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Perfect teeth

Perfect teeth

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Tooth decay is produced by the decomposition of the sugar content in all the foods we eat, where this decomposition is in the mouth component acids work to external corrosion layer consisting of the teeth, called the fingertips where this results in the decomposition be licorice, which begins Bafattk teeth

The foods that contain carbohydrates her difference and also sugary foods that contain sugar installed and dried fruits are also all these foods and others stick to teeth while eating meals where degrade with time Mokunh so-called Bsous teeth that affects people and causes over time damage Age and perhaps up to nerves occurs it has a lot of health problems that cause pain and deformity in view of the mouth

In order to keep our teeth healthy and strong with glitter and stock attractive must persevere constantly brushing their teeth after every meal, especially at night before going to sleep, where we must work to clean the teeth so as not to ferment leftovers lingering in the teeth composed of caries which hurts age and cause pain and other health problems in addition to a toothbrush and toothpaste, the licorice plant has a significant role in protecting teeth from decay it acts as an anti-inflammatory and cancer in order to contain a substance glycerol in roots

That chew the seeds of the plant love Hull after eating, especially after eating sweets is very useful in protecting the teeth is longer antibiotic eliminates bacteria and affect them and also that drinking green tea protects teeth and keeps them from decay where that green tea contains a substance that has a great interest in the killing of the type types of bacteria that cause tooth decay and pain

Here we repeat and emphasize the need for brushing their teeth after every meal, especially in the morning and evening as we emphasize the lack of eating too much sweets and confectionery industry because it is the appropriate atmosphere for the growth of bacteria that cause decay if they remained stuck in the teeth

Herbal treatment of tooth decay
• Raisins resists bacteria that cause tooth decay so recommended capturing.

• Eat garlic, berries, tea and watercress.
• eating sunflower seeds containing fluoride anti-caries.
• Clove is very useful in the treatment of cavities.
• Soft drinks contain high levels of sugar that causes decay, so should be avoided.
• sweets and foods containing sugar dramatically, must refrain them.
• rinse your mouth with water several times a day to get rid of leftovers that bring the bacteria.
• aspirin and NSAIDs should be avoided and placed under the molar
• Continuously tooth paste and brush washing.

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