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Good ways to make home decor

* Good ways to make home decor :

It's better when furnishing a room in the house into account the general style of the home , if the general character of a classic it must be consistent with it , because if you pick modern furniture make this room beyond the general atmosphere of the home and thus lose your home a lot of personality.
Choose a main color for the room to be furnished from magazine clippings and various brochures .
Rooms successful those containing more than one source of lighting , including lighting from the ceiling , , wall Abelikat and Sabbaths to White and Allambadiratt .
Floors must be darker than the color of the ceiling, so it's better to start by choosing your home ground and then gradually choose colors of the walls and ceiling .
If you are in the process of moving to a new house you need to plan in advance for a year for an entire room , Vasm on paper measurements and how to distribute the chairs and couches and tables to become clearer vision you have and Taatarafa measurements perfect sofa if you want to buy a new sofa , for example , couch that Tgdenha in the store a small Size sometimes be relatively big and bulky and not suitable for the room space to be furnished .
When furnishing a room , come out all the furniture including and Atala walls , then go in the furniture and on the basis of color paint Storteuran any piece of furniture you can use and which ones you can do without.
Choose colors used in the house to integrate with each other so that you can move from room to room without the slightest sense of alienated aberration apparent , either paint the walls or furniture and colors crudes .

Put on the shingle samples of fabrics to be used and Qarnaha with samples of wall paint colors to be used , to choose the colors and materials consistent occasion.
Dark places mirrors shines
Use mirrors in narrow rooms or hallways to look like it's more extensive , especially if the wood wall ملبسا the way horizontal or adhesive paper with horizontal lines as well.

If your bathroom is relatively small and dark so that the sun and natural light do not Aisalana , you can use the Sabbath to White and distribution along the ceiling , with the suspension of a large mirror hanging on the wall in the bathroom basic to reflect the light, on the ground to be pale in color .

How to choose patterns and colors of the fabrics
When your choice of colors , Aqtbsa some ideas from nature and colors of flowers and roses and how Tmazjha with each other.
When you mix the colors and materials varied between fabrics , to be a sponsor of these colors belong to one basic color but different color varying either lighter or darker.

When choosing colors of Alkatlolg , square - shaped Gosaiha and Alsquiha on black paper , will be made up in this way you have a clear idea of ​​the color to be chosen , as you'll find out that the tonal change according to the layers of paint would you paint the wall .
Chamber of distinct qualitative constantly renewed in the use of raw materials such as cotton , silk, wool and polyester.

If you want to choose a set of fabrics in different forms , such as striped or press flowers , try samples of these fabrics by putting on a monochrome background , to see how they are consistent with each other.

To highlight the the heater , Atala region of the surrounding paint color contrasts with the surrounding colors of the walls , and I am careful not to change the brand when choosing paint a different color as the tonal quality vary from one brand to another .

If you want to buy fabrics and paint the walls , choose fabrics first , where it is easier to compare and find the right color paint to canvas user rather than to find the right fabric for paint color .

Do not overlook engineers decoration on the color wheel in the choice of colors , it is available in all stores that sell paint the walls .

Patron compare samples of wood with wall paint colors and frames paintings before buying them .

اطلقي unleashed spines beautiful artwork , and choose a coating section of stained glass entrance door to give it a distinctive touch welcoming بضيوفك and friends.

Choose a quiet wall paint colors , for example: those colors and near - derived blue Kallilki that lends an air of relaxation and comfort uninterruptible peer across the room .

If the colors of the furniture and upholstery fabrics as a whole prefers dim room light colors paint .

Change the atmosphere of the room , whatever cloth was designed , it softens the stringent rooms and hide flaws .

Can learn from the various household vacuums
The blanks storage in the home is one of the basic needs where it should be designed originally when construction or design afterwards so that the design and functionally in order to accommodate all the needs of the family, for example, can be stored Sanitary bathroom and toilet in the coffers , especially in bathrooms or in baskets of straw , is also a laundry basket idea is ideal for storing towels. To benefit from the high ceiling in the bathroom , you can add a high shelf surrounded the entire room to display vases , pictures and extra towels .

Secrets ceilings
Create the perfect color effects using colors
To address the problem of high ceiling , you can coated strong and warm colors to make it appear relatively low, as it makes the place warmer and more intimate .

If the ceiling is high Fataly -colored walls and to the same degree and intensity seems an appropriate height , and if inclined large Fataly a contrasting color to the color of the walls to show that he rose less than it is, and this is also dark paint . It is also able to comment frames paintings slightly lower than the measurements so doing recognized maceration a misleading impression that the relatively high ceiling .

Give more room to rise using striped wallpaper from floor to ceiling.

To hide the appearance of the roof is completely level , paints matte paint it relieves disadvantages and shows it clearly.
If you suffer from the lack of sufficient places for storage, can learn from places and neglected corners such as those under the stairs above the interior doors or on the wall, where you can install shelves to display and store some مقتنياتك .

Buy or console for the feet pads are dual - use , as if they are a practical place to put vases or magazines and at the same time be ideal for storage.
Do not have enough space to hang and display a wide range of different images after he distributed many of them on the walls of the rooms are basic, national suspend set them on the wall of internal peace is gradually it is an ideal place , especially if the unilateral wall color and light in color .
Allow groove golden sun to infiltrate across the rooms in your house so as not to put barriers , cut & limit the entry of aligned natural lighting it.
Avoid the use of different types of flooring in your home due to lack of events distaste for Chromatic and to give a sense of comfort and color gamut relatively common .

A refreshing finish to your furniture
Not Ttakchi of your old furniture , any cabinet or box may shine and painted or covered until it becomes a good appearance .
The best way to renovate your kitchen is to change or paint and various storage units .

Not Ttavfa from the appearance of the old tiles in the kitchen or in the bathroom , but Atalaha own paint is sold in most stores that sell different kinds of paint recovery and renewal.

جددي your old Kalkomud furniture Treasury change Mkabdahma .

For renew the appearance curtains , Zenaha beautiful decorative accessories whether unilateral color and Tfnni in choosing contract and Almrdat .

You can hang colored beads along the curtain to give it a stylish look .

Final Touch
Alone frames paintings hanging on the walls , and to avoid the problem of damaging the walls causing different protrusions , specify a place suspended in pencil and then click logo wall and Padre to suspend the paintings .

Choose curtains of voile , الموسلين , it gives you privacy and allow greater access to light throughout the house .
Qualitative in choosing linens and bedspreads , and Mix edger between them and those of the printing press flowers in a smart way not averse spoke to chromatically visible to the eye.

Instead of family photos on the distribution side tables , جمعيها at the same table for eye - grabbing as soon as you enter the room .

If room was small Vttaly the walls in light colors unlike spacious room , which coated the walls with relatively dark colors .

Bed occupies the most prominent place in the bedroom, and regardless of whether a formal room or fashionable , Vaalghemash , is the element which gives it a kind of luxury and elegance , or a sense of warmth and comfort. The secret lies in the combination of colors and bed linen cloth .

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