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The time of birth

- The time of birth and its impact on the Horoscope: 

Some might be surprised of the reason for the difference in the properties of two people born in the same tower, but also the same day .. they're the same tower and Oaqaan the planet under the influence of the same .. Astronomy has easy and clear analysis to answer this question, which entices many of astrology and astronomy lovers .. Valsaah where he was born human and not just today have a significant impact in shaping the character and printing are for this purpose divided to 12 day period of time, each two-hour period and have studied the position of the planets affecting the towers during these periods .. When the sun moves in each of these periods, the rest of the planets are the other escort movement which makes its impact is different every two hours, so was born the same day differ from each other in terms of the time they were born. So you have to Lamech only question harks back to back and telling mph where I was born .. Because the study of the impact of the sun and planets you during this time, it may help you understand some of the things that can not be understood from a study horoscopes horoscope. 

12 pm - 2 am 
Influential planet: Mercury 
Slogan was born in this period is "knowledge is power", a nosy person likes to see all news especially if they bear the stamp and exciting rumor .. loves prominence and are likely to stay in the shadows, seeking to obtain a higher centers .. remains even feel sad that he has become the center of of attention around him. 

2:00 - 4:00 
Influential planet: Venus 
Material and lavish person .. unusual extravagance .. Believes in what he sees and touches .. ready to work extra hours in order to obtain material rewards .. people born in this period have access to all that planning, by virtue of their determination and their insistence severe, and all they need Is skills Ttaiwirosql .. It should also not their disposal ambitions physical feeling of their friends around them 

4:00 - 6 am 
Influential planet: Mars 
Love freedom and يقدسونها much .. They have a feeling that they were born to be leaders .. Mitter integrity and honesty and always seek to help all around them, even if it took some personal sacrifices ... sometimes resort to force to get what they seek, which makes the number of their enemies increases steadily .. To ensure the success of these people need to learn the spirit of cooperation and faith in its benefits in achieving success. 

6:00 - 8 am 
Influential planet: Uranus 
People were social workers and Mitter statesmanship and diplomacy, high confidence in themselves, raise a positive impression on Mahdtijm of the first meeting .. Often arriving at high degrees of fame and Itboaon the Mrakza important ... like doing humanitarian tasks that help ease others Fterahm the pain involved in organizing fundraising campaigns in favor of the disabled or those affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes or other disasters. 

8:00 - 10 am 
Influential planet: Neptune 
Characterized born in this period of mystery and extreme introversion ... are very sensitive and feel very influenced by any criticism of said right ... social relations are limited and like to work بالخفاء they are inclined to unity .. believe in spirituality and astrology. 
Guenoon and more hate greed and deception .. if so requested one to help them, they do not hesitate for submission and feel very happy when others thank them for their help that otherwise would have been suffering is not over. 

10:00 - 12 noon 
Influential planet: Saturn 
Degree of ambition born in this period are very large and associated with steel will .. Love, humor and fun ... ambition and severe defiance of the difficulties يجلبان them a lot of enemies who are trying to reduce their successes out of jealousy and envy, especially if it was that success falls within the framework of promotions professional ... influenced born in this period often their mothers who inspired them a lot a lot in their actions and daily dealings with people ... even though people accused these بإفتقارهم to personal power, but they often become famous social figures. 

12 noon - 2 pm 
Influential planet: Jupiter 
Curious and seek to acquire new information always .. Fterahm the fighting numerous experiments and doing many trips in order to get information and satisfy their curiosity. 
Most baby boomers period Itagrbun from their homelands has migrate them in Muammaan the search for new and changing .. hate routine so much .. if you search for them at home rarely find them there, understand nomadic دائمو and out ... their commercial projects often exposed to failure because of the weakness followed as a result of boredom and love of change, as well as their marriage, which ends in many cases, to secede. 

2 pm - 4 pm 
Influential planet: Pluto 
Anicon and people with sex appeal high ... like a life of luxury and well-being, regardless of their potential physical Fterahm يستدينون money to spent on ملذاتهم and needs of luxury, making them being harassed standing by creditors .. do not respect many obligations personal they made to themselves and excuse in various ways and arguments to justify their actions .. Non Hcoden and forget the abuse shortly after rarely Evtalon the problems and fights, but they often seem some concession in order to prevent these fights. 

16:00 - 6 pm 
Influential planet: Venus 
Hate isolation and always tend to warm social relations .. you see them they are a lot of friendships that impose on them the many mutual visits. 
Love to get their work done themselves, فتجدهم to avoid assigning others to do so on their behalf .. if starting pursuant they ينجزونه to the fullest, or may turn a blind eye to do if they feel that their work Saaatarih some shortages ... people متفهمون, easy to deal with them to get to success, but the passivity The only is severe Btahm in the implementation of the tasks and motivated careful not to mistake. 

18:00 - 8 pm 
Mother planet: Mercury 
Born this period صبورون and Mitter high degree of challenge .. Arouse astonishment around them when you see them smile even in the darkest conditions .. In contrast, they do not accept a little and aspirations are often beyond imagination .. seek to amplify and exaggerate things .. always high morale as well as their self-confidence. 
Do not rush harvesting the fruits of their successes and prefer to wait until the last minute, Aftboukthm should take place on the backburner. 
If exposed to a certain failure, they surrender to the status quo and start all over again. 

20:00 - 10 pm 
Influential planet: the sun 
People خلاقون, they are as bright sunshine in the lives of their surround .. People with high skills and intuition fast .. may make mistakes but mistakes are rare .. If you have sinned, they know how to address the implications of their mistake quickly. 
Hate adulation, climbing and hypocrisy .. صريحون even in things that have exposure to losses of material .. if they feel that someone is trying to deceive them, they cut off their relationship with him and deal with him as if he was never present in their lives ... like children very much and want to participate in all the activities that will Child Support .. and also have a great Humane animal. 

10 pm - 12 midnight 
Influential Planet: Moon 
Fear forever swings a lot and often what they are looking for stability and security and do not feel happy unless they achieved this safety. .. رومانسيون often they are better than estimated beloved life partner, and if chosen, they consider that this is the only choice and eternal .. Their relationship with family very solid as well as their relationship including around them from friends and relatives, Fterahm always asking for news friends and relatives in the happy occasions and sad are the first who are to perform the duty ... do not like adventure or risk, and rarely accept the projects less success rate where about 90% .. Cautious and loyal to the farthest limits. 

- Sweetheart of Aquarius: 

Enjoyment by women of Aquarius impulsive and strength and independence and strangeness of thinking, they are liberal flying, excited and cautious at the same time, they are social and present elegance and her voice ringing beautiful and seeks to reach a high degree of culture, a boy dreams enjoys the status and title and it should not be jealous too, they are liberal and the love of luxury and a few emotion in love is a witch, a friend of her children, they listen to them attentively and help them to build an independent person, and on the social level, can demonstrate the effectiveness rare to resist injustice and help those in need, and commitment means a lot, and perhaps favorite word they have a strong sense of responsibility. 


There, the man Do you know the mystery of the woman Aquarius. 

Personal contradictory in love and life together love freedom and will not succeed in during what احترفت to do, but if given a degree of freedom will increase their faith in you and will give you her whole life, not attracted to the money she wants you to be a man Make your mind and character to be the richest men in the world, they are the perfect woman for each from يمتهن pursuant intellectually, scientifically or politically they are sharp intelligence and possesses the ability to highlight the personality and coping with all communities, ranging from poor communities and ending with aristocratic societies, especially the educated ones. 

Stthag you to the fullest and will not suffer with doubt and uncertainty in their behavior and will not be discussed in the pockets of jacket for raised napkin lady as they will not ask for the smell of women's perfume that smells you because you are in contrast Stsarhaa all new in your life, even if it showed a lack of loyalty will not Tsedkk and all you will do is to try to secede from you for a period of time to arrange their leaves and re-calculations are not Takhtark in the beginning of her only fully convinced you. 

Do not bother with cash but they do not like lending or borrowing but more than that she was afraid of borrowing the same fear of fire and you can easily manage all the things her life as possible then of funds. 

Attractive lady, her clothes elegant elegance unfamiliar between high fashion and even clothing neighbor, you know very well what is fitting for them, even if it was old stuff they truly know strictly enforce the requests it has a special look to the world so do not try to change its own and behaviors and do not switch not jealous and not a critic or miserly or researcher behind trivia Vngilla the time and lose a dearly سيوصلك the treasure to a bright future. 

Libra compatibility with Aries 

Collision between two worlds dominated relationship discord and division neither trust nor understanding, bilateral pregnancy that they constitute a great, feels both men and women balance pregnancy as a complement to another. 

Their relationship to enjoy the charm, and this due to the fact that the balance has a great deal of gravity and strength of character, as he is talkative and enjoys a window of insight and weighs every word and opinion in order to reach to believe the results. 

Are you a woman of Libra and you like a man of Aries, you Ttwafiqin with a man of Libra or not, Wasfi us your relationship with a Libra man if you're a woman of Aries. 

Libra compatibility with Taurus 

Libra and Taurus المولودان under the domination of the planet Venus their power to help each other get through periods of upheaval and sudden changes you both suffer anxiety and high levels of energy both of you feel the need for a space of freedom and leeway and excitement of trying to balance Finder harmony restore calm Bull could help the mental open-minded balance of the bull to reverse its decisions sudden destructive Libra and Taurus are attracted boys and girls planet Venus each to the other by a common love of beauty ye together a mixture of primitive raw material and artistic feelings you both upscale and luxury-loving all yes this life. 

When he feels one of you threatening the other has Busakma that Tthola to the maximum extent of competition and physical Vtsubha primitive almost certain that the bull represents an asset great at both physical and emotional, but when turning life's problems intimacy and money without Artbatkma on the basis of a healthy might feel that Taurus is Aaúqk only In the best cases, ye Verdun Zerivan Sahran united in Hpkma of beauty In Hajtkma to meet safety and feelings you both talented in doing good and elegance in the life of luxury that warms people and relieve their nerves and make them happy that they Bsahpetkma If you want to be eyeball eye your partner bull Volh care nationality ultra Find ways to remove inert bull from the house met him immediately after working hours for lunch, or search for discounts on the other side of the city, what is to become outside the home until the rebound and starring Bull 

Libra dislikes bull 

It is controlling, compatibility 75%, treatment good and cohabitation goodwill and respect the relationship is very excellent, a woman must bull to deal with a man balance to obey his orders because is in charge and in control of things, Almizaniyon love beauty understanding جميلون, camels intercede for them, or bull distinctive calm and tolerance to admire quietly bull balance and tolerance, possible Avidk more through science energies and nine Chinese Zodiac 
And this by year of birth, day, month and year have a significant role consensus among individuals, and God knows and conciliator first and foremost, the most important Shi supplication to God in prayer, grace and success, it is one of the reasons the compatibility between all human beings 


Libra is compatible with Gemini 

Dreamy and wonderful relationship full Balsaah replete understanding enjoy all the joys of life and beauty, quickly agree and disagree loved understanding of movement, and fascinates women Gemini man for his ability to rhetoric, her love is not expected to continue. 

Attraction between the two towers of my time, the relationship does not last, show the contradictions and differences quickly, يبتعدان from each other, each one lives in a world different from the other, the relationship strange, separatism and reality no matter how long the time of the relationship, and each time they meet them live their hearts longing and attraction, but can not agree or يتفاهما. 

Are you a woman of Libra and you like a man of Gemini, you Ttwafiqin with a man of Libra or not, Wasfi us your relationship with a Libra man if you're a woman of Gemini. 


Libra compatibility with Cancer 

If you love the balance Dear Cancer, he will not forget you never, you are he likes so much, but one of you controls and the other meet, the attraction staggering sometimes, irresistible, if Jmatkma story unusual and gram sweeping even violence, the relationship continues, and only Valvrac inevitable, no doubt that attractive balance of great need, but like you changed and is changing and private lives mood and comes to the past and dreams of the future of another, as he was like a parent or a close lost love him so much, he tried to avoid problems and disputes with him so as not to run away from you 


Libra compatibility with Leo 

Mesmerizing man balance the beauty and charm of women Assad and elegance, which, in turn, provide a quiet atmosphere for a man and is keen to remain elegant glance. 

Leo and Libra ماديان and equal in their love of the control of the appearance, if they decided should continue in their relationship it would require of them a lot of sacrifices mutual, but they do not يحبذان a decision of this kind, the relationship harmonious attraction mutual and beauty magician receives them, and each one works to attract the attention of the other and rhythm 
Are you a woman of Libra and you like a man of Leo? Is Ttwafiqin with a man of Libra or not? Wasfi us your relationship with a Libra man if you're a woman of Leo, and vice versa. 



Libra Compatibility with Virgo 

Born Virgo is the source of spiritual development for a newborn Libra He awakens in you a sense of Balinkran ascetic self and sacrifice and compassion and mysteries of cosmic both of you seeks to companionship and bond of love and participation, and Kinkma may Ttrajaan When you link to the full mentally and physically because of the sense of guilt, or such as fitness, or the desire of a hidden that تظلا نقيين without blemish, collecting together between the simplicity of the monastic and the beauty of grace in the marriage of mind and body as a couple could Tkona reluctant nervous is honest emotionally negative or shame المفرطان Christolan Dutt prosperity of this relationship you both Bkhalajh it is as much enthusiasm as much heat and the desire to infuse the spirit in Wad your relationship quiet you both need some confrontations health that prevent Asapetkma crazy for Hyper Tatbekma not pleased with either of you cause trouble, as is the relationship impossible, snapping my time, faced each Confidence critical large and explicitly to the fullest extent, thus achieving harm to both. 

Because you نفسان Msalmtan seek happiness in the company of each other the other work you activate the ability of the Virgin to make money somehow and find yourself being stretched to the Virgin of participation and companionship, advice and love may cut and run from Virgin to come back to him again renewed covenant with him time and time again opens tolerance and confidence in front of you the way spiritually in connection with the Virgin, then you may disillusion turns to love and to love turmoil, and also a sense of guilt to love. 

The work is the key secret reveal all your cards in this relationship will feel deeply impact not pledge by the irresistible ability Virgin cathartic and only regained your partner forever trust with the Virgin reaction does not act Let your partner Evtnk not Asbak your will as you tastefully be wiser and more to ensure that addresses the love of beauty in it at the moment that you think where ye may Tbaeidtma beyond any hope of healing induce the Virgin on the speed of the move as Eptgeh your partner is life intimacy arranged for a romantic night for two people once every month, at least on the table for dinner by candlelight . 



