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Good day

Good day

Give yourself a perfect and wonderful complexion with Clinique: 

New product Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + of Clinique big plus in the world of beauty. Composition working to strengthen the natural moisturize the skin barrier by 54 percent, skin becomes more able to keep بالترطيب making it smoother and more dynamic, flexible and earned brightest wonderful. 

With the steady changes in the world had to be creating a new formula that fit with, فأضيف composite strengthening the innovative and intelligent moisturizing been working on to continue throughout the day. Keep this product features that have long knew Kalqguam and soft texture and skin absorption speed. 

To get the best result: 

Apply twice a day on the skin of the face and neck and, where needed. 
Must be used after cleaning soap facial Facial Soap and Lotion Clarifying Lotion peels 

Accessories for the autumn and winter ... Elegant blues: 

The warmth of a woman Celine collection of color encounters excluded, gray, beige, navy and black. As if these colors reflect the sun and تواريها behind the clouds. Tlaobei this proposal chromatography irradiated and dark at the same time. 

Australian actress Cate Blanchett: fragrance is the image of women in the memory ... 

Woman's success was exceptional in the world of cinema today, more dedicated, and chose another spread of language. Aromatic. With a choice of heroine Elizabeth: The Golden Age and face-to-SÌ fragrance from the Italian house Armani, not limited التدثر the sense of smell but senses of hearing and sight. I screamed and cried and laughed, announced that Australian actress Cate Blanchett in Italian with confidence: «Yes to power. Yes to dream. Yes to freedom. Yes to love. Yes for myself. 

In 2013, that golden age ... 

- What is that smell awaken feelings? 
I love smells strong impact that contain a whiff Hebr Chypre and wood. Hold me to the past odors, the smell of the sea and salt under the sun in Sydney and summer. I love change, in my house a lot of candles and scented oils that affect mood. It also attracts me the smell of cooking, especially garlic. I would like to proceed all the doors of my house in the morning and inhaling the beautiful scents that are not limited to the fragrance which Otdther only. 

- How would you describe your relationship with Italian designer Giorgio Armani? 
Love Bzlath and ارتديتها from the beginning of my career as an actress and I linked to it aesthetically pleasing. Is an icon in the world of design and love masculine Qsath. I have known for a long time, for as long as I attended performances and صافحته in the scenes. I love the terrible accuracy in the details. His designs is a specific time-bound and upscale Oqmsth, look for eye-catching, while Pair. 

- What is the most beautiful compliment could Taatlekaya? 
Moment give the perfect gift to another, and look at his face. But I would like to say that I definitely nice woman. 

- When you feel beautiful and confident woman? 
Now and in this moment. 

- Do you updated the best fragrance for a woman's personality, or the birth of new praised? 
Gemayel in intimate fragrance that impact not miss while away the rights, so I remember my grandmother and my mother. Is the anniversary of a person. This is like a fragrance imposes on other specific method to remind you. Perfume is the image of women in the memory and personality. Is the decision back to the woman and her style to express themselves. 

- I have an additional question .. 
What should I wear? Armani! (Laugh). 

- What was the most beautiful moment in the filming of the tape advertising perfume SÌ? 
The scene where I performed the role of the Clown because it was not within the scenario. I had to look beautiful and very perfect and I embody the fragrance, this idea is not on the table, but Mr. Armani loved them later. 

5 details about Cate Blanchett: 

Oscar won best supporting actress for her role in Martin Scorsese's film, the Aviator in 2004, which embodied the role of Katharine Hepburn. 
Formed a scintillating bilaterally with actor Brad Pitt, in the films Babel, who portrayed some see in the Moroccan desert, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ... 
Is the director of «the Sydney Film Festival and the wife of Australian screenwriter Andrew Upton and they have three children, she founded her family away from the limelight. 
Is the heroine of director Woody Allen in the movie Blue Jasmine Finally. They also shared the championship with American actor George Chloe in the movie The Monuments men expected to be displayed in the coming months. 
Evil is the wife of the father in the final version of the Disney movie Cinderella who has not yet filmed. 

Perfume maker Christine Nagel: «can wear what is the fashion parades can not be Ntdther perfume because it is a newly released only» 

Half Swiss and half Italian, is the perfume maker Christine Nagel who earned several prestigious awards for its innovations aromatic women. Her memories and dreams led to a lovely present full of emotion. They do not extract fragrances from all materials. زهرتها favorite Rose «Pierre de Ronsar,», brought lightness Rosary in the side of the perfume SÌ for null duplication between mystery and transparency ... 

