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Consistency for your body shape

Consistency for your body shape

Whatever their size or shape of your breasts, they symbol of femininity and motherhood together. Despite the fact that their presence has become very commonplace among women and a resource for ignoring Altanase, interest them remains necessary, due to what Ihtajana care and Humane. 
Valsdr subject, according to the stages of life, the experiences of harsh, Ventfaj during pregnancy, and melts with slimming diets, has Aatral Over the years, the impact was wrinkled from the sun ... For all these reasons women should take care of Besderha for a few minutes a day. 

If a woman cares deeply for strength and taut body Faten has all the elegance and beauty standards, in order to glittering views of impressive Katalalat The stars, they need much to what is essential in the beauty and strength of the body, namely the chest stretched and filled. 
May Afattk: gum bigger chest size! 
For this distinctive chest, you can apply this recipe Madam natural and safe: 
Two tablespoons of frankincense Shahri "bitter", a type of incense Tgdenh in perfume shops. 
1/2 cup of rose water. 
5 tablespoons of honey. 
Take a little bit of boiling water, or nearly half of the cup, then add two tablespoons of frankincense. Leave to steep for half an hour, before the addition of rose water and honey. Then, mix the ingredients well, and Put the mixture in a bottle machine. Use a lotion once, day after day. Wash and place of spraying with water only. 

Tips for choosing the right bra for your chest    
Choosing the right shape and size for a bra, is not an easy process. Whether you are looking for a bra process, or pectoral distinctive design, there remains some points that should be taken out for a successful choice. 
1 - Know your size before buying. Size bra consists of number and letter. Figure symbolizes the size of the back strap, the character symbolizes the story bra. 

2 - Size changed with the passage of time and it was due to several factors. Including pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding and weight gain or loss ... 
3 - as clothing, as well as waistcoats, the aperture varies from marker to another. So you could try before buying the story even if you are sure of your size. 
4 - Choose the size that Ikvk his belt when the clamp first, because the bra with time it will take the shape of the body and become wider. 
5 - If your chest a large size, choose a bra equipped with metal wires and cradles petition, it helps to install it well. 
6 - If the size of a small chest, choose a padded bra to increase its size. 

7 - If your chest is low, there are some cuts earmarked for lifting and installation (Push Up). 
8 - If you prefer not to show her story bra under clothing, we recommend you Balsdreatt transparent (Invisible) It gives the chest a beautiful shape without being outstanding. 
9 - Color Sarcoma (Couleur Chair) is the color of clothes fit for all, as the color close to the color of the skin, do not hesitate to acquire a bra with this color because it is very practical. 

Mixtures of natural breast augmentation! 

Followers in the theme of "Madam Net" for the day the most prominent natural mixtures that grow the size of the chest and submit it in a decent way. Choose a mix best suited to you and Tabekayaa. 
Mix first: You need to: leaves from the herb "marble" or what is known as Bakassaan, and half a cup of boiling water. 
Preparation: Boil sage leaves in the water, then put boiling water in a bottle, and Oggayha well. National dr

ink a little of it, with a chest massage skin with this water, and after a week, you will notice the result. Vshabh sage increase Alostrgen hormone production, which in turn benefit the female hormone in breast augmentation. 
The second recipe: You need to cup circuit, four tablespoons yeast and one teaspoon of honey and one. 
Preparation: Boil the ring in a little water, so much and freeze. Leave the ring in the air to cool, then put the yeast and honey in the water. 

You can put the mixture on the skin with a chest massage the mixture to a small period. 
The third recipe: You need to: tablespoons yeast, a cup of water, a tablespoon of the ring. 
Preparation: Boil the ring for 3 minutes, then put the ring on yeast boiled. Put the mixture on your chest, and massage in a circular fashion. Leave the mixture to dry. You can reposition it 3 times a day. Then you can soften the skin with ice chest.

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