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Shine with beautiful coats this winter

Shine with beautiful coats this winter

In this cold weather , show the need for each woman to the appropriate coat to shine in winter Atalaladtha , has featured an impressive array of coats on global platforms offers for autumn and winter 2013 , we chose from including 30 elegant coat in this topic .
Coats is the official of the most prominent trends this season , such as those that appeared on the viewing platform Dsquared ², and Christian Dior, and Lanvin, as we saw a number of coats large-size , which made ​​some of the fur luxurious display booths Loewe, and Chanel, and Emilio Pucci, and others .
Dating people that neutral colors are best suited for the winter, but that did not stand in the way of prints and bright colors on some winter coats , as nicely appeared on a number of global platforms offers .
View us the most beautiful coats this season , and choose which what suits Atalaltk .

Almitalak colors overwhelm the elegance of the "Street Style"

ffect the views of the "Street Style" significantly fashion trends ,  is fashion weeks they always  to wear what designers offer stands , has been Vtaatna in this period, the tyranny of glossy Almitalak colors views women you listening in the streets.
Give these colors a modern touch to Atalaltk , and are easy to coordinate the views of different multiple colors , which can be formatted trousers Silver trendy in the Lok my work with Top -colored autumnal beautiful , but you want to start simple to wear colors Almitalak attractive Fabdi acquisition piece accessory represented in the bag or shoes to bestow special character on Atalaltk .
We recommend not to yourself Thbar the colors Almitalak expected Calfda and golden, it is time to experimental shiny colors with bright colors and fashionable.
View photos , including what inspired autumn commensurate with Atalaltk of this season.

Fashion Fall and Winter 2012-2013

" Raucous Staana of color ," This is what we have been pleased by the curators on the global fashion weeks that advertise through the offerings of the most prominent fashion trends of the new season .
But this noise is different in meaning between the city and other cities fashion , the New York City is not complete only  who flock to attend the presentations that were not gone unnoticed by Hollywood magic this season .
The hustle and bustle of London Villabi like its , weather this city that breathes discover talent in fashion field of design Vtsqlha and send it to the rest of the international fashion houses .
With the bustle of the city of Milan , the capital of north Italian , Vmtam the qualities of sobriety and realism and the process of being made ​​for women to wear the clothes in order not watching them.
It remains Parisian bustle associated with the integrated elegance in fashion and accessories from bags and shoes emerged remarkably in most presentations.
And what 's new this season rebounds Turkish Fashion Week which took place in Istanbul, the Islamic Fashion Week , which took place in London in order to satisfy all tastes ...
Followers in this special catalog Bmodh autumn and winter all want to know about fashion and accessories of the new season and know the latest jewelry and watches launched by the world 's most important role .
The exclusive interviews With the American designer Donna Karen , which announced on our pages intelligently admiration for Arab women in their style and taste . The designer Michael Kors Vnasianh the Arab women were not to fall prey to overly trendy clothes .... This Arab women, gathered in this supplement your fashion sense , everything you need to draw lines of elegance in the new season .

Are  components for the youth of the skin from Guerlain

Chose " Guerlain " Guerlain exceptional view these two components , which form the astral skincare resistance to aging of the " Abay Royal " ABEILLE ROYALE and mediates these components Apetkarin Jdhiraan distinguished by originality and technical expertise. Two Mahtervtan steps to resist the signs of aging with the concepts and forms and unique effects . Msthoudran skin care Mrgoban the hard, high capacity and non Two specific .
Promote youth treatment for one month : Linking the emperors of China this component is the ability to promote youth as a super- rare precious material produced by the working bees . Also, royal jelly aims to be the exclusive food for the queen bee during her life. It's a real treasure in the hive of bees and contains nutrients such as sugar and fatty acids and essential amino acids , proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Research Center reveals " Gerland " Guerlain Today for protective capability * Special honey to enhance the royal treatment and resistance to loss of skin elasticity and elegance .
Royal honey showed exclusive " Guerlain " Guerlain Exclusive Royal Jelly ability to fight the impact of toxic molecules derived from the oxidation of lipids *. The protective effect , it is clear: the royal jelly is an excellent component to protect  from attacks raised by oxidative stress .
Promote youth treatment for one month : the skin in order to extend the essence of the exclusive properties of royal jelly purest forms, produced " Girl " Guerlain skin care treatment can not match the integration of innovation and performance only stunning composition .
Preserves the precious royal jelly , which is produced in the hive completely protected from external elements on its food as it is. Well, resorted to " Guerlain " Guerlain a way distinct packaging to preserve the ability of royal jelly to resist the signs of aging . This method , which include the production of plastic beads and one after the other managed to isolate the royal jelly in transparent membrane and extremely thin and control Bjrath and its quality and freshness even prepare treatment . Then, put the center of royal jelly -like granules " golden caviar " in the heart of the real disc-shaped cell beeswax triangular ribs and waits blended with complementary feeding and care embodied the active cream .