- Is not the first time that your name is associated with the perfume house Armani? 
No, I had the opportunity to cooperate in groups Privé Armani, I was Ambre Soie and Figuier Eden which I consider one of my adventures with the house. Always dreamed of creating for Armani perfume since I entered the world of perfumes I especially of Italian descent. And now realize this dream for the third time with SÌ. 

- What is first perfume Tdthert do in your life and the first Perfume عشقته of Armani? 
Perfume is no one knows, Havoc of Mary Quant. From the House Armani I am ÚÇÔŢĺ ​​to the fragrance Acqua di Gioia for as long as Tatrt. I love the Italian mood strongly present in the components of Armani perfume. 

- How would you describe the woman perfume SÌ? 
Armani woman gathered bilateral femininity and masculinity ranging from completely smooth and force Cal 'Schipper' which contained perfume Si. I consider that the nectar is a touch currant tyranny in perfume, Armani completely as a woman that has a personality and a strong identity. 

- You are known for modifying the state of matter. What about the combination SÌ? 
In the world of the magical perfume, article is Kalvestan the befitting women with more time, when it becomes more in tune with their body composition. The raw material processing so on. I love tame wood which is considered masculine stiff material, Oaaljh until it becomes soft and liquid as I like wild flowers and processing change its facets. 

- What is the difference between a woman represented by Armani perfume Ambre Soie and those that know about perfume SÌ? 
I do not find that there is a difference, but the common points between the two women, is the perception of this woman. When أتحسس one Attran I feel like I'm touch certain Fabrics, a composition very prominent figure. There are many years between issuing Attran, S c perfume embodies the signature, which represents aromatic Mr. Armani and discretion of the day, it is more daring than Ambre Soie. 

- How're midwife perfume the attraction? 
Can not determine what attracts the nose and sense of smell. That Taatdther women touches her skin perfume this intimate detail. May Isawr any woman Altatr intriguing new versions. But in fact, you can wear a dress Vases to that of fashion parades can not be Ntdther perfume because it was released only recently. Harmonious fragrance with a woman's personality is the most beautiful and attractive. 

- What is the optimal method التدثر scent SÌ? 
This detail related to the character of women, if they are shy or bold aromatic want to send a message. Fragrance is a beautiful personal freedom for women, there is no law for تدثر. 

- What I felt when I watched the tape of perfume advertising SÌ (directed by Anne Fontaine) for the first time? 
I was very happy, especially the female element is overwhelming in the creation of this fragrance. The film is a jewelry box that reservation ornaments. I said to Cate Blanchett I was when I learned that it will be face fragrance rejoiced more. They summarize woman actually SÌ. 

- This morning I asked Kate: Do you updated the best fragrance for a woman's personality, or the birth of new praised? 
The two together. May تتعطر women in search of accessories for additional overlooking, while other Taatdther the scent expressed. However, do not leave the same fragrance the same effect on the two women. 

- What was the stage Alomta through creation of this fragrance? 
When he said Mr. Armani SÌ to the final composition of the fragrance. 

- If this fragrance will describe the sensations ... 
Fragrance changed with the passage of time, but التدثر b SÌ the thrill especially as cashmere cover to protect me. For me, the fragrance is linked to gender-specific or particular season or a certain age or a certain time of the day ... 

- If you're not Perfume Maker ... 
Generator (midwife). 

- Aromatic anniversary of childhood ... 
A perfume still remember well from childhood, powder Borotalco Italian which was تنثرها my mother my brother's skin after changing his nappy. My little brother today works in the field of perfumes and while circulating the press this anniversary Amazha the friends made fun of him. 

- If the this fragrance song ... 
Song for the jazz musician Miles Davis, perhaps, or a song voice attractive Italian woman ... 

Perfume SÌ of Armani 

«Represents the perfume SÌ my vision for the modern symbol of femininity, an irresistible combination of beauty and strength and independence so Giorgio Armani describes the aromatic recent version devised by his home. Impress a woman Giorgio Armani fragrance soft and mysterious, which raises the passion and stir emotions. When moving, leave the impression forces you to think about. Nothing unusual for a woman perfume SÌ, commitment and sometimes frivolous tendencies, strength and smoothness. Confirms the excellence of her character through the elimination of duplication between the darkness and transparency. Shaped perfume bottle between gloomy black density and transparency of roses. Draws attention Banhanaeadtha and the surrounds the base of cover Toukan Zhbaan the. 

Aromatic rhythms: 
• black currant nectar. 
• Schipper mix modern Chypre Otari. 
• XBMC Wood of the Orient. 
Riches fragrance features two types of types vanilla الفواحة and stunts, animal and Berri captivating. With enhance the strength Alvrizia the fragrant roses, mixed with elegantly to highlight the soft touch of patchouli, amber wood enriches the warmth and fragrance granted exceptional Alnahumich. 

