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Joint cooperation

Bedroom joint is considered a major challenge in terms of design , and an even greater challenge in terms of the ability of the mother to persuasion , any persuade her daughters to sleep in the common room and spend most of their time where with each other , and that some of the sisters considered it does not achieve their privacy, in the view of some that the common room is a private life for girls and Osrarhn , and the difference of opinion and the reasons will be reviewed by " Madam Net" , the mother should make every effort in order to be suitable for the common room sisters in age levels and different educational .

With and against
Complains a college student , of the common room where they live with her ​​sister who Tsgrha eight years , says : designed my family this room I did not think that anyone will join me out, but the arrival of my sister's new make the room equally between us , is chaotic by virtue of her young age , and annoying and demanding , and Tattabrna her mother , and as long as she sleeps in my room does not depend on the applications , and wake me up from sleep to drink or to go to the bathroom .

Three daughters and three rooms
Live three sisters , each one in a room of its own, maintained by all the love and loves , they are in addition to being a bedroom it is a reading room and computer use and hobbies , but this does not preclude also says the eldest daughter " Mona full " to be room one of them is a place to meet that night is an opportunity to talk Whisperer and Almchaksat premolar and exchange with each other .

Proposals for the bedroom shared
Advice to the mother : The work of the decor in the common room depends on the tastes or age girls , can develop iron beds and curtains beautiful color and add furniture classic , because teenage girls spend most of their time in the bedroom , where playing and studying and dreaming about the future of the sorcerer , and experts agree that choosing colors in the rooms of girls is the foundation first and then the rest of the ideas flow automatically .
Sort bed: arranging the bed in the bedroom shared depends on the number of beds and the size of the room , and whenever the room was smaller it would require a smaller family size or bunk beds , so as to provide some space for the study area or play , is not required to arrange the family parallel to each other , but can arranged at different angles to create some special areas and angles to study and play.

Benefits bedroom shared
See specialists that the benefits of bedrooms shared a private adolescent they cultivate a tuft of cooperation and gain negotiating skills of the place and privacy , as they learn sisters principle of give and take and compromise in their destiny , and reduce the degree of fear , isolation and a sense of insomnia during the night , and teach them the art of participation and respect for the property of others , and earn treasures of memories and anecdotes that Enqlnha for generations to come .

Defects bedroom shared
On the other hand , believes that specialists from defects Bedrooms common mismatch between girls cause problems , though one of them to be tidy and other loved chaos , and the chatter is working to reduce the absorption of study, and to ensure the late affect the attainment and the beauty of their skin .

Jokes in the common rooms of girls
• British girl proceeded to muzzle the mouth of her little sister that does not stop the chatter throughout the night , and did not stop this act only after I grew up and became a small feeling of responsibility.
• The French girl threw her sister from the third floor in the middle of the night after being fed up with her ​​, because she shared her room and do not stop dancing all night .

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