Libra compatibility with Libra 

Are making substantial inroads on the level of work and friendship At the level of love The question you need to consider but at the end of Paran to cooperate, gravity do do them one at a time and the balance of men believe life balance of women and less Tklva. 

Men and women balance Libra Mtfihaman, both have a fixed and dynamic nature, a woman distinguished critic and balance more explicitly than men balance, agree on the principles of joint action in order to protect their rights and even the rights of people in the world, they محبان for humanitarian and charitable work. 

Are you a woman of Libra and you like a man of Libra Is Ttwafiqin with a man of Libra or not, Wasfi us your relationship with a Libra man if you're a woman of Libra. 



Libra compatibility with Sagittarius 

No challenge, no conflict, no compete Mtalvan towers and mutual respect between them, explicitly women bow damage men balance الميال to the diplomatic and non-injured feelings of others. 

Consistent and harmonious relationship most beautiful to be, their stable and happy life, Valmizan attracted to the elegance of the bow and interest in its appearance and its ability to debate and controversy, both found in the other good features and interact with it in order to fight the new adventures. 

Are you a woman of Libra and you like a man of Sagittarius Is Ttwafiqin with a man of Libra or not, Wasfi us your relationship with a Libra man if you're a woman of Sagittarius. 


Libra Compatibility with Scorpio 

Are making a success at work and on the level of marriage, strong women Scorpio may fall under the influence of magic man who knows how to balance commonly flown in love wherever found. 

Consistent and harmonious relationship most beautiful to be, their stable and happy life, Valmizan attracted to the elegance of the bow and interest in its appearance and its ability to debate and controversy, both found in the other good features and interact with it in order to fight the new adventures. 

Are you a woman of Libra and you like a man of Scorpio Is Ttwafiqin with a man of Libra or not, Wasfi us your relationship with a Libra man if you're a woman of Scorpio. 


Libra compatibility with Capricorn 

Ye combination Avenue to meet and stability you provide safety homework and ambitious career active, which needs both of them may feel you both frustrated sometimes and that he had been deceived emotionally; because the warmth that you feel that it is right is not always what you need right to Kinkma Mature interrelated and ye together تتسمان to fulfill the full force and harmony and where ye mindful of the conservative traditions of Vankma attach and social Dekma great importance so that ye are both a measure of uncertainty on Moukvkma in some cases. 

Could Tkona a symbol of the Union of beauty process, and this is reflected in Mskinkma when it becomes one of you in a state of experiments can not tolerate other so when one of you as soon as unrealistic know trouble en route to the house and do not let life partner sees you in the arms of another human being, too, Vontma combination of the desire to please others and إسعادهم and faith that he should not make things easier for the other person more than they should, if possible, to your relationship exceeded discoveries task then changed both of largely Vtsubhan more aware Btmohatkma and Ahtaajatkma كفردين and a couple in your life process and Maticma, what keeps your relationship list is the union of mind and intellect Among the design all Almatlvat between different towers يمكنكما taking However, each of you in a crisis as no one can Garkme possible described lover Capricorn as born to the delight of others. 

You will not need in this relationship to be ashamed of your ambitions social, you'll يفتتن life partner side slim of your nature to look better is a concern dear to the same born Capricorn, this is likely to find yourself on a pedestal in the frequency exceeds your satisfaction What has narrowed by your nature abundant is keen your partner heavily on construction and organization may pay your ability Capricorn to focus on in spite of all kinds of conditions to the high walls and into the streets, and to a seat in one of the bars around Dikk that become part of the focus of your partner make him snap his mind trading Acute you ask him to write you a summary of your life and let him because you join in the work-related meetings, what to see your partner Capricorn It works even want to be with him always. 

This relationship seems generally lukewarm but it remains a corner in the heart pulse of love and affection when both which Attabb the warmth necessary for life, Libra man attracted to women Capricorn and then discovers talents unheard when other. 


Compatibility Libra with Aquarius 

Formal relationship and cautious filled with many of the common goals Satien work together and bring a lot of dreams, the distinctive relationship between men and women balance Aquarius, their relationship may arise love at first sight. 

Both of them are trying to achieve the same for the relationship between the two of stable and quiet as they both complements the shortcomings of the other party. 

Are you a woman of Libra and you like a man of Aquarius, you Ttwafiqin with a man of Libra or not, Wasfi us your relationship with a Libra man if you're a woman of Aquarius. 


Libra compatibility with Pisces 

The relationship between Libra and Pisces understanding of Verdun Romancian مثاليان, The relationship also of quality complex as they are linked to aspects of marriage, sacrifice, work, health and sex could lose both of you in a sea of ​​indecision and lack of confidence and lack of self-confidence because of Chgvkma the establishment of relations and raise the interest of others or desire could be caused to yourselves, parking not Thsdan them whether it's at the level of work or on a personal level, mystery attractive, this is what makes the relationship between Libra and Pisces exciting and harmonious, all of them accept the Riddler other, but eventually exchanging confidence than lead to the strengthening of love between the two frameworks. 

The general characteristics of the two towers 

Both of fluffy feelings shy Tdfkma desire to please others share the yearning to be guided to true love and a quiet life smooth Tstmtaan where all yes the world and Misrata no desire to ديكما to harm any human being has Tkona a combination of logic and imagination united real between the head and the heart if available to as the motive Tmuj and discipline as much as sufficiently Busakma to Tantja a work of art reflects the agility and the fact that the beauty of the spiritual Athadkma This may be the great romance. 

Also, all of the people, Libra and Pisces are ready to give a specific part of himself to another when gives Pisces him make sure to show his reaction emotional manner and only جرحته not hurt his feelings is the foundation upon which your relationship romantic and what you discipline and sense of justice will not facing the lowest troubles in this area Prepare yourself for pronator whale and his words pessimism in periods of skepticism in itself and work to protect your situation fragile Balastgrac in your business which is likely to be the work of Pisces also consult your partner in matters of work regardless of the state of depression or mood or shedding tears be it because your lover that does not like to forsake difficult in his time if you can guide the adoption you have to work. 

Learn woman from Leo 

And donated the vital nature and intelligence, agility and beauty and appearance is not without excitement does not try to reject these women to become obedient otherwise you idiot considered yourself lucky if Ahtermtk and accepted your spouse have allowed you to possess emotionally they are more than a woman to be the subject is bright and is Negotiable, beware this woman who whisper and speak gently to refine and consider you with Kpatin eyes Naamtin تشعان joy and looks thin and quiet كبحيرة the stagnant احذرها, Lisle and tried and reduced the $ Qila Fsnkchw the it hides its tentacles but enacted every day in the same manner. 

Warning I hate to see you involved with this kind of women-Assad and the best way to draw attention is to give them precious gifts and high-taste and submit it and you are in the best Mazahrk tried some of the exercises Mdhaa and poverty cause her discomfort and makes them sick do not blame the arrogance and Oukahtha only natural for them to feel that they are above everyone which is if you find a protected and respected by more women to become kinder and in terms Dalala know women lion walked as a man we knew Assad She is known by lifting her neck and pride in its move. 

It is of course draw attention to it and love like a man to be the leader of any reference love driving at work, home and other dealings as well as they are patient, and more than men and it sounds they behave sometimes better than the man time of danger and crisis is no reason why they sometimes find snobs and Taatgrv In her words, women Assad inherently hate aging is for her to curse has been solved by the nature bestowed on a girl Leo vigor and skill, agility and beauty and spend a long time in front of women and spend a fortune on clothes, cosmetics and jewelry, a mother affectionate to their children, but may seem harsh sometimes it Tdallalhm At the same time impose on them obedience with love and commitment. 

Honest, generous, intelligent and able to create a balance between them and her husband and social She can not live without visits and special then, ÚÇÔŢĺ ​​but wants the boy of her dreams that ؤمن her life queens addition to being jealous, and its view of insight, which is interested in بمنظرها much فتراها stand hours for decoration, but this dude, always shining, and increases إشراقها with advancing age and the fact that the sun is going this Vsidth tower like all that glitters, which prefer diamond jewels and education fits women Assad, then so show leadership talents have, or Performing professions. 

Dear man, do you know the mystery of the woman Leo 

To be sure, this woman in her childhood were not such as peers of the girls and it turned into reality tangible fashion and taste, and you, O man if you have anything from a lack of, you should speed up to stay away from this queen Vmhaullack to convert women Assad to take home a nice pets is doomed to failure in advance, in order to win the admiration of women Assad must express interest in excess and full care by talking sweet do not forget that you are in the presence of the Queen, but if presented her a gift Vahtam time you apply your gift and the way in which provided them must and should be You are Prince, which provides the Queen's great flattery way attractive and eye-catching, and how not to choose the greatest Prince Queen fondles her feelings. 

There, a man does not blame your spouse Assad when he stands pause Pride and grow and ego are and heiress princes and are much better than all around and you even kings and the mob, your spouse Assad dear will not see in the clothes home dirty from the kitchen, or Tri on top of the coil hair but you will see always dude, pretty interested always that look in front of her husband, Queen also saw the first time, but it will waste a lot of money to be in this picture, a woman lion always has a lot of dresses that represent high fashion, Kalmatef fur rare and gloves expensive and hats, as they do not like to see the balance in the bank increases, but always seek to change various ornaments Vhadhir to respond to all their wishes and waste a huge fortune of money, but persuaded Management had command logic and reason. 

Your wife a wonderful Vmaúdtha housewife kings of the table, and all the guests feel special attraction towards her, but for her she wants her children violently afraid of them and sacrifice herself for them, while they are harsh with them with regard to the study, course understand the princes in the presence of their mother, the Queen, Savior is you always confident in your actions, and especially toward the opposite sex, but be careful of just خداعها It has the ability to pay you the same currency that treated her out, beware that is trying to flirt with her girlfriend, even if with a smile, then will the storm that may ruin your life and destroy your home , and if not believe neonatal try and but Tlomen only yourself. 

Assad and women love 

Her beauty of a classic and very attractive and athletic body stubbornness easily reach to command centers her smile hides a lot of Zhoha and arrogance often this female with splendor and freshness if the man tried to woo them he rides impossible if you know the man worthy of them, and loved to the fullest and love to live Love in all its aspects absolutely free and dynamic looking for a strong man loves her and finds her man stronger than or equivalent power, like the man who is her about Romancih. 

Sends them flowers and gifts first appointment and the first impression is very important then and be her decision and choice in relation to emotional and then on her partner to carry out her wishes and woe if rebellion or rejection of obedience that the strong man who controls them may be born with an internal problem though in truth is loves the surrender partner with the realization that they did not leave him room to act in a different way so often we find this woman, accompanied by a man features بالرقة and kindness, fun and apse. 

 Cancer compatibility with Aries 

Serious is the relationship of cancer to pregnancy, they طبيعتان contradictory cause one of them the pain of another and graduated crudeness of pregnancy emotions of cancer, if this was the last Manazuchia continue the relationship longer, but the result may be in most cases, dramatic, or that the water cancer extinguish the fire of pregnancy, who feels frustrated, but if you want Dear Cancer maintaining a pregnancy, must Alatguethm his world, the more Charth Bastqlalatk approached you more. 
Cancer is compatible with Taurus 

Social, mysterious love making friends with others and her friend closest to it of the Taurus, they interfere with the woman other problems eager and شكاكة, the mood is very delicate and less insulting her friends have penalized easily, and in the face of any order involving themselves. 

Ye together Code United productivity and fruiting Busakma that fills the whole world Balencl and Tkona also able to إشباعه Vontma Tafriv very rich links between you feelings of love and concern you both Collectibles beautiful and exquisite environment quiet and pleasures of physical and tastes sensual arts and food all away, this life of the causes of pleasure and happiness يمكنكما that تتوصلا to a wonderful expression of power Tatchkma to love, provided that one of you adventurous enough to Ye always fair with each other. 

As you are required to fulfill, stability and security will have to give up the excitement and to desist from object to provide Ncefk the other of these things the same you need it and request it always affect volatility cancer moods and lack of firmness basic and changes ongoing in the partner born Taurus will تمتحن these features patience and your ability to prospect, but it allows you to at the same time exciting opportunities and challenges. 

The stomach is one of your paths to the heart of a life partner because cancer loves food as much as love him or increase the quality of security represented by the saturation sensible and enjoy the flesh eating is what needs your partner cancer and pleased him confirmed your life environmental together because this is the path of confidence may scare away the power of desire lover cancer withdraws immediately if they felt betrayed should be حانيا the sympathetic silence cancer cases capricious not attached to them a lot and not underestimate partner due shy or تكتمه 


Cancer compatibility with Gemini 

Gemini attracts Dear cancer more than they thought, but do not rely on it to link duo, you may appear interesting and therefore, lose confidence and withdraw him feel insecure with regard to the relationship in transit, may be excellent and emotion emotions, grams at first sight? Brilliant encounter during travel? Perhaps, but pleasure to be short because the heart is often absent in such a relationship, Tquby sweet memories without problems, suitable this Castrahh relationship between lovers, former nor the right. 


Cancer compatibility with Cancer 

Meet births cancer with births last of this tower on the love of family and moods common, but the satisfaction is full of very difficult attainable, it may hurt each other, unfortunately, and perhaps trying one sacrifice in the beginning and then comes sacrifice and bending Lama wishes and give him the role of leaders and step down in front of him, you are asked roses act quickly, and if it does not do his wishes and give him a leadership role and step down in front of him, you are asked reactions faster, and if they do not do Ahof كاليل and day, complementary, or perhaps can be likened to this relationship a game of cat and mouse, Assad hunter and cancer likes to hunt. 


Cancer compatibility with Leo 

تستطيعان that plentiful light and warmth to the whole world, if necessary, in the best Halatkma collecting the power of Hero traditional manhood and sympathy of female traditional and fertility, to ديكما sense of fairness, openness and honesty makes your relationship is stable and safe, Tarafan also how to deal with discrimination minute, between openness and cruelty يمكنكما distribution of interests and responsibilities With the two of you so توجدان together a constant source of love abroad flock to around بكما. 