Karen Khoury, the First Vice-Chairman of the Department of fragrance development worldwide group has Estée Lauder Companies: 

Group inspired by the rich heritage and culture of the Middle East and the infinite treasures. These elements led us to create an elegant perfume is complex, full of memories of artifacts ... A rich blend made from the most scarce materials and sang, inspired by the sumptuous colors and compositions for the Middle East and ancient art in the creation of perfumes. 

Why invent perfume specially for the consumer in the Middle East? 
Middle East aromatic rich culture and unique for this part of the world. This rich heritage is fully compatible with the concept of private Estee Lauder on heritage in terms of luxury and luxury and rich art of the perfume industry, and for that we are exceptional and communication channel with this consumer friendly. We have worked a long time and we used resources of many in the research, studies and partnerships with local counterparts to understand completely and then secure everything looks to be found consumer in the Middle East in the fragrance in terms of luxury and luxury ingredients rare and precious, and drafting techniques literal make her employer's dive into the experience olfactory luxury. 

What is the relationship between the perfume Wood Mystique and Amber Mystique? 
Both Attran in a Mystique collection was inspired by culture, tradition and artistic riches of the Middle East, the regional legacy, olfactory painting Deals and the desire to get the most essential ingredients and in the world of luxury perfume industry. Wood Mystique and perfume Amber Mystique رائعان and غنيان materials were Tercibama of the most iconic attracted and attached to the consumer in the Middle East, which is one of the discerning connoisseurs of luxury perfume in the world. 

Does the bottle design symbolizes something specific? 
For perfume Wood Mystique gold and black color are key elements in the Middle East, so that symbolize luxury and opulence and luxury. It was very important to include these two colors in packaging design to give a touch of luxury and richness of this fragrance and attract local consumers. 

As for the perfume Amber Mystique, the colors of amber on the bottle reflects the sense of the exceptional character of amber perfume, while indicating an explosive Estée Lauder golden elegant luxury quality and rich content. Elegant to attract the consumer in the Middle East who would like to do with luxuriant words perfume, perfume bottle Amber Mystique luxury and luxury reach ambiguity and richness as well as warm Eastern Nfhatha. 

Middle fragrant in MYSTIQUE group of Estée Lauder: 

It is the perfect size easy to carry in your handbag or when traveling. 

Wood Mystique and Amber Mystique Fragrances designed for women and men alike are inspired by the culture of the Middle East Perfume. Is an expression of luxury high. Perfume vibrant, strong and distinctive, giving a strong presence and leave Atraa impact remains stuck as an expression "cryptic continues" between quality and good taste. Designed this rich and fascinating group of rare raw materials and precious, and sumptuous colors and rich formulations. 

Estée Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer in midnight metal: 

Bouquet of elite lotions and perfumes our weekly service beauty and give a touch especially on Atalaltk. 

Beauty Tips for 10/10: 

1 - How to use tanning cream 

Remember the principle that at least the best. Put a thin first layer of tanning cream, then gradually Zaidi thickness. 
Moist skin moisturizing cream and then my own color foundation cream, and sprinkle with a little translucent powder on each face. Use a tanning cream gloss-free, to be more دكنة one degree of the color of your skin. أبسطي tanning cream on your face with the help of a medium-sized brush, then ربتي and your face بمحرمة, ابسطي powder as far as hair, under the blades cheeks, and on the tip of the chin. 

- أبسطي then tanning cream enamel in المشمشي or pink, a condition not to be glistening. أبسطي tanning lotion on Tfahta cheeks by thick brush. Passed after the brush above the nose and temples. 
- A final step is optional, but very useful. For a dewy appearance and slightly damp, use the broad side of a sponge cream base and ابسطي of tanning cream on the temples and under the blades cheeks. أبسطي one light layer of this cream to keep the heroine natural. 
Tanning creams Try: 

Guerlain Terracotta Sunless 
Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Luminous Liquid Bronzer 
Bobbi Brown All Over Bronzing Gel SPF15 

2 - Tips to treat sunspots 

You can not blame the summer break one if your skin is filled with colorful spots ugly appearance. Those spots appear as a result of chronic daily exposure to sunlight. Can be mitigated at home or in a doctor's office, with the need to use solar eyebrow every day. 

