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Country wonderland story Alice in Wonderland

Country wonderland story Alice in Wonderland

Alice girl ten years old was sitting with her sister Lamis day in the garden, preoccupied by Lamis you read the book so I thought I was not making a decade of jasmine due to her preoccupation with her sister. While in the park saw a rabbit wearing luxurious clothes looks at his watch and says: What is this too little too late I Halfway through the day

Was the rabbit quickly after those words said, I wondered Alice him a lot and threw jasmine flowers that have Baktafha and suffered the rabbit, and during Jeriha fell into a big hole, and I heard then the rabbit says drinkers, my ears, I'm afraid of the wrath of Princess because I had been delayed for my appointment with

Alice came out of the room, and followed the rabbit again until she found herself in the place looks like a big hall and closed its doors in a long tunnel and very tight, she could not enter because it is not too tight

Alice Found a bottle-shaped doll, Msktha Alice said her doll: Asherbini Asherbini, Alice drank from the water in the bottle that, after I drank the water Wallis size is ripe because the intervention in that tunnel, entered it and led to a very beautiful garden

In the park saw Wallis cake emblazoned Ahjia and Clini, ate right, and what that finished off as calamity occurs, Alice turned into a very giant girl

Rabbit saw the beautiful Alice afraid of the giant size and fled away. During his escape dropped his glove, carried Olaszlk Glove, Fthert a small fan inside, and what that ignited Alice fan returned to their size and no longer a giant rejoiced Alice and threw the fan in the lake, but the surprise was that Alice had found near the lake Panel reading (Lake tears) and I heard the voice of a rat in the lake says: Onqvena Onqvena

Saved Alice mouse, and then I found something strange giant bicolor, so I decided to taste it, I found it not that there is a palace behind this plant giant, approached Alice door Taking Bbabh open, appeared to Alice beautiful princess carrying a child crying, and walk on her feet a small cat, I looked to the Princess Alice, but the princess did not bother her and she said: I have a date with the Queen

Cat stood between the legs of Alice, saying to her: I know what they are looking, and pointed her hand, saying: Oh, there is not, there is a live rabbit Zarif, Hurry to visit

Thought Alice White Rabbit has disappeared, but it is just a few steps and found a gray rabbit with hats maker Icheraan tea with each other, also found a rat slept sitting between them, and a moment later, carrying hats mouse maker and raise the teapot lid and putting the mouse in it

Left Alice Rabbit maker hats and completed her way in the woods, Fthert a very large tree, at the end of the trunk of the tree giant big door, entered the door Taking them find the White Rabbit in front of her and was succeeded by an officer carrying a king's crown, but I was surprised that all of the people such as fees that are moving, even Queen and King seem as if they had papers for cans, Queen from Alice approached and asked her if she would like to play a game with them Alkourkat, or if they prefer to go with a parrot to take her to the turtle sad

I heard the voice of Alice never laughs shouting: Hello, I'm smiling cat, I have learned to laugh at chrysanthemums Forest, and also told her: Look behind you, they were twins who are inseparable, one known frequently asked, and the other .... Then drowned cat Baldg.achtvy cat suddenly jumped twins of joy and said many question:

I want to learn how this dreaded cat disappears .. and I am astonished not it is actually smiling cat, I asked: How Chtvi suddenly appeared again?!

Monkey said: It's blue chrysanthemum flowers, Vahoudra me a little, but Mnhamnha Take careful of the giant goalkeeper. I went right to the land of twins Daisy and whereabouts remained standing in front of smiling cat looking at him and he disappears again, and then they heard the distant sound of distress .. help .. help ..

Alice returned Fthert on its way to the parrot and the turtle, it was the two waited for the king and queen, and when he arrived trial began shoved the execution of all lost in a game of croquet

Parrot laughed when he saw the tears of Alice, saying: They are men of the paper .. tomorrow foliate other trees

Returned the White Rabbit again pregnant template of candy, and were it not have felt very hungry and wanted the piece of them .. But hats maker arrived quickly and gave her a piece of candy and a cup of tea and said: Go ahead, I'm going have invited me to court because I prosecution witness

Cried the king brought the second witness entered the Hatter, the White Rabbit and the extension of paper wrapped and read aloud: witness the third Alice ..
- I'm here .. What do you know about the subject?
Alice replied: I do not know the subject, sir.
Vgillt Queen from Alice answer and said:

- Denies the judgment before issuing a decision .. What is this ridiculous rule is not implemented before its release, but boobies. Red Queen's face, and the anger of the king and the soldiers shouted: Control your them .. Alice laughed, saying:

You men of the paper can all Tmaziqkm

Soldiers flew into the air heading to Alice, also flying autumn leaves, and the king was calling:

Figure 6 provides .. No. 7 to No. 3 top .. .. Come forward and beware that not one of you stuck ..

Screamed Alice

Filed, I am not afraid of securities nor Okhcaha, can not be a king or queen Aaveana because they are also of the paper remained constant battle between the soldiers and the soldiers could not and did not wound with .. Some of them were carrying swords paper also

Alice stuck securities and put it in her pocket .. that I heard the voice of her sister for her Mistcol:
Alice Awake, O Wallis Awake, O .. Alice and ended the dream of the beautiful Alice in Bladajaúb

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