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نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Unemployment‬‏

Unemployment is at the present time of the most serious crises prevalent among many categories and faced by States, as a result of the high rates they had reached in recent
Unemployment and know that they stop functioning or unavailability originally, to someone who has the ability to work and also wants to work, and called several terms in our societies, including the unemployed.
There is a clear and basic conditions must be combined together are launching an unemployed person on, and they are:
- Ability to work.
- Search for a job and did not find it.
Also, unemployed, unemployment, including recent graduates who did not find jobs due to lack of experience they have in addition to those who have left their former any reason whatsoever and did not find a new job

Unemployment is one of the most serious problems and the most important of which cause and threaten the stability of society and undermine its security but we find that the causes of unemployment vary from one community to another community and also vary from one region to another and from one environment to another, there are economic reasons, social and other political and other for each of these negatives affecting the resultant reasons The worsening in the community
Economic and political causes that increase the problem of unemployment
1. proliferation reliance on technology and machinery instead of human prefectures in the process of completion and the completion of work
2. reduced demand on the human element to do some work.
3. The transmission of a number of industries in the country, which has a high capital money to the poor to cheap labor countries.
4. lot of capitalist governments become touts scalable and reduce spending money on investment projects in various fields policies. As a result of these policies decline in the demand for labor.

Social causes that increase the unemployment problem
1. high population growth rates in a very large
2. socialization methods: in terms of the lack of role models in the home and the absence of any incentives to work and proficiency and learning
3. Education and levels: in terms of education affects from one category to another level in the labor market, and that when they do not match the levels of education with the needs of the labor market within the state.
4_ lack of development of the curriculum in all educational institutions
5_ backward glance that does not remain in the perception of women's access to work promised to give them this opportunity.
6_ decline in education levels between groups in society caused by the emergence of unemployment
7_ increase in taxes caused the creation of unemployment.
8_ reluctance of some owners of capital for investment and the work of the many projects in which they can employ large numbers of individuals.
9_ increasing numbers of the population dramatically make the provision of jobs for members of the very difficult process Governments process.
10. fully rely on machinery and modern technology has caused widespread unemployment
Solutions to reduce the unemployment rate
1_ increase in investment and an increase in output for some countries the economy so as to Tofilr many job opportunities for the unemployed and those who suffer from unemployment and disadvantages

2_ work to reduce the wages paid to workers after work to reduce required for project completion costs, and it stimulates the profits to increase, thereby increasing the number of workers.
3_ should the countries that suffer from widespread unemployment work to follow a particular system preserves the rights of learners and non-scientific owners certificates for jobs supplied them some money last them

4_ The government must create a balance with its to curb the spread of unemployment

The concept of unemployment
Unemployment known as the process appears when there is a person in the community is able to work and has a high capacity to do and follow the many many ways and means to search for work and did not give him the opportunity to find work for many reasons, including lack of employment opportunities in the community.
Types of unemployment

Structural unemployment: This type of unemployment resulting from the growth and development of some of the current activities on the economy of the state and chill others, and this affects the quality of the selection skills.

Frictional unemployment: This type of unemployment is caused by the ongoing Tnqat workers between regions and different professions resulting from changes in the national economy.

Natural unemployment: that there be a balance between supply and demand for skills.

Regional unemployment: that deteriorate the economic situation of some existing industries in a given region, but they are available these industries, but in another territory.

Seasonal unemployment: This type affects some economic activities that are seasonal in nature, such as agriculture and Abannaalsaahh.

Unemployment, poverty: where individuals do not have the money to be invested in the work.

Unemployment phenomenon: This means that individuals can not find work commensurate with their qualifications and specialties.

Disguised unemployment: It is back to the poor selection of individuals for jobs do not derive benefit from behind.
Behavioral unemployment
Abstract: With the multitude of causes of unemployment, but they vary from country to country and each country has its own in the face of this ghost Insomniac many ways, and care must be taken to solve this problem quickly so as not to spread the damage resulting from theft, murder and other harmful things.

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