In the worst Halatkma be this relationship representative سقيمة based on feelings of insecurity and slavery under the NPR tyrant selfish tyrant, and a war hidden between the guilt of my house and control a personal, between the father of a strict and I'm disguised House and runaway from it, and in order to be fruitful, must be under the protection of Assad and support you but should accept the decisions Assad nor undermined by recourse to the feelings of guilt and insecurity, you should be in this relationship either permeated s sharp intuition and either allow that guides you through the superficial appearance. 

Yes, it is true that Assad more need you, miracle wonders that wants to partner born Leo and expects more than you want and expect you, born Cancer known allergies and selfishness and modesty, settlement and love, what that awakens the heart الدهش so should be able to challenge the terrors that threaten the Your partner born Leo, do not try to repair your partner born Leo does not publicly and not in between you, because such an invasion of privacy without due respect for his pride makes Assad shows you, an overdose of interest loner on love does not hurt, and after working on pleasing ego your partner starts Assad same Earn your satisfaction in the same way 


Cancer is compatible with Virgo 

Could Tkona union simple free from conflicts demented as long as Amkinkma not to overburden the both of you the other, and pushed him to such behavior, it is possible to bless such a union smoothly luxurious, though accustomed is smirk and simplicity Aasebrtih, Busakma enjoy the natural environment offered by the countryside or the ocean Fathmlan the Charge salt sea air to Abeer forest and field, benefit from the meeting Haddsakma and Mchaarkme and acute Aderakkma together, Busakma the that Tstriha together comfort relatives. 

As long as كنتما secure financially Thban that Tstmaa together the joy of ten quiet safe with strong family ties, to raise both of you in the other needs to Nammar emotional and sexual, Ajmaa between spirituality and materialism, and between the supernatural and practical, Ajmaa between sense and reason and between intuition and logic, apologize to your partner births Tower Virgin Bastqlalatk; because Virgin is proud of his wealth, but also wants to be a part of it, to remedy the depth of the need for a service that you want your partner born Virgo in silence in this relationship, Mark Virgin takes care Lakewanatk the home when they are sick, and diagnose you cases of high your temperature. 

You will not see a need to teach the Virgin of the economy of money, but you have to encourage enjoy the Virgin by spending, sensations life partner this dunk much, so maybe needs of the Virgin, which may be severe shyness so as not to indulge in the pleasures of a certain amount of encouragement in this area, be sexually sensory what if you can with your partner Virgin, because cautious behavior is usually calculated and publicly makes your trusted Virgin secretly, you using fertility and creativity and Amtaek the 



Compatibility of Cancer with Libra 

If you love the balance Dear Cancer, he will not forget you never, you are he likes so much, but one of you controls and the other meet, the attraction staggering sometimes, irresistible, if Jmatkma story unusual and gram sweeping even violence, the relationship continues, and only Valvrac inevitable, no doubt that attractive balance of great need, but like you changed and is changing and private lives mood and comes to the past and dreams of the future of another, as he was like a parent or a close lost love him so much, he tried to avoid problems and disputes with him so as not to run away from you 



Cancer is compatible with Sagittarius 

Between cancer and bow adventure story and game exceptional, where the desire to present and pleasure in control if you want Hafez it must be Ttsafr always together and Tstahbh on a cruise, for example, or to attend his projects travel all the time, but the independence of the arc bothering you, even if you find the echo of your desires The Baath and leave, may not be a definite relationship between you because you may be asked e quickly conjunction, or face some facts and make him run away quickly. 


Cancer compatibility with Scorpio 

Relationship بالعقرب exceptional and distinctive, may be the tower the only one who understands Tamojata the heart of this child, Tower aqueous like you, live Alanfaalat and swim which constitute together bilaterally excellent, but do not let it wait and only avenged you and Azpk, if I loved it so much not the relationship is excellent, and is estimated is your loyalty, but do not give rise to anger and jealousy, you must must always تطمئنه and show him your love constantly, Taataacan the love and enthusiasm and look this amazing relationship. 


Cancer is compatible with Capricorn 

Afraid Capricorn love not tell him about your desires in building a house of my husband at the second meeting, however, is a tower of marriage for thee, and enjoys Capricorn including missing you have a stability and rigidity, while you have composed and warmth, not hinder his ambitions do not criticize his work and his love of the work, فالجناح necessary not Tzanh , if you want to gain 4 Fajvv the pessimism and smile and be optimistic in front of him, I know that Capricorn likes to exercise his cancer you Dear, you may resent coolness and accused Paljfa, what this shows the relationship of the vibration. 

This is one of the best Matlvat Zodiac at all, as long as كنتما willing to accept Dropkma and at the level of maturity much Rwabtkma and piety may have been the past few years are full of reasons for rupture and reflection and overlaps explosive, was still the process of change long-term list despite the calm the storm if Artbttma Bbedkma some as lacking the maturity, the one of you plays the role of baby Almtazavr starvation-poor Alomanwalmanml which does not limit understood, while the play the other role stepfather or stepmother lukewarm non-responsive stubborn malevolent and is sympathetic and the relationship between you so Tgalkma تبلغان a critical stage, either Tnfsla then or increase growth and aspirations. 

Then Tdtalaaan Bunk mature sack in which each of you the other, and yourselves on Alatkma so يمكنكما start that تعيشا happy life in respect both of you need to another to silence and tranquility, settlement and isolation, participate in the share each of you and إشباعه and perfection ruled tendencies childish to rejection and fear dreary of love, and even Tthola to two adults are correct Ajmaa from the forces of mind, heart and emotions and reasoning powers ye Mkablan Flakian or partners. 


Cancer is compatible with Aquarius 

That the relationship between cancer bucket seem difficult in the beginning and disappointment in the early stages, but good if it continues, and given excellent results with time, do not doubt that Aquarius lives feelings are complex, and the cancer has يتفهمه with the passage of time, you may live adventure romantic distinctive large and Mfh feelings do not Tensty , Vemolo Aquarius attracts you, it embodies the independence and freedom, trying to Tltqth and harder for you to it, if you want gained فتجنب impose your terms it, the more respected his freedom, and his legacy goes without question, and keep at a distance of liberty, I love you more 


Cancer compatibility with Pisces 

Almost this to be a united spiritual blessing from heaven feelings of delicate love of a perfect eternal, when Tkonan relaxed immersed يمكنكما transform this relationship to a shared society in suffering scramble in which both of the sacrifice with his awards or rewards, it is possible to raise each other's nerves other worries and concern depression and frequency, suspicion and other problems that dissipates Helmkma calm and peace, but the treatment does not exceed the face some facts simple everyday only, it is possible to be the truth ugliest What bothers to Apetkma is safe and best يمكنكما that تفعلاه for yourselves, and for a life partner is coping with something perceived in the world, without a positive force capable violent Tantzekma of this case Tadhaaan in dreams, or Ajtervkma the philosophizing, or Tktefian to enjoy the comfort and presence only with each other, both of you kind-hearted taking into account the feelings of others. 

Thin and sincere permanent quest for truth and knowledge, Hpkma for ambiguity and secrets and the arts approximately between yourselves, everything you want to DO did not you because bookmarking such social graduate, and the commitment of a formal, this is what I found in your partner Pisces, do not back down now because the whale prove this to the maximum extent possible is not justified because the demolished house, you want to be you are also at least once, and now you have made available this relationship, this housing Enjoy them, The is House where the heart is, this is at least formula that Jmatk the بالحوت since the beginning. 

Successive breakthroughs Aries in Sept. 2013 

Mentioned in the Book of planets repel each other and the world in the alert that I Ka March from Maakcetk, not even now become your ally It supports your steps in order to climb the ladder of success leaps Jabara, enjoy this month, dear Aries, Lively doubled and made available to you opportunities to settle what was stuck and find a solution for some Alshakl and remove all the obstacles in front of you projects, whether personal or professional. 

We can say that things are moving in this month, and that required of you is not to wait, but the initiative and work, even though the accused sometimes hasty has been struggling with fate and struggling to accelerate Alkhti, while the interviewer others slowly and Tbatea annoying, or you find yourself in front of Abed Algjraat routine Millia , especially to listen to some disturbing observations or opinions illogical and regrets that some of the exercises, and discover that some retreat from promises or Thanh escape from his responsibilities, relate to it does not find it. 

The objection may face a strike or bother you, but you are unable to find in these adjustments during, and to fight a very successful discussions which expresses your opinion and put points on the characters and emotional life will make you happy in this bustling month, especially in the first half. Radiate dear, glitter and attract admiration and support, have a great impact on who you meet in the meantime, if you're lonely, you may find love, or hear the words of flattery, what increase you self-confident and arrogant, too. 

However, the contact with those close be difficult a little bit, especially after 14, where the overlap finance affairs personal show the contradictions in the act and live feelings are complex, you may overlook the emotional story confusing and تتلعثم in front of some small details disturbing, and perhaps long phone calls in this period, However, no real correlation may not see the light before the date of 23, yes, my dear, climate is astronomer considerable clouds of Uranus and March and Saturan, and all sites to adverse astronomical in the meantime 

Events and dates encounter Aries in September 2013 

Mentioned in the Book of planets repel each other and the world Astnfaronk may be roses react harsh on the first day of the month, especially if dealt with a family or household salt bother you, but you breathe a sigh of relief between Monday 2 and Tuesday 3, two days ايجابيان of fortunes and solutions at all levels and between Wednesday 4 and Monday, in a period of 9 minutes of negotiations with views charge you demanding conditions or go Notes تستسيغها not you, and maybe pass some administrative Alarbakat and small obstacles that rob them of your bed, but that many incentives though. 

Might be interested in the issue of personal or relationship arising out of Wednesday 4 and New Moon in Virgo on Thursday, 5, talks about the display or a new or initiative coincides with a lot of criticism, frequently work between Friday 6 and Saturday 7, it may be difficult to persuade some of those thoughts and توجهاتك, but you reach solutions to your projects and become more acceptable, and to address the issue of mysterious, hidden or secret between Sunday and Tuesday, 8, 10, and correct some situations a secretive manner. 

Moves Mercury to the balance of Monday 9 and moisturizes the atmosphere, and makes communication with some actors more positive and understanding, relieves stress and removes obstacles slowly, starting from this day and gambled on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 to put your projects or take advantage of the atmosphere, you might get a sum of money or legacy What returns or unexpected, joined the welcome and appreciation of the service is provided on the likely and Get out of skirmishes between Friday 13 and Saturday 14, do not put yourself at risk, you may arise a problem related to the development of family or my husband, and perhaps interested in the affairs related to the pair and conditions in the meantime, and the rest of the the burden of starting from Sunday 15, or between Sunday 15 and Friday 20, relate to some friends and groups, has been achieved and desire to score a goal however, express yourself fluently. 

It seems Monday, 16 distinctive Z this framework, as well as address some of the issues related to conflicts with a woman or close played a role in your life in the past two may appear evident Wednesday 18 and the full moon in Pisces on Thursday 19, Thehaddzq about the past, or re-register again and occur significant changes affect your site or your photo Friday 20 and Saturday 21, may be associated with love story, or concealed housewife underlying direction of someone who share your same feeling, starting new in the meantime, or volatility page and go in another direction, and possibly sign the contract or in the process of buying or completed a successful operation between Sunday 22 and Monday 23, change course and status health and reach solutions and plans for the future and recognize the other abilities Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25, rejoice Ptgayk an invitation to participate on the occasion of great social and make your duties full-Thursday 26 does not fail, but be careful of enemies and attitudes convulsive changes and sudden and shocking between Friday 27 and Saturday 28, may Asakk a story in the meantime, or have to change a surprise to some conditions, or move to another location quickly and fortunately the last two days of the month, Sunday 29 and Monday 30, carrying the pros and developments satisfactory and console , also abound Alanfaalat the end of the month. 



Expectations for Taurus in September / September 2013 

Will turn omens astronomical to more complex, what يضطرك to adopt caution and avoid accidents and problems and provocations, we must learn to deal with Allamentzer and the unexpected, may occur unless the calculated his account and changing data, but is capable of dealing with these developments with skill and success, grow up, fortunately , self-confidence and communications are simplified, Vtbzl what you can for the success of steps, you may accumulate business and facing some of the plans that do not appeal to you, do not doubt that you arrange things and study what occurring quietly in order to set priorities and find solutions, and listen to some advice, but you should consider the lonely , and adapt to the new atmosphere at work or with the same conditions imposed, important انحمى earnings and your money and your sites, and not let anyone Iktansha. 

Fortunately you find the road in front of you impassable in order to continue with the categories that interest you, and in order linked to the dates of her new and the necessary steps, it is important to adjust your temper, even if you encounter people who are not accustomed to your style and your style, you have to change your plans sometimes adapted to these developments, not doubt that these challenges strained nerves, especially if you have entered a fierce competition put all your earnings in the balance, professional interests and personal affairs and family, if you want advice must be dealt with topics from day to day, and comes Petrateptha and without haste, stiffening and on a personal level passing month eccentric, The oscillating between contentment total convulsions seriousness, bet on your relationships good and leave the other side, do not try to find solutions and treatment, but I play sheet quiet and smooth whatever the circumstances, you might not be canceled all these atmospheres negative, but able to ease them, tend to this month to social activities, and want something strong emotional ties. 

May focus and triumph over all challenges despite everything, either focus on the personal begins from the date of 11, when he moves Venus into Scorpio, or to your home seventh, and to join Saturn in the face of your horoscope in order to threaten some cold or pessimism or hesitation or doubts , you may regret what he has done, and if you empty the dream relationship better than what happened to you in the past, and trying to draw the attention of a people, even though the task was impossible, some born bull living Weird or away from them partner for one reason or another, and others facing a break because not to make a decision in conjunction, you known, my dear Pettmhlk and Petrazq, and this is what might reflect on the relationship in this month, added that one of the family members may be exposed to put fishy and you poison the atmosphere. 

Events and dates encounter Taurus in Sept. 2013 

The tense atmosphere in the first three days of the month, which carries the atmosphere of spasm at the family or personal, relating to either the husband or the boys or a parent, do not start a new between Sunday 1 and Tuesday 3 and stay cautious, which may arise story of romance Tbulbul atmosphere also generates uncertainty and the moon New in the home fifth on Thursday, 5, bodes well and Pallaijabiat, especially between Wednesday 4 and Friday afternoon 6, continue in a positive way and so are unpopular, and play your imagination a positive role in creating some opportunities, there is a new تبدأه especially since this moon commensurate positions with Jupiter, which means opportunities and appropriate initiatives and engaged in a variety of fields, or comes to mind expansion, travel and spread from Friday 6, was attended by yourself to get changes between Friday 6 and Saturday 7. 

