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People look to the beauty of a woman

People look to the beauty of a woman

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In Japan there are different standards, The Japanese prefer to be women
Soft and thin shape
Net skin and neck
Quiet voice
Two small feet
Gait thin and close-paced
In addition, they are considered a defect if the length is not a feature in women


Cared ancient pharaohs to measure beauty Eye Alkahilh more than others, as discussed for the finest kohl considering that whenever women focused on the beauty of her eyes become more charming and attractive, as they Htamoa much perfume and vapors, as the Pharaohs is the first to use chewing gum to perfume the mouth


What is more favored by the West Longitude, Fterahm care about him very much and consider it as the most important beauty standards followed blond hair, but they were so fascinated with black hair and dark skin net with a slim body and athletic shoulders to petition lips Algleztan Almmtlitan


Some African tribes increase the woman's dowry greater the blackness of her skin, and the reason for this is that it is not only evidence of the beauty, it is a sign of purity of race as well as the Africans do not prefer long hair forever because they are girls shaved completely or as they say at zero until appear more feminine and attractive, this is in addition to the obesity like

Mongolia and Tibet

The tribes of Tibet and Mongolia prefer a very long neck, so you see them put metal rings on the neck of the girl since the Aadtha each year so as to increase the length of the neck and can reach a large number of episodes Jaddaa so that women look Kalzrafah

South Sudan

In some African countries such as South Sudan bother many tribes cracks that they work on the woman's face since she was born to do and protect these cracks are doing well on her stomach and her hands and consider women Almkhmhh is not suitable for marriage are missing woman


Peoples Aloskimua and Indians are more interested in attention to the smell of girls, especially the smell of the mouth, body and hair, so you see the girls are keen on developing oils for aromatic and leaves hair with chewing some plants that perfumed smell of the mouth, as they experience the smell of woman's mouth and her body before her engagement and the matchmaker in that country mission the smell of her marriage to target women


About this beauty recipes for some people, what the Arab beauty ago in ignorance and how to become a beauty look at the Arabs today?
Beautiful woman described old-minute waist woman atrophic abdomen and chest specular color shimmering Elsafah Ktlola mirror is a great abdominal and relaxed and not complain Palace of them not as tall as the Arabs like full of women, the Arab guy tomorrow likes of textures Almmhawk and enjoyed thinness women.

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