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Drying flowers for their survival as long as possible

Drying flowers for their survival as long as possible

There are several methods for drying flowers including

One-way air of natural drying flowers
The drying flowers using the dry air of the easiest and most prevalent. Drying can be set
Large flowers and leaves of the plants in this way. Disadvantages of this method is the loss of natural flowers to size
And change the color to dark. The perfect place for drying flowers should be cool and dry and well ventilated by
And dark with this does not prevent drying flowers less conditions, but to get good results is preferred
Provide all conditions. Preferably drying flowers and are about to bloom.

2. Methods of drying inside a bowl or vase
Some types of flowers and Kaljbsofelia Aldlvim and lavender can be dried in checked Vase dry and without any effort mentions only the provision of the above-mentioned conditions.

3. Surface drying Lord
Some plants, flowers and leaves Kalpambo Jeras are dried lavender and put them on a horizontal surface is covered with paper newspapers and put flowers on it.

4-drying flowers by glycerol
This method is used to replace the water inside the flower or plant Paljlasrin to maintain the structure for a long time. With the number of flowers that can be dried in this way is very limited, it is best to dry the leaves of plants in this way because the stock remains flexible after drying giving them a sight like normal.

One disadvantage of this method is that it leaves change color from green to dark brown or khaki. Flowers that can be dried in this way Hialhedranaa and Almolusela, the securities that can be dried in this way is Alosped Sitra and eucalyptus and Almagnulaa

Drying roses by glycerol way

In the water for hours before putting it in the glycerin and make sure that the plant is in good condition before saving.
-snaa Mix it: Mekdaran of boiling water and the amount of glycerine and when cooled, put the logs in depth (10 cm)
-thtaj Plant to fill Balglesran of (two to three weeks)
-han Leaves become soft and the color changes, Okhreigna of glycerin.
-andma Leaves begin Balzpol and relax, Alekayaa upside down for a few days to make sure the arrival of glycerin to the top.
-alhfez This way requires you to Tktefi plant and community organization before the fall colors begin to appear withered by

Leaves drying method
Glycerin solution is prepared by adding 50% glycerin and 50% water in a pot large and placed in securities without legs. Leave for 6 days in a cool, dark place and when it becomes dark in color, we wash with water and soap and placed on a weekday paper to dry.

Other ways of chemical drying natural-flowering roses

6. Use of Chemical Dryers

Sand or borax (borax Borax) or generation Silica (Silica Gel) which absorb moisture and keep the plant turquoise and natural form.

Drying Balboriq and alum:

1. There are two articles in the form of powder and Tkhaltan with dry sand silver (Silver sand).

2. before use confuses the amount of 3 parts of a chemical with two parts of sand.

3. Wait ten days before the examination to make sure dry.

4. Before using the mixture again reheated in a low oven.

5. should be ready in two days before use.

The second way: -

Drying using silica gel:

It is of two types: a white and light blue crystals.

1. Break the crystals to half their size to increase their effectiveness.

2. developed (blue), up 1.5 cm in a box with a lid.

3. Place the flowers and leaves and cover with crystals noted placed between the sheets as well.

4. enclosure closed tightly and paste the slot cover with adhesive tape and store it in a cool place.

5. Examine the flowers just two days after, will have dried flowers and the color blue crystals may change to pink.

6. Increase flowers and plants and if you want to use crystals of New Schenha in oven tray and then store it in an airtight box.

7. Zhorbaldguet drying method:
It is one of the most prevalent methods ... where petals or the full roses placed between pages of a book
And leave for up to 4 weeks Aspuaan-

Steps drying clicking:
1. gathering flowers that you want to compress, with newspapers and tissue paper, heavy / book, brick or large stone.
2. First cut cardboard cartons in the book, and then you will use the size of a sheet of newsprint placed
The same size of the book and then tissue is also the same size.
3. flowers placed on the tissue, making sure the flowers do not touch each taking into account
That there is a distance between them or they are at both ends of the tissue.
4. covered with flowers with a tissue and then another and then newspapers cardboard same previous sizes.

5. can repeat the same classes until full completion of the flowers you have.
6. then placed a heavy book and then brick or stone and leave flowers for 2-4 weeks
When you want to dry the compressed Zhoro of best picked or cut in a dry day in the morning
If possible, as soon as the dew dries.
- Try to reap flowers before a full lightened, because some of the flowers bloom and bloom more when dry.

There are special presses keeps the traditional way

8. The method of drying the suspension of flowers
Drying antenna: It exposing flowers warm, dry air to
In a dark place .. or comment roses from her legs upside down
By rope washing but this method helps
Change the color of roses .. so preferably dried first manner in which
The darkness helps to save natural rose color and shape ...
So as not to sway in the direction of the light
Steps to dry roses comment
You must remove the lower leaves of the flower stalk and leg survey
To remove excess water and then connect a group of flowers with each other by a string or rubber plain and form a package
Them so that they are spaced from each other flowers and stems are convergent. After the flowers are suspended on a wire
Or rope upside down any flowers be at the bottom of the leg up and in a room where conditions are available
The above-mentioned

9-drying by moisture:
He put flowers in the bag and close tightly and make sure the air is very withdrawn from the bag ..

Where moisture will be ubiquitous in roses work in drying ...
And placed in a dry place .. preferably be placed inside some powder (talc)
Because it absorbs moisture

10. drying flowers sand Olitic (Oolitic sand)
In drying flowers: is a kind of fine sand texture so
Do not hurt the flowers and does not cause any scratches where .. It is dried and preserved flowers
Securely .. and has a high ability to absorb water and save the color of the flowers
Natural ...
11. drying flowers water ways:

You can put some dry roses in the water and save
And through the development of flower stalks initially in two inches of water ..
Water and allowed to expose all of the flowers for the moisture to save all their properties ..
It must be the container in a dark, dry and mild heat and a suitable place.

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