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Charismatic and happy

Charismatic and happy

Did you know that the attractive personal is personal, which can affect people magically, makes around are attracted to it, as soon as she and her style in the speech which you are using in their effects audio and motor with others, in addition to the interest in and love them and respect for their opinions and beliefs, and most importantly, to listen to others, often they need to reveal their feelings.

نتيجة بحث الصور عن شخصية مرحة

Are you a human being loved among the people?
You can determine from it, because you're the only one who feels your friends when you are with them, it is the way to treat, and their reactions to your actions that issue you can specify. And we are here we will give you a test to know that you're loved or not, through your answer to the questions that had been developed by "Mr. James," a director of the Institute of Human Relations of the American psychologist where he put several questions to enable the individual to determine whether people liked or not, and so the answer the following answers to the questions (always / never / sometimes).
First question: Do you feel happy when you call your friend?
Second question: Are you convinced that love is the most powerful forces of the world?
The third question: Can you forgive easily offend you?
Fourth question: Do you like to deal and play with the children?
Fifth question: Do you feel pleasure and happiness when helping others in their business?
Sixth Question: Do you like the handshake more than kisses and hugs?
Alaal VII: Does the reform of friends among them when disputes arise between them?
Question Eight: Do you turn your friend to you when he is in trouble?
Ninth question: Do you like what you love your friends and hate what they hate?
If your answer is always the test questions, and you've earned five degrees ten for each question, but if you answered all test questions never, and you've earned zero degrees, but if you answered all test questions sometimes, and you've earned five degrees only. After that you can score earned account, if exceeded percent score points may be so loved culminated in the hearts of family and friends and the entire community around you.
If decreased for the percent you must retreat yourself with people around you, and the way you interacted with them and reads your actions and reactions, and your respect for them, it found something you can fix it, do so but if you do not know what, you can read books and written articles that deal with this, because it certainly will help you where people who wrote them have expertise or experience spoken.
As you can discuss and ask people who have these attractive or beloved personal way through their dealings with people, and social intelligence in winning the hearts of their friends and those around them.

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