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How do you choose your shoes 

The shoe constant companion each and every one of us no matter how different chapters and whatever the occasion must be Antal this piece, which can not in any way Alhawwal indispensable, and since we are on the verge of changing the pattern of the shoe approaching a new chapter here are some ideas and tips to take care of this piece precious and maintain them for nothing, but to avoid a kaleidoscope significant health 
May spend a long time without feeling the same shoe, which may expose the foot of sweating and this is my favorite place for bacteria, amid ideal: sweat dust and darkness ææææææ 
How to take care vary depending on the kind of shoe material and model Vahveh summer is different from winter boots 
We will see with some of the most important ways to keep your feet in the shoes comfortable Nzivian 

First, the most important tips that you should follow: 

1. Instead of your shoes all the time, does not cloak the same shoe more than two consecutive days. 

2. You need shoes for ventilation after use but were not so wet to dry sweat that sucked down the boot of the feet. 

3. Take off your shoes after being placed in a wooden corset immediately to keep the surface taut and beautiful shape, order not formed folds and bends on its surface that makes it seem out of date quickly obsolete. 

4. If you do not have a wooden corset or so Put a group of securities worn after Tkoerha and fill out your shoes. These papers also helps in the absorption of excess moisture thing if the shoe damp or wet. 

5. Avoid exposing your shoes water for a long time, because it hurts shoes. 

6. If you find your shoes to water leaking from all sides, know that it is necessary to dry properly. 
Avoid drying wet shoes near any heat source, whatever the reasons. 

Are drying shoe and leather goods all in an atmosphere of normal room temperature, Beware of direct heat on leather goods from any source of heat to the skin to lose it Aonth and Taraute forever. 

7. After drying your shoes properly, you can safely Anmaalh 

It also must obtain several private clean shoes consist of a group, especially brushes and chamois leather and other shoe by type of information is usually on the cover of the brush 
As well as varnishes for each type of shoe polishes, especially for something less skin can get polished without color can be used for all colors and there are special materials of different ores 

This kit for the remaining roads by type of shoe 
Leather shoes 

No better than leather shoes for the feet, it allows them to breathe. 

Keep soft and supple shoes that always painted with paint appropriate for him to skin and feeds Aathqq. 

Reservation shoes in the cupboard allotted provider of ventilation holes are appointed by each member of the family has its own rack. 

If you do not use some of the shoes constantly stuffed with paper so newspapers can maintain its shape. 

Cleans the shoes of dust and mud stuck by Powell before the first dry and difficult to clean. 

For shoes made of natural leather or industrial painted every color or gloss varnish fitting shoes and leaves him five minutes and then shine with a piece of wool. 

For shoes made of crocodile leather or snakeskin paint well with alcohol to remove stains from Mabha Balonish then paint or polished shoes with transparent Note that the cleaning will be in the direction of peels and then leave a few minutes and shine with a piece of wool. 

For shoes made of chamois still rough brush the dust by then cleaned with a damp sponge a little water and then left to dry. 

Footwear chamois 

Avoid keeping your shoes in place chamois high humidity, Ahfezaha in well ventilated places so keep their shape attractive. 

And you have to Tbaadi chamois things with pungent smell. This kind of leather absorbs odors. 

If your shoes from natural chamois, it's best to Tgsleyha manually using the media dedicated to it. To remove stains, use a soft cloth. 

Also the patron should use moisturizer for leather chamois regularly, until the skin is not exposed to cracking 

Sport shoes: 
You can wash them in the washing machine on a low temperature after a well-furnished and remove the dirt, including that of course was made of cloth or any severity are washable and are dried in the air for at least two days with a sprinkle some powder dry inside when this will absorb sweat well 

And advice is golden 
You can sprinkle bicarbonate of soda inside the shoe in the night to kill bacteria 
Sprinkle baby powder to dry the sweat 
And as well as some musk finely ground 
And finally can use alum finely crushed 

This is about cleaning As for the storage methods you should consider the space available to you and choose what suits you best 

If you have many places in the house you can buy cabinets fit with your home decor 

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