- Home Remedies: If the colored spots on your skin soft and more دكنة four degrees of the color of your skin, you can manipulate in the house. Use a formula based on peeling glycolic acid-based detergent or salicylic acid. Then, أبسطي the serum that contains the component bleach, such as hydroquinone, or vitamin C, or soy extract, or licorice. During the day, covering the sun spots بحاجب the heavy. At night, use a whitening treatment in conjunction with spots Night Cream contains the retinol. 
- Treatments skin doctor: If the sunspots is too dark, or protruding, or uneven appearance, see your dermatologist. They are likely to require bleach or components for laser or retinoid. 
Lotions treatment of solar spots: 

Chanel Le Blanc Whitening Concentrate Continuous Action TXC 
La Mer The Whitening Essence Intense 

3 - pegged hair neat 

What distinguishes the perfect hair braid hair braid scattered and random is the location of the strand. 

- Use a rubber ligament provider Pklaben a hair on both sides. Thbta the first dogs in the infrastructure and then cue for in Rabat on rubber belts to install them well in their place. You should note that this bond rubber better than regular Rabat because it proves strand tightly and keep it in place for long hours. 
- To raise a little hair on the scalp and make it seem more filling, sprinkle with a little amplification hair spray on the roots, and then face them from the air stream by electric dried. Comb your hair back with your fingers without the use of any brush. 
- Make the braid the hair starts directly below the top of the head because it raises the outlook to the top and make a bony cheeks seem clearer and more beautiful. For in Rabat rubber belts around, then Aksma hair into two upper and lower and Chedi sections in opposite directions. You'll notice the time that the roots of your hair rose slightly at the top of the head. 
- Never a problem if there were some bumps or ribs in the hair stretched to the back. This makes the hairstyle look spontaneous and younger. But do not claim shaggy appearance drown out your hair. Saatri shaggy appearance using a little cream and layering fine comb. Do not use the brush never because it increases the gravity of the shaggy appearance. 

4 - Tips for body exfoliation 

- To get rid of dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin and help the penetration of decent humidifier components in the depths of the skin, a private-enter you brush body before entering the shower. There are thick brushes and harsh effectively peel off the skin, and there are soft brushes suitable for sensitive skin. I passed the brush over your feet up to the top, with a focus on the ankles, elbows and knees. 
- After the completion of peeling skin body brushing, my face stream of cold water on your body. This stimulates circulation and softens the skin. 
- Turn off the water faucet and later Rub your body peeling بمستحضر. If your skin is dry or sensitive, try composition containing small soft pellets instead of coarse-grained. If you have normal skin, try composition containing fruit acids to dissolve dead cells accumulated on the surface. In all cases, Get Started, always from the bottom of the body up to the top. Analysis lightness in the chest area because the skin is very thin. Do not forget aboard hands. 
- After rinsing the skin water, ربتي the body with a soft towel, then massage the skin with oil or moisturizing cream that contains the anti-inflammatory components, such as a summary of roses. 

Chanel Body Excellence Revitalizing Smoothing Scrub 
Clarins Eau Dynamisante group 
Dior J'Adore Dry Silky Body Oil 

5 - to feet Naamtin the 

You can get feet Naamtin the silk in the event of the use of appropriate technologies and lotions. 

- Use a cooler feet to get rid of the dead and cruel crust accumulated on the surface of the feet and get soft skin. You can choose contains the coolant molecules Crystal compressed, coarse or metal radiator surface. But do not use very coarse radiator because it could harm skin and Egerhaa. 
- Preferably cold feet when the skin is moist, dry skin because the radiator attached better. When the skin is dry, you can see the areas to be clearly its response, with all the water makes the skin look smooth and dewy and uniform appearance. In the event of a severe screws or cracks in the feet, not Nbarda feet two Mpellten. Kinesthetic radiator from the outer edge of the sole of the foot toward the center. If adopted the opposite direction, the edge of the foot becomes more roughness. Try cold feet once every week. 
- Avoid thick moisturizing creams because they leave behind a layer of moist may help the penetration of bacteria and infections. Choose creams that are absorbed by the skin quickly. 
- In the event of rough specific areas of the feet, you can use salicylic acid to soften those areas. But if you do not improve the coarse space and cracked after a few days, there may be a fungal infection requires medically generous. 

6 - Easy Tips to hide the flaws 

- There is no doubt that the magic tanning lotion to hide defects in the skin, but not تكثري it on your body in order to avoid staining your clothes. 
- Hydration is very important. Moist skin well because cellulite and stretch marks and veins all seem worse off when it is dry skin. 
- Avoid shimmering glossy appearance. It is true that tanning cream is useful to hide the flaws in the skin, but the structure is not appropriate those defects may make more prominent and ugliness. Since stretch marks and cellulite, veins and scars generally tend to gloss, you use suntan lotion makes the skin pale and shiny. Spray tanning may be the best ever because you can control the quantity to be expands and the area to be covered. 
- Use make-up to cover or disguise flaws or oblique to the dark blue color. Try thick circles visor that provides complete coverage. Akhtarih open degree is one of the color of your skin. ربتي lotion on dark space in Alredh or intravenously, then ابسطي article tip of the finger or a brush. Sprinkle a little later tan powder (if your skin is brown) or translucent powder (if you have light skin). 

