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Artificial intelligence

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Artificial intelligence

The human cognition boat class of phenomena that artificial intelligence systems that link them in two different ways: cares advocates of what is known artificial intelligence strong, building systems have a behavior in the level of non-distinct from the man, and leads success in artificial intelligence strong to produce the minds of computer stationed in objects Physical independent such as automated serf (robot) or perhaps in the worlds of "virtual virtual" space, such as information that is made by the international information network Internet.
Alternative for Artificial Intelligence strong trend is the realization of human hopes and search for how to support him in situations or difficult situations or complex. For example, a fighter aircraft commander may need to Aoun smart systems to help lead the highly complex plane can not drive alone.

This trivial methods are not intended to be a stand-alone, but a form of cognitive improvement to support the rights in several tasks. In the field of medicine, for example, artificial intelligence systems used to support health workers during the performance of their duties, in certain tasks based on the deliberation of data and knowledge. Artificial intelligence system may work within an electronic medical system, for example, artificial intelligence and alerts the clinician when it detects signs this therapeutic plan. May bring to the attention of artificial intelligence is also a doctor when you discover patterns in the data point to a significant change in the patient's condition.

In addition to tasks that require thinking of using specialized knowledge, no artificial intelligence systems to different role to play in the process of scientific research. Specifically, the artificial intelligence systems has to learn, which is working to discover new phenomena and the creation of specialized knowledge. For example, you can use artificial intelligence in a computer system to analyze amounts of data and search for the vehicle patterns suggest engagements were not expected before.
It can also be in the presence of a form of knowledge in the specialty of the current, the use of artificial intelligence system to highlight the differences between the experimental observations and the existing theories.
Potential core of intelligence:

No one knows the boundary between the non-intelligent behavior and intelligent behavior. In fact, the proposal and the existence of a threshold accurate, may be considered unwise, but the basic intelligence capabilities are:
-alastjabh Flexibly

Exploit cases favorable coincidence

-adrack Sentences and phrases, vague and conflicting

-tmiaz The relative importance of the different elements of a situation

-aejad Similarities between the situation, despite the differences that may be isolated

-astenbat Distinguishing marks between postures despite similarities linking

Installation of new concepts by taking old concepts and put them together in new ways

Establishment of new ideas in ways that speech.

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