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Your colors are your character

Your colors are your character
Your colors are your character

Studies have shown that an individual's personality can be analyzed and knowledge of the most important characteristics of colors favored by, and so

Green color
Commander Btabek
Not easily disturbed, but you passionate
Like the collection of photos and Albums
You are loving
Peaceful and quiet
A good listener
Everyone is your refuge when they need advice
Hate pollution
Tend to seas and oceans Tabek

Black Color
Loving black color is usually above average
You featuring tastefully
This may reflect the color of depression for some people

Color Orange
The owner of this color is characterized by wisdom
Social fun
Human being organized and enthusiastic
Full of the spirit of innovation and adventure and pride
Ambition Without Borders
Like partying
Play sports
As for food, you are among the first to try out the strangest kinds of food
Do not like to appear in front of others and review
Romantic and warm your heart always
Great trust yourself

Yellow color
A person who prefers this color is thin and quiet-loving yellow color always ambitious love to buy exotic stuff.
Do not like the hassle
Like landscape
You respectable conscious and diverse like arrangement

The violet color and the perfect property and force the person who loves this color is a human being wants a lot of attention and love
If you like beautiful things, but Atjd organization
Usually in Mazlh from others
You are very sensitive
Always need to express yourself through art
You are very innovative person
Always experimenting with new, such as fashion apparel
And is worth noting that the artists and designers Alckillat and fashion photographers choose this color always tend to him.

White Color
People who prefer this color tend to be diverse in their interests
Mahbaa white like simplicity
Always succeed in attracting people to you
You have the ability to get along with friends and adapt to diverse
Usually tend to periods of innocence and childhood

You are a personal and conscious
Loving brown characterized intelligence with respect to the money you fixed person
You're a good buy and a few valuables prices hates impulsivity and questions abound

Pink Color
People who love this color have romantically desperate
Characterized by passion
Wih high intelligence
Usually expressed this color for femininity

Loving pink cantankerous nature and often spoiled

Red color
This is the color of passion
Usually tends loving this color is because of concern
Out of nature

Emphasize the things strongly
Very temperamental
And ambition
Querulous and variable foul.

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