Give your skin freshness that you deserve: 

You need to peel skin and renewal twice a week, but if they are too sensitive. Valtqhir cleans the skin deeply, and save her from impurities and the accumulation of dead cells on the surface, and helps to renew seems fresh and radiant, as they benefit most from care creams that we place on them. If you suffer from the loss of vital and wilting features you can use lotions cellular renewal that comes in the form of gel Gel peeling skin automatically ie without massage. 

Tip: Choose a cream peeled small spherical granules provider, and massage the skin graceful circular movements from the center of the forehead direction temples, through Baluzhntin of the Valonf top of the mouth and chin and neck. 

استعيدي skin shine through 8 days: 

Like to supple and radiant skin, full and wrinkle-free, with facial features comfortable as if you have just returned from a wonderful vacation. This is possible if you follow our advice to ensure refer you in just 8 days. 

Day 1 
Use a decent BB is capable of uniting and moisturizing your skin color and protection. In short, decent BB can do everything at once. Eat supplements that also serves as an internal magic wand, so that moisten the skin with hyaluronic acid. 
It also fights free radicals, anti-oxidants, such as zinc or chicory. Some supplements also contain green tea and Mate so stimulate the elimination of toxins, or red algae enhanced the appearance of the skin bright. 
Supposed to feel an improvement in the appearance of the skin after the first week, that actually changed the skin after three months. It is important to note that dietary supplements would be beneficial if food is not balanced. 
So, eat healthy food, free of excess sugar and fat, and that contains a lot of fruit and vegetables. 
Try: Dior Hydra life BB Creme, Hydratant Sublimateur Beaute Immediate SPF30-PA + + + 

Day 2 
Treat your skin with a mask of white clay and not green. This type of clay better adapts to all skin types, even dry and sensitive. 
As the clay is rich with silica material (sand, flint), it is ideal to get rid of toxins. Can be found in pharmacies and organic food stores. 
To prepare the clay mask, mix 4 tablespoons of clay powder with 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil for a coherent and homogeneous paste. 
أبسطي this paste in the form of a thick layer on the face, and leave for about 20 minutes before rinsing. You can also extend the mask for only a brief period (while brushing your teeth, for example). Every morning, use a new mask. This would smooth skin peeling, seven days a week. 
To be able to establish a homogeneous layer on each face, and access to all the corners, such as bridges nose, use a small brush. You can use a cream foundation brush. 

Day 3 
Thick season ended formulations in skin care. Replace very rich day cream his latest composition of the light. Choose a combination water-rich liquid gels. If your skin absorbed quickly, does that mean they are thirsty a lot. 
Do not hesitate then to double the dose and the extension of a second layer of care lotion. You can if you want the extension of a second layer just above the dry areas, such as the cheeks and nose bridges ... If you continue to feel tension in your skin, you can enrich the liquid drop of oil dry your face. 
The same principle applies to remove make-up products. 

Day 4 
Treat your face skin bath Steam Sauna similar. Pour boiling water into the bowl. Add to it a few drops of essential oil with antiseptic characteristics (such as rosemary oil). You can also use your electric sauna. 
Put your face directly above the vessel, under a towel, in order to spread the heat well into the skin. 
Wait 15 minutes to accommodate the pores, then peeling باشري face to purify and revitalize the skin. But it must be quickly peels. One minute is enough, with a very small amount of lotion peeling. Massage the lotion on the skin adoption of circular motions. 
It is advisable repeat the process two or three times a week, instead of resorting to harsh peels once a week. And, when necessary, mix the product with a little peeling gel cleanser to make the composition more smoothness. 
Try: Chanel Precision Gommage Microperle Eclat, Gel Exfoliant Sublimateur Maximum Radiance 

Day 5 
To detect skin is full when waking from sleep, Treat your skin evening before going to bed. أبسطي mask absorbed by skin moisturizer throughout the night hours. 
Choose a composition rich moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid or vegetable extracts that prevent dry skin and increase the amount of water in them. 
أبسطي mask on every face, then gently Dlkih to help the ingredients penetrate. You can if you want to leave the mask for 20 minutes under a piece of gauze before going to sleep. Thus, the skin absorbs the largest amount of product. Do not forget the area around the eyes. 
Use special care lotion in this area, and also put it on the perimeter of the lips for a full mouth when waking from sleep. 
Try: "Clarins Masque Creme" Anti-Soif 

