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How to configure a successful personal

How to configure a successful personal

The skills required in a successful person: -

Timing, persistence, Althaghturkaz, observation, speed of response.

نتيجة بحث الصور عن الشخصية الناجحة

We must begin to note the basic times in life (date Waking - date eating - bedtime - date work - deadline Friends - date Entertainment) and Ataatoagaf follow-up to these times, which is not, of course, fixed, but fixed dates is promised when these times will be implemented, small and constants that lead to important parameters such as (enough time to prepare for these times)

It may seem to some that the second skill must precede the initial skill and this is a mistake, as the preservation of the time of the basics and not of skills but become in the work of the first skills to create a successful character, the skill insist come to form the rest of the skills that you need to organize a time to configure the skills acquired and the development of innate skills and gain experience for the development of Als_khasah network where the personal is information and skills network in the intellectual climate of fertile accommodate all the different experiences and try to configure the skills and expertise of a new, and you are in need in the time and effort personal organizer successful configuration, depending on the extent of your insistence to configure these successful personal.

- Insist is curved, which is filled with all the experience, a difference between a person and the other, the only difference between a successful person and a normal person (The average person who practically failed in life and successful (.

- Insisting he must prepare and prolong the period for determination of the first drill is the patience to succeed I.
- The less errors increased determination to succeed, and maintained whenever the times and increased the time to insist on success.

To create a successful character: -
1. Nothing excellence and success in various fields of life in conformity with the creativity one might not be a genius to be Anajeha may be successful does not have the attributes of genius.
2. It is not important to have a lot of potential human resources, but the important thing is to be employed and managed in the best possible way, good management skill that can be acquired.
3. opportunities in life for many to alert qualified to benefit from them, but they are too few and too in relation to the zombies and anarchists and low aspirations.
4. greatest forms of superiority is the superiority of self, and he does not only come through a commitment to lasting improvement. Therefore, the successful person is not satisfied juncture that it is, and always look forward to what is the best and finest.
5. Each successes in this world is not real unless reinforced success eschatological
6. There is no successful do not care about the time, and are keen to take advantage of it in an acceptable manner.
7. The successful always targets, whether short or long-term, they are always clear, it's also flexible accessible as possible.
8. Successful believes that small successes while piling turn into something great.
9. Successful logical behavior, understanding being prepared themselves for success and acquire the skills required by the business that they want to do.
10. Successful enjoys a solid will, and while committed to the work of understanding have the energy to continue to accomplish.
So we must recognize these meanings and make them part of our behavior profile.

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