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My childhood innocent - Young child

My childhood innocent

I live in a beautiful and harmonious shy Zia, lived childhood did not take me joy, and its light, in the spacious office, Bonoarh diverse dim, and the right-wing corridor near the conference room located picturesque colors, mimic panel painter, organized by the artist. I sat on the throne has Oaaana fatigue after hours passed from the work day.
Pinned between my fingers, and put it in the involuntary movement behind my head assigned to the highest chair, closed my eyes, which became Ogalbha Vtiby Jfinu occlusion did not wake her, but only a few sighs crossed out all access to the long years of the Covenant, I have summed up in a few minutes ..... .aaaaaaah ...
That little baby, lives with four of his brothers, a Khameshm, lives with his family, though he suffered from emotional isolation. A middle-class family, not Aotha livelihood Rgda Like many families, in a modest house construction, furniture, family did not know of only entertainment television, most of the time I spend with him isolated, lonely. Othin time preoccupation brothers Fanfrd done with wrestling and cartoons.
I dreamed of what I hear from my colleagues who are both talking about the special room, and enjoy its tenderness of their brothers and their families in exchange for what Onqm myself from dealing beatings for trivial reasons, and without it.
As well as the humiliation of my older brother not to mention my father ...
I did not know sin, why did not I think of drought feelings, and lack of compassion by mom and dad and my brothers with neglect, and preoccupation with each one of them himself. Perhaps that was the reason.
Abu Ali has not come one day visit to the school Perhaps it gives me a lot of confidence, security and pride in myself. The anguish deepened when I find one I have parents with the school counselor did not cut the hope of the coming of the day when I see my father to visit the school. But I feel that my father between him and this act is a great distance.
It gives so much attention to me who does not feel Bgiaba of school and did not pay attention to him so much.
Even my mom were not to have the courage to express my days for her love and interest in me. I feel like I derive twice of weakness, perhaps afraid of the emergence of interest in me in front of my father, I has a sludge, disillusioned, late for my cousins knew no reason.
On the cup fell out of my hand next to him got a premium of severe beatings, and when his people mom to shame, and her voice faint and stood between me and him Venalha of some kind Nalna and returned pile of reprimand and insult, then the situation ended with some words of ignorance and stupidity and backwardness. Were negative messages stabs touched my heart and my feelings. I could not wipe effect with prolonged years.
What Osabh of feeling that Hoieih child an orphan living in the lap of mother or father abandoned busy.
House helped me to no school. However not to repeat the charge Eligibility for success, and will not succeed, I will not be like my colleagues Ftersch deep down hateful feeling of inferiority and weakness became a school undesirable.

And corner mental and squat on this ball, I no longer like to classrooms with little absorption and Alastaadada study.
Comment the news of my mind sedimentary grade II, and a tear in the eye of crystal clear mom, patting my shoulder after the violence and reprimand from my father and my brothers Lamaze. At the time which was lost in the TV and play games and cartoon, which has become in their conviction reason alone not to my knowledge of what they call (skills). I did not find a strong pillar accommodated him, ............
New morning, a new, including loads of new .anh my father .. Today the school with the student advisor after the call to study my case, I have brought to the office, and sat my father, and it seems to transcendence that touches everyone at home, and the fear that Nharabh when its existence, has forgotten that Barvani so as not to bring the dialogue, and I will not forget them realize what depths Alhawwarbinhma and explicitly what will turn the discussion is yours.
My father started what I attribute it to the TV, and horror movies, wrestling, and drape Leader mention characterization of negligence, and numbing, and the lack of attention, poor academic awareness.
Take care of aggressiveness with my colleagues, and the loss of the organization, and the lack of participation, and accused me of violence.
Then he stopped Leader advised Abu therapeutic suggestions. And the beginning of the workshop, which should be joining them should be the psychological adjustment.
I still remember a leader taunts dad to beatings and threats, and what comes out of tribal violence is a natural consequence of what not to his treatment and cruelty at home, and that the result of the continuation of this transaction is my loss in the end,
And that this phase of the building is not demolished. Then beat him sweeping stream of questions I think she raised Hfazth, and awakened from its slumber:
Is your son gets the incentives and encouragement to the appropriate stage age? Do you hear the complaint, and recognize their needs? What if the expected result took him by car and opened the way for him to tell you what they feel as they are colleagues,
Features changed the face of my father, I saw satisfaction on his face, and the back of acceptance that I had never seen before. Fulsome in his guide of what advice did not anticipate:
Pedrosh attention and duties,, renewed confidence between you and him, but not a smile messenger to him, close to him and proximity to you. Participate in speech and debate, reinforced the positive aspects of his skills and talents. And overlooked a little bit about its disadvantages. Let the target behavior modification. Put goals within a reconciliation and justice between him and his brothers, and the gift of praise and justice for all.

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