Day 6 
Upon waking from sleep, Discard mask deposits night through carefully rinse your face. Belli curtain Qtunaitin with plain water or thermal water or rose water. 
Put all the cotton ball in hand, and wipe your face gently. Re ball to become a clean cotton ball when passed on the face. أبسطي after product, التونيك your every face, as does the man with aftershave lotion. Choose التونيك botanical ingredients that help to purify the skin. 
Try: Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Toning Lotion 

Day 7 
It is a day and nothing else serum but serum. In the morning, remove the makeup from your face wet with small towel. In summer, you can cool towel before expands on the face to provide a sense of freshness. 
In winter, you can be heated to a sense of warmth. أبسطي on wet towel drops of essential oil to your favorite then Repettaha the facial skin to clean well. 
Belli towel after another with very cold water and re ball. أبسطي after the serum is able to moisturize the skin and give it sunshine and filled appearance. Do not use day cream this day do not put your make-up. It is a day just is not serum. 
In the evening to get rid of dirt, Aatmda the movements in the form of discharge pressure from the inside to the outside face. 
Try: Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale The Cure 

Day 8 
Soak bags of green tea in boiling water and then my tea for two hours in the refrigerator. Use this tea to massage the face and neck. باشري light to impose pressure on the face. 
Like green tea and cold to remove toxins from the skin and help to stimulate blood circulation microspheres. 
After that, the pressure on the skin around the eyes. Get Started from the top of the brow, down under the arch, and pressure by the thumb to stimulate the lacrimal glands and smoothed red eyes and stimulate drainage. Aatmda the same thing with the outer edge of the eyebrow. 
Click the tip of the finger along the veins of the face: on both sides of the chin, and nose bridges, upwards towards the eyebrows and then forehead. 

It should be noted that green tea also helps to suntan. Soak green tea in boiling water for at least ten minutes, then leave it rest for 24 hours. أبسطي after this infusion on your skin with the help of cotton ball and let dry before the extension of Quran. 

A smart plan for the modern bride: 

The closer the date of the wedding party feel the next to marry young anxiety and tension, especially during the period of preparations, which will reflect negatively on their health and therefore Take the features of her face. For this reason, you need to plan smart bride to help them prioritize to prepare themselves for the big day without worry. 

Two months before the wedding date 

Consult a beautician 
Beautician is the person who recruited his vast experience to highlight the beauty of the best tools and techniques, and helps you to strengthen your self-confidence. For this reason, you should consult an expert you trust Beauty her and Tertahin to her style. 

Visit a skin doctor 
This period is ideal to visit a skin doctor, especially if you have uneven skin color because dark Ancharbaka and pimples, or if the Sahntk is lacking glow. Remember that skin doctor is the only one who can find the ideal treatment for various skin problems. But this does not mean that you're capable visit the beauty salon to take care of routine your skin كتنظيف the skin by removing blackheads, and peeling face with a special cream removes dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin, and put a mask that fits the needs of your skin. 

Cosmetic tattoos 
If you would like to correct specific features in your face through cosmetic tattooing, we advise you choose an expert skilled Beauty check you results Taatmninha the normal manner. 

Healthy body care 
· Do not Taatbaa the diet hard to get rid of excess pounds because that strain the health and adversely affect the freshness of your skin, but consult a specialist to develop a program feeding healthy diet helps you lose weight gradually. 
· Exercise to hone your body and maintain your vitality. 
· If you suffer psychological pressure because of the preparations, Marcy yoga or try to participatory dance classes because it helps you get rid of stress and puts you in a good mood. 
· Khchi the body of toxins that Tnhech through massages help to stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce the appearance of cellulite. 
· This period is also ideal for the final disposal of excess lint via the latest technology available in specialized beauty centers. 
· Do not overdo it in the sun exposure before the wedding date, and try to acquire attractive tan color gradually without Thrgi to the skin. It is very important, Do that use cream, sun protection, especially on your face because Albroon'zaj the amounts which do not appear attractive in the wedding pictures, it is better to be a shining face of the bride and bright. 
· Do not تهملي the home care, but Treat yourself to use moisturizing lotions and restored and Alsaqlh to enjoy the velvet skin texture. Do not forget the importance of using مقشرات body twice a week during the shower. 

