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Smartphones important tool in our lives

The benefits and advantages of smart phones 

Today no longer have to carry your laptop or sit all day in front of the computer to perform tasks. You also do not need to phone wired to do international calls. With the constant technological innovations, everything is possible, "using smart phones in hand. But do you have the slightest idea why-called "smart phones"? What makes a smart phone smart? And what one can do with these types of phones? 

Let's start with the definition of smartphones. Smartphones is distinct from conventional phones to its proximity to more advanced features. Smartphones that combine features of older PDAs (PDA) and camera. You can make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls, send and receive messages and take pictures with this kind of smart phones. But with the passage of time, trying to developers of smart phones adapt continuously to meet the needs of users and the integration of the latest technologies in these smart phones so that they can do extra tasks. Besides smartphones, tablet devices are gaining popularity as well. Most of these devices take advantage of the operating systems of similar systems for smartphones. The only difference is that this tablet has more features, and very much like a laptop, but a smaller size. 

But what makes these smart phones? The main reason for the launch of this label is that it allows users to do a lot of things. Smart phones are smart because of the operating system (OS). 

What are the operating systems? Is a series of management programs computers and provide specific services. These systems represent the mind of the computer, and the most important part of your computer or any other device, such as smart phones. The user can not run any application without the presence of an operating system. Operating system that is running the computers and smartphones. 

The most common operating systems are the systems, Google Android, and Apple OS, Microsoft Windows phones, Nokia Symbian, and the operating system RIM BlackBerry, and Linux. But Symbian is the owner of the largest share in the market so far with 51%. But it is expected to lose his position this system with the passage of time. At present, reveal sales figures of electronic stores in a change in the priority of the operating system. Apple come to the fore and then BlackBerry, then shop Nokia Ovi, and Google. Preferably users are now the most advanced operating systems, to explore the complex features and amazing in these operating systems. Due to the increasing popularity of smart phones and tablet devices users, applications also gain "popularity, and thus there are many types of applications related to e-commerce, gaming, or related to the areas. 

What can users do with their smartphones? 
Create a list of tasks and appointments 
Follow-up appointments and activate the alarm 
Save contacts 
Calculator use the machine for simple mathematical operations 
Send or receive e-mail 
Access to information (news, entertainment, stock quotes) from the Internet 
Watch TV 
Send and receive text messages 
Integration of other devices such as PDAs, and players (MP3) and GPS devices (GPS) 
Image Capture 
Recording voice messages 
Recording video clips 
Transfer and receive files via Bluetooth, GPRS or other techniques 

With the above-mentioned things which can do it by a smartphone, it is not surprising that dramatically reduced the proportion of use of traditional phones, which are limited to the capacity of communication and text messaging, are Aspdalha smartphones which are constantly evolving. In addition, this smart phone is easy to use, and today has become accessible to everyone due to their accepted, contrary to what was the case in the first smartphones. Even middle income earners have today 

A wide range of choices of smart phones, which lies within the boundaries of Mizaném. Various brands such as Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry and other models come in styles and operating systems up to date. 

But if there are advantages in these devices, there are also a few disadvantages to these smart phones, one of which offers the possibility of these devices to attack by malicious software. This is also the case with tablet devices. Often these malicious programs are distributed through applications Store-mail because of the minimum control measures on the content it provides. With this, it is highly recommended that you update your operating system to continuously improve performance and avoid being destroyed by malicious software. 

Smartphones smartphone term given to the phones, which have become operate operating system .. Can be likened to a small computer .. Enabling you to surf the Internet and use e-mail and Alttabik and added to that and what applications as well as computer telephony Aalkhaddmat such as communication and SMS and camera 

Types of operating systems smartphones 
Symbian SymbianOS 
SymbianOS Symbian system owned by Nokia, it is present in the organs of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG and others. The most prevalent phone systems by virtue of the large share of Nokia in the market, but soon Mankhvdt ratio Alastjoazbdjul Alandroed and iPhone. Nokia Corporation has purchased the rights of the regime in 

2008 .. bought 48 percent of the rights .. And the rest is divided between Ericsson and Samsung and Panasonic. The system became operational in most of the official organs. There are a number of versions of the system, each dedicated to touch devices and some of the hardware keyboard. The company intends to work several upgrades to the system of issuing copies of new and improved. Ease of use of the system and stand behind him as a major backer Nokia made the operating system in the first place in previous years. Nokia has other systems such as Maemo but they are available in a very limited number of organs. 
In recent times, Nokia has contracted with Microsoft to use System 7 microsoft phone 
And also canceled the open-source property rights for Symbian 
Blackberry RIM BlackBerry 
System owned by RIM, and is available on BlackBerry devices only, which is prevalent in the business sector, companies and correspondence and communication, the BlackBerry is being made available strongly for an individual user in the last biennium, increasing success and increased market share where it left cochlear corporate sector just jumped on the individual sector huge. 
Yvonne Apple iPhone OS 

System owned by Apple, and is available only on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, when this system was released for the first time in 2007, he found acceptable to the average user, where it was easy to use and uncomplicated, like other smart phones in that time. And the evolution of the system occurred several copies and provide a number of other devices, such as the company's iPod Touch and iPad. System and still achieve success and acceptance. 
Windows Phone "Windows Mobile" Microsoft Windows Mobile 

System owned by Microsoft, is one of the oldest operating systems for smartphones and was dominant on the market of advanced mobile phones and handheld aid, but the quota system began to decline until it reached the lower grades in 2011. For this reason, Microsoft launched an upgraded version of Windows Phone 7 and has developed a complete and radical system and already has re-programming and the development of a complete system. Of the most important advantages of this system to benefit from the services of Microsoft Kalmasinger & Office 
Android Google Android 

System owned by Google, which is open to any company requesting his statement, it exists in a number of companies such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, Acer, and others, as well as devices pda. Google, concerned that the game become out mobile phones, launched its operating system "Android". During a relatively short period have been able to achieve success and spread. The presence of Google as a supportive and marketer of the system because the system as well as the Free manufacturers get the system free of charge, making the system prevalent in a number of powerful hardware and advanced, which has helped to advance the Android system on the iPhone in the United Altdhaly boundaries of 2011. Alandroed system is a flexible system that is not available on smartphones, but is available only on the number of devices and applications where it is open source and any company can modify it to suit their needs as well as all applications and Google found it. 
Web OS Palm WebOS 

System owned by Palm, which is available on Palm devices only, a system running a successful but Hbarth to Palm Inc. and weakness devices issued by the company made the company's collapse and the company HP bought in 2010, so far we do not know what the future of the operating system, but most forecasts say that it will be used in devices coming to HP. 
Bada Samsung bada 

System owned by Samsung, which is available only on Samsung devices, and Samsung mobiles second largest company in the world in 2010, has decided that it wants a share in the market for operating systems as well, declaring a new operating system "Bada". The system is still new and the extent of his success to him and accept user is still unknown. 

Aforesaid operating systems are operating systems of smart phones in the market. Do not forget that many of the regular phones use an operating system programmer specifically for normal phone and is usually Java or other. Does not have an integrated operating system. 
Now operating systems are becoming more important than where it is who shall determine the properties of the device manufacturers to meet the requirements. 

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