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Best friends

Best friends

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Women face during her many difficulties, whether at work, or at home, they also encounter situations where you need to standing next to her, whether happy or sad Kalavrah, events, and emergencies. If you have a great girlfriend standing next to you in all your needs of problems and tribulations, you are lucky, but there are some ladies who have the friendly but which do not meet all the things desired, but this Thtgn for more than friendly characterized by qualities characterized by the other and we will remember you in this article five girlfriends Thtajhen every woman in her life.

5 girlfriends need every woman
Old friendly
It started Oguenatk you great beauty, even if you're Makers Orthodontics at night concert, which is that you stay in touch with them over the phone for long hours; you need a friend to be Kalmaden of gold, and it must be you this friendly to remember with the most beautiful moments of adolescence and Sourkma funny, but reminds you Bolkabk embarrassing high school days, and hairstyles ancient poetry, and this friendly is still see the beauty of the world in your eyes.

Girlfriend kept secret
Are friendly, which are found in all the adventures dating back to the First Dates failed, in addition to other disaster situations and embarrassing secrets for girls. This personal best of friends you have, they do not need to talk, but enough to have some Tmaha puzzles signals because they only understand the mean of your movements or the language of your eyes.

Guide your girlfriend or explored
Those that are like the map when you want to go on a trip or somewhere, and through Tsttiein go on a trip, which is responsible for the coordination of all things, a guide to buying clothes, hairdressing, and work; Without it difficult to dispose of anything.

Girlfriend Personal Trainer
That encourages you to do things that have not Tgerbhe before; such as changing your appearance, which always draws you advice, and if they are sure that this is for your benefit that can force you to do so; as wearing high heels on special occasions.

Friendly crazy
This friendly and always make you feel that you are the guest of honor at the position Ttoagdan it. Has a sense of humor and laughter, a stray and is considered a bit, and she loves to dance and adventures, and always be in the first rows of dancing at parties, and she loves the bustle and to ensure, and sanctify friendship, and remove all your worries.

In addition there are many other girlfriends, including:

Friendly refreshing
It is those friendly that make you feel lively and optimism and hope always, and make you more energetic people and interaction with others, and her enormous energies and creativity, and you will learn them all that is new.

Friendly history
It is a witness to all the historical moments, events, weddings, and moments of painful and sad, which is also friendly to help you wake up on time, and working instead of the alarm clock and schedule for you.

Friendly wise
Are friendly that you feel that it has experienced in many things in life, when the occurrence of any problem or dilemma'll find it near you immediately, and you will find you from extending a helping hand, you will feel safe and always by your side to its existence.

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