Guerlain Terracotta Sun Scrub 
La Mer The Body Refiner 
Beauty crown 
Choose a renowned salon decorating, and let experts decking professionals care about your hair. The people of experience know any techniques and stating your hair treatments, Termmh, and give it a healthy luster. Remember to cut hair affected parties remains a priority for the enjoyment of healthy hair. 
After treatment of the scalp and hair care, consult an expert on hair coloring color that highlights the beauty if you would like to change the color of your hair to renew Atalaltk. 
Not Ottaghda hair during the period that precedes the wedding date: Avoid using a hair dryer, iron creasing and straightening, and hair raising hairstyles and intensity, and of Highlight الهايلايت techniques. 
_khassa The run-up to the wedding date to the attention of the health of the hair, and provide the necessary protection of all external aggression that adversely affect the appearance of health. 
Choose carefully Haircare. 

Pantene Pro-V Milky Damage Repair Oil Replacement 
Kérastase Elixir K Ultime Oleo-Complexe Sublime Cleansing Oil Shampoo 
L'Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Shampoo 
Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Cream Bath 
Wella System Professional Power Mask 
A month before the wedding date 

- Try to relax ... Visit a spa about from time to time, and Enjoy a Turkish bath or Moroccan. إسبحي, try the sauna, or submit thyself a massage Takhtarenha the list of services provided by the resort. 
- At home, and Azba to use skin care creams and hair, and do not forget use peeled Quran which renews skin cells once a week, and Atbaah put a mask that fits the needs of your skin. 
Of care creams, try: 

Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Age-Renewal Crème 
Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Milky Lotion 
Olay Total Effects X 7 day Moisturiser 
Of Almakecrat and masks, try: 

Chanel Precision Sublimage Essential Regenerating Mask 
Clinique Skin Calming Moisturizing Mask 
M.A.C Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator 
Bioderma Sebium Masque 
 - The use of vaccines rich in vitamins, minerals and elements enhanced brightness is very necessary to promote the benefits of care creams, also applies to creams eyes, especially if you suffer from fatigue and lack of sleep, do not hesitate to use masks that illuminate the look and ease the congestion of the eyelids. 

Sera, try: 

Institut Esthederm Intensif Hyaluronic Serum 
Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum Light 
Eye Care, try: 

Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Crème 
Clinique Even Better Eyes 
Givenchy Le Soin Noir for Eyes 

Two weeks ago 

Avoid everything that can cause your skin to feel and احمرارها especially hair removal techniques of all kinds. 

A week ago 

- A recent experiment conducted on the makeup and hairstyle the decking salon or of cares Batalaltk. 
Visit a beautician to prepare your skin by deep cleaning process followed by an enhanced mask of sunshine. And invited beauty specialist coordinate your eyebrows in the form that suits your facial features. 
- Parties تهملي not your body, but try a paraffin wax mask to nourish the skin, hands and feet and إكسابها flexibility and softness. Do not forget, do moisten the skin of your hands and your feet daily by lotions allocated to them. 

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream 
Guerlain Super Aqua Hands 
Lancome Nutrix Royal 
Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream 

One day before 

- Aqsidi Salon Cosmetic trimming toenails hands and feet, and put nail polish. 
To decorate your nails, choose colors Neutral Kalabad, pink, beige, and purple. 

Chanel Le Vernis in Starlet no.575 
Dior Vernis in Princess no.553 
Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Insatiable 
Givenchy Le Vernis no.02 
There is nothing wrong by giving the touch of lace or a painting on a small fingernails, or decorated with small beads glamorous. 

- In the evening, add a handful of sea salt or a little aromatic essential oils to the bath water warm, and enjoy a comfortable bath makes you get rid of cramps Vtnamin a carefree night. Try: 

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Body Oil 
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Velvet Body Oil 

Wedding Day 

- Tdthrey Batrk favorite and Glfa body cream scented CMOS has فيستمر effect fragrance long hours. 

Burberry Body Tender Eau De Toilette 
Guerlain Idylle Duet Jasmin-Lilas 
Thierry Mugler Angel Aquachic 
Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Moisturizing Body Milk 
Chanel Fresh Body Cream 
Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Body Creme 
- Relax and think only in the beautiful future that awaits you .. Draw a smile on your lips and remember that you are today the focus of everyone's attention! 

Angamsa in an atmosphere of romance: 

Get the views Special Angamsa in an atmosphere of romance with this wonderful group that we've taken you from lotions to enhance aesthetic attraction. 

Looks optimistic 
Get the views spring بجاذبيتها and femininity by choosing shades for the eyes painted pink give the Atalaltk a remarkable femininity and your mood upbeat and fun to be admired by every around you. 

