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Cotton keeps the clothes beautiful

Care with cotton to maintain the appearance of clothing

Divorced word tissues generally cotton fabrics and linen and silk and woolen .. Etc., which are used in the manufacture of clothing, furnishings, and a cotton these tissues, which occupies a prominent place among them in the industry due to its use in the manufacture of many of the clothing and furnishings that are frequently used in the present 0
Hair is the Ocean Seed cotton plant that grows in the form of bushes in warm areas, these filaments are composed with seeds inside the bud any (amygdala) and at the completion of its growth explode amygdala appears bloc cotton mixed with seeds of cotton separating process is called (the ginning process) 0
Features cotton tissue:
1 - soft texture and warm 0
2 - bear washing and wash through the regular 0
3 - Do not shrink panning when compared with other textiles 0
4 - They are economical solid, and can be used for a long time 0
5 - cheaper types of tissue are within the reach of all classes 0
6 - imbibing fluid easily and this is why their use in the manufacture of towels, but also ignites easily 0

Wash white cotton tissue
Some might think that the method of washing cotton fabrics white things for granted and it is information known to every housewife, but in fact may lose their color bright white repeating washed in spite of our presence in the country and thankfully - rarely absent sun has set - and only for error is common wash in this kind of tissue 0
Washing stages:
Soaking - Washing with hot water and soap - rinsing - and flowering - Drying - Ironing 0
Soak for 6 hours or more in cold water and if I have to lengthen the duration of soaking water should be replaced so as not generated (bacteria) that cause fermentation in water containing filth 0
Benefits of Soaking:
1 - dissolves stains soluble in water 0
2 - softens or removes the starch from fabrics 0
3 - removes dirt surface so that swim in the water Vtaatkhals including 0
4 - saves time and labor costs and keeps the tissue 0


1 - squeezed from the soaking water and then wash the face in warm water and soap Normal 0
2 - washed by scrubs so that rubbing parts weaving with each other after that
Creams on the soap Dekh be given care of the dirty parts such as the first ring, sleeve, underarm, then scrub then 0
3 - starts cutting at least wash the filth 0
4 - re-washing in the water again after the volatility of the clothes on the back and washed completely cleaned up, and some of the clothes you need to water a third wash 0
5 - squeeze well to get rid of the water soap 0
Rinsing of the most important stages of the washing because it maintains the purity of color fabrics and removes soap that if you leave reason Asfrarha also be blended with Venus gives Luna gray therefore first rinsed with warm water and then cold 0
Blooming white tissue to overcome the appearance of yellow color that appears to repeat the process of washing, and follows the previous method 0

Published in the sunlight until completely dry for gaining whiter bright 0
1 - wet clothes and water damage and left 10 minutes 0
2 - Tkoy first seamstresses and double portions on the back 0
3 - the volatility of the clothes on the face and Tkoy sleeves first, then the top 0
4 - Iron bottom 0
5 - Iron Ring and finally attached to the ventilation clothes after ironing 0
Laundry cotton fixed color:
Prior to the washing for the first time be sure to color fastness, if the colors followed by fixed as follows: -
1 / - Soaking:
Soak in cold water while extreme filth Vtnqa clothes in cold water laced with a little soap for at least an hour 0
2 / - Washing:
Wash with warm water with soap somewhat Used Scrubs giving attention to the dirty parts 0
3 / - Rinsing:
Rinsed with warm water first to get rid of the effect of cold water and soap 0
4 / - drying:
Publishes clothes on the back outdoors away from the sun and heat until the color is not affected 0
5 / - Ironing:
Take into account ironed as follows:
A - wet clothes and water damage for 10 minutes to absorb water 0
B - Tkoy light-colored ones on the face of the fabric 0
C - Tkoy colors on the back 0
D - the temperature of the medium irons 0
Clean and press cotton fabrics colored non-fixed:
Washing stages:
1 - bel: sauced with cold water and can add a tablespoon of salt to the water if plastic fast blade 0

2 - Washing: Wash with lukewarm water and a soft soap or grated or liquid 0
3 - Rinse: Rinse with lukewarm water or cool we love the fabric to remove the effect of soap 0
4 - age: squeezed by hand pressure from top to bottom 0
5 - Published: published on the face outdoors away from sunlight and heat 0
6 - Ironing: Ironing follow in the following stages:
- Tkoy clothes before completely dry 0
- Used iron medium heat 0
- Tkoy clothes on your back in all its parts 0
- Used the bottom of the screen in order to iron some parts of the face .

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