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Action béchamel dish

Action béchamel dish

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_ Béchamel is wonderful additions used by women in the work Otabagahn delicious, it imparts a savory taste and a beautiful shape, With it you decorate many of the Food Kallaszaka pasta.
_ Easy to prepare and quick béchamel at the same time you do not need effort or time and Mviaderh simple inexpensive.
_ Béchamel prepared when you have to take into account the amounts do not increase his or Tngosai of its components in order not to Tzbba not outfitted with the way that you like density.
Béchamel components
-rba Cup of oil

-ncef Paquette of butter or approximately four tablespoons of them

- Half a cup of flour or about 6 tablespoons of them

-5 Cups of milk
- Teaspoon salt
How to prepare
_ When you prepare the ingredients directly in the work of the béchamel, my first Ingredients quantity you like them
- And then bring in a national first liquid milk from the milk and put it on the fire in the vessel in which you want to prepare the béchamel.

- Add a little butter milk with a little salt and pepper to your liking.

- National Odftiha move amounts to a good bowl with survival on the fire.

- Leave the pot over low heat.

- Then go to bring electric mixer, combine the flour and the quantity that you want to add a national milk or water to it as you have.

- Dress mixing the ingredients well.

_ When you boil the pot which Trkiah on fire, adding a national mixture in a blender and Hrkém him well, until the mixture becomes thick, so be ready Albashimil.

- If you like, you can add mozzarella cheese.

- There are some who Aahoudrn Albashimil adding ground cardamom, garlic, understanding They add a distinctive flavor to Bashamal.
Prepare pasta Balbashimil
- Now We start by explaining how to prepare pasta Balbashimil:

- National Bslq pasta in water and a pinch of salt on the fire for a period not exceeding 15 minutes.

- National Pferm onion finely and put them fluctuate with the oil in the pot, which Ststkhaddminh in the preparation of pasta Balbashimil.

- After Taatzbl Add the onion to the meat chopped tomatoes and chopped finely granulated it, with the addition of two lobes of garlic and tomato paste them.

- National Bthrkém well, though I liked the addition of some vegetables do not mind them, as you can add whatever you like from vegetables like carrots or zucchini or green peas, add the corn that I loved it may taste wonderful with pasta Balbashamal

- My heart all the components on the fire until Taatzbl and leave aside.

- Start now preparing Albahamil: Put the flour with the proper amount of fluid milk in tennis electric Akhltém well, and then add a little butter and that I also liked the cheese, and do not forget pepper, salt, and keep up the Thrkém well until it condenses mix becomes Albahamil ready.

- After I finished the preparation of all the components of pasta Balbashamal, national status boiled noodles in the dish, and then add the above Albahamil so well covered and national Bthrkém well put together with vegetables that I liked or pieces of chicken

- Put a layer of meat after that and then a national to an individual layer and then the remaining pasta Pour Albahamil

- On the face and my cheese, even the Chinese cover a full, then enter a national oven Anytthmr

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