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Colds disease

Colds disease

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The cold of the most prevalent, especially in the winter diseases, and the disease is a disease which has no medicine for the large number of viruses that causes it.

Symptoms of common cold medicines that are given to him
Temperature: It is one of the rare symptoms of colds; so I do not recommend using heat discount drugs.
Stuffy nose: where adrenoceptor treated by topical medications, or by mouth, and this Alokosimitasulan medicines and Alvenilefrain; where given drops in the nose or through a nasal spray, may not be used for children under the age of two.
Runny nose: where it is treated by antihistamines; but the most important impact they placebos make a person feel very sleepy, and drugs used also to treat runny nose Braterbyum bromide which is not soothing and so avoid this sideshow, but the most important effects raise the nose lining with bleeding.
Sore throat: where it is treated by painkillers, such as paracetamol.
Cough: often happens because of nasal symptoms when an infected person, so it is not advisable to give the patient anti-cough medicines.

The treatment of the common cold
Treat colds mainly depends on the treatment of the symptoms of the disease rather than treat the disease itself; therefore, antiviral drugs such as Alrebavarin and other absolutely not recommended for use in the treatment of colds, and antibiotics do not fit because the use of a viral infection, not bacterial. Drugs are used to treat the symptoms of this disease effective in adults, but for children to use a controversial issue so far.

Natural ways to treat the common cold
Treat colds Balfjel
Removes radish warm congestion and nasal blockage in the sewer; where 3 times is taken Mbashora with Asarallimon or mixed with a teaspoon of honey a day.

Treat colds garlic
Garlic contains a substance Alolsin antiviral and causing microbes nominated, be dealt daily with lobes added to food and liquids.

The treatment of the common cold ginger
Ginger contains (the benefits of ginger) materials rid the body of mucus; it taken from small pieces grated with boiling water, lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey.

Treat colds onions
A half onion intention day; it speeds up healing

Treat colds pepper
The use of pepper powder to eliminate microbes and stimulate breathing.

Treat colds citrus
Acids are considered rich in vitamin C is very useful in the fight against viruses and strengthen the body and immunity; therefore advised more frequent ones.

The treatment of the common cold liquids
Eating hot liquids; because the body during cold lose a lot of fluids.

The treatment of the common cold water
Clean nose to remove mucus and remove the feeling Battas.

Treat colds black pill
According to the black bean in the treatment of the common cold; we boil it with oil and then leave it so cool, and we use a drop of the nose or Continuously drink a day.

Treat colds Pomegranate
Grinded seeding pomegranates: As we mixing with honey, and we distilling its nose; the strong effect in the treatment of colds.

Treat colds Ervs
Celery plant: The drinking celery juice plant is very useful in the treatment of the common cold; the amount of $ drank two cups a day, or be eaten as is.

Treat colds Thyme
Eating thyme boiling or ordinary working to strengthen the immune system and treats colds.

The treatment of the common cold lemon
Recommended to take the lemon juice plus mint and ginger 3 times daily.
Advised to boil half a lemon with water and add the granulated sugar, honey and eating, and try inhalation mix with drinking; he is strong in the treatment of colds.
Should eat warm and juices rich in vitamins sour drinks; they treated colds quickly.

The treatment of the common cold hot drinks
Chicken noodle soup; it works to reduce influenza unit, and works to open the airways.

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