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Always a lot of people looking for permanent ways to whiten teeth; doing clean teeth by toothbrush and toothpaste on a daily basis may believe in full dental protection, but does not Bidha and give it color bright; so it goes a lot of people to the doctor to whiten their teeth, take the bleaching process time and effort large, so we will mention you in this article some home mixes that can be used for teeth whitening.

Home recipes for teeth whitening
Can put lemon juice and add salt to it, and it must constantly rinsing this solution, and left on the teeth to help bleached.
Take advantage of lemon or orange peel, so the teeth by rubbing the inside of him; it is useful in teeth whitening.
The use of bicarbonate of soda with water; mix them where they are with each other, and Altamadamad this solution; it helps to remove the yellow spots and other tooth surface, and contributes to the bleached.
The development of natural honey on a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental blended from one period to another; and so, as it contains honey benefits for dental health, and the Bidha.
Mouth wash weekly oxygen water; it is inexpensive and available in all areas, but should not be a lot of use because it is harmful to the teeth when over him.
The use of sage and salt: This is done by placing sage and salt leaves in a bowl, and then grinding the leaves to become Kajeena, then put the dough in a warm oven until they become solid, and then shredded well to become Kalboudrh, and put it in a bottle, and can be used per week; They are effective in the treatment of inflamed gums and contribute to tooth whitening.
Grind mint leaves, add some oil it, and use this mixture in fat teeth daily is effective in teeth whitening.
Use bay leaves; where we drying and grinding bay leaves, add orange peel them, and then the teeth out fat on a daily basis they are effective in bleached.

It can whiten your teeth at a specialist doctor by:
The use of hydrogen peroxide; This material is used in teeth whitening, but you should clean your teeth and preparing for this treatment at the dentist in order to be effective in whitening teeth appear.
The use of dental cover or Alvenir: a quick fix consists of porcelain, and some plastic materials, and to do this typecasting cover over the teeth, and remove it at any time of the day.

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