Watch out for أوضاعك health also not Taathor, focused on one business and your priorities without sending and turns Mercury into your home sixth, ie, to balance, on Monday, 9, are faced people are looking for perfection and worry about your convenience, you may Iotron temper also as of this date, and you have because the interlocutor with them quietly, arise in the meantime, the issue of changing the place of residence or work, or perhaps re-modernization and development at home and moves Venus into Scorpio on Wednesday 11, in order to join the Saturn faces horoscope, opens a period of concern on a personal level, and sorrows, perhaps, may find during this period of love in your field, but you live some landslides, tension and committed mistakes, it is also possible to look for your best interest in a romantic relationship is, and sign the contract between Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 and highlights the day Friday 13 and Saturday 14, the best day this month , as communicating with the actors, and the moon in your home ninth sponsor successfully your steps, locked the experience or know a profit or traveling or living changes very suitable, do not be afraid to take risks in these two days, while warning Astronomy of any reaction between Monday 16 and Tuesday 17, now avoid any confrontation nor attached Sahmah to certain behaviors. 

May change conditions and changing, and some are trying to Astfsazak not bow to his will Vhafez on your secrets and your possessions and your earnings in the period, and may now feel lonely and nostalgic to the old story did not materialize, some born bull feel very sad and involves the same, but the full moon in Pisces on Thursday 19 , Fardob atmosphere a little bit, and find the bull refuge near some born in Capricorn or Virgo or Pisces between Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19, it is possible to achieve security in this period and return to the past or nostalgic to him on Friday 20, or meet those who were divided him and either ties marital Vtalb an important role in the meantime Vhafez on your nerves and calm between Saturday 21 and Monday 23, it may be mood Mtbdla, volatile and perhaps confused you feelings do not realize what you want and adopt a new perspective, or go to meet people, intellectuals, thinkers, artists يشاطرونك passions, between Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25, in this period may know flirt with or meet a stranger refreshes your heart, you may be on a date with a love story exceptional and distinctive and harmony Venus with Jupiter in this period and until Saturday 28, in order to provide you the atmosphere of romantic or financial conditions thriving, you may You receive a surprise in this time, particularly between Thursday 26 and Saturday 28, or call a task or express your desires, frankly, or come some information is very important for your business and move Mercury to your home seventh on Sunday 29, with the moon in Lion, Please Be attentive and very avoid debates acute and conflicts and Adah bad, between Sunday 29 and Monday 30, and maintained for your safety. 

Expectations for Gemini in September / September 2013 

 The great achievements of Gemini in the September 2013 

If the first ten days of the month, suitable for personal and emotional situations, the best professionally period beginning after that, enjoying at the beginning of the month until the date of 11 promising romantic atmosphere, improve your relationship with your partner and prosper social and family life. Agreement prevails and be tormented climate, exercise your charm and reach to accomplish and achieve deep desire. 

However, the matter vocational remains stuck a little bit in the meantime, Fteraouh place and feel بالعرقلة or subject to the will of some rulers or gatekeepers matters and, starting from the date of 10, changing the conditions for intervention cycle astronomical very suitable return which matters to Ansabha and put points on the characters and the changes occur that dream , are discussed and negotiated or travel and complexity of transactions and open front doors and deserve congratulations and hear words of admiration and receive bids for a new job, perhaps, broadcast your will in every place and contribute to the success of the public thanks to the abilities creativity and intelligence of acute and wisdom, and perhaps address the issue of financial attached proceeds and property of the family. 

Profits offset many expenses, and the closer last month, has achieved success and radiance contrast rose sentiment that you might need. But in personal life facing climate opposite, Vtstdm the fiercely partner may or lack of understanding, and feel distressed or declining glare relationships and hide. May injure ocean بكلامك or Pantqadatk, even to Astronomy talking about grams of first glance may befall you, my dear, and receive an offer is expected, but the steps may stumble after that. 

Events and Gemini encounter dates in Sept. 2013 

Meet new faces and locked experiments featured in the first days of the month, that is, between Sunday 1 and Tuesday 3, your skills in its heyday, may receive good news concerning the study you or a personal relationship and practiced hobbies and pose challenges striking and find Gram If you are free, but the Astronomy warns of the pitfalls of a professional It staleness in your communications and the inability to self-expression, about the developments in harsh or authority authoritarian, between Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5, in the new moon in your home fourth, ie in the Virgin on Thursday, 5, may expose you to some of the events confusing, or closing the doors were open so that some fail مبادراتك and may need to be changed daily in the vicinity and you have to straighten out the path, but it raises some controversy and conflict Be Tspa. 

Highlight the talents and feel more comfortable Saturday 7 and Sunday 8, you may know the story of romance good or overlooking the relationship promising and spend times of entertainment and fun and happy near those who love and gain popularity in these two days and moves Mercury to your home fifth Monday, 9, and open cycle astronomical very suitable work success and creativity and receive congratulations and locked in the midst of the work of promising between Monday 9 and Saturday 14 and joined the assistance required and on a personal level leaves Venus home fifth enters Scorpio, فيخف glare emotional and spin trends toward a romantic relationship in your field or in the vicinity of your career starting m now looking issue Thursday 12 marital, or partnership emotional issue and an urgent financial situation and you may receive good news between Sunday 15 and Monday 16, or receives an offer is expected very Iverg but pitfalls may impede the pace between Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18. 

The full moon in Pisces on Thursday 19, Fahdd some estrangement and drought, careful criticism and complaint now and hide the pressure between Friday 20 and Saturday 21, was carrying these two days a good meeting and concessions within by one of the parties or adjustments to moisten the atmosphere and reveal to you one of them secrets or hear news were not you know, between Sunday and Monday 23, where crystallize some ideas or looking for some solutions, and changes affect أوضاعك the professional and personal and prefer to avoid gossip or talk public and public debates. 

Conceal some impressions or information, and you may tremendous job between Tuesday 24 and Thursday 26, concentrated light you attract attention, very active and self-confident, in the sun in Libra is right for you and make you shine personality characteristic, cares about you Ocean has been running a center or a position or draws attention for one reason or another note of the economic conditions may be confusing in the meantime, especially Friday 27 and Saturday 28 and going debate and controversy with one of the boys or some members of the family relation to the situation of financial The Mercury which is transmitted to your home sixth, ie to the Scorpio in the last month, it has refers to some confusion or frustration, but astronomy is talking about compensation for the sunshine and the important messages you receive between Sunday 29 and Monday 30 and may begin studying new or freelancing some external actors for a training course or other, and have one of the women's role in the course of events. 

Expectations for Cancer in September / September 2013 

 Conflicts and challenges facing the Tower of cancer in September 2013 

Overlooking you this month with calm largest and Anekav for معاكسات astronomical events, but no promises by the miraculous, you may encounter some disappointments and delays and procrastination, so you feel sometimes as outweigh Taqttk stamina and patience but things Ttsuy later, and regain your style and make up for lost time , so the second half of its results better than the first half, even though the first week Himl some achievements at the level of dialogue and negotiations with the help of the planet Mercury. 

You may receive in the meantime, good news for display or travel, or the convening of the conference or meeting responded to some of your problems and fortunately you are armed with the will of a large face any benefits, and look challenges incentives for you to progress towards achieving the desires and profits, even though I had to accept some compromises in the middle Alchehroukd bow to the will of some of the references window, Sao forced to postpone travel for example, or the date due to force majeure, or in response to some requests professional, or because of developments sudden change directions and this month prompted prudence and realism, organization and seriousness in behavior, and makes you wait in vain certain appointments or benefits Health and the situation looks better than before, and it carries you treatment and recovery, and satisfactory results and smiling at the universe on an emotional level, starting from the date of 11 and things تصطلح, Share Digg Vtjd Thread or express yourself honestly and spontaneously. 

After a period of complexity and his fans place or tighten the ropes, reached to change for your own good, and consistent with the beloved career joint and feel love drown your days and practiced charm unmatched predicted hearts and rejoice accumulating fans, if there was routine, the first ten days of the month, the situation reversed again Habib Old accounts for your interest, and perhaps regain glory relationship of the impact of some of the developments or changed circumstances. 

Events and dates encountered cancer Tower in September 2013 

Exercise your charm on the first day of the month, any Sunday 1, and take advantage of some opportunities that suddenly appear and make the development of a relationship and interested in issues of finance between Monday 2 and Thursday, 5, and say what in your heart, much your determination and look bolder and more accommodating of reality, especially Monday 2 and Wednesday 4, be romantic in its heyday Tuesday 3 and New Moon in the third house, in Virgo, on Thursday, 5, holds exceptional opportunities and conditions general support توجهاتك. 

Delves into more detail, which belong to the past and dealt with wisely and intelligently, locked in discussions and negotiations intact, has been getting excellent news in the meantime, or an offer to work seem to fit but you complain about a lawsuit or of some animosity between Saturday 7 and Sunday 8, will not give up my dear , and will not frustrate your determination is in the meantime, but you locked room with great success between Monday 9 and Tuesday 10, and inadvertently appear for boldness and frankly amazed people around, move Venus to your home fifth on Thursday, 5, makes it easy to personal contacts and makes exercise charming and attractive not يقاومان, predicted Hearts from now until last month, and know to meet exceptional or return for Habib Old or reconciliation after Totrlkn careful of the conflicts between Friday 13 and Monday 16, has clashed with one person and go to the judiciary to resolve the issue, or have to bow to the will of some authorities or references window , especially between Friday 13 and Saturday 14, where you have extreme caution and to receive some information from Monday 16, and implement the desire deep or reach to impose your will, Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18, where completed projects and exert influence, and perhaps Tfum travel or interested person of foreign or complexity of an agreement fruitful and full moon in your home ninth on Thursday 19, ie, in Pisces, in store for you a pleasant surprise and makes you understand some of the details of the past, and helps in the field of advertising or promotion or on a journey undertaken by far, but walked away from light and avoid enemies between Friday 20 and Saturday 21, watch out to changes which may occur and takes you back to zero. 

Be careful, my dear, and fortunately that love you smile in the meantime, it may be on a date with you between Sunday 22 and Wednesday 25, may know reconciliation or meet Bahabib missed you for some reason and returned to open a new page, to crystallize some of the agreements between Sunday 22 and Monday 23, But be careful your enemies are waiting for Wednesday, 25. 

And completed your work quietly and I know you focus attention in this period, especially Friday 27 and Saturday 28, as significant changes to your software, and possibly armed with a strong internal to announce the project Grammy or a personal or family, turns Mercury on Sunday, 29 to house the fifth and easy for you to atmosphere and communications, Ibcrk profit material or some of the achievements and developments that serve your interests in the last two days of the month. 

Maggie Farah expectations for Leo in September / September 2013 

Trying to overcome obstacles from 9 

Improved sentiment from the date of 9, I have committed some foolish and reckless behavior in some matters, which may stir things against you, my dear. Be careful of accidents and be sane in you are taking with the various developments and adopted prevention in everything. Collide with many barriers, negotiations and communications become less pressure from the date of 9. Encounter problems and difficulties have to حلحلتها and the quest for mitigation of its consequences. No doubt you are compelled to make concessions. Cripple your move and be nailed in front of a frustrating situation. You smile universe on an emotional level in the first ten days, where moving your personal affairs and emotional life on a positive tune. May regret emotional decision earlier whether betrothal announcement or any association or separation. 

You are required calm and act rationally and not to raise or exposure to the crisis of anger, may vary with your beloved viewpoints on the issue of social or public figure, and conflict breaks out between you, may regret the decision earlier, whether emotional engagement announcement or separation .. Be careful in Venus in Scorpio generates differences and threatens Balkotaiah. 

Expectations for Virgo in September / September 2013 

Sunshine, dreams and high morale 

 Characterized by tremendous capabilities in this promising month, which carries you Although many pros concerns necessitate you hold organize and arrange appointments. May establish important contacts with the outside and reach to accomplish always dreamed of. If you want to launch a new then do so starting from the date of 10, Icoamk nothing because the universe تغمرك the intellectual and moral capacity and physical necessary for success. May graduated Kalsharh from dough of trouble, trouble or stymied. You might be surprised confusing status affects one close, Vtlta the all your work and responsibilities. Surrounded by tenderness and attention in this month, but the best period beginning on 11, when Venus enters Scorpio and Yagmurk Boukarath even Althamt of next month. Has solidified links partner and lover and offer him a new project, or be this period the scene for a wedding and marriage or betrothal. Receive a warm welcome wherever he went, and looks shining a special appeal. Agrk a meeting with someone special Thi-standing cultural, intellectual and scientific. May you travel íÓÚĎß and refreshes your heart. It's also possible to tend to someone you know a long time ago and change your feelings towards him, cares about him and spend hours Thatvh or communicate with him, where the talk in public affairs gateway to a close relationship. 

Maggie Farah expectations for Libra in September / September 2013 

Planet March turns into an ally 

 Breathe a sigh of relief, pressure is diminished and you feel that the universe cooperating with you in this month during which lead many tasks positively, you may frequently work but you Tstazb the breathing, and find that indulging in errands relieves you do not bother you, even if it assumed the responsibilities of the various. Feel comfortable and advancing seeking about goals, Remarkably Bahadazq and نقاشاتك and confidence esteem and Dblomacetk. Find yourself a good location reminds you of the early year and Asg all the data necessary to end the work or to reach the goals. Oh dear conditions predicted and Sdva serve your interests or support is expected come to you in a timely manner. Likely to arise a dispute with one or collaborators and colleagues prevail dialogue of the deaf with him. Last week born in the first district liberated most notably of disharmony astronomer who suffered from it in the past months, and move to the stage more than a promise. Snaps Venus in your sign until the date of 11, and promises to continue you fantastic success and it's all over the place, and Gravity by giving you dramatically, فيسود harmony and calm conditions and relive what was lost. Will not be bad things, but some grumble and التأفف of the may يخيمان the past two weeks. You may feel dissatisfaction sometimes or تشغلك the financial affairs of minutes of your acts emotional. Favors the wealthy partner or financially capable who Ahpk love and tenderness, and judge him through تقديماته and هداياه. Opportunities may be available to you through some friends and group activities, and electronic messaging are also a way to make new friendships. 

