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How do I look attractive

How do I look attractive

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How many times has a friend or colleague or anyone close Baiqavk, and then you said: Wow, you're a terrible, these clothes do not fit together, how to go forth from home and you are in this Alvdhaah?
Then Ttgmedin to her words, and it's stuck in your mind, and wondering: Where appalling thing in my clothes ...?
And you start to search for answers, we are here to help you how you get on clothes proportionate, coordinated and fit your body:
- Huge stature and broad shoulders:
If you are the owners of this class, the wear pieces with collar-shaped v will suit you, and avoid collar upturned, because it will bring more of the magnitude and width of the chest, and avoid T-shirts and upper and jackets with large shoulders, skirts and trousers planned because it will increase the height and Dkhamtk.
Choose pieces that cover three-quarters sleeves, but not all, my beautiful Mrahih colors with accessories, so that gives you more of femininity, wore wide trousers from the bottom of one-color even create a form of non-balanced with the upper part of your body.
- Tall:
So as not everyone turns to the length of your stature, around their eyes to the upper part of your body, pastel colors, put on an attractive, dark-colored or skirts and trousers, and dress to cover the buttocks Paljakaitat and long shirts.
- Small stature and long legs:
Wear high heels, wore short skirts without any hesitation, and choose the upper part cut do not touch the buttocks, but remain higher than a little level, wore planned cutting vertical stripes to give the character of tall length, and do not overdo it in the boot where the very high level, some Sntmitrut enough, do not you choose a huge and big shoes, and avoid exaggerating the stark and contrasting colors.
- With abdominal apparent stature:
Choose the top that covers the abdominal area and buttocks together, and Focus on the pieces that work to bring out the neck and chest without collars folded out, and choose the ones that reveal the upper chest area, or no shoulders, but the hour from the bottom, and choose the compression pants that relieve abdominal size and Tnhvh, wear Alvezonat with long narrow chest Albulaaz hand wide of the abdomen and buttocks hand, choose a topic of long chains, even Tfatta attention to them more than any other part of your body.
- Tall chest with small and small buttocks:
Choose a bra padded to give you some size, wear dark colors on the bottom of your body, and multiple colors and fashion Almkchkhh upper part to give the size above your chest, and my belt so that harmonizes the body and wear long jackets that cover the buttocks, and decorating contracts, earrings, bracelets, to give a feminine view of yourself .
It remains to be Enjoy the beauty of your body no matter what shape, size, beauty is inner beauty is, and can be reflected on your soul Mahyak, Virac everyone bright and beautiful and playful, Kony you whatsoever.

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