Make Up For Ever boutique opens in Istanbul

Established Make Up For Ever and Vepa Group technically exclusive event in Turkey on the occasion of the official opening of for the new Boteckha in Istiklal Street in Istanbul , consisting of 6 floors.
Inspired by a passion for Dany Sanz , innovative Make Up For Ever and her passion for art and education, highlighted this extraordinary celebration of the professional side of the Abrard sign painted on objects Body Paint stunned hundreds of attendees , including press and VIP in Turkey and celebrities.
Astmralahtphal on the second day where the tape was cut presence of Kurdish Nicolas , president and CEO of Make Up For Ever and  Ozatrhan , head of a group of companies Vepa.
Glamorous Lebanese singer Maya Diab was the guest of honor at the ceremony , which was attended by hundreds of fans Make Up For Ever

What is Explicit hairstyle ?

Witness Explicit hairstyle in great demand at the moment , do you want to recognize these close - up hairstyle ?
In this hairstyle short hair fresh and stable on the head , and take a V - shaped hairstyle , and the story tilted to the side .
To renew , you can use to be dried hair disheveled appearance with styling limbs outward away from the head .

Curl discharged but royally

We overlooked this season mannequins with many new hairdos and fashions , but most of them were plexus hairstyle striking , Vtsrihh Curl as Royal added greater vitality and sophistication on mannequins views .
Some braids are considered easy to apply, but others seem like a difficult application , but it is definitely worth a try , braids new this fall deserve to try.

Do you miss to make up smog ?

 The most important steps for professional rapid these panoramic exhausting the family :
1 - Mix more than one color of shadows with grades warm , so you get a simple and complex views and complex at the same time .
2 - Add a layer of eye shadow with black color , and begin mixes with rest lightly shadows .
3 - the official eyes of the Inner Balaj , Put several layers of dark black mascara anti-water .
* Get the smoky eye shadow box popular and highly Enjoy views of gravity .

Take care of your hair the way Star Jessica Alba

Due to weather factors , and the effects of unhealthy foods that 're , difficult for you to get healthy hair . In addition to the foregoing, turning the everyday concerns of women , whether it is a working woman , a student , or even a housewife, between them and do protein properly for hair care .
But Hollywood star Jessica Alba was able to achieve a difficult equation ; as though it is the mother of two children , and a global star at the same time , able to consistently appearing healthy and stylish hair . They do not do a lot of hair products , but it appears most of the time with her hair rich natural health and vitality .
You steps Alba , after each bath , to maintain permanent hair health and vitality :
1. After bathing , Leave your hair Vda outdoors, even dry naturally . This step of the most important steps to keep the hair from drying out. If you hurry, You can do  by a hair dryer, but on the middle class , while avoiding Keep dried on one spot of hair for more than a few seconds.
2. Valuation not immediately combed your hair is wet , but wait a bit until almost dry , then Dress Pettmhith .
3. And when combing , avoid the use of plastic brush that sends the static electricity on your hair , and Astabi them with a plastic comb wide tooth so as not to hurt your scalp .
4. Feed your hair creams and natural moisturizers . If you want to use some of the products chemical , Kalgel or stabilizers poetry , Vtjunba and placed on the scalp directly, so you do not clog the pores of the head and slow down the process of growth and healing hair, and contented himself by putting on the parties.
5. Not  on chemical products on a daily basis , although the star Alba need to use a lot of these products , because of the nature of their work, but in the early days of photography take into account the free appearing with her ​​natural brown hair .
6. Although it is a mother of two , but they are keen on getting enough sleep every day, and attached to this , saying : "The hair heavily influenced by stress , and when I neglected my hair to get enough sleep he was exposed to many problems , from the most important of drought and rainfall . "

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