You may feel satisfied altogether and تشغلك of the financial or emotional affairs and prefer rich partner or capable financially and materially partner who Ahpk love and compassion, and if you'd like Walt \ near beloved what Lake only create a romantic atmosphere to attract his attention and love. 

Expectations for Scorpio in the month of September / September 2013 

Caution and prudence is required 

  Took caution and stay away from rashness, recklessness, and prevention adopted family in your personal life and professional life. Be careful that you lose your earnings and unbelievable temptations some phishers. Also aware of thieves and closed the doors of your car and your door tightly. That Astronomy advice is the lack of urgency. But waiting for things to ripen automatically and without pressure or pursuit may not be feasible. Manage your acts without noise. You may encounter obstacles or afflict one of them are forced to help him and help him. Possibly exposed to the ill, or fatigue. Defined period of great entertainment, and if you're lonely may surprise Tantzk. Before that you may live in a state of sadness or discontent and care a family member who needs a helper. If I lived in the first half of the unit, but you discover in the second half in a stranger you some advantages required in order to seek a more intimate connections. 

 Enters Venus horoscope defines a period of entertainment and if you are lonely Vtantzerk surprises have been living in a state of sadness or discontent is interested in one of the family members tastier needs to help you and then changed the atmosphere spoke successes in your personal life and open up new horizons, if you are alone in the first half of the month, then you a date with a stranger we find some distinct advantages. 


Expectations for Sagittarius in the month of September / September 2013 

Friendly atmosphere and many works 

 Finally understands what you want him seeking high morale and great capabilities, you feel freedom was اثقالا fell for كاهلك. Provide you with the necessary capacity universe to Bloa your goals and facilitate the task before you, from the date of 9, especially if you are thinking of launching a project or treading on some of the initiatives that have posed for research. May abandon affiliation in the past month, and put an end to one of the ties or some alliances, has deposited an associate or grieve the absence or departure. In your life this month renewal and change, and the purchase of certain equipment or furniture, you may receive the signals of love and gratitude from the partner, as he carries you surprise probably trying to tempted or to prove that you love and attachment to you. Living some routine, or neglect your personal life to pursue career goals. Tend to more negative than positive in the second half of the month. 

 Neglect your personal life to pursue career goals or become more stringent in judgment on others and always find disadvantages for each person and tend to negative in the second half of the month, need some unity and a return to self and may be forced to participate activities Family charge you and maybe come back to you the past and reconnect to the past to restore the relationship probably. 


Expectations for Capricorn in September / September 2013 2013 

Be careful Alkhaddat, duels and challenges 

  Liberated in this month and deposited all adversity and oriented options Other promises reassured and before you open the doors closed, there has been what solves the problem were stuck, فتنطلق away from the previous المعاكسات. Exercise authority over others and put new strategies, فتلفت the efficiency draw the attention of some concerned. Looking at this month شؤونا the financial and offers practical solutions, breaking barriers might work and commitment to deadlines charge you if it is difficult or minutes. Have in the first Aashrh days of the month to المسايرة on the emotional level, and careful behavior and stay away from the problems so as not to injure the feelings. May overlook the meetings to paint for you a new destiny and the expansion of some of the prospects. Occupies friendships a priority interest Vtawwad the the unit and feel Balatzan. 

SCARED love planet Venus and holds thee fortunes and encounters sudden signs of love and expressions of admiration and talk and discuss and shine your star, known numerous contacts and associated schedules varied and socialize with people distinct and enriched social life encounters, relationships, and perhaps Bagram potential for some the only ones born in Capricorn, in the second half of the month will carry you to the complexities of The changes make you feel alienated and confused in your emotions and your feelings and confused opt in once again link the freedom and be filled with romance in the first half of the month, and then retreating to the care of family matters. 


Expectations of Aquarius in the month of September / September 2013 

Be brave despite the challenges 

  You hold the universe your acts become more subtle than the former and low morale, which requires taking caution and mobilize all energies to the face of developments that may be confusing. Pay attention to your health and safety do not exaggerate in fatigue yourself or contest Adventures risk. Check it بالتروي attention and avoid scammers who you setting up snares. Watch out well, closed gates and inspect your vehicle and be alert on the roads, do not rush things or touched the doors of the impossible. Thrive emotions and feel that you are lovable and desirable. The portends serious Barbakat and dropped remarkably passionate, and the actions of a fierce and complex feelings. Feel frustrated or give up on the relationship or the volatility page or regret link. 
SCARED Venus until the date of 11, it is in your horoscope facilitates some personal errands as professional and removes some of the tension, and thrive emotions and you feel lovable and desirable, but Venus, who meets with Saturn in Scorpio is threatening Barbakat serious decline in emotional and behavior fierce and feelings Mgkdh, and you feel frustrated or give up on the relationship Page volatility or regret on the link and be forced to make concessions or close one help in solving the problem intractable and surprised by the news were not considered. 


Expectations for Pisces in September / September 2013 

Celebrates an exceptional event 
Still supportive universe is providing the necessary vitality to successfully meet all developments and to take appropriate decisions in a timely manner. Vvenus and Jupiter sponsors اوضاعك personal and passionate preaching as far as social and Excellent starting from the date of 11, waiting for a special meeting and an atmosphere of friendliness and love and compassion so that shines star wherever Zhbotstaid the the self-confidence as beloved which يطمئنك. If you were attracted to free one of them and live an exceptional adventure will not forget. Picks up the window of opportunities and meet the person who you are dreaming. You may receive the honor of this month or gratitude to services Adatha whether on a personal level or year. Please everyone seems big obstacle set up by the arrangements. You may be asked to upgrade or enhance some financial returns. 

Has received the honor in this month or gratitude to services Adatha whether on a personal level or year, and undergoing a period of preparation and arranging for an event coming, we want to combine in which a lot of people. May be required to upgrade or enhance some financial returns, but if you want to launch the idea and publish some of the ideas, views, or do a media campaign or publicity then do between 1 and 9. 



Expectations for all the towers for the month of September / September 2013 (professionally - emotionally) 

After Mamrna month father tired Btoaala astronomical accurate and obvious contradictions and the general situation which Andhirtna some global problems because of the repulsion between the planets violent (Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and Uranus) that this dissonance has led to coups, wars and pressures, problems and difficulties and scandals General arose amazement and wonder in month was the most violent and bloody on all the Arab nation, especially the bombings that has gripped Iraq as well as the dramatic events and crises, economic crisis and the problems of climate, natural disasters and collapses witnessed by the stock exchange .. may come September smooth out of the atmosphere and suggests understanding in order to reduce the problems of economic, environmental, climatic and political as carries month Oaol solutions to outstanding conditions and speed of movement and unexpected reactions and disappointments, perhaps on a physical level. May arise complications in the world of communication and media conditions are also a concern at the global level. Frequently controversy in this month about some of the political parties and affiliations and the conflict is severe. Also sheds light on the world of art and creativity and beauty, Fatro the important event in this context. 


Expectations of Aries (21 March - 20 April) for the month of September / September 2013 

   Astmhal time is not of your interest 
If the August month of love, fun and entertainment, September is the month of the grandfather and struggle. The situation astronomical refers to the emergence of many interests and responsibilities of many emergency and routine dealing with your professional status and health. Show new elements make you reflect on your schedule and how to develop dynamically. Quickly interact with your surroundings and the events overlap with some of the workers with you in the office or a family member, looking for a way to reunite and bring the views. 
The pros are many and diverse opportunities to improve air year and تلطيفه. Although Atalaltk window, you hide a good heart and good intentions and suits atmosphere of the first half of September to come to terms with each other to settle disputes Statistics and others. I urge you to expedite the strengthening of relations and capacity development. Great responsibilities test your efficiency and therefore be a test for the rise and progress. Rejoice with and kiss her condition exercise all the capabilities necessary to accomplish them. My dear struggled for success, even if I had to work extra hours. Follow a different system or to cope with the new situation if you see through what interest. 
The if otherwise فاعمل breaks out to remove it immediately without leaving any tails. It is very important control totally calm nerves in the negative days. Avoid self-imposed and Prejudice on yourself, my dear, especially in the first few weeks. This month, learn the art of listening to others and to bow to their wishes and respond to them calmly. Do not react and do not بردات the violent act of this month! 
Uranus warns born 1 and 2 April changes and difficult conditions and the task which will return early next year. 
The most fortunate days: 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21, 29 and 30. 
The less fortunate days: 1, 7, 8, 13, 14 and 15 morning and evening of 17, 18, 19, 27 and 28. 

Still enjoying the easy romantic atmosphere enhanced emotions in the past month. Occupies a high position in the heart of the beloved and accounted for its interest. But beware the deadly feelings of jealousy and suspicion of prey. Take the opportunity to get closer to your beloved and to promote trust between you. Wide to expel the concerns of your head and head. Period shall be appropriate to clarify ambiguities and make some excuses to avoid for crises. It is imperative that go nice and warm period near the beloved of this month. As for the last week of the month circumstances become more tense. Planetary change its position and move to another location, to the house of the alliance partner with him. Show the challenges and concerns particularly in the more advantaged days. Probably have to go back on a firm decision is no longer convinced of it! You can focus on the differences and find appropriate solutions. Will not disappoint. 

Expectations for Taurus (April 21 - May 20) for the month of September / September 2013 

Full compatibility 
Be a thousand good this month because of wonderful astronomical understanding between the planets with your horoscope. Full harmony, so enjoy the atmosphere is very encouraging enhance emotional أوضاعك and family and health, you will find yourself assured Vtder the Hoank in a perfect manner. 
Seems that the month is free of any negative effects, and be able to support positions and a sense of pride and pride. Achieved many achievements and progress significantly after that was delayed a bit last month. I invite you to strengthen alliances and friendships and do not stay alone. This is your chance to break the precious restrictions and freedom from psychological barriers, whatever your business or your sex and field اختصاصك. It's time to correct the impressions and put an end perhaps for other interventions. Do not cry at all Dear delicate Bull, put your sorrow and Khgelk aside and began to keep pace with luck and opportunities. 
Family and social harmony and passionate, and that is why conditions allow you to move at different levels and the levels successfully. You can become deodorants with your opponent and possibly reconciliation with one of your relatives. Possibilities are great, so let initiated! This hand. 
Going situation for the better. Fade risks and dissolving the sky, may be due to the absence of problems from your personal life. Provide the best results we must not leave the most beautiful impressions. League fortunes dramatically and therefore may not wasting precious time. Move dynamically Be. Take the first step and select a good day to move. Will not disappoint your hopes and your efforts go in vain. I invite you to stay away from authoritarianism and the imposition of views because it hurts Basmatk the other has just you. Be very favorable conditions to move toward an important goal during the first three weeks. Quick to punctuality link! Respond to the aspirations and possibly emergency variables, there is no need to fear or evade them, they may take you to new horizons and open your doors wide. Be practical, ambitious and Congratulations to you in advance. 
Pluton enhances the chances of success of 29 and 30 April, in spite of adverse Mars and its negative effects. 
The most fortunate days: 4, 5, 6, 13 and 14 and the morning of 15, 22 and 23. 
The less fortunate days: 2, 3, 9 and 10 pm, 15 and 16, 17, 20, 21, 29 and 30. 

Sometimes seem flustered Khabib تتملكه jealousy, so I invite you to resist emotions and not to endanger the settling of decline. Month positive and therefore encourage you to unleash your positive feelings. Paving the way for Habib to express his views. Listen to him attentively it be by your side as you are by his side. It is a very romantic month of calm in which thoughts and concerns disappear, there is no need to invent problems, O bull! Relax and away from the complexity and aggravate matters. Give the relationship a chance to progress and let life return to normal. Live months and tortured romantic addition to your beloved. But if you're a bachelor circumstances opportunity to get acquainted and convergence. 

Expectations for Gemini (May 21 - June 21) for the month of September / September 2013 

Heavy burdens and stressful 
It is your many responsibilities this month and looks heavy burdens and stressful. You find yourself most days of the month, especially in the first three weeks of busy and tired بمشاكلك private and family life. Has shipped atmosphere of tension and emotion and moods which increases unit طباعك, and ship the hostile atmosphere and bickering. Fortunately there is a palliative effects of the planets allied and friendly countries to sign and that contribute to finding solutions and appropriate adjustments through dialogue and communicate with others. Here also carry good news in the most fortunate days, which most likely be suitable to find common ground with others and conciliation between the various parties. 
As I have already said that the month is full of burdens and pressures, and in all cases, you need to control the course of things and organizing responsibilities do not overlap each other. It also requires you to less fortunate days fully focused on the goal and not distracting thoughts or energies, even if I had to double the hours of work or ask for help and advice. Show this month, especially in the early days of negative pressure source disorders family or personal defect. You may find yourself, for example, concern for Holiday home or retreat to the health of one of your relatives. As to your own affairs may be exposed to shocks transient Kaatal in car or a computer or something else. It is advisable be watching طباعك and adjust make you give in order to avoid crises or to fall into and رطات. 


I find this a fruitful month requirement to move in the right direction. Seem eager to face the facts with confidence and abandon the frequency that makes you lose valuable opportunities. Understand the opinions of others as homey and understands may charge your consent and interest. 
The difficult and achievements in the field of donation اختصاصك will not find it difficult to object Green, so not only afflict yourself if you failed or failed to complete the work required. If your business free wait breakthroughs this month, particularly in the last week, where personal problems disappear, as well as concerns to be someone able to act freely and responsibly. 
I invite you to check out the postponement of important contacts or appointments until the last week, especially the last three days, which is great successes and victories. I invite you to take advantage of every moment because good luck be your ally and will not forsake you. The luck Cupboard is going on in the last week to the side. Be smart and accelerated the pace of your business without grumbling. 
Mars warns of emotion during an interview or an important meeting. Be careful of speed in driving a car. 
Mercury is active leisure life and emotional. 
Venus is the successful negotiations and meetings of emotional and professional. 
The most fortunate days: 7 and 8 and 15 and 16 evening and the morning of 17, 24, 25 and 26. 
The less fortunate days: 4, 5, 6, 11 and 12 and the evening of 17, 18, 19, 22 and 23. 


