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Body Shape

Important steps for clothes and fashion

Choose clothes is not an easy things , but is subject to several factors, including the properties of natural or industrial clothing and suitability for the purpose for which it Tstameliha and must take into account many things , including ::

Body Shape

There are a variety of forms and different from countless objects including:

* Short skinny *

These women suffer from excess palace they are trying to show her body much longer it is necessary to use longitudinal lines to give intimation lengthwise

They should stay away from the following:
Clothing that is made ​​up of two pieces different in color .
Details excess or increased costs .
Accessory huge and broad Ataiwalhwalakowal .
الجونلات with multiple fragments or Alklosh or jacket broad because it
Helps in the division length making the body appear shorter than reality .

They must wear :
Haircuts long Kalprances .
Altajurat one color because it gives intimation lengthwise
Alakowal high .
Thick fabrics .
Brightly colored clothing .

* Short filled *

This woman must take into account what it shows more taller and more slender

And thus stay away from :
Clothing that is made ​​up of two pieces different in color .
Dresses or wide الجونلات the or Alklosh .
Long-haired drop-down .
Details obvious or increasing costs .
Jacket wide .
Thick fabrics .
Fabrics with large patterns .
Striped fabrics accidental.
Decoration of the many overlapping and colors .

It should also be wearing :
Haircuts long Kalprances .
Altajurat of one color.
Costs and embroidery horizontally
Accessories and bags medium length.
Longitudinally striped fabrics with wide stripes .

Long * skinny *

This woman is trying to keep النظرعن length , then it is necessary to focus
Alyasthaddam outline for reducing the severity of length.

So should stay away from :
Longitudinal lines because it increases show length over the crisis .
Development costs is linear .
Striped fabrics Ptkulaimat petition.
Use high Alakowal on the neck.
Use open the front clothes .
Use models Rabncis .

It should also be wearing :

Clothes with horizontal scrapbook .
Clothes with large pockets .
Altealta models define the midfield .
Models that contain styles in midfield.
Broad belts and colored abuse .
Fabrics الامعة and crystalline.
Striped fabrics offer.
Altkulaimat petition.
Alakowal broad and colorful accessories .
A color difference between the partially clothed .

Long * filled *

Should avoid :
Horizontal lines such as dining in the middle .
Clothing conjoined body.
Light-colored or bright .
Shiny fabrics as they reflect light are given the pervasive influence and an increase in body size.
Patterned fabrics with large graphics or striped with broad stripes .
Broad belts .
Alakowal huge and big pockets and big accessories .
الجونلات Alklosh and fragments .

They that acquire مايناسبها such as :
Clothing that is characterized by longitudinal Baksat it reduces the body's normal size .
Light colors and quiet .
Soft and elastic fabrics .
Clothing decorative motifs is clear and striped longitudinally high- stripes .
Accessories and fine embroidery is blatant .
Costs on the linear format .

* Frail average length *

Should avoid :
Conjoined clothing on the body.
Thick fabrics .
Clothing with large openings .
Jawnalat with long haircuts .

And must wear :
Haircuts on the chest in order to increase the feeling of fullness .
Alaharpat long around the neck .
* Full of average height *

This body must be accompanied by deviate from :
Very tight dresses .
Alakowal high
Small accessories and small-sized bags .
Fabrics with large fees .
Costs and large cornices and large pockets .
Tobacco curved lines give a sense of fullness .

As matching :
Somewhat longitudinal clothing with sleeves .
Clothing that is made ​​up of two pieces.
Light colors.
Alakowal high and wide openings

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