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نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪depression‬‏Depression

 Depression is very different from grief; Grief is a natural feeling suffered by any person in his life, and depression; it is psychological condition adversely affect the daily human activities.

Usually be depressed when a greater proportion of women than men, and do a lot of depression in young people more than the young and the elderly.

Symptoms of depression
Depression leads to a sense of sadness and gloom.
Depression leads to a lack of desire to do anything.
Depression leads to loss of desire in worldly pleasures.
Depression leads to introversion and isolation and the large number of negative thinking.
Depression leads to pessimism and look at things black lens.
Depression leads to feelings of guilt and self-blame and remorse.
Depression leads to a lack of physical and sexual activity.
Depression leads to lack of sleep or the tendency to sleep and rest.
Depression leads to a lack of appetite or overeating.

The causes of depression
Genetic and biological factors: This happens when one lives in a family with hereditary depression as a result of a lack of nerve conducting materials in the center of the brain, which in turn is responsible for mood and emotions, thinking and behavior.
Educational factor: This factor is one of the most dangerous factors of depression; because it conveys depression indirectly by watching children for their parents; they will take you to a certain styles and patterns, such as pessimism, depression, abuse conjecture, and anaphylaxis.
The conditions of life: It is not possible that life takes place on a stable ship without a harrowing life; Kovah Aziz, or having marital and family problems, loss of employment, and the deterioration of health, financial problems, and not to marry, and retirement is planned.
Personal disorders: figures from more susceptible to depression, obsessive personal owners know that rigidly inflexible, hysterical and personalities dominated by emotions and mood swings.
Organic diseases: such as the use of anti-pressure, stomach ulcers and other Parkinson's disease.

Types of depression
Natural narrow: feelings of depression in humans have a specific reason for a minutes or hours, and this type does not require medical intervention, and does not affect human life.
Normal sadness: a feeling depressed person is going on at the loss of a particular person, disappear within days or weeks, do not require medical intervention.
Adjustment disorder: This type of depression is caused by a specific event occurs, the injured, leading to the changing nature of life, and will continue this kind for several days and weeks and requires medication or psychological therapy sessions.
Severe depression: the most dangerous types of depression; it will be a companion to the mania, extends for several weeks or more, and lead to a malfunction, affects the mind, such as hearing voices and persecutory ideas, and may lead to suicide. This type is also called bipolar affective disorder.

Treating Depression
Drug therapy is considered safe for the patient with depression does not lead to addiction, and the patient can take anti-depressants, which lasts six months, although improved, so as to keep him in a good mood. These drugs are divided into groups:
Polycyclic (Heterocyclic AD)
Retrieval SSRI (SSRIS)
Retrieval of serotonin and norepinephrine inhibitors (NSRIS)
Mono amine inhibitors or Oksudaiz (MAOI / RIMA)
Massage electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

Aims to improve the ability of intellectual, social, and behavioral to the patient, and is divided into several types:
Cognitive therapy: a treatment based on misconceptions replace the patient's depression, more positive ones.
Behavioral therapy: converts depressive behaviors to other more positive.
Psychotherapy schools: school such as analytical and rational, and others.

Alternative medicine therapy
It uses the aromatherapy as: jasmine, bergamot, lavender, roses, chamomile is also considered one of the most important essential oils that help relieve depression and calm the nerves. Can take advantage of what said by placing a few drops of oil in the bathroom or on the cloth napkin and inhaling the smell.

In some cases of depression go away without any medical help or permanent treatment, but there are some who suffer from the effects of depression throughout their lives, which requires undergoing psychological sessions to ask for healing.

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