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Art decorated the walls and walls

Art decorated the walls and walls

Fence or wall interior at home may be one of the most matters affecting the decoration because it occupies a large area of ​​space and is located upon the eye when you enter the place, and usually advised those who want to renew his house or his room or any vacuum Recent attention to climate clothe the wall because of its impact great sense of renewal .
Must choose carefully decorated the walls where multimedia will explain later , as well as clothing Wall

But choosing the right clothing to the wall is not a simple step but most people fear them , especially after the emergence of newly different forms and variety of means of dealing with the wall and plunged many into confusion and concern for many reasons , including:
- Fear of results المترقبة especially with regard to color.
- The continuation of a particular style or model in the treatment of the walls and the emergence of a better alternative and newer .
- Its quality and its ability to endure for a long period of use.
- The possibility of maintenance and easily cleaned .
- Cost of material.
- Skill labor performed.
- The ability to choose the right clothing for the right place .

And other reasons

And different ways of coating the internal walls of the house and put different decorations and deal with them are:

Paint various techniques
Freehand drawing
Stone and ceramic
Wood of all kinds

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Good evening
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ibrahim lil
ibrahim lil