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City of London City of magic and beauty London

City of London City of magic and beauty

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Is a small town geographically located within the boundaries of the biggest city of London in England, and the limits of this city remained constant since the Middle Ages, and therefore the City of London is a small part of the larger city, a large London, and has a large position in England, which is the business and financial center, and there are where the population of 10,000 residents thousand people, and where there are 340,000 employees, is the second smallest city in England after the city of St. David of Wales, known locally as English and the City.
What is London
This city bench inside several cities is the capital of Britain (England, UK) is the largest cities in the United Kingdom, and the city is located on the Thames in southern England, live inside this city of about 8.4 million citizens, live on the outskirts of this city, and with the inner city as approximately 15,010,295 people, in this way, the number is the largest city in the European Union and most residential density, which is well known inside the city if there are a large number of institutes, museums and universities, theaters, and many international organizations and companies that take Alama headquarters in this city.
About the City of London
There is a saying if you Tired of London you may actually Tired of life because of the glare of the visitors and that this city is characterized by all ways and beautiful things of the night, sports and global fashion and fine arts and global shopping airspace and dazzling Modi and so of shopping.
Famous London in educational universities, the most famous universities in the University of London, known to Britain and Europe level and the largest on the continent of Europe, which includes inside nearly 100 thousand students, and inside the colleges that were about to be separate from the university, City University, and the University of Maldsks, and the University of Brunel .
This city Taatmarz global atmosphere, where mingle where everyone from cultures that come to visitors of all nationalities of the world's cultural diversity inside, allowing the person Alankhalat airspace and different customs and traditions, which includes immigrants, which allows live character desired by the person, and according to these cultures lets enjoy the airspace and the markets in which the identification of these markets, cultures and kinds.

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