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How do I know depression

How do I know depression

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Is one of the terms that describe medical conditions or unsatisfactory overcome the feeling of semi-permanent sadness, chest tightness, and the desire to cry. There are many people who get depressed male or female; as it affects females more than males, and the incidence among females 20%, as well as women affects pregnant after birth by 10%, while the male incidence ratio of 12%, and there are almost constant rate According to that 5% to 10% of females and 3% of males infected with the so-called major bout of depression, which is one of the most common mental illnesses, and have experiences and studies have shown that animals such as the monkey, and mouse develop depression.

Symptoms of depression
There are many symptoms that appear on the person of acute depression, including: a sense of semi-continuous severe depression, and tight feeling in the chest, as well as a sense of permanent sadness and desire to cry at any time, and you do not want to speak with other people, and a sense of loneliness and isolation, in addition to the lack of enjoy daily activities such as work, or practice different hobbies and activities, and its symptoms also weakness or loss of sexual desire for both sexes, whether female or male.

In addition to the symptoms that we have mentioned is accompanied by other symptoms of depression suffered by the patient for a period of not less than two weeks, namely:

Feeling great and excessive guilt than to pay the same contempt and loss of confidence.
Inability to think and concentrate in addition to the inability to make decisions
Feeling constantly sick and tired, which paid not to work everyday activities
Feeling insomnia and inability to sleep.
In addition to feeling nervous and slow mental and motor agitation
Chronic headaches, chronic low back pain
Irritable bowel syndrome,
Chest pain
ED in men or women.

The causes of depression
There are many factors that affect the appearance of depression, including genetics, including the factors of membership, such as some organic diseases Kjltat brain, Parkinson's disease, and the laziness of the thyroid gland, and some of the drugs covered by the patient that makes a person feel depressed, in addition to a number of psychological and social factors play a major role the emergence of symptoms of depression, such as loss of someone Habib, and the occurrence of certain economic conditions, and alcohol and spirits, as well as the imbalance in neurotransmitters balance; as studies have shown that some chemical deficiency in the brain, nerves, called these materials neurotransmitters such as substance (serotonin) have impact on the emergence of depression; therefore, the researchers now seeks to concentrate on drugs that contribute to the treatment of depression. As well as pregnant women may suffer post-natal mortality during the period of depression due to changes in hormones due to pregnancy, and the proportion of pregnant women who feel depressed after the birth of 10%

Treating Depression
There are many methods to treat depression such as psychotherapy, behavioral, and cognitive, as well as drug therapy, especially modern medicines for the treatment of depression. And, God willing, the healing of many incurable and chronic conditions; these drugs safe, and there are a few of the side effects on its users, nor does it constitute an addiction them. And shows the effect of these drugs after at least two weeks, and continue treatment period to a year or more.

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