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good food

good food

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪good food‬‏

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪good food‬‏

Abounded recent studies that examined the relationship between forms of the foods we eat and the extent of her statement in activating the body 's organs .

Some of these purely scientific studies and others remained in the logical framework analysis . Between these two realities remain coherence can not lose sight of him .

Carrot Mileage offer somewhat similar to the lens of the eye . Since time immemorial , doctors Ansahonna the eating fresh carrots or natural juice , because of its benefits directly to the eye , correctness and how they work.

While explaining note that tomatoes have 4 cabins , just as for the heart : ventricles and Alovenan , in addition to the red color that matches the color of the heart . It is the scientific studies confirm that tomatoes of the most beneficial foods for the heart and blood.

 Bunch of grapes:
Can also note the great similarities between the form of a cluster of grapes and the form of the human heart , in addition to that each bead is like a blood cell . The advantage of large grapes usefulness of the heart and blood at the same time .

Onion -like cells of the body , which helps to get rid of waste exactly as it is the good work of the cells , plus it brings tears , what helps clean the layers of the eye .

Walnut :
When we look to the nut , note that they resemble the form of the brain from overseas and inside , Pfsah the left and right and even convoluted within it . Studies show that Tnwal walnuts contribute to the growth of a lot of nerve cells that help brain to perform tasks .

Beans :
Take the form of kidney beans , which actually help them to perform their tasks.

Celery shaped like bones , and is useful for them , and corresponds to the proportion of sodium in celery is 23%, equivalent to the same percentage in the bone.

Potato -like in their pancreas which help to maintain the normal rate of sugar in the blood of any balance of sugar in the blood .

8 Foods to fight forgetfulness and strengthen memory :

We need several times a range of health foods first that works to enhance memory in the second phase , especially for students of schools and universities

To enhance their ability to study and work on memory and brain activation .

A range of foods help to enhance memory , strengthen and increase the capacity of attention , what are :

- During the study or attempt to save the collection of information is not just eating a plate of carrot salad with a little oil as carrots helps to stimulate the brain and memory because it contains vitamin "c" and manganese .

- Lemon or lemon juice , it helps to extend the body with energy and the ability to increase comprehension and attention as that lemon juice works to calm the nerves .

- Eat a group of small nuts , walnuts , almonds , pistachios, peanuts helps to strengthen it activates memory brain Valjos the longer an essential part and hardener to brain cells .

- A cup of ginger honey has a strong ability to stimulate the body and help the brain to save information and access to new ideas as it helps the blood flow and traffic allows him easily to the brain and thus enter a large amount of oxygen to the brain .

- Eggs from the food stimulant for Vcefar memory eggs contain choline , which reduces the risk of Alzheimer's .

- A piece of chocolate helps blood flow to the brain and contain caffeine and helps to awaken the brain.

- Spinach contains both folic acid and vitamins E and K , which slows memory impairment with age along with cabbage and cabbage he has the great ability to strengthen memory in the brain.

- Apples from more fruits that protect the brain cell inflammation because it contains antioxidants and the most important thing where shells are those which contain the largest amount of quercetin.

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