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Intimacy .. Integrated Sports

Go many women to sports academies in order to lose their weight , and precisely remove grease and fat accumulated in a particular area of the body , Vmnhen of practicing exercises for the abdomen , and others engaged in exercises to gain waist slim , but maybe not notified to the Bahin that the practice of cohabitation intimate considered sport integrated .
Sport intimate cohabitation comprehensive

A study released by the Brazilian Association of women in the city « Sao Paulo » : The intimate cohabitation is a regular sport a comprehensive and integrated manner; Because movements include all parts of the body , and therefore help to slimming without a doubt. She brief study that couples who engage in intimate intercourse two to three times a week can forego sports academies , or rather , the women will not need to be intense and stressful exercises ; , even if you go to the sports academies .

Favorite times of cohabitation
The study showed that cohabiting intimate and effort spent by the couple lead to fatigue and fatigue , so the best time to exercise is a period of cohabitation intimate night; because the couple are making a great effort , and then finally Ertahan Akhaldan to sleep . The result is a sports cohabiting intimate effective because of the effort to relax , which is distributed to all parts of the body during sleep . The study warned of intimate cohabitation exercise early in the morning ; because it affects the performance of men and women at work, Valmxh intimate need to focus my mind large , especially by women; to reach orgasm .

Sport is important for brain
The study confirmed the Brazilian Association of Women called « Osossiasaw Das Mulirrez » that the brain like the rest of the body needs to sport ; recovery in order to be constant , and sports useful and important for the brain is reading, playing chess and practice of intimate cohabitation . These practices are working to stimulate the brain, and remove him from laziness .

Revive the entire body
Intimate cohabitation cause sweating , and this leads to open the pores and cells of the body , it is very necessary to take a bath of lukewarm water ; sweating to remove and then for women to resort to put moisturizing creams on the skin . It has been proven , that women and men alike feel breathe easily because of the openness of the pores and the expansion of cells in different parts of the body.

Improve women's skin
It is scientifically proven that the intimate cohabitation help moisturize the skin that women reach orgasm and make them whiter ; make orgasm because the brain sends signals to all parts of the body relaxes , is known to contribute to reviving the sagging skin .

No less important than yoga
The study said : The mental focus that you need is almost identical to the cohabitation intimate mental focus for my sport yoga and meditation . The study added that the goal of yoga is to achieve mental relaxation , which you need to exercise daily to achieve this goal , while contributing to the intimate cohabitation in achieving this goal if twice a week .

In conclusion, the study says that many people do not pay attention to the importance of intimate cohabitation as a sport of mind and physical at the same time , and confirmed that the couples who desire intimate cohabitation Aamarson high tend to infection lazy mental and physical . Wives also warned of the consequences of feeling remorse , guilt or after intercourse intimate ; because it will not give the desired benefits of proper exercise and healthy sex . Valmxh intimate associated with love and the desire to make the sport an integrated , comprehensive and important and should not be neglected for reasons that may not be convincing.

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