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Women and Towers

Women and Towers

What many women differ in Taballn, however there are some similarities in their own qualities, especially if they were born in the same month, to get to know more about this topic this month by women recipes Meladhen.

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Astronomy and Astrology‬‏

Born in the month of January
Strong, resolute
Charming, attracts attention wherever they are, this should be wary of beauty that brings a lot of harassment.
Thinking mind and logic.
Simple in her clothes.
Sticking to tradition.
Interior does not show her emotions on her face, it does not seem out of grief or joy.
Accurate and thin and polite, and loves everyone.
Chaste self.
Hate lying.
Secretive nature.

Born in the month of February
Social, able to deal with all kinds of people with different preferences and goals and cultures.
Intense emotion but her emotions are always temporary.
Tend to be calm.
Estimated romantic feelings thin
Characterized by excessive and heart slave allergies, and acute intelligence together
Ability to always tender on the rise; because they are innately emotional
Accurate and thin and polite, and loves everyone
Featuring independent opinion
Love of nature and wildlife
Spirit, which is also characterized by shame and extreme modesty and piety.

Born in March
Many activity and strength
Interested in studying foreign languages
Attract others freshness of her skin pink and Kiasthe and cosmopolitan flair in dealing, and her paper in her words
Beauty really impressive and intelligent
Like science
Known rightness of opinion, but it may be harsh sometimes heart
Can not you see that in the case of laziness, fast-moving

Born in the month of April
Bold and nervous
Never give in to illusions or dreams
Never give up the center stage
Smart and nimble
Sharp note
Not affected by logic, but differentiate between right and wrong
Famous for spending a lot of money and waste
Fond of luxury and luxury Anything could reach perfection
Jealous much

Born in the month of May
Summit in compassion and a sense of well-being
Rapid absorption, and has a photographic memory
Do not know selfishness, and has the ability to take the lead in the field of labor
Lacks the right decision
Her extraordinary ability to transform everything and anything from failure to success
Pretty hilarious
Grown joy in your soul, make optimistic sneaking into Fish breeding Whatever Kapetk
Provide assistance to all
Achieved successes in all stages of life
Tend to laziness and do not want to tire itself or strain in her body of work of any kind
Frequency is the main drawback
Curious, durable Question
Draws the attention to the scientific way of thinking logical

Born in June
Baklha not like her heart
Fond of colorful flowers, nature and the arts
Agrha not realistic emotional speech and sweet to say
Loves money but they sometimes drips in expenses, similar stinginess
Love pets

Born in July
Actions are generally shy and polite
Does not change no matter what their views fluctuated conditions
Sacrifice for the sake of happiness and comfort around
Loves challenging adventures
Forget attention to their health
Sometimes succeed in cunning and deception
Nervous with the same fictional, tend to unity and sadness
Incredible very easily whatever is said to have
Stands with her friends in all positions, especially the most difficult

Born in August
The shape of her sharp and powerful features
Solid opinion
Everything to do as it pleases
Hospitable face attract others have Bmjammeltha for the people around them
Lazy, tend to sleep and dullness
Do not receive easily
Goodness gracious love and progress for the people around them without the expense
Strut in a certain way, and pay much attention to their appearance and elegance

Born in September
Good manners
Do not allow one to Ahenha or underestimated
Soft voice demonstrates understanding, honesty and wisdom
Quiet conservative in its actions weighted reason and wisdom
Many of modesty
Intense intelligence and passion
Like elegant organized man, and you hate the man a liar
Realistic do not put the same dreams
Spend its money wisely
Accurate in everything
Looking for flaws and people exposed to them for cash

Born in the month of October
Strong, stubborn
Like control
Love of science and study
Does not accept that intervenes in a life of their own
Overly love and hate
Does not recognize age
Like the use of ornamental
Commercial talent since the smallness of this up to wealth and riches in a short time
Difficult but very persuasive passion
Has a strong feminine instinct
Once you know the personal vision
Do not care about poor understanding of her friends

Born in the month of November
Never mind old
Has a deep emotional witch
Strong memory, her mind Jabbar
Committed in front of herself and in front of others
Adoption of its projects on solid foundations
When you want something designed it and complete it deserved
Very athletic
Enjoy a fighting spirit
Sacrifice for others
Her strong will
Loves independence
Waits prestigious future
Enjoy conscientiously
Strong family ties, they are able to build a great house full of happiness and contentment
Like to collaborate with others in solving problems
Does not accept shoddy work and respect
Fond of freedom and hate any system or law
Frank with themselves and honest with others
Her vigor superior
Sometimes infect excessive sense of greatness

Born in the month of December
Sensitive to a large degree
Very patient
Playful open her heart for all the ease and simplicity of
Always burning passion
Of the most serious flaws speed impatience Permanent Mellha
Hates lies and liars
Do not hesitate to tell the truth at all costs that sacrifices
Young remains an important progress by Age
Sometimes lose control of her temper
Characterized Bnzertha blooming life
Everyone expects the dexterity and wisdom
Force its will help them to withstand the pressure with vigor and determination
Surrounded by others with love and compassion
Sometimes you may regret the things you pay for it because of the slip of the tongue; it must always try to keep calm and silence whenever possible.

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