Turn the situation to your advantage this month and perhaps the beloved apology from what Badr him in the final weeks of the reservation or abusive situations to you. An important breakthrough and a great convergence of views. Can reveal Bosrark and emotions do not be shy and do not hesitate to reveal them. And certainly does not allow foreign interference in your relationship. Be the captain of your ship whatever the wind is strong. 
Romantic atmosphere and satisfaction and tranquility, particularly in the last week of the month. The causes of the rupture and disappear decide to go ahead. Sacrifices in order to save the breaches or destabilize the wise and this is not a must. If the general atmosphere and emotional well and you wish to spend time with your beloved. It is an appropriate month to find solutions to the necessary openness and exchange of views. Choose a good day for it. If you're a bachelor carries you last week a valuable opportunity to meet people and to learn to meeting interesting people. Consistent with Librans and Aquarius and the lion. 



Expectations for Cancer (June 22 - July 22) for the month of September / September 2013 


Avoid problems 
You have many interests and fortunately will not be lacking in vitality, quite the contrary Tenctk movement of the planets and SCARED Astronomy. Family issues and has been busy showing some threads concerning Bajuank, also notes the adoption of family نفوذك and movements in order to settle a specific command. 
Because of early autumn morning 23 lost touch mild disturbance in the atmosphere and especially in what regard to internal بشؤونك. Manage your time to suit the varied circumstances. If you work outside the home be sure to good coordination between family and professional duties, lest there be negligence or dereliction reason to fabricate problems. 
I come back to repeat that September is a good month because it is characterized by the movement of fruit most days of the month. But he is not free, of course, some days that may carry negative confusions or charges. Thigh careful and avoid problems. Allow you the conditions prevailing until the date of 22 many efforts in different directions in order to promote peace and achieve understanding. So involved in the dialogue sessions, conferences and show an unprecedented boldness in performing the role of mediator or defend your rights and your sites. 
But if I had to address the issue of crisis feel free. Put aside Hoagesk and move boldly and confidently. Energy focused on the completion of work and to achieve the desired objective in the most fortunate days and without procrastination. 


You do not like something does not respond with plains colleagues. Sometimes seem to be frowning forehead and show Brdoh raise resentment around you and most especially in the more fortunate. Does not reject the other closer to you, but be open and showed a softer line. It is an appropriate month to socialize Bmahatk a professional and for the exchange of data and information do not complain. Meetings and activities abound professional visits, research and a variety of posts, so it is necessary to interact constructively. Are without a chance to get closer to your colleagues and help the most fortunate days to get support and responsiveness but you need it in logic and positive performance. If the task links repeat attempt on a good day, particularly in the first three weeks, and take the latter volatile Ktbaek the week, specifically on 26 and 27 the worst days of the month, not risk through them. I warn you of breaking the law nor trust Balhzawz and coincidences entirely, but contributed to the industry you are in your future. 
Buyer is successful and flourishing observed born 6 to 11 July. 
Saturn brings luck, determination and success born 29 June to 3 July. 
Venus brings luck, love and success to those born June 1 to July 15 (July). 
Pluton warns born July 1 and 2 (July) of المعاكسات and pressures, estrangement and health problems. 
The most fortunate days: 1, 9 and 10 and the evening of 17, 18, 19, 27 and 28. 
The less fortunate days: 7, 8, 13 and 14 and the morning of 15, 20, 21, 24, 25 and 26. 


You المسايرة and calm tempers calm before the criticism and blame. I'm not infallible mistake this month, and perhaps say a word things regret it later. 
You may feel the need to Babysitting beloved and exchange of data and emotions, and this is desirable and required of you this month because the conditions may be a bit harsh, especially in the less advantaged days. If you encounter a problem with your beloved then you should be full objectivity and processing logic of command and moderation. I would advise you not to bow to the concerns and ideas of blacks. Do not succumb to the subtle spines, but Give your beloved a second chance and a third. Inevitable that the sky dissolving reality show. As you should know that everything that appears or reveals in less advantaged days a magnifier or not based on good reasons. Lingered, particularly in the last week, you may exhibit concern or a problem with personal or family. 



Expectations for Leo (23 July - 22 August) for the month of September / September 2013 

Provide continuous and effective 
Enjoy this month, an astronomical atmosphere is very encouraging enhances emotional أوضاعك and family and health, you will find yourself reassuring and manages YOU exemplary fashion. Abdohma month completely free from negative influences, and you can support positions and a sense of pride and pride. Achieved many achievements and progress continuously and effectively. 
Still fortunes to the side and doors open waiting for you. The chances of success and a very big superiority throughout the day, month, remarkably in the more advantaged days. Enjoying great popularity and a tremendous amount of momentum morale and enthusiasm. I do not think anyone is able to stand in Green do not back down from confrontation and not be afraid of your opponent. 
You are strong and capable of confrontation and data on the heart upside down for your benefit. You can climb the summit if you want, but you must first show the ambition and ability. Move toward your goal not sit waiting for yours! Take the initiative you because you lack nothing you have confidence, luck and opportunity. Do not تتكاسل! Entrenched personal and professional situation and your star shine in social circles and not wonder if I got اوعلى Recognition Award to upgrade physical Omkavoh. Succeed in family relations, trade and achieved significant achievements at the school level, فحذار, my dear, envy each other and avoid self-Flaunt. Work silently does not reveal your cards before harvest success. 
Has a great capacity to manage things easy and difficult at various levels. You tend to bold innovation has been aspiring to serve the highest and best center must help astronomical conditions on it. September (September) Huchehr the iPod and continued seriously. Huchehr difficult and responsibilities that require efficiency and endurance. It is the month of bonus clause perseverance and reach the finish line in accordance with the conditions and instructions. I consider this the appropriate month to get rid of all the principles that did not serve your interests in the past months. 
Pluton enhances the chances of baby boomers 1 and 2 September. 
Neptune warns of trouble was born in 26, 27 and 28 August. 
The most fortunate days: the evening of 4, 5, 6, 13, 14, 15, 22 and 23. 
The less fortunate days: 2 and 3 and the morning of 4, 11 and 12 and the evening of 17, 18, 19, 25 and 26 

Conditions allow you to establish strong roots, whether through the promotion of confidence and links or through a link if you're a bachelor. This month includes the beginning of a new phase in your life, but find yourself in Obakhary way to responsibility Oabe. In all cases, be appropriate months to bring distance between Alrtafan the rearrangement of the situation in line with the interest of the relationship. If you are waiting for a suitable opportunity for amendments in relationship Oalzhab to the future, this is the most appropriate opportunity, especially on 17 and 18, where you can easily turn the page on the past and bring things back to normal and be prepared to overlook the disadvantages that sometimes appear in a beloved figure. The days 4 and 5, you may find your beloved does not react with you to the extent required, but may move in the opposite direction, and here you need to intervene to take into account the circumstances and understand. 


Expectations for Virgo (August 23 - September 22) for the month of September / September 2013 
Month resolve matters 
It's a good month for all your quiet activities. Accompany a nice ambience and constructive at the beginning of the month and especially on an emotional level and family, as come to terms with your lover and the closer the distance between you and your family and friends. The general atmosphere bodes well and prosperity, and must be resolved order this month, فتبادر to take a step commensurate with aspirations for the future. Thmsk planets on starting and will never allow you to retreat. Astrological influences enthusiastic and encouraging and must be convinced of the need to pack up and take off. May Abdoualomr simple in the eyes of others, but you personally know that simple changes that you want to be entered on your life is an important element in your career for the new year. You want to take a step Ooakther take into account the special circumstances and arrange أوضاعك. And because of your personality flexible and easy adjustments gradually to avoid a crash. Whatever your age Ohakl اختصاصك, touched many people around you that you become more mature and well-deserved status of mediation and possibly driving. Would not you lack this month boldness and courage to pass the barriers, but may exceed the limits of an adventurer and defiant. You may encounter your way through some of the obstacles that put some of them in your face. But this will not prevent the progress Dear balance. I invite you to focus efforts on the most fortunate days, it suits you and facilitate your access to your goals. You are active and you factor your duties without delay Ommatalh, but on the contrary are going steady pace نحوالأمام the determined to pass the obstacles boldly scandalous. 


Month active and useful because you will not lose money and will not waste your efforts in vain. Certainly you have to show common sense and objectivity. Of course, you wise advice and data collection. Be sure that you are dealing with people you trust them entirely Oishd them honesty and integrity. Months be nice neither slow nor rejects the good performances before that you hear. Frequent meetings and contacts in the professional surroundings and unpopular thrive and grow. You can check security may rehabilitation كفاءاتك of Aopalandmam to the workshop interesting Aotalm is a new skill. This month is very encouraging on the identification, development and change if necessary Aoama and found the right opportunity. But I warn you of playing with fire and exposing settling the current to swing if I tried default Awalastkhvav. 
Venus facilitates relations, visits and meetings have information brings luck and gains. 
Mars warns of emotion in dealing with everyday things. 
Uranus back for alerting born 4, 5 and 6 October (October) of estrangement USA trouble. 
The most fortunate days: 7 and 8 pm 15, 16, 17, 24, 25 and 26. 
The less fortunate days: 4, 5, 6, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 and 28. 


Love returns to his meetings show heart and restores delicate emotions. There are several intimate encounters and also flourish emotions especially if the beloved Tower belongs to the lucky now. Months is nice, you will not be tuned to the beloved will not Ckomen the requirements mismanagement. Until the tense atmosphere and re-build bridges which finally destroyed Ottatlt the. Months is appropriate to discuss the important things that require quieter and logic refuge. Be Jawlatifa and tortured though sometimes included a search for dry topics serious كالفواتير and premiums. It is through dialogue and debate enhanced trust between the parties, Vttodh points abound in common. 



Expectations for Libra (September 23 - October 23) for the month of September / September 2013 
Promise and assurances 
Although pressures Raafqatk in the last month up to the beach safety safe and healthy. My expectations for this month's positive and joyful, which carry a lot of omens and after assurances that probably delayed table your business Ooadat the time the work is simple useless. Ttaek planets very good news and pave the way for important achievements, attended yourself dear Scorpio to regain the reins and occupies your site among the winners. Will not waste your efforts in vain, but will yield through negotiations and discussions or even surprises. Tbdoulk life easy and playful Vtaataaon with you and facilitate the most of your movements. For this reason, touch response by loved ones and close friends, colleagues and even strangers. Be the beginning of the month is very active, it is no wonder if the first initiatives related to the financial situation. Progressing gradually Nhawwalohdav the appearance at the same time, awareness and wisdom to act. Decide perhaps belonging to Ovriv group handy sing aspirations and enhance confidence in yourself. 
It is a positive month gives you a comfortable and reassuring situations, participating in invitations, concerts and Stay warm relations and sound in your surroundings. Feel free to improve the quality of your life and stay away from everything that hurts your feelings and your pride. 
It is an excellent month for the bold step and a judge. Will not stand your face off but declined to ثباتك the Oev_l disappointed front Dgutatk. Provide a bold Nhawwalmstqubl pace. For an excellent month longer many successes and the embodiment of the wishes and aspirations. Do not be afraid something even dared to say your word and bravely. Create for yourself a positive climates fruition through the efforts and vision dissolving completely. Obstacles disappear Dear Scorpio, so do not be surprised flattered and appreciation Owaltrgih of it is yours. 
It is the month of successful and fruitful and constructive, draws attention and rob the interest and appreciation thanks براعتك and skill, preoccupied with many things and take on your shoulders a variety of responsibilities and Well say you are very capable to succeed them all. Senior this month introduces you to the new faces of influence and authority, accompanied by moves and developments you are able to adapt easily and the heart of the data to your advantage. 
Saturn brings obstacles and failures and trouble for those born on 30 and 31 October (October) and 1, 2 and 3 (November). 
Axis of the moon weighing down on born October 31 (October) 1, 2 and 3 (November). 
Buyer softens the atmosphere born 5 to 11 (November). May bring pleasant surprises. 
Venus brings quick fortunes born in October (October) and 1 to 13 (November). 
The most fortunate days: 1, 9 and 10 and the evening of 17, 18, 19, 27 and 28. 
The less fortunate days: 2 and 3 and the morning of 4, 7 and 8 and 15 and 16 evening and the morning of 17, 22, 23, 29 and 30. 

Has a strong appeal and irresistible charm with a little beyond diplomatic crisis and triumph over attempts by hackers and colleagues. Enhanced links to the current relationship. You feel confident and tranquility which is reflected positively on the course of things. Luck is in your love life and happiness clouded the atmosphere and perhaps reap the fruits of the task. It's time to open a micro-topics and try to reach compromises and solutions. Do not shy away from reality. This Hwaluguet the best to address the developments. Now Hwaluguet the ideal of Eve and exchange of views. Very necessary to ease the atmosphere and give the other party the right. Do not be selfish and not sensitive topics were raised during the days of the less fortunate. 

Expectations for Scorpio (October 24 - November 21) for the month of September / September 2013 
Star despite the tension! 
What still beside you luck and the effects of the planets and the universe a positive and beautiful. The astronomical conditions speed up the projects and make dreams real incarnate and therefore tend to be a sense of optimism and hope and joy, فتفيض joy and happiness on each of حوك. Facing life steadily and strength and high self-confidence. How can we not, very high Vmanot of not threatened any challenge Oamthan the Oomenavsh. Dealing with matters with wisdom and logic and looking at the fine details to find a satisfactory and appropriate solutions. Your amazing and wonderful ideas excite admiration and appreciation, you are adept at your business اختصاصك and highly experienced owner. It is the month and the month of successive successes lucrative deals and successful negotiations. Dear rewarded bow on your accomplishments and your efforts, and perhaps get the estimate Oomkavoh Award material Ottrgih to always dreamed of. 
Increasingly unpopular and enhanced relationships and harvested all the support and support for your ideas and your projects, track Valchehr bright periods, as the convergence of your efforts as a result of effective and fruitful. It is necessary, my bow, respect for deadlines and commitments and lack of negligence and procrastination. It also may be subject to interference from some parties do not panic, nor amaze, but hurried to the alliance and put an end to these interventions. 
Accomplishes this month, many also donated in the field اختصاصك and rob a well-deserved spotlight. You can occupy the highest position in the field of اختصاصك shall be the focus of attention and the strongest candidate in any competition. Lucky and blessed consecutive successes, especially if you are from entrepreneurs. But success will not come by itself, but you need to work and strive to get to the desired prosperity. 
Be more days Good Buses Balhzawz to good opportunities, may carry you a new job opportunity Oakd dream. You manage your business successful and loyal colleague and his ability to brainstorm trendsetter. Competence perfectly suited this month, neither skeptical nor allow anyone to interfere in YOU. Be smart and showed how skill in public relations in the administrative field, offers boldly but beware agitation in the less advantaged days. 
Mars warns of problems during travel. 
Uranus enhances the chances of success for those born on 3 to 5 (December). 
The most fortunate days: 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21, 29 and 30. 
The less fortunate days: 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10 and the evening of 17, 18, 19, 24, 25 and 26. 

