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نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪story‬‏

Known folk tale is a literary work is transferred from generation to generation orally and so it changes as a result of the relays and the reason for this change the story from generation to generation and from one individual to another, as a corollary to this permanent oral relays

And the story semi-text constant, meaning that there is a fixed section and another mutant changes according to the narrator, or the times in which they live conditions, may be events placed realistic or fanciful in prose or poetry, to attract the attention of listeners or readers, not usually known as the author of the text of the story, and The story is based on the facts have already occurred and gained some sort of tournament

- Throwing events may be realistic or fanciful and be prose or poetry, which shall attract the attention of listeners and readers.
- The text of the story is ... do not know the author, and are delivered orally.
- The story is based on the facts already occurred and gained some sort of tournament or be fictional.

Elements of the story (the story)

Each story are important elements and not for the existence of what generated the story, and the elements are:

Characters: the key figures continue mentioned throughout the story and have the lion's share of the tale and secondary remember less of the principal elements, and have little time and do not remember the second

Events and ideas are the main and essential significance of the tale, which connects the writer idea from which the reader and listener certainly

Node or the so-called plot: and here the story up to the summit of the peak pulls the reader to complete the story.

Solution: here and reach the writer to dissolve, to explain the goal of the node and explain its significance.

Time and place: there are events in the past tense, present, future. Clarified where space and time through the story type.

The importance of the story (the story)

-gaah Of great importance, which contribute to create a spirit of creativity in children specifically in the early their journeys, also increases the wealth of knowledge in the human mind / and play a big role to provide solutions and ideas necessary when human exposure to a problem, and also play an important role to deliver the idea of ​​the writer to readers in indirect
- Increase the wealth of knowledge to the human mind.
- Contribute and play a big role to provide solutions and ideas if human exposure to any problem.
- One of the important means to deliver a certain idea Atrivh is directly and easily.

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