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Learn the difference between love and Likes

Learn the difference between love and Likes

There is a fine line between love and admiration, how many of the emotions that we felt and the relationships that we have entered and we did not know that was the feelings of love or admiration.

Likes someone comes because of the achievements and successes, and behaviors, thought and knowledge achieved by
When you admire someone; we want to be like them and consider them as role models, and like us, but when we love someone we love no matter what this person might be where some of the qualities that have been mentioned above and may not be hee qualities to it.

And then sometimes there is an overlap between love and Likes person who impressed him the healthiest be accessible to him, it's just a phone call are bound to equip himself Likes to other feelings may be feelings of love. We have already seen and read a lot about those stories and here begins the conflict between love and admiration.

How do you know that you're in love or admiration? !!

When you see the other person if your heart fails, you are strongly in love but that you are only happy if you impress. When you look for the red eyes and your face in shame or felt some confusion, you are in love but that just made him smile you just admire him. That you can not reveal everything that's on your mind in front of the person you love but that you are able to say whatever you want him impress orbit only. When the other person in front of you sad and grieve too much sadness because you love him and that I admire him a lot will not be sad, but you forget the joy because of his grief.

Love and friendship

Love does not mingle admirable, but it is possible only to mingle friendship and also I've heard about a lot of people began their relationship as friends and then ended up with love, is it acceptable to be a friend for a certain period and then become so beloved?

The difference between love and friendship is a question that you might consider it more a long time it is very easy to confuse them without awareness
We know how to distinguish our love of our friends, but we do not know that when they meet in the same person
Love is described as a passion exist between two people to each other, a passion can not be controlled, could force love his neighbor to sacrifice everything for someone he loves, and to be emotionally so respect or support it emotionally on the other hand, that leaves a void when he is gone.
Alsaddaqhha relationship that develops with many people at one time can be a group of people to be close to the one person they can talk to him and sharing pleasant moments with him.
The difference between friendship and love

A friendship is a relationship based on trust, but trust alone is not enough to create a love intervened to him the feelings of jealousy and fear of losing the beloved.

Friendship can Tenciban group of people no matter how different temperament and races or were similar but the love affair is not only to accommodate two different sexes.
Love, friendship Likes Whatever our feelings toward a particular person there is no doubt they are the feelings of sublime and beautiful requires us to maintain them in order to continue and grow.

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