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نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪depression‬‏Dogs

The dog animal back to the species of mammals, especially Alkalpaat who is also from poultry and meat that the animal has been domesticated by 14,000 to a year of 150,000, and is often the dog was described as a kind of useful animals and described the dog as an animal in and called ((best friend for humans)) and relative to the high estimated that there has so that it is able to remember the owner even if missed him for a long time.

And there are a variety of dogs and many different strains of a foul in gear and has many features that distinguish it from every other property type:
1. Hound
2. Fields dog
3. Herding dog
4. guard dog
6-Guide dog
7-dog slides, a type of dog used to drag vehicles that are going to move on the ice.

Owning a dog is positive, one of the things interesting and useful to family members of all, however, there are kinds of dogs can be dangerous and should be cautious in dealing with them, and may be non-breeding, or use of, or need specific training to deal with it, they are in serious nature and violent.

Here we mention the best types of dogs:
1_ Dalmatian dog
This type of dog back to the Indian origin of the Balkans, and this type is characterized by a series of great strength and intelligence and is the first place where it has spread to the continent of Asia, Europe and Africa, has been used by human kind of dogs in war and hunting.

2_ Boxer dog
This type of German origin and is characterized in that plump, a medium-sized and has short hair and no it was Imetzan they are very powerful, and one bite of this dog may be enough to kill larger prey.

3_ dog Canary Prisa this type originated in Africa and the Canary Islands this type is also called Canary dog ​​has been discovered in the Canary Islands in Spain, although the most important advantages are many muscles in his body.

4_ Dog Chow Chow
This Aalnoa dogs back to the ethnic Chinese and should the man who grows them to be patient because they are aggressive dogs and need to be cautious in dealing with them as they are characterized by smoothly they provided, which covers the neck significantly and dramatically.

5_ dog Dupree Man, this type due to the continued German, it is worth mentioning that this kind of as long as we've seen in the movies detective being a dog-Pulse first degree, and that the most important characteristic of this breed of dog they are an example of the sincerity and intelligence, particularly as this fidelity is only for her boyfriend, which stems from their hatred of strangers and more areas where it is used Doberman dog is guarding the area and wars being characterized by courage and not be afraid of something good and reliable.

6_ dog Alhski Siberian This type back to the origin of Siberia has been used in ancient times to transport goods and that kind of dogs live in cold places polar and is characterized as intelligent and energetic and brave and has a strange shape so that it looks like a wolf more than it looks like a dog by his actions and character and his actions.

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