Dior Palette Cherie Bow Rose Pearl. 
Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs in Attrape Cour. 
Sultry Jmabtan 
Zinni lips to the lips painted red syphilis attractive combination proves long on your lips and not on a cup of coffee to give your smile shining brightly. 

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pure Shine in Pink Diamond. 
Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick in Pink Sugar. 
A refreshing start 
Seek the help of aromatic shower gel in the morning to the launch of a vital and refreshing just starting your day and gives you positive energy Tnharinha around you Ktefhi the infection. 

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Shower Gel. 
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Foaming Shower Gel. 
Sparkling nails 
With the increasing focus on the nail and spread special بتزيينها every fashion season, we recommend that you provide for your nails all the necessary care so that you will be informed with the latest fashion trends in relation to the art of decorating nails and trendy colors. 

Lancôme Vernis in Love Peach Melodie. 
Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Lilac Leather. 
Appointment with flowers 
To boost your confidence more and more, أضربي date daily with flowers and Alinvhat the aromatic choosing attractive fragrance that fits your personality and Yagmurk an aura of glamor and enhances the attraction. 

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire. 
Chanel N ° 5 Eau De Parfum Spray. 
Soft Skin 
Keep your skin softness choosing moisturizing creams for the body to prevent dry تشققها. Choose from these creams are those that come greasy formula is quickly absorbed by the skin Vtmanhaa velvet smoothness immediately. In you're capable also choose complementary body creams for your favorite perfume to double the attraction. 

La Mer The Reparative Body Lotion. 
Chanel Les Exclusifs de Chanel Fresh Body Cream. 
Elie Saab Scented Body Lotion. 
 Discard skin and cracking Talpdha by removing dead cells from the surface and dirt accumulated using the peeling preparations for the body and that will help you in obtaining the skin soft as silk thanks to the composition of rich peeled molecules that fine-tune the body and its vessels is also active. 

Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator. 
Glitter outlook: 

Everything in the outlook that are decorated in shades inspired by precious stones and colors: Amethyst, emerald and gold, turning the perception of a real gem ... 

Colored people: 

Colorful summer ... A variety of shades of mixed colors to no end: yellow, orange, purple, pink or green .... * Create بخيالك! 


This summer! Shades of metal consistent with dyes based on fashion metallic colors ... Crystal white, or blue or golden ... This summer, it must be flashing. 


With views of black and white colors highlight, scarlet red or orange or purple ... Such as porcelain skin and look burdened with shades black Alaaleiner ... An elegant summer either be or not to be ... 

Magnetic MAGNETIC: 

Gold and red and purple ... Motorcycle colors to look attractive and magnetic rouge adorable. 

Oils for body care: 

Use moisturizing oils no longer confusing as before but to Todiba in vials nebulizer became easier to distribute it to the body, and its sophisticated absorbed by the skin form in seconds without leaving any trace greasy stain clothing. Use a moisturizing and scented oils after bathing while your skin is semi-moist to get the best results. 

Moisturizer and nourishing Guerlain Terracotta Huile du Voyageur Nourishing Dry Oil 
Oil moisturizer and nourishing, distinctive in its dry composition and fatty is quickly absorbed by the skin, making the body feel smooth as silk. This scented oil enveloping your body smell Zakia effect lasts for long hours, it also lends luster transparent skin and bronze color highlights, which gained on the beach. 

Care and shine Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Body Oil 
Fragrant oil imparts an attractive sheen on the body. It is distinctive as light and soft as silk. When used feel refreshed and comfortable, it is a real pleasure for the senses, smell is very Zakia It includes extracts of bergamot and mandarin with نفحات of Gardenia and coconut delicacy, amber, sandalwood, vetiver. 

Shaza attractive Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Velvet Body Oil 
Aromatic oil moisturizer, enveloping your body بعبق a perfume Coco Mademoiselle and youth-form, as it moisturizes your skin and give it texture smooth as silk. Apply to wet skin and let dry before wearing clothes automatically. 

Velvet touch Dior J'Adore Dry-Silky Body Oil 
Oil encases the body dry smell of perfume J'Adore appetite, as it gives the skin texture مخمليا thanks to its composition, which includes Peach Oil Moisture and Alelang oil Elang comfortable. 
Use this oil daily after showering and a fascinating Bashmah the fragrant and aesthetic benefits. 

Attractive transparent Burberry Body Body Oil 
Enhanced oil perfumed with natural oils that nourish the skin and deeply Trdobaa. Apply generously on your skin after a shower gel aromatic CMOS him, and Enjoy بعطره elegant and attractive which includes Nfhat perfume Body of Burberry. 

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