Rest assured this month because المعاكسات not exist at all, but to be warm and romantic atmosphere allows interviews harmonious. You can settle differences previous Ottlk that may appear during the less advantaged days. Do not neglect the requirements of the beloved, certainly no disadvantages to consider. It's a beautiful month if you decide to get closer to your beloved. But professional and social concerns are valid bit, family atmosphere, so be alert for the command. 
Not dispersion emotions or skimp on the beloved the word beautiful Ooualemlatefh. You need to ease the atmosphere in the less advantaged days, and you'll search for solutions and compromises if what soured the differences. It's a beautiful month because it highlights On the positive ميزاتك, but beware of falling victim Flaunt in particular, and selfishness. Touch the line of the largest in the last week, especially on 24 and 25. 

Jacqueline Akiki forecast for Sagittarius (November 22 - December 20) for the month of September / September 2013 
Star despite the tension! 
What still beside you luck and the effects of the planets and the universe a positive and beautiful. The astronomical conditions speed up the projects and make dreams real incarnate and therefore tend to be a sense of optimism and hope and joy, فتفيض joy and happiness on each of حوك. Facing life steadily and strength and high self-confidence. How can we not, very high Vmanot of not threatened any challenge Oamthan the Oomenavsh. Dealing with matters with wisdom and logic and looking at the fine details to find a satisfactory and appropriate solutions. Your amazing and wonderful ideas excite admiration and appreciation, you are adept at your business اختصاصك and highly experienced owner. It is the month and the month of successive successes lucrative deals and successful negotiations. Dear rewarded bow on your accomplishments and your efforts, and perhaps get the estimate Oomkavoh Award material Ottrgih to always dreamed of. 
Increasingly unpopular and enhanced relationships and harvested all the support and support for your ideas and your projects, track Valchehr bright periods, as the convergence of your efforts as a result of effective and fruitful. It is necessary, my bow, respect for deadlines and commitments and lack of negligence and procrastination. It also may be subject to interference from some parties do not panic, nor amaze, but hurried to the alliance and put an end to these interventions. 
Accomplishes this month, many also donated in the field اختصاصك and rob a well-deserved spotlight. You can occupy the highest position in the field of اختصاصك shall be the focus of attention and the strongest candidate in any competition. Lucky and blessed consecutive successes, especially if you are from entrepreneurs. But success will not come by itself, but you need to work and strive to get to the desired prosperity. 
Be more days Good Buses Balhzawz to good opportunities, may carry you a new job opportunity Oakd dream. You manage your business successful and loyal colleague and his ability to brainstorm trendsetter. Competence perfectly suited this month, neither skeptical nor allow anyone to interfere in YOU. Be smart and showed how skill in public relations in the administrative field, offers boldly but beware agitation in the less advantaged days. 
Mars warns of problems during travel. 
Uranus enhances the chances of success for those born on 3 to 5 (December). 
The most fortunate days: 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21, 29 and 30. 
The less fortunate days: 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10 and the evening of 17, 18, 19, 24, 25 and 26. 

Rest assured this month because المعاكسات not exist at all, but to be warm and romantic atmosphere allows interviews harmonious. You can settle differences previous Ottlk that may appear during the less advantaged days. Do not neglect the requirements of the beloved, certainly no disadvantages to consider. It's a beautiful month if you decide to get closer to your beloved. But professional and social concerns are valid bit, family atmosphere, so be alert for the command. 
Not dispersion emotions or skimp on the beloved the word beautiful Ooualemlatefh. You need to ease the atmosphere in the less advantaged days, and you'll search for solutions and compromises if what soured the differences. It's a beautiful month because it highlights On the positive ميزاتك, but beware of falling victim Flaunt in particular, and selfishness. Touch the line of the largest in the last week, especially on 24 and 25. 

Expectations for Capricorn (December 21 - January 19) for the month of September / September 2013 
 A better future 
Ttaek planets good news and opens up many doors through which overlooks a better future and a remarkable development. And judging from now to take advantage of every minute precious for that month already, and may not get the support of luck in this way and this force in the near future. To the positions of the planets are positive effects, effective and be rich promises and yields full a exercise Paljhoseh condition to move. Encouraging atmosphere to navigate, negotiate and expand the circle of public relations. Await a social activist movement and the emergence of new data change your usual routine. Eye movements is best handled positively and optimism. 
Abdohma very good month. Offers frequent changes are necessary in order to insert a renewal on your schedule. Live months positive Tbdokhlalh the comfortable in your business and exchange chatter successful and quiet with aides and colleagues and officials. Try to be based communications and negotiations over the most fortunate days, where it enjoys pure mind and a clear vision. No matter how tempting they tried to consult others, dear Capricorn, do not rush to give defamatory promises signed contracts before the information is validated owned. Do not rush you are still at the beginning of the road and must not fall into the errors regret it later. Do not forget that the boy thousand mistake mistake. You have to maintain your reputation and not risks your properties Aostaqrark of a professional, and the rejection and rebellion, particularly in the last week will face disappointment and punishment, there is no need to vigor and pride. Made concessions to please others and to preserve the stability of your interests. Choose a good day to do the difficult and complex steps. 
Buyer enhances attempts born 4 to 10 (January). 
Pluto brings changes and fluctuations with root born December 31 (December). 
The most fortunate days: the evening of 4, 5, 6, 13 and 14 and the morning of 15, 22 and 23. 
The less fortunate days: 1, 7, 8, 11, 12, 20, 21, 27 and 28. 

This month carries a lot of pros and unpleasant weddings and events, especially in the first three weeks. Wait for an answer and a great understanding by the beloved, and you get the encouraging and interesting. Be nice to and compassionate your role towards. Expressed his sincere feelings and be the ideal partner. A beautiful living months and tortured especially if strong ties. Glad to respond to your beloved with you. They also contribute fortunes in finding compromises and solutions to the outstanding differences. It is a month full of developments and emotions that may longer an intimate interviews. It is also an appropriate period to strengthen ties if the relationship seesaw. You smile much and good luck accompanied your steps. Encourages you to dating and meeting others if you're a bachelor. So go ahead and encourage energy employed to get the attention and love that searching them for some time. Remains to note that last week may exhibit some professional concerns and social pressure are valid somewhat, beloved and requirements, be vigilant. 

Expectations of Aquarius (20 January - 18 February) for the month of September / September 2013 
Positive shift 
After suffering and troubles last month and the decline of moral and material, data begins to turn out to your advantage. Itaek month good signs suggest you persevere and follow-up efforts. Regain hope and optimism and increase strength and luck getting precious opportunities. Begin, my dear Aquarius, a new astronomical stage which moves from confrontation and submission of proposals and reports and justification and evidence to expand the circle of stage movements and contacts and alliances. And since there are a set of indicators astronomical good, I think that مساعيك would meet a very fruitful result. 
Coups in the situation to your advantage as well as the pleasant surprises, but do not expect, my dear, a sudden change, but gradually. Progressing Nhawwalohdav then achieve success and prosperity, especially in the more days MOST fortunate. May Ttaek from time to another transient معاكسات perhaps due to troubles tails previous Oalochehr weeks. But you can overcome the difficulties of starting in the restoration plan sites and relationships and corrected. Avoid back-to-back in less advantaged days a no to the stage of confrontation and controversy. Do not make up problems, but clamping on yourself and declined for agitation Ordat act. 
Receive, my dear Aquarius, in the most interesting news the fortunate and Stravqk days pros and improved social relations and professional alike. It also encounter what suits your ambitions and bring the distance between you and your goals. After the difficulties of the previous month conditions improve to find yourself excited again to move boldly. Will not let you down luck and your determination commends the problems they are currently non-existent. Excite astonishment while others appear open and willing to cooperate. They also receive encouraging signals a bold move. You can compensate for a lot of missed opportunities. I invite you to expand the circle moves in the last week, Valhzawz be ample. These two two days and Aaadan news Aopalantalaq draft new Oomhalh. Persevered, dear Aquarius, do not back down. But if you are lucky you will deposit a page from the past to start another page tremendously successful. 
Mars warns of emotion and tension and incidents, particularly in the less fortunate days. 
Venus softens the atmosphere during the meetings, conferences and calls for advance preparation. 
The most fortunate days: 7 and 8 pm 15, 16, 24, 25 and 26. 
The less fortunate days: 2 and 3 and the morning of 4, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 22, 23, 29 and 30. 

Emotions gradually return to the usual warmth and heat. Rebounding all seriousness and relations may start again with العازبين. It's a beautiful month showing the noble emotions that Format Aldlollastaqrar Plain and the link. Be romantic emotions, especially in the last week, beloved Fikdrick and stands beside you proud of your own. Tltkien on many common denominators as if the past differences have disappeared entirely Okan circumstances have turned to your advantage. You may return to your beloved for his decision to stay away Owaltrat Vtltkien again to build demolished. This is the best opportunity to move and will not stand the pros when this month, but will be extended until next month. If you do not have to excuse away Ollnfor, even take a swing oriented relationship building and mutually beneficial. The bachelor Vhually appointment with détente and Khasossa in the last days of the month. Is consistent with the Librans Lion and the Virgin. 

Expectations for Pisces (February 19 - March 20) for the month of September / 

A difficult month 
I do not like the effects of this month at all from the first day until the date of 22 date of the beginning of the fall semester. A look Links to the heavens enough to tell you that the effects of the planets is never positive. This month find yourself wandering in a rough sea of ​​challenges Ooualemsaulyat the Oalanchgalat Oda'aoy Ooualemhahanat to the degree that you lose control of your temper in a less advantaged days. Not exaggerating to say that the month of GP Bad intended and Asak understand and begin to take all necessary measures to protect settling, regardless of your age and sex. Astronomical clouded atmosphere as you can see, the hot climate and no longer breakthrough easy, I am not going your frustration, but that assessment of the situation Holtodih astronomer's for you to succeed in making sound choices and attitudes and to take appropriate preventive measures prior consent. 
Unfortunately, that month is very difficult and confusing, will not Ojaof the alleviation of pressure. If أوضاعك in the original volatile and unstable فستعاني more volatility and vibrations. Hurried to promote settling whether emotionally or professionally or curriculum. Do not leave the best interests of coincidences, grabbed the reins and tried to mitigate the severity of trouble Awaltraja as much as possible. I promise not successful easy Owantsar, but your attempts may not succeed the first. It is necessary to avoid adverse move in the days because a small percentage of success Omtma entirely. Failure is not inevitable, of course, but the obstacles will be many and many a surprise, and if you are not immune to the full and supported by the data and correct or even friendships window and effective, do not bet on luck. 


It's a very difficult month and the enormous pressures and responsibilities are many. Add to that the tough competition and discount. Challenges abound much in the less advantaged days. Will not help you luck, but may يخونك the siding along with others to find yourself alone in the face of the storm. It is necessary here to provide a clear justification, accurate and comprehensive. Do not risk not rely on chance. Exposed to accountability of many Aothdiat and especially in the less advantaged days. It is necessary here to provide a clear justification, accurate and comprehensive. Do not risk not rely on chance. May lose bet Ahoshrakh, Aosidika in the less advantaged days, so be alert for the command. 
Leave important transactions for the last week Perhaps you do not succeed in restoring your site. Need to Alil friend of the faithful to stand by your side in the less advantaged days. Beware of falling victim Alemrauqin Vaerod attractive and speak sweet and gentle. I invite you to also not give promises but wait even clouds تنجلي. 
Buyer brings luck to those born 4 to 9 March. 
Saturn promotes the opportunities, born 26 February to 1 March. 
Neptune warns of estrangement and trouble and accidents among baby boomers 22 to 24 February. 
The most fortunate days: 1, 9, 10, 18, 19, 27 and 28. 
The less fortunate days: the evening of 4, 5, 6, 11, 12 and 15 evening, 16 and 17, 24, 25 and 26. 


What's more and more pressure disagreement occurred this month. It may be better not to disagreement on anything but overlook the negatives and you hope to avoid abuse crisis and rupture. 
It is a dry month and suffer through apathy and neglect may think that the beloved forgotten dependent arousing suspicion and jealousy. Do not expect a response from him no great interest, but in return, you'll assess his situation, it may be busy his own Ohaouna work. Give a chance before judging his disposal. Fortunately things improve in the last week. Rejoice to meet Auszaob simple but sufficient to restore hope to your heart. It warned month and is not suitable for throwing accusations and observations. Beware the problems you richly for. 

Rely on themselves to the farthest limits, and feel very happy if you find from praising their performance and increase their self-confidence ... فحذار of trying to suppress and force it on you follow, she wants to be followed and not belonging .. to maintain good relationship with them has tried to share in the performance of tasks as a team harmonious and equal. smile never leaving her lips almost, lists jokes constantly .. Keep your smile and moved away from Grin increasingly respected you. 


Have proved over the kid and are settling appreciates these things too much ... if she felt no credibility if they will let simple to return .. True it's slow but in matters related to the heart, they are very serious and when she loved it remains with her lifetime partner. 


Always busy beyond the border and has a long list of many things you want to accomplish ... trying to condone accomplish some things but they do not succeed in it .. and on the whole they accomplish in a week what fails to accomplish some in the month .. to keep your relationship with them tried to put its priorities and Nchatathave mind and helped her to accomplish it ... and try to respect and appreciate her friends as much as possible to understand a sacred thing for them.



Find it very difficult to take important decisions hence the need for you to help them in decision-making ... tried to help them restore their self-confidence and persuaded her being able to make sound decisions .. often located in an atmosphere frustration, try to graduating from the atmosphere by trips and picnics.



