wear clothes that show your kid to the job advertised and also towards the company , regardless of the type and nature of the work , because what she is wearing in the interview does not necessarily have an outfit that is required by the job.
• confusion fitting bring you a lot of functionality, because the interviewer will be his first thought about you during the first minute .
• interviewer does not wait for you to wear clothes and lavish luxury , because he realizes that the budget is simple, by virtue of your search for work. But he is expected to be clean and tidy clothes and unkempt .
• Wear a suit consisting of a jacket and pants , the same color , so that seems to look more serious and sedate . And away from the sports jacket as much as possible . Try to choose a suit with a simple, classic lines , and avoid unfamiliar fashion rage and loud . The colors , the most suitable one dark blue , gray, charcoal and dark olive -brown , with black seems appropriate for official functions of more relevance to an interview request function; do not mind choice for those who wish it.
• closed the jacket buttons when you enter the room . You can open it after it sits , but do not forget to Tagaflha , again , after the rise .
• If it is hot , you can wear a white shirt or a light color , with tie . Stay away completely from the T-shirt with short sleeves , especially if you put the tie .
• Choose the best long tie up to the area of ​​the belt, with a single color or striped colors quiet , with carvings or soft , no more than three colors .
• The shoe is the most important accessories in your style , it attracts consideration and paints an impression of the extent of your interest in your appearance and style in confusion. Select a color or black boots brown classic , and sure to be a bright and clean and free of defects. Pay attention to the heel and the shoe , which should not be obsolete .
This is what gave New York Fashion Week for the man
Many of our conversation in the recent period for New York Fashion Week fashion ready-made spring and summer of 2014 , and despite the fact that this event is totally dedicated to women's fashion , but some designers have decided to present some of the menswear collections displayed within .
In the group "Marc by Marc Jacobs" presented an impressive array of designer fashion inspired by the nineties of the last century we've seen them a number of allowance and men's shirts decorated with prints brilliant, as was the shiny fabrics Almitalak present in this group with the tyranny of black and white on them.

In the show "Y-3" of the designer Yohji Yamamoto has been Theme youth is the master of the show, where we saw a fantastic range of sports fashion that defined by the designer , and we drew the gradient on T-shirts and jackets.
We collected for you in the most beautiful pictures above his New York Fashion Week from Men's Fashion for Summer 2014 .

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