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The treatment of diabetes

The treatment of diabetes

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Heads diabetes, who clearly expresses an imbalance in member (pancreas) and secretion of the hormone insulin in Dam- list deployed and accepted illnesses, and spread among large groups of people, and symptoms vary depending on the degree of injury, and the response of the body, and the life system of one person to another, but on the whole, are common and familiar to all infected

Varying degrees of seriousness of the disease, but it is known that uncontrollable as long as have been diagnosed with symptoms sound manner, and early detection and awareness of the patient himself, and the symptoms also appear differently, among younger patients, and from are met from these seniors, and the difference prominent clear with respect to the patient's diseased male and female, differing sex is an important factor for the onset of symptoms and contrast, there are two types of diabetes.
Watercress benefits for diabetics

That eating arugula single package during the three meals evenly so that it is addressed throughout the day with meals reduces slightly the amount of sugar in the blood of diabetics, as it is a limited part of the task of insulin in the blood
Foaúdalhalbh for diabetics

Containing fenugreek seeds Zeta firm and mixed with a drink and gives the nursing to increase the secretion of milk and paint with oil on the skin removes facial wrinkles and work dressing Bmhrus seeds heal skin infections and abscesses, drink boiled seeds laxative and appetizing and heals shortness of breath, itching, asthma, rheumatoid Zaúdhaldodih and astringent for diarrhea and prevents graying head and eat Securities boiled hardener used in boiling fenugreek powder, which operates in a manner tea by a small hanging herb filled with powder and then pour it in a glass cup boiling water immediately, it helps to heal wounds and abscesses diabetics effectively
And have a cup at a rate directly after breakfast and another after dinner immediately because the ring plant laxative small intestine and excessive use leads to diarrhea

Benefits of white beans for diabetics

Eating dried white beans cooked appoint frequently in the treatment of diabetes and reduce the high percentage of sugar in the patient's blood and that, along with other medical treatments, beans and nutritious tonic condition that the cook corn oil, where it is completely free of cholesterol

Foaúdalkhiar, onion and garlic for diabetics
Eaten option with shell by a quarter to half a kilo a large grams per day and excludes small size option
Eating thermos ready-to-eat or ground which is dry with turmeric 1: 1 ratio on the spoon soup taken on large glass of plain water before breakfast daily reduces the percentage of sugar in the urine in the blood and strengthens the liver and resists tumors in the initial stages and resists Hepatitis and strengthens the spleen and pancreas and gut generally

Eating medium onion a day in the morning, especially with breakfast reduces the amount of sugar in the blood of diabetics that process was repeated also with dinner
And onions causes the same effect of insulin in addition to the Light onions lust for food and supplements and aphrodisiacs known body

It is noted that the onions reduces dry mouth and thirst, and thus reduces the drink fluids and therefore the number of times to go to the toilets, especially during the night Winter

The garlic is useful in the prevention of diabetes complications such as poor memory or numbness in limbs of the injured blood vessels damaged sugar, such as the presence of cholesterol that narrows blood vessels and make them and cause a rise in blood pressure

It is noted that garlic Anti strong and effective against cholesterol are generally fat in the blood of diabetics

Foaúdanb, beans and bananas for diabetics
Securities contain glycosides and Tanin Securities and drink boiled tonic and tonic and diuretic and urinary tract antiseptic and helps to cure diabetes

Eat beans or seeds nutritious and tonic structure and prevents constipation as the work of dressing powder seeds dwell knee pain, drink boiled flowers or Menkuaha helps in the treatment of diabetes mellitus

Nadhh eaten fruits of banana Kvakeh sugary and starchy nutritious, bananas and fattened sexual tonic and diuretic and heals urinary tract infection and heals cough, anemia and stop internal bleeding and a laxative and helps to cure diabetes is
Summary sugar herbal remedy
• doubling the diets of three to six meals a day, but with the type of interest and not just quantity.
• When hunger is recommended to take the authorities and the private power with the onions.
• Boil water and olive leaf eating output three times before eating meals.
• taken a small amount of the plant where the bellows are cutting blender and add the water and filtered after drinking a cup a day.
• follow this diet program is useful in the treatment of diabetes:
1. advised to eat apple slices with boiling some papers strawberries and drinking output before breakfast.
2. Eat a cup of water and grated carrots, tomato, onion and rye bread for breakfast.
3 eat meat or fish at lunch.
4. grilled meat intake and the amount of grated carrot dish or bowl of boiled vegetables for dinner.

- Please check with Dr.

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