Try to estimate inherent in essence born al-Assad carefully so as not to fall in the wrong .. Vmolodh Assad is not easy to type, which are tasteful and not be satisfied with something classified as good or very good .. what you are looking for is excellent .. It is a permanent need to remind them as beautiful, and on the whole they do not tend to use much make-up. 



Born of the Virgin has a long list of priorities that must be carried out and achieved .. do not be surprised if you find yourself in a tenth of these priorities .. This does not mean at all that they do not love you, but this is her life style. 



It is not easy acquisition of the heart Born balance, and Staatardk many obstacles before achieving this goal .. They are not of the kind that tolerates mistakes made by the partner, the wrong one sponsor to end your relationship with them .. Modest has a capacity of strange to convince others ideas and need much to who stands alongside it .. If you do not have time for that, there is no need to walk in the wake of these born. 



You must get used to Tabaaha well, especially with regard to climate psychological state of sudden happiness to sadness .. It is important to pay attention to the urgent need for the kind of freedom, if you're not ready to give this freedom Flaguetk their peril fiasco .. the bug does not injure the feelings of others and expect them be similarly Iemloha. 


Possesses tremendous inner strength, and you can get out of the greatest crises in high spirits .. Do not try to influence the principles and convictions are very proud of this, and if you think you are able to change their beliefs, it is impossible .. must respect their privacy and secrets, and get used to the Tktmha they are not of the kind that shows all aspects of personal 

Born Capricorn is not just a bride Astdtha and ended up .. handle features a kind of difficult especially with regard to the elimination of Joe boredom which quickly infect and easily .. like change a lot and not tolerate stay in place one often, they are always looking for renewal and you'll help them so .. when you try to settle some differences with you to follow the style of logic, persuasion and get away from the emotions and feelings because they do not pay attention. 


Cautious and slow in the things that pertain to the passion and love .. No distractions opinion quickly when exposed them some new ideas do not let this thing bother you .. must be respected respected the great links social and directed her criticism over exaggeration in this matter .. easy way to losing born Aquarius is to try to force it to do what you do not want it 

Of the most sensitive women and need to be cautious in the way of dealing with it so as not to hurt her feelings even if unintentionally .. always need care and attention by the other partner and hate that find themselves neglected .. Romantic and the other half involved various kinds of difficulties of life without showing any kind of discontent .. if you neglected will be contained Similarly and تتقوقع on the same will not Taark any attention. 

Horoscope lunar determined through site during birth. Although a lot of expectations based on astronomical solar towers, but the towers are lunar give exact results when it comes to emotional life. There are some lunar towers that chime with you more than others. 

Aries: who was born when the moon was in the tower is enterprising and full of enthusiasm in the emotional life specifically. Haunt your dreams Dear pregnancy with confidence and adapt to the dynamic load, open-Assad and bow Alkotaiaa. 

Taurus: Taurus lunar have a lot of emotions, but at the same time, it is Rowdy warned. Do not wish for yourself the perfect partner, but you love that cares about himself to be elegant in terms of appearance. Very much consistent with Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. 

Gemini: Gemini lunar reckless and renewed by nature. May not تستهويك the long-term relations and stability not only in the accounts now. Feel happy with the balance of compassionate, Aquarius eccentric and Gemini certainly like you. 

Cancer: You are passionate and you have a great ability to understand the feelings of others and This is what Bassaadk to be close to everyone. Cancer like you, understands you and you both constitute two wonderful and Anttbak on the sensitive Pisces and Sagittarius passionate. 

Leo: If you are a lion lunar, repellent dreams however you like and as often as you like. Do not miss any opportunity to find a life partner you repeated attempts, even if the previous failed relationship. Consistent with Leo, Aries and Sagittarius as well. 

Virgo: I do not have a lot of emotions and trace analytical reasoning in dealing with things. You are a partner in and looking for the perfect partner for you. Consistent with the Virgo, Capricorn Conservatives of bull flour. 

Libra: always looking for the ideal of justice. Do everything in your power to keep calm and Islam around you. Cope with Aquarius, Gemini and Libra like you. Double your chances of finding true love. 

Scorpio: very deep emotions, react quickly and jealous partner. Eith time you are honest and partner. Partner best suited for you may be a scorpion like, cancer or a whale. 

Sagittarius: You are always enthusiastic, lively and loving. Honesty Emezk and this what يقربك from others, specifically on an emotional level. Consistent with Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. 

Capricorn: You have principles do not abandon it even if it came to love. You are sensitive and understanding to your partner, whatever the circumstances. Consistent with Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn as well. 

Aquarius: You are independent, rational, and love of freedom. Control matters logically and you love to communicate with others. Imagination and wide in love and very much consistent with Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. 

Pisces: You are quiet and like to build a strong emotional relationship based on trust. More towers that are compatible with and can be built with a long-term relationship is a Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. 

How to keep your husband through your horoscope: 

 The pair Pregnancy: Do not tell him you wrong ... 
Pregnancy than man born in other towers honesty and cleanliness of his love which never betrays .... Very romantic and Christzn much when not Ttgaopin with spinning words and passion and longing, which is flirting with you ... 
Do not even go to look for another woman try to Ttgobe with Romancih these do not claim to voice angelic turns to the voice of coarse much like the drum as a result صراخك and Aspetk exaggerated, nor تكوني dull monotone and sad or modest to the point that unbearable, Connie is ready to keep his Punk the best woman in the world then Stvosen and your faith will be limitless ... 
Gold Tip: Do not تجعليه tired of trace traffic has not Tzjeeh Ptnbhetk and permanent fear it and try to never permit him that he is right, even if you are convinced that he was wrong because the firm belief it is believed to be infallible! 

Bull pair do not تقاطعيه talk ... 
Taurus is not a once Caldlo not disappointing to the hearts of women lion and creator or builder of palaces in the air كالحمل ... I do not accuse crusted and business frivolous and does not require impossible for this he gets real success with this pair will not worry about and no reason Vmstqublk in Wade affectionate ... pair bull does not like women jealous and الركضة behind the straw .. 
He admired very women that are committed to its borders nor تغضبه ... you have to try hard further efforts until you are flexible and patient disciplined so as not to Tsrahi all think it in front of everyone or to participate in a debate when your husband bull by your side, because it the first round, and you're only a partner potentially interrupt him in an empty talk, inter you ... Try that Tcyrah and to postpone discussions to while Tkonan the individually .. 
Golden advice: do not like the bull scattering of coins in the air besides always wished that sees beautiful, then all the kindness and taste Sédak dearest and most expensive fur could get him ... 
The pair ... be sure to check out patron printing volatility and temperament .. 
Link the pair to check out a simple and delicious condition that is not accompanied by suffering and you have to remember constantly that he has a substance and poet spiritual own particular does not want to share it with anyone until you you're not Takadi things no regrets relationship ... not dictated or concluding, but try to be a always in his mind does not Taatarda on variability and Tbdlath you understand something has to check the level of understanding of the partner to him than the rest of men who fear smart women, the woman who wins the love of the husband to check should be calm and confident of itself because the pair Gemini not associate himself with other women, Wilton addressing his Institute of laughter talking ... 
Gold Tip: You'll get used to his questions many "why" does not take care of coolness and variability and wishes that fly to the clouds ... Do not try to never insect in the corner if you want to get something ... 

The pair cancer (اجعليه believes the Bank him alone) .. 
Husband's cancer is not him who shall be available to Bouh on Amadmonat chests from the first meeting until the closest friends and to تفهميه you to make great efforts to get to the heart, and despite the fact that his physical appearance makes him be عبوسا and cool, but that his heart very welcome and the place of compassion and love, irascible and if melancholy Vinglq himself for a long time, words of love from your butt soothe from Uath a healing ointment for wounds ... 
Cancer family in nature and linked to his mother and very often compared to you and including فحاولي, hard though ostensibly all welcome to play his mother and progress and get better and if you can play the role of second mother to him thou we have reached the pinnacle of success in your relationship with him ... 
Tip Gold: You should note that since childhood has a tendency strange for money but beware of fire recipe stinginess on cancer, it is not مبذرا was afraid too many black days therefore show him follow the wisdom argument (Qrchk White on black) and contrast When he buys you gifts, it is keen to buy the most expensive species .. 

Assad pair ... Ahtrm also deserves and craves .. 
The pair Assad is not كالزوج and the Virgin or Aquarius, who remain despite attempts to fan them Pardee feeling and sensation to the attractiveness of these girls, the husband-Assad obsessed adventures emotional and therefore very easy rhythm trap ... Assad naturally jealous and without limits, so the chosen thou Queen of body and spirit, decides to you and you get by and YOU ... color your dress and what should Taqraa and Tsadeghin and how and where Stamadan day with all the particulars other ... to maintain you accept the status quo and inspired to show some emotions warm and soft, which easing even stronger emotions and emotions emotion has ... 
Gold Tip: to Athola that overdo in Panevaalk interest at the expense of the pair-Assad because it will make him feel the wound and sadness oddly ... 

The husband of the Virgin ... I do not want you to try it lying or deception ... 
Virgin is not a pair of that class of men who throw poems under Windows Mahawkathm will climb to you, even if I threw him a ladder for this mess and prefer to enter the homes of doors ... 
You have to تدركي that there is a very difficult emotional impact it may remain without showing any sign that he was fond of you may think that this man without a heart, but the truth is not well, it is when you convince Bank beloved only it will come to you in spite of all the barriers and difficulties and will go for You Thousands Miles and will sacrifice everything he has and will remain fond of your lifetime, before talking to him Think about anything can talk to him? and how? He hates ignorance and surface for him women's vulgar and dirt Sian and so you claim not only elegant and choosing clothes, but also the possession of the mind intelligent ... 
Tip golden: patron and Ahterma the customs and independence and Sédi the thee, and does not show him any Note Aajpk this or not, do not be to Jojh and Hahh and cash Astqubla smile and remember that the husband of the Virgin is not a prophet ... 

Balance ... pair with him you have to get used to stall and delay) .. 
In matters of love and love shows the balance of superiority over all other towers, مواليده men not the ones who invented love, but اوصلوه to the highest degree of love .. the only case that feels the balance uncomfortable fact is when you marry a woman authoritarian and joked is hesitant if you wish Ban can not be separated from you balance your husband do not leave your TV works aloud and try not to leak the smell of food to the rest rooms because this raises disgusting and Amenai children from Aldharakh and jogging around the house. 
Do not stand for your husband balance and roll the hair on your head, Walkarim and the like on your face ... 
Golden tip: Think carefully before making a decision to approve the link to it and remember that you and your consent to marry him then you Stamadan half your life is not satisfied ... 

The pair Scorpio ... being very cautious and beware of provocation .. 
If you are loyal to him and you trust him fully and Chatrene ideas and aspirations, it Satfhmk well and cares about you or would be nice with you nicely and share your love and compassion, then many of the ladies Christlmn just such a relationship with their husbands ... remember that the pair Scorpio owner of a sensitive nature should be boasting tends to be extravagant in everything, the food and drink, seeks to love with all his feelings and vitality he will not allow himself to defeat. pair Scorpio may allow mitigation of your destiny in front of others, But when Tsubhan on privately admit you love 
Golden tip: the issue is not as simple jealousy and severe allergic reactions in Scorpio because his wife wife of Tsar must be above all suspicion ... if you're jealous it, it is better that Tguenaa yourself otherwise until you are comfortable with self .. 

The pair bow ... to avoid chatter and words that do not interest him ... 
Do not be jealous skeptical of him, Let him spend some periods outside the home nor Tsalih Wayne was, and تخلقي him for it Altercation only Taheddi not Taatuadi, invited him full freedom and try to تنظري to the world بعيونه ... Carry face merrier بشوشا and Affhmah also said that the spirit of freedom live inside just like him ... if you have talent Azareha in front of him, it will appeal to him a lot ... being willing to accept criticism even harsh ones and fairy often .. 
Gold Tip: pair does not like bow ties family very much and it will not weigh you visit relatives فحاولي you also should not Ttkulai it visits your relatives .. 

Capricorn pair .. abandon exaggerated concern and Connie economic ... 
The pair of Capricorn is not of men who offer to marry quickly and after the time of regret ... which performs everything carefully and quietly, and the probationary period has long ... But if it decided to secede Vsafl without sorry for something with this Venader either the destruction of his family, and to do this it would have reached flood which has ... you have a wife him to refrain from upsetting the family and relatives and try to get close to them, Mlatefthm and concern for them, even if they do not you think you deserve it ... also to be a skilled cook and good holding and home management system who wants to be a model ... 
Gold Tip: is very careful not to pamper his children to class that may تفسدهم, Fatalibhm respect and obedience and order and packages ... so do not try too much pampering kids this matter causes great rage by him may end to disputes and ominous things .. 

Aquarius ... pair with him you have to get used to all that is strange and illogical .. 
Man Aquarius sidestepping the marriage as sidestepping the devil debauchery, but even after that provides a step Vzusband will be based on friendship after that become a wife you should not talk to him about love, but also threads the most, such as flying saucers, manuscripts, and even about the reasons that led to the extinction of the dinosaur and miracles Pharaohs This chatter raised no less than modern in love ... advised that there is no Trahni never factor jealousy to Tfatta attention to you, he will not care too much and would give you more quickly than you expect you'd better to educate him and his words entirely and my feet have the freedom that they want do not try to never استنطاقه and questioning and not believing what he says 
Gold Tip: pair Aquarius likes to touch his food at the right time and must Ttakda that his shirt buttons is broken and generally take care of all your free time and only why the oldest are to marry you ... 

Pisces pair .. with him you have to get used to daydream ... 
All necessary whale of this world, a piece of bread and jug of tea and on this diet can continue to surrender to dreams ... You could have under these circumstances happy with your voice emotions only, but these feelings will not Tsafra يعيدا ... always remember that your husband whale irascible and Kasira what Tsthoah stuff Extraordinary private psychology and palmistry and yoga ... when obsessed Tappeh try to leave everything in the hands of domestic work and recreation it and Go out with him then release اساريره and back to normal ... Try to keep it by some friends who come to play in his feelings and to increase the nation and remember that the pair Pisces will be faithful to you as long as you are alive .. 
Golden advice: keep the family consisting of husband, wife and a number of children is a real problem for the man's wife and whale Here you have Mkhrjan of only either to be a rich inheritance or to be a housekeeper and economic متمرنة You may have sometimes to find